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4653, Karise

In my daily work I am a teacher at a workshop educator training school. It's a nice job in a wonderful mix between woodwork, handicrafts and art. The subjects which hardly exists anymore, but we do wh...

Karen Bennicke and Peder Rasmussen

Exhibition with ceramic works in their own showroom. From picture vessels over figures to monumental sculptures.

Open 1. Saturday every month, May - October, from ...

Galleri Emmaus

4690, Haslev

Gallery Emmaus
Gallery Emmaus is centrally located in Haslev and is housed in the beautiful main building from the 1920s, who previously served as high school. The buildings are surrounded by a large ...

Atelier Søglimt

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Atelier Iben

4640, Faxe

Painting is my hobby. I have always been fond of all kind of nature.My inspiration comes from many years of hiking in the Austrian Alps , as well as our own nature.Ï think that eve...

Inger Jepsen

4640, Faxe

Charlotte Clante

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Henrik Drent

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

My art is characterized by large chucking. Beautiful, dreamy watercolors, expressive paintings in oil or acrylic, naturalistic landscape paintings with a strong and sometimes unexpected splashes imagi...

Fakse Ladeplads Minipark

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

In the Faxe Ladeplads Miniby you kan enjoy the present and the past at the same time.The Old City is displayed in miniature next to the minigolf course. The houses are displayed faithful to ...

Faxe Ladeplads Mini Park

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

The idea behind Faxe Ladeplads Minipark is to reconstruct the town as it looked in 1900-1920 in the scale 1:10.

In the workshop you can see, how the materials for the small houses are made and how th...

Ulse Church

4690, Haslev

The whitewashed church with roof tiles, lies on a cementary close to Ulse Lake. ...

Tureby Church

4682, Tureby

Tureby Church is a large church, but was originally more modest.It consists of a Romanesque apse, choir and nave, church tower and vestry.Tureby Church lies near Turebyholm manor. ...

Vester Egede Church

4690, Haslev

Vester Egede Church lies in the village Vester Egede and is situated on the highest point, visible from the entire main street. ...

Prince Carls School in Store Torøje is one of three schools built by prince Carl on the property of Vemmetofte.

The small building from 1719 is approximately 7.5x5.0 meters and offered space for a sc...


4690, Haslev

Paradehuset is built in 1876 by architect Herholdt and is listed. It is a part of the Gisselfeld Park and inside you find a shop, where you can buy flowers, garden tools, herbs and much more.

Bregentved Manor Park

4690, Haslev

- Open Wednesdays, weekends and public holidays from 9 a.m. to sunset at 6 p.m.- Dogs must be on a leash- Wheelchairs only admitted with companion- Bus number 95 for St. ...


4690, Haslev

Zealand's largest estate.

Owned by the noble Moltke family since 1746.

The north wing dates from 1650-1735.
The east and south wing dates from 1891 as one of the last spectacularly built manor house...

Gisselfeld Park

4690, Haslev

A few minutes away from roaring highways - in one most beautiful landscapes on Zealand - Gisselfeld Kloster is situated.

This is one of the oldest and best preserved renaissance castles in Denmark.


Gisselfeld Abbey

4690, Haslev

One of Denmark`s largest estates, noted for its carp ponds. Visitors to the estate through the ages were Bache, Thorvaldsen, Hans Christian Andersen and others.

Renaissance castle built 1547-1575 by ...

Øster Egede Church

4640, Faxe

Øster Egede Church lies close to Jomfruens Egede and was, until 1994 owned by Lystrup Manor and Jomfruens Egede. The church is built app. 1600.

The church is only open in connection with church affai...

Kongsted Church

4683, Rønnede

From the original church, built from boulders mixed with limestone from Faxe, is only little preserved in the western walls.You can still find the baptismal font, originated in the 13th...

Freerslev Church

4690, Haslev

The church is set on a northerly hillside south of town with the women's entrance on the north side.- The nave dates from 1350- Porch AD 1450- New chancel AD 1870

The Faxe Limestone Quarry lies east of Faxe. Those who go down into the quarry, find themselves on a 63 million year old seabed, where sharks, crocodiles and squids swam among lovely corals.

These, a...

Geomuseum Faxe

4640, Faxe

63 mio. years ago most of Northern Europe was covered bysea. Visit Geomuseum Faxe and see fossils of sharks, crocodiles and other animals that lived in the sea where Faxe is today. Collect your own fo...

© Ramesh, Faxe Turistbureau

Blåbæk Mills

4640, Faxe

Blåbæk Mills. This water mill was first mentioned in 1472 and since then has been a tenant farm of Rosendal.

It received its water from Faxe Brook; however, since there was not always sufficient wate...

Haslev Church

4690, Haslev

The church is located at the upper end of the main street, Jernbanegade.- Medieval church, rebuilt 1914-16, renovated 1987-88- Seating 400-500 persons- Oldest pews from 1...

