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Trekking: Arresødal - Vinderød

3300, Frederiksværk

A beautiful hike where you can see Arresødal Castle and Vinderød church with the cenotaph of General Classen. Folder can be bought at Frederiksværk Tourist Office and also at Liseleje Touris...


3300, Frederiksværk

On this hike you have the most beautiful view over Frederiksværk and Roskilde Fiord.Folder can be bought at Halsnæs Tourist Office in Frederiksværk and also at Liseleje during the ...

At the foot of the cliffs, on the shore just east of Lynæs harbour an ancient holy well, Boes Kilde, flowed out into the sea. In the 18th century it was much sought-after for its miraculous effects, a...


3300, Frederiksværk

A bike and hike tour from Hundested to Roskilde along Roskilde fiord.Folders can be achived from Halsnæs Touristbureau in Frederiksværk and in Liseleje  during the summer....

Fjordstien is a bicycle and hiking path along Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord. It gives you the possibilty to experience the landscape, the nature and the culture of the fjord and its history....

Grønnesse Forest

3390, Hundested

Grønnesse forest covers together with forest areas belonging to the farm Grønnessegaard 133 acres. It is the biggest forest area at Halsnæs. The forest is beautiful and very varied with several wetlan...


Halsnæs path

3390, Hundested

The Halsnæs path - for walkers or cyclists. An amazingly attractive ramble round Halsnæs, linking the very varied fjord und sea-shores with each other, as well as passing through all the different typ...

Melby Overdrev is a piece of nature you don't find other places on Sealand and for several species of flora and fauna the only known living and growing place on Sealand....

The North Sealand Coast

3390, Hundested

The region has more than 400 km of coastline, so there is no excuse for not enjoying the sea.If it´s an active holiday you want, this is the olace for you: windsurfing, beach volleyball -the...

Skansen ved Spodsbjerg

3390, Hundested

High cliffs tower above the beach in Hundested, and there you can find the remains of the 1807 redoubt, along with other entrenchments put in place along isefjorden in connection with the privateering...

The hills in Tibirke

3220, Tisvildeleje

Preserved before nature conservation as such began, this beautifully scenic area with Scotch pines, junipers and heather-covered hills cultivated to transform the sand dunes left by desertification is...

© VisitHerning

Fuglsang lake

7400, Herning

In the area by Fuglsang Lake you can do a range of activities, such as enjoy the bathing beaches, visit the public square, try sailing, experience outdoor activities like fishing, and take in the natu...

© Gellerup Museum

Gellerup Museum

8220, Brabrand

The museum 
Step inside Aage and Toves living room from 1974, and settle down with a cup of coffee on the sofa. Sit down on the wooden beer-crate, play the guitar and chill in the student co-housing a...

© Kontrast Smykker & Design

My jewellery workshop “Contrast jewellery and Design” is situated in one of the charming red houses at Fisketorvet – close to the ferry-landing place at the harbour in Vesterø.

In my workshop you ca...

© Fanø i Atlantvolden

Fanø was an important part of the "Atlantic Wall" built by the Germans from northern Norway to southern France during WWII.

Denmark was occupied by Germany during April 1940, and the Germans immediat...

Annie Nielsen

3480, Fredensborg

Private view May 16th. 1:00-4:00pm.

Meet Annie Nielsen in the gallery 1:00 - 6.00pm

Portraits, Animal, Stilleben, Greenland, Abstract.

Guest exhibitors:

Mona Jahn

Karen Lindberg

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Niels Peter Andreasen

4780, Stege

Mostly themes from nature, birds, and landscapes. Niels Peter likes to give his imagination free rein in different techniques using ink, watercolour, charcoal, tempera and oil. 

Open by appointment. ...

© Spejdermuseet Århus

Spejdermuseet Århus

8000, Aarhus C

The Scout and Guide Museum in Aarhus

Once a scout or a guide …
The Scout and Guide Museum in Aarhus is located on the 1st floor in Vestergade 3, in one of the city’s oldest and best preserved buildin...

© Kähler Design


8000, Aarhus C

Visit the galleries, see the working crafts workers and find unique design items in Aarhus. 

See the list of Craft, Gallery and Design here....

