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Over Jerstal Passage Graves

Along the country road, only 1 km north of Over Jerstal you find an excellent collection of passage graves from the Bronze Age, approx. 3.300 b.C. The small area that is a...

Equestrian statue of Frederik V, © Connie Maria Westergaard

Equestrian statue of Frederik V

1257, København K

At Amalienborg courtyard (Danish: Amalienborg Slotsplads), the old equestrian statue of Frederik V is situated.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Frenchman Jacques-François-Joseph Saly and was u...

The statue of HC Andersen, © Wonderful Copenhagen

Author Hans Christian Andersen is a very important part of Danish culture, and his fairytales are known worldwide.

Around Copenhagen, you will find many statues of the world-famous author and poet.


Postgården - patchwork

9800, Hjørring

Postgården, Løkkensvej

The farmshop has a large selection of modern and classic patchworkfabrics from (blandt andet) Hoffman, Kaffe Fasset and more. There is a large selection of Bali-fabrics. The sh...

© Susanne Reiff

Sct. Hans Chapel

4100, Ringsted

St. Hans Chapel was build in 1901 as a substitute church for St. Bendt's church during its restoration. Since 1909 it has served as office and music school until 2013, where Ringsted Radiomuseum bough...

An impressive collection of bicycles, including ones made of wood, with sidecars, with motors and penny-farthings.

For more information please visit the museum's homepage....

© Ernst Tobisch


1218, København K

Slotsholmen is home to Rigsarkivet (Danish National Archives) which collects and preserves historical sources. Indulge in Danish history or explore some of the other museums on Slotsholmen.


Fri og Fro Eco village

4500, Nykøbing Sj


The ECO-village Fri og Fro was established in Egebjerg in 2004 and the 16 plots contain 16 very different houses as well as a common house. The houses are all constructed from sustainable material...


4500, Nykøbing Sj

Annebergparken is a former psychiatric hospital, located at Egebjergvej about 2 kms south of Nykøbing Sj. by the end of Grønnehave Forest  and with a superb view of the Isefjord.

The many buildings i...

Vallekilde High School

4534, Hørve

Vallekilde Folk High School was founded by Ernst Trier in 1865 and the buildings were designed by ther architect Martin Nyrop who also  designed Copenhagen City Hall. The style has reminders of Nordic...

Medical Plat Garden

5953, Tranekær

Langeland medicinal plant garden at Tranekær Castle
Langeland has an especially favourable climate. More hours than average of sunshine and warmer night temperatures all year give the island the possi...

The cliff is an up to 30 m high nature experience stretching along the coast for 2 km. You can explore it on foot or by mountain bike. Follow the small path with its view of the beach and the Baltic S...

Dovns Klint is Langeland southernmost excursionpoint, the beach consists of pebbles and is not suitable for bathing, but is very popular with anglers. The area has forests, bird sanctuary, shelter and...

Maltkøllen in Rudkøbing

5900, Rudkøbing

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

Tranekær Old Estate Office

5953, Tranekær

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be viewed from outside....

Hou Lighthouse

5953, Tranekær

It is not possible to enter the building, but it can be seen from a distance....

Lindelse Mill

5900, Rudkøbing

The mill is open Wednesday 17-19. And in the period 1 April to 31 August Saturday 10-13. It's free to see the preserved mill....

Isøre Ting

4581, Rørvig

Isøre Thing was already mentioned by the historian Saxo Grammaticus (apprx. 1160) aas the place were the viking kings were elected, among others Halral 3. Hens in 1074 and Niels in 1104. Isøre (hence ...

© vsvs

Gerlev Fun Park is an exciting experiment in Gerlev, where you can try more than 130 sports and games that were popular in Europe many years ago. "Take part" in the history and enjoy sport and games f...

© Ida Sofie Lester

Artist Ida Sofie Lester

4330, Hvalsø

'Livskunst'  - "The art of life" by Ida Sofie Lester...

© Ulla Fibiger

Guided tour in Skælskør - danishspeaking guide.  You can also ask for an englishspeaking guide....

Loenstrup Smykke Design

9800, Hjørring

Jewelry Designer Nynne Kegel manufactures and sells high quality jewelery.

The jewelery is inspired by the area's stunning scenery, and is crafted in her own workshop where quality is a key word. 


© Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland
Welcome to Scandinavia’s biggest summerland

Ready for speed, thrills and fun for all the family? Then look forward to eight themed areas, Denmark’s biggest roller coasters, the hug...

