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Klippinge. www. – mail – Tel: 39 64 34 98.

Description of experiences/activities: Art exhibitions of imaginative, colouristic, expressionistic paintings ...

© Naturhistorisk Museum

Are there any dangerous animals in Denmark, and do crocodiles have stones in their stomach?
At Naturhistorisk Museum (The Natural History Museum) you can meet a lot of dangeres animals. But don't worr...

© VisitAarhus

Do you like feeding animals and watching them in their real habitat?
Then take your family along to the Deer Park. Because here you will come across both deer and wild boar. And there are ducks in th...

© Mikkel Grabowski

Birds, toads and frogs

8220, Brabrand

Walking round the Årslev Engsø lake you can see the frogs leaping and hear them croaking
You may catch toads in the lake, or climb one of the bird-watching towers and watch the many birds nesting in t...

© Science Museerne

Have you ever wanted to find out what it is like to walk around in the jungle?
Now is your chance – in the heart of the Aarhus. Inside the huge dome in the Greenhouses (Væksthusene) you can prowl alon...

© VisitAarhus

Bring your lunch pack

8270, Højbjerg

Take a break and enjoy your food at the Ørnereden nature centre
This area is in the woods south of Aarhus, with a covered space with tables and benches where you and your family can sit down and enjoy...

Vidstrup Kirke (church) is Romanesque and has never had the tower. The Romanesque part consists of nave and choir, while the porch is late Gothic.

The original Romanesque altar was removed in the ear...

© Kunst i fileten

Association of local artists, which aims to disseminate, promote and preserve the understanding of art and artistic forms of expression. Association was formed in 1994 and exhibits each summer in Fiie...

Rock & Roll Music Museum

9492, Blokhus

Denmark's Rock'n Roll Museum with pictures, autographs, goldenrecords from all big stars and legends through 50 years. Elvis Presleys' concert-belt, Carl Perkins "Blue Suede Shoes" and the worlds rare...

© Tivoli Friheden

So much fun in Tivoli Friheden
Are you ready for a whole day of fun with rides and activities for all ages?

The Stock Cars are a truly wild ride where you can drive like crazy and bump into each othe...

© Tyge Høxbro Larsen

The ferry "M/F Broen" is back in Nyborg. Previously the ferry M/F Broen transported cars over Storebælt....

© cha

The anti-tank trench in Dover is a reconstruction showing how the approx. 255 km long Gudrunstilling (fortification system) from World War II looked. Next to the anti-tank trench, you find a magnifice...

© ms arkiv

In a field between Lindknud and Bække, you find a well-preserved long dolmen from the Stone Age. The long dolmen is 38 m long, 6.5 m wide, and 1 m high, and situated east-west. The mound is surrounded...

© VisitOdense

The 12 m high portrait on the gable of Bangs Boder no. 24 is painted by street artist Don John, who was raised in Brylle just outside Odense....

© Henrik Haven

A World-renowned artist has made Denmark's highest mural in Odense

His gable painting in Rome is number two on the Huffington Post's list of the world's most important street art in 2014. He has ill...

© Miss Take

The Girl and the Panther is a mural by Miss Take, a Copenhagen street art artist who participated in an exhibition at Brandts in 2012....

© Big City Brains

Odense Zoo's facade has become an attraction in itself with the new mural done by artist group Big City Brains....

© Moesgaard Museum

At Moesgaard Museum the past is brought to life
Have you ever wondered what it was all like in the reeaaaally olden days? You will be going on a journey all the way back to prehistoric times where you...

At the Steno Museum for the History of Science and Medicine you can take part yourself 
Here you can fill the room with thunder and lightening, or you can look at yourself in funny mirrors.

There are...

The history of childhood

8000, Aarhus C

You can try what it was like to be a girl in the city during the 1930s, or a boy in the country in the 1870s in Denmark
Look inside an old city backyard, lie down on a cloud, or listen to some of the...


5400, Bogense

Visit the smallest market town of Denmark with about 3700 citizens. It is a very nice place for a walk along the idyllic old houses and the brook which winds through the town. Bogense is a very old to...


5471, Søndersø

If you go through Søndersø on your way from Odense, you will go right past the 140-year-old smock mill which has become a landmark in Søndersø. It has even survived being moved by a crane to its prese...


5450, Otterup

Go to Otterup and see the Midgard Serpent that winds its way across the market place Torvet, as it fights against the god Thor. The Midgard Serpent is dangerous, but here the children can crawl all ov...

© Vaffelbager Faaborg

Vaffelbager Faaborg

5600, Faaborg

Vaffelbageren Faaborg (The cone Baker) 

The towns oldest traditional Danish Ice-cream shop, opened May 1984. 

When you walk around Faaborg´s beautiful streets, you are not in doubt once you are near...

© Museum Nordsjælland

Elværket - The Power Station - is part of Museum Nordsjælland in Hillerød.

Today the beautiful turbine hall of the former power station houses temporary exhibitions focusing on culture, art and hist...

Carl Nielsen 150 years songs

3480, Fredensborg

Sunday June14 at 4pm  in Asminderød kirke
Celebration of Danish composer Carl Nielsen's  150 years  birthday with a sing along concert with  some of his songs.

Free admission...

© Fredericia kommune


7000, Fredericia

Hagenør is a beautyful area to go for a walk through woods and meadows, and close to the beach.


© Visitgudenaa

The Uncovered Bridge

8740, Brædstrup

The Municipality of Horsens has acquired a special tourist attraction of great cultural and historic value. The 13.4 meter tall steel grid bridge from 1899 that was built across the Gudenå creek as pa...

© Fredericia kommune

Gudsø Vig

7000, Fredericia

Beautiful nature area between Fredericia and Kolding.
Home to waterfowls and rare plants.


© Brandts

The Spectacle

5000, Odense C

The Spectacle
There is always something for children and playful souls of all ages in The Spectacle. Here we invite you to experience art and visual culture in new ways. Articles and stories relate t...

Blokhus Brook

9492, Blokhus

For a long time a group of enthusiasts have had great vision for Blokhus Creek. Now the vision has been realized. Blokhus Creek was realized  on the 19th of June 2015. Blokhus Creek provides an experi...

In the south of Fanø lies Sønderho with its about 300 houses and around 340 residents. The village is well protected from wind and water behind dunes to the west and south and behind green dikes to t...

© Drabantgarden

The Halbardiers

3400, Hillerød

Drabantgarden - Frederiksborg Halberdiers

In 1571, King Frederik 2. of Denmark founded a corps of guards for his own protection. The corps was named Drabantgarden (The Halberdiers) and was to be his ...

Fårup Sommerland

9492, Blokhus

Fårup Sommerland

Close to the beach and yet all the way in the forest you will find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland. In 2014, Fårup Sommerland was elected as both Denmark's Best Summer Holiday A...

Bruuns Hjørne

4230, Skælskør

Ceramic Gallery where the two local ceramics work and excibit together. You are more than welcome to visit us in our opening hours...

© Mugge p

Mugge p

3250, Gilleleje

In the art shop you will find lots of happy colorful paintings, doodles and decorated beach stones.

Also fine refrigerator magnets and art cards with different motives.

2-3 selected craftsmen exhibi...


Showing 8651 - 8694 of 8694 entries