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The Sculpture Park

9000, Aalborg

Near the centre of Aalborg and Kildeparken is ”Skulpturparken” (the Sculpture Park), which is marked by art and nature. In the park you will find different monuments and sculptures made by different a...

Atelier HeNoChBa

4330, Hvalsø

Studio and Gallery Henochba is situated in beautiful surroundings on the Skjoldunge path, named
after local heroes and kings from pre-Christian mythology. The recently opened sculpture park
commands a...

© ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseeum

The 9 spaces

8000, Aarhus C

The 9 Spaces.
The exhibition The 9 Spaces is a so-called "gallery in progress" of installation art, where 1 or 2 rooms are done each year. The number 9 refers to Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy an...

© Odense Bunkermuseum

Odense Bunker Museum

5230, Odense M

Come and experience the 450 m2 large nuclear bunker that formerly housed Odense Municipality's command center. It was the place where the mayor and key personnel were to go in the worst case, during t...

Photographer: Ole Haurberg, © Fotograf: Ole Hauerberg

Aases Stenskulpturer

4060, Kirke Såby

My name is Aase Frimodt Jensen. I create stone sculptures of Danish natural stone found in the field or in gravel pits.

Stone holds great beauty, and I try to emphasize the stone's intrinsic quality....

Sthens Church

3000, Helsingør

Sthens Church was consecrated in 1983. A modern church with exceptional artwork by sculptor Erik Heide....

© Glim Vinmarker

Glim Vineyards are situated in the historic county of Lejre in picturesque surroundings among fields and forests. The vineyards reach into the adjacent villages of Slimminge and Tølløse, however, with...

© Carlsberg

Carlsberg Breweries

7000, Fredericia

Guided tours for companies and groups....

Sejerø Lighthouse

4592, Sejerø

Sejerø Lighthouse was light for the first time on September the 2nd. The Light House is 15,2m tall and located on the north-vest part of the Island. In clear weather you are able to see the lights fro...

© Annemariedesign


4560, Vig

An interestin glass gallery with own works as well as bronze art from Athens, raku-burnt from Skagen og local silver jewels design. Altid new and surprising items. Also open as per appointment....

Keramikcafe Møllehuset

9800, Hjørring

Beneath Vennebjerg Windmill lies the home of the former artist Johannes Hofmeister. 
The products are made to make you happy. Their purpose is not standing in a cupboard, but to be used!...

Lejre Art Society

4000, Roskilde

Lejre Art Society is an active association that opens its doors to everyone, regardless of residence. The society arranges art exhibitions at the four municipal culture centres, organizes trips to exh...


Brunebjerg dog park

5610, Assens

In dog parks you are permitted to walk your dog unleashed, provided that you have complete control of your dog. In other words, if you are unsure whether your dog will obey you, it must be leashed at ...


Haarby dog park

5683, Haarby

In dog parks you are permitted to walk your dog unleashed, provided that you have complete control of your dog. In other words, if you are unsure whether your dog will obey you, it must be leashed at ...

Asser's Mill

4320, Lejre

Asser’s Mill – Pick-your-own organic berries and fruit.

At Asser’s Mill our fruit orchard and berry farm are organic. Enjoy the outdoors while you pick your own fruit and berries.

You also have ...

Memorial Garden for Victims of Flood.

As a result of a storm and some very unfortunate changes in the wind direction, the water level in the Baltic Sea rose to extreme heights on November 13, 1872.


© Cirkulær Design

Cirkulær Design v/Ulla Vedel

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Applied art in porcelain, stoneware and high-burnt pottery. Handmade tile-top tables. Exhibition of paintings and water colours. 

Also open by appointment....

© Det Blå Atelier

Gallery and studio in the middle of a large and beautiful garden. Nature can be recognized on the abstract expressions in the paintings. Colourful accrylics and egg-tempura paintings. Open garden.


© Flemming H

Flemming H

4581, Rørvig

Multi art on canvas and on furniture. Water colours and stoneware. Large selection of art cards.

Open every first Saturday of the month from 12noon to 4pm as well as by appointment....

Denmark's oldest still-functioning wool mill.

Guided tours by appointment....

Galleri Kjelsmark

4550, Asnæs

Professional gallery with exhibition, studio and glass workshop, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and glass art....

Gl. Lejre Gallery

4320, Lejre

Gl. Lejre Gallery has hosted exhibitions of Danish and international modern art since 1988 – always in close collaboration with the artists.
The gallery belongs to the Danish Galleries Association, w...

