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The water tower in Bogense was built 1910 in connection with the then-new waterworks. At first it was planned to place the tower in the market square, but thanks to protests from the citizens of the t...

Gallery and shopKoncept Q is established as an attempt to give – primarily local – artists and craftsmen a platform to showcase and sell their works.Typically, there are about 10 different exhibitors ...

© Den Gamle Gartner

Den Gamle Gartners Have

5471, Søndersø

Smell the many different herbs, see the pelargonia flowers and find out the use of the medicinal herbs: there's lots to see in the old Gardener's Garden. The private garden is 4000 m² and filled with ...

© Tina Bonde

We are artisans with passion for beautiful handmade products such as jewelery, glass, felt clothes, ceramics, knitting, funny cards, painting, woodwork and much more.....

© Holstebro Turistbureau


7830, Vinderup

Gartnerhaven is 15000 km2 large garden with many different flowers and herbs, etc.The garden is divided into 10 "sections"Each section has got a name and a short description of the area and what ideas...

The Sun Chariot

4500, Nykøbing Sj

The Sun Chariot was found by first-time ploughing on Trundholm Mose, south of Højby, in September 1902. The find dates back to the old Bronze Age, about 1400 B.C. The Sun Chariot, which is made of bro...

© Naturcenter Syddjurs

In the middle of Nationalpark Mols Bjerge and a good based for trip in Mols Bjerge. 
The Nature center offers example guided cycling on moutainbikes or explore the area on a hike - all down in pace an...

© Vallensbæk Kommune

Twelfth Church

2625, Vallensbæk

Bo Bendixen Design.
All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen. He turns familiar and dear motives around and communicates his message ...

© Hjerm Kunstgalleri

Hjerm Kunstgalleri

Exhibition and sale of paintings by local, as well as recognized artists.  

Hjerm Kunstgalleri - Struer allways consist of approx.  400 paintings - old art - new art - modern art....

© Galleri Kirk /VisitAalborg

One of the old silos at Eternitten has been decorated by the international Dutch artist, Guido Van Helten. The motive is a portrait of a former worker at Dansk Eternit, and the silo creates the settin...

© Creative Glas

Creative Glas Faaborg

5600, Faaborg

Creative Glas - Workshop for all in the family!
Experience a world of opportunities sandblasting glass. The process is simple, but the possibilities are many. You decorate the glass with our finished ...

Helles dog

9800, Hjørring

Studio Keramik

6100, Haderslev

Michael Weihe

6100, Haderslev

El Mac - Annebergvej

9000, Aalborg

El Mac is one of today's greatest street art performers and is a genuine superstar in his field.Among other things, he has made an album cover for the pop-rock band No Doubt and also a portrait of US ...

Galleri Rafn

6560, Sommersted

Ikon Showroom

6100, Haderslev
© Science Museerne

Ole Rømer-Observatory

8000, Aarhus C

The Ole Rømer Observatory
The Ole Rømer Observatory in the suburb of Højbjerg, south of Aarhus, was erected in 1911, to be used by the German private astronomer Friedrich Krüger. After 1916, the obser...

Garden of St. Hans

4000, Roskilde

Most people would not believe that a psychiatric hospital could be a popular destination for outings, but that is actually the case in Roskilde. Denmark’s oldest psychiatric hospital, St. Hans, is set...


8000, Aarhus C

The Iceberg – A Unique, Architectonic Gemstone In Aarhus
Isbjerget - the Iceberg is a unique apartment building in the harbour area situated close to the city centre, where the newest quarter in Aarhu...


Egebæksvang Woods

3070, Snekkersten

Egebæksvang forest is a small, coastal hardwood forest just south of Elsinore.The forest constitutes an area of 118.8 hectares and contains respectively. beech and maple, small areas of oak and ash. T...

© Naturstyrelsen

Gurre Sø

3000, Helsingør

The lake is very shallow - only about 4 metres deep. Gurre Lake is associated with Gurre Castle-ruin and the Danish king Valdemar, who lived at the castle in the 1300. 

Angling licence: Jan & Bo´s Ly...

Hornbæk Plantage

3100, Hornbæk

Hornbæk Plantage vas planted around 1793 as a protection against the encroaching sand dunes. Robust pine trees grow on the side nearest the coast whereas on the other side of Nordre Strandvej typical ...

© Mette Schjønning VNS

Teglstrup Hedge and Hellebæk Forest  together with Hellebæk Kohave forms an approximately 1000 hectares of forest area with 500 year old oak trees, an intact raised bog, a grassland with grazing cows ...

Ølsted gravel pit

3310, Ølsted

Former gravel pit, now by the local population's initiative, transformed into recreational park with trails around and in the gravel pit. Here's bonfire, packed lunches, shelters, open-air stage, obse...


Showing 8651 - 8684 of 8684 entries