© Ulla Fibiger

Holsteinborg Castle

4243, Rude

HOLSTEINBORG CASTLE - danish speaking guide
Holsteinborg Castle which is located 13 km from Skælskør in the direction of Næstved was build by the Trolle family between 1598 and 1651 but has been owne...

Løkken Church

9480, Løkken

Løkken Kirke was built in 1898. Løkken got the church as the population increased in the 17- and 1800 hundreds as the fishing increased.


© Dorte Hartig

Karlslunde Strandchurch

2690, Karlslunde

Modern church, seating for about 375 persons

Font and alter silver drawn by Jorgen Dahlerup. Dish made by Kosta Boda.

The base is blue Ronnegranite.


© Greve Kommune

Kildebrønde orchard

2670, Greve

33-hectare orchard

Opening hours in 2013:

1 Jan.-31 May Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm.
Danish apples, pears, apple juice etc.

1 June-31 Aug. Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm. Dani...

© Produktejer

Gallery with different exebitions

100 meters from Hundige S-Train Station...

Greve Kirke

2670, Greve

The oldest part of the church dates from the end of the 11th century

Has undoubtedly replaced a mouldered wooden church from the time just after the introduction of christianity

The church was orig...

© Produktejer

The interior is characteriesed by a classic, ideally balanced design.

Classic church interior with white walls and a high ceiling.

The tapestries were created by weaveress Vibeke Gregers and

Mosede Church

2670, Greve

The Church has a sweeping roof and upside down dome.

Seperate bell tower and central church designed on athe pattern of the Last Supper Room in Jerusalem.

The stained glass paintings decorating the ...

Greve Museum, © Greve Museum

Greve Museum

2670, Greve

Greve Museum is a beautiful old Hedebo farm surrounded by a lovely garden.

The exhibitions focus mainly on ruralige from c. 1800 and c. 1900 suburb development. Greve Local Historic Archive, a part o...

© Produktejer

Mosede Fort

2670, Greve

Mosede Fort

Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18 tells the story of Greve’s influence on the Danish neutrality defence during WW1. In 1915 the Danish army built Tunestillingen, a defence line from Mosede For...

© Produktejer

Michel A. Khouri:
Born in 1946 in Alexandria.
Grew up in Lebanon
Came to Denmark in 1962

Experimenting autodidact, colourist - expressionist.
Has taught painting since 1979
First one man exhibitio...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9560, Hadsund

Als Reef "Malolorca"

"Malolorca" is the unofficial, local name for the 1400 meter long beach-island of the coast off Als. The little island is a nice sandy beach, which is perfect for bathing in Katt...

Rubjerg Knude

9800, Hjørring

Lighthouse from 1900 partly buried in sand, taken out of operation 1968 due to sand drift. The struggle against sand drift has now stopped & within a few years the buildings will be totally buried...

© Davids Samling

The David Collection in Copenhagen is the largest collection of Islamic art in Scandinavia. Furthermore the collection contains European 18th century fine and applied art, displayed in interiors from ...

© Brandts

Denmark's Mediemuseum is a state approved, cultural museum, that covers the printed and electronic media and their history. This is done by collecting, registering, preservation, research and mediatio...

© Odense Bys Museer

The Tinderbox

The Tinderbox is a cultural centre for children where Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales come to life through play, storytelling, theatre and art.

The entire centre provides inspirat...

The Biblical Garden, Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

The biblical garden of Ærø is made in the spirit of Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, where you can see the route that Jesus walked with his cross on the way to Calvary.

To walk in the footsteps of Jesus is...

Permaculture Garden
Vitsøhus, Vitsø - Søby, Ærø

Permaculture is a concept of farming based on permanent ecological, economical and social sustainability.

Vitsøhus invites you on 3.7 acres to a wide ...

© Bjørg Kiær

Between the scenic wetland of Søby Maae and the town of Søby you will find a nice little forest, which, with its hills, paths, forest lake and an otherwise lovely atmosphere, is the perfect area for p...

© Bjørg Kiær

The red house on the corner of Brogade and Gyden holds a large collection of antiques, rarities and Dutch tiles, created by the sculptor Hammerich. The museum is open during high season....

Maren Spliid - Ribe, © VisitRibe

Maren Spliid is possibly the best-known “witch” in Denmark as a result of an unusually well-documented court case.

She lived at Sønderportsgade 3 in Ribe. Following a dramatic trial, she was burned a...


Showing 7551 - 7600 of 8703 entries