© Tim Krat

Kattinge Village

4000, Roskilde

You do not have to go far to find a genuine Danish village atmosphere. Go by bike or car to Kattinge, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved villages in Denmark. The village is located on Katti...


The city of Fredensborg welcomes the royal couple with torches, song and music starting from the station to Fredensborg Palace at 8.15pm....

© ms arkiv

Kongeåen is a relatively short, 60 km river. The wellspring of the river is located east of Vejen and flows west to the Wadden Sea. The river is a popular destination for anglers, offering good opport...

Arms Museum at Egholm Castle

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

When Ole Falck was 16 he was given a rifle by his father, marking the start of a lifetime collection of firearms and accoutrements. A dream came true in August 2012 when Ole Falck inaugurated the Arms...

Art and retro at Storskovhuset in Hvalsø

At sculptor Olaf Manske Andersen's studio you can view art projects for the National Park, Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and Land of Legends Lejre.

There is a sculpture...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Schloss Gottorf

6400, Sønderborg

Enjoy 120.000 years of cultural history from Stone Age artefacts to contempoary art.

Just one hour from Sønderborg!...

My pictures are primarily decorative in style, but at the same time are positive and unmistakeably modern and Scandinavian.

My work grows out of my interest for design and the natural surroundings ou...

© cha

Ancient Road sculpture

6622, Bække

The Ancient Road sculpture at Bække consists of a large stone bas-relief with two set stones. The relief depicts fragments of the way we imagine life unfold on the Ancient Road generations ago.


© cha

Mannehøj barrow

6600, Vejen

Just south of Asbo and east of Vejen by the section of the Ancient Road that runs between Bække and Læborg lies an ancient barrow called Mannehøj. The barrow was originally about 24 meters in diameter...

© cha

North and South of the Ancient Road between the Vejen Sports Centre and Askov there are a number of hedgerows lined with oak trees, which were originally planted to provide shelter.

The history of th...

© cha

The former bus station in Bække is home to a highly informative exhibition on the Ancient Road, which offers insight into the course of the road and the life that unfolded along it.

A number of displ...

© cha

Along the Ancient Road just east of Gammelby on the stretch between Læborg and Vejen you come across Saint Gertrud, the patron saint of travellers who lived from 626 to 659 in a monastery in Belgium. ...

© cha

Bennetgård, the building

6630, Rødding

From the outside, the whitewashed former farmhouse isn’t all that conspicuous, but the place is historically quite significant all the same. Bennetgård is a rest home for those of Danish decent living...

© cha

Gammelby can trace its history back to 1392, and for many of those years the villagers fetched household water from the common well in the heart of the village. In many villages the wells have fallen ...

© VisitHerning

The Jutlandic School of Singing teaches vocally gifted children in Central Jutland. Students go through a ten-year music education with lessons in solo singing, ear training, music theory and training...

Galleri A

9800, Hjørring
© Steen Olsson

Graffiti art on the Culture House was finished in connection with the renovation of the house in 2014. There are two graffiti works - one on the wall towards the parking area and the other towards Søg...

Turn everyday life into adventure and experience dragons, elephants, dolphins and an idea-pyramid at “” in Gl. Rye, situated close to Himmelbjerget in the middle of the beautiful ...

Holstebro Urtehave

7500, Holstebro

Holstebro Urtehave is a self-sufficient edible garden with over 450 edible crops / varieties, including 175 herbs. There is something edible in the garden every day of the year. It is a common garden ...

© Det Danske Gartnerimuseum

The Danish Horticultural Museum
Journey back in time through the commercial history of green fingers...

In the village of Beder situated some 10 kilometres south of Aarhus you can find this fascinati...

Langdysse in Klelund

6682, Hovborg

"Langdyssen" in the south of Klelund plantation was in the 1700´s called "Giant Rochs". It is well kept and is 74 meters long....

Trines Hus

4672, Klippinge


Trines Hus på engelsk:

In the little village of Tåstrup near Hellested you can visit the 200 year old house called ” Trines Hus”. People in the village, that have lived there many years “ in ...

© cha

Close to the Ancient Road just north of Skodborg there is an old bridge.
If you follow the Ancient Road along Lundsgårdsvej you will reach Gl. Vamdrupvej, which today is merely a field track. Approx....


Showing 8551 - 8600 of 8685 entries