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Makers of Today

9000, Aalborg

Kunsthal Nord exhibit works by 20 artisans, who work in a broad specter of classic arts and crafts. 

In this exhibition, you will find textile, ceramics, jewelry and glass in ways you have never se...

© Steen Olsson

Hans Sophus Wilhelm Barner was born on Eskildstrup Manor on 31 January 1839. He was the owner of the Manor from 18887 to 1921.

He was, of course, very interested in agriculture and in particular the ...

Thisted Lilleby is a true copy of Thisted center, from 1950, only a tenth the size!

Houses, backyards and shops and buildings are constructed authentically down to the smallest details.

A copy of Th...

Frendrup Nihøje

9530, Støvring

From Frendrup Nihøje, you will find a fantastic view of the Himmerland area. Frendrup Nihøje is one of the highest places in Himmerland with its 105 meters. The name ‘Nihøje’ stems from the fact that ...

The inhabitants in the village Ørslev had this stone set up on the 100 years' anniversary for the first Danish Constitution. The Constitution was signed by the last King in absolute power, Frederik VI...

© Steen Olsson

The Queen Dagmar Memorial Well made by the Danish sculptor Henrik Starcke (1899-1973) in 1949.The Memorial Well was made in honour of the Bohemian Princesse Marketa, who married Va...


4100, Ringsted

Erected in memory of Denmark's liberation in 1945, unveiled 5 May 1946.Unofficial translation of the inscription on the stone: This stone is erectedon Zealands Court...

© Steen Olsson

The artwork consists of 6 tiles weighing 400 kg and was given by the association “Aldrig mere krig” (Never War Again). The tiles were laid down in Sjællandsgade in 1986 in connection with the renovati...

© Steen Olsson

The stone was put up on 9 July by the teacher Andersen of Allindemagle school. It has been moved to its present position near the church in Haraldsted in 1968.

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunificatio...

Mustafa Sahin, Supervisor at the public toilets, recommends:
"There is so much to see as a tourist in Roskilde. Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum are always well worth a visit. They have s...

The Museum of Rock Music

4000, Roskilde

Are you crazy about rock music?

If so, you can look forward to 2015! For that’s when Denmark’s Museum of Rock Music will open in Roskilde – a  real ‘Experimentarium’ of rock music. You’ll be able to...

© m.Galleri

m. Galleri

9990, Skagen

Beautiful Art Gallery in Kandestederne (just before Raabjerg Mile) with art from Denmark, Netherland, Russia and Iceland.

Paintings, sculptures, ceramic and photography....

© Steen Olsson

Kunst in Ringsted Outlet

4100, Ringsted

The sculptor Poul Bækhøjand wife Hanne Egebjerg is responsible for the execution of this group of sculptures in Ringsted Outlet - it was unveiled in 2008 at the opening of the center.


© Steen Olsson

The three artistic columns at the entrance to the Knud Lavard Center were made by Birgitte and Hans Börjeson from Fulby by Sorø.

The columns were unveiled at the opening of the Center....


6270, Tønder
© VisitOdense

The Butterflies

5000, Odense C

The butterflies are part of the fairytale playground, which also offers oversized dock leaves and other play equipment for smaller children....

Naoh's Ark

6400, Sønderborg

Europe’s first floating biblical museum.

The ark is 70 meters long, 13 meters high and 10 meters wide and has 4 levels.

Just like the real ark, Noah’s Ark is a great secret. From the outside, you se...

Vitskøl Kloster
Abbey gardens with herbs for the chemist, for the blind and for spicing Danish Snaps.

If you wish to a guided tour, please contact us ahead of time....

© Moesgaard Museum

The Grauballe Man

8270, Højbjerg

'The Grauballe Man' has been surrounded by mystery and intrigue ever since a local team of peat diggers happened to uncover a body in the Nebelgaard Mose peat bog in the village of Grauballe, just sou...

© Knud Mortensen

Meet the Ærø islanders

5970, Ærøskøbing

With AEROE TOURS, you can arrange to meet a family from Ærø in cozy surroundings and talk about what it is like to live on Ærø and the South Fyn