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© m.galleri

m. Galleri

9990, Skagen

Beautiful Art Gallery in Kandestederne (just before Raabjerg Mile) with art from Denmark, Netherland, Russia and Iceland.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramic and photography....

© Bjørg Kiær

Island holidays on Aeroe (Ærø)
Ærø is an idyllic island in the South Funen Archipelago, a group of islands off the coast of Fyn (Funen). Known for quaint Ærøskøbing, and its iconic beach huts, Ærø is ...

© Lars Møller

The Prince of Ishøj

2635, Ishøj

In the fall of 2007, the Kroppedal Museum made an archaeological dig on the outskirts of Torslunde Village in Ishøj Municipality. What at the beginning of the excavation was a football field, would so...

Kunst in Ringsted Outlet

4100, Ringsted

The sculptor Poul Bækhøjand wife Hanne Egebjerg is responsible for the execution of this group of sculptures in Ringsted Outlet - it was unveiled in 2008 at the opening of the center.



Showing 8601 - 8606 of 8606 entries