© King Kong Art

King Kong Art

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Rustic jewellery in various metallic combinations as well as sculptures out of scrap metal in new formations, inspired by expressions of past cultures....

© Galleri Jensby

Sonja Jensby is self taught and has painted the last 12-15 years. She describes herself as follows:

"I have in my production - in addition to paintings - including works in wood, mortar and bark - t...

Galleri Munken, from July 27th till September 29th, 2013.

Exhibition with art work from Malene Hammershøj and Kirsten Bøgh, (paintings, sculptures and artigasplanas art) and Annemette Klit (ceramics)...

Gallery Gloria

9800, Hjørring

In Gallery Gloria you find sculptures, paintings and carpets from Dranella.

The sensory garden is also open....

Charlotte Hjelholt is an artist, teacher and designer.

The gallery/studio features changing exhibitions of her own work, with an accent on painting. Her idiom can be described as "abstract nature" ...

© Ursula Hymøller


6270, Tønder

3 woods in the same area...

Painting, textiles and crop cover cloth…
Artist Karen Margrethe Johnsen paints and creates works using textiles and crop cover cloth.

During special events, such as the Lejre cultural festival at Wh...

Taars Church

9830, Tårs

Taars church was built around 1200....

Pernille Westh, photographer

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Photographer Pernille Westh creates original art photography and uses it in conjunction with a wide range of everyday objects, such as magnets, bookmarks, wallpaper, throw pillows, plates and pots. He...

Lene Regius, potter

4320, Lejre

Large ceramic pots. The surfaces of the pots are scored and painted with coloured slip before being fired, lending them an ornamental and story-telling charm.

Please don’t hesitate to call and make...

"Atelier Art and Word Studio" in Smidstrup

Artists Ulla Borck and Henrik Høyer have worked in the visual arts since 1990 with collage, photography, frottage, sculpture, watercolour, acrylics, oils, a...

© Vinni Bakkensen

Galleri Vinni Bakkensen. Paintings, sculpture and glass....

The Goose Girl

9000, Aalborg

Close to the center of Aalborg, you will find ‘Gåsepigen’ at Vesterbro – one of the most famous and beloved sculptures in Aalborg. ​The two main figures of the sculpture - the girl and the goose that ...


9000, Aalborg

The dock (Aalborg Royal Cruise Berth) at Aalborghus Castle welcomes you to Aalborg. If you visit Aalborg from the waterside, and your ship docks just outside the Castle then you get the real royal wel...

Gallery Kamari

7700, Thisted

I am an autodicact (self taught) craftsman, who lives right next to Nors lake and Thy National Park - in the wonderful nature!

I do abstract paintings and knit felt, icons, and different things from ...

Per Weiss, potter

4320, Lejre

My name is Per Weiss and I am a potter.
I have worked in the pottery trade for over 40 years and produce first and foremost large, hand-turned pots decorated with geometric and twisted patterns, whic...

Kolding Miniby

The association of Kolding Miniby was founded in 1996 by 17enthusiastic people with the purpose of re-building Kolding as it looked in the period 1860-1870 in a scale of 1 to 10. Today...

© Margit K

Margit K.

7000, Fredericia

MARGIT K design is a Scandinavian slow fashion collection in an exclusive and classic design.

The designs are characterized by playful graphic patterns – hand-woven, printed or embroidered.


Atelier HBH-Art

4050, Skibby

Atelier HBH-Art is the studio of the artist Helle Borg Hansen. There is no actual opening hours, but you can always call me and make an appointment by telephone, email or just take the chance and drop...

Havekunst Unik

9690, Fjerritslev

We live in the countryside of Jutland. We like UNIQUE GARDEN ART and want to show it in our fine surroundings.

Visit us and get inspiration for the unique garden art that you think is best for beauti...

Forstbotanisk Have

8000, Aarhus C

Forstbotanisk Have.
Forstbotansi Have is a green oasis which is 'hidden' behind Marselisborg Palace' garden and Marselisborg Memorial Park and was established in 1923. The garden has more than 900 dif...

© Glim Vinmarker

Glim Vineyards, Roskilde

4000, Roskilde

Glim Vineyards are situated in the historic county of Lejre in picturesque surroundings among fields and forests. The vineyards reach into the adjacent villages of Slimminge and Tølløse, however, with...


Showing 7451 - 7500 of 8701 entries