The church has been built over four periods. Eldest is the west part with the tower from Romansque time.The choir to the east was erected as a mortuary under the Vemmetofte Estate, and has o...

Smerup Church

4653, Karise

Smerup Church was built around 1270. Its situation at the Stevns River Valley made it vulnerable to the piracy of that time. According to legend, the river contained more water than it does today and ...

Alslev Kirke

4653, Karise

The small, whitewashed church was built between 1200 and 1250 as a castle chapel to Alslevgård. From this church the side walls and the south door still exist. West of the churchyard you can...

The museum is accommodated in the basement of an electricity company

- Collection of electrical artefacts of the past 100 years
- Technical literature, magazines, catalogues etc. from same period
- B...

Sønder Dalby Church

4690, Haslev

The church stands in the centre of Dalby village about 8 km east of Haslev.

- Consists of a Romanesque nave

- Auricular style epitaph from 1637 for vicar Niels Foss and Margrethe Pedersdatter

- 3 g...

Haslev Museum

4690, Haslev

At Haslev Museum you can see how the city evolved from a small village to a modern town in the years 1870 to 1920. The city's population grew explosively, when the railroad came to town, and Haslev St...

Glass artist

4690, Haslev

Glass artist.- Glass pictures for entrances, conference rooms, waiting rooms, surgeries etc....

Bråby Church

4690, Haslev

- Church built in the late 12th century- Porch and chapel date from the 16th century- Sepulchral chapel under the manor pew- Altar front from the 17th century - donated b...


4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Viking burial mounds, called Troldhøje.A group of 2 hills with a view over the sea covered with beeches and oaks....


4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Entrenchment trail. Go south from Faxe Ladeplads until you reach the the sign towards "St. Elmue". Turn to the left towards "Feddet". After about 1,5 km. you see the sign "Skansestien to the right".

Vemmetofte Forrest

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

There are 3 marked hiking routes in Vemmetofte forest.

- Red route: 3,5 km - 60 min.
- Yellow route: From the restaurant "Skovfogedstedet" 4,5 km. - 75 min.
- Blue route: 5 km. - 90 min. also startin...

Roholte Church

4640, Faxe

The Roholte Church was built by King Christoffer of Bavaria in the year 1441. This occurred shortly after the landowners had introduced serfdom and the farmers were extremely dissatisfied.&n...

Karise Church

4653, Karise

We first hear of the Karise Church in the legend of Mrs. Marthe. Her property, Karisegaard, was destroyed by Wendish pirates. Mrs. Marthe fled into a chamber over the arch of the Karise church and rem...

Hylleholt Kirke

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

The church was inaugurated on September 8th 1878 and owes its existens to Frederik Count Molkte, Bregentved.The church has been built in adapted English Gothic style. The top of the spire is...

Faxe Church

4640, Faxe

An impressive building in late Gothic style, red brick walls with white limestone courses, highly situated.

It belonged to the Copenhagen University from 1492 to 1934. The coat of arms of the Univers...

Øde Førslev Church

4690, Haslev

Formerly, the church has possibly stood on an isolated site seen from Førslev village, hence the "øde" ("isolated") in the name. "Øde" was also added to the name of the village, thus distinguis...

In the park at Vemmetofte Convent you can walk from "Evighedsstien" (The Eternity Way) to "Verdens Ende" (The End of the World). In order to keep the noble maidens, who lived in the convent, from fall...

The church is situated in the main manorhouse with entrance in the gateway.Originally servantshall, later noble prayerhouse.In the 1715 converted as a church by Prins Carl with rich equ...

Teestrup Church

4690, Haslev

The church stands in a village 3 km west of Haslev.- Consists of Late Romanesque nave and Late Gothic additions- Late Renaissance pulpit from 1615- The canopy is in Late ...

Terslev Church

4690, Haslev

The church is open from morning peals to evening peals. If required, contact sexton on tel: +45 56 38 12 07.

- The oldest part of the church dates from 1200

- The chancel, vestry, tower and porch ar...

© Nordsøen Oceanarium

Our guests can now get even closer to the wildlife in the North Sea. They get a unique experience behind the scenes when they experience the huge oceanarium from the surface. You can walk along the ed...

© Nordsøen Oceanarium

Join the expedition!

9850, Hirtshals

With an expedition pass with fun tasks at hand the kids can explore every inch of the exhibition. The expedition consists of 7 different destinations in the North Sea, and there’s a stamp at each site...

© Sisse Christensen


9000, Aalborg

In Egholmsgade in Aalborg, you will find this unique work of art by M-City.

About M-City
M-City is Mariusz Waras’ (b. 1978) pen name. He is from Poland and has painted hundreds of murals around the w...

Liqen WE Aart

9000, Aalborg

It used to be a sad, grey building in a backyard in Aalborg. Now, it’s a piece of art!

About Liqen
Liqen’s paintings revolve around a theme of how we treat the environment and different cultures. He ...


Showing 8601 - 8650 of 8703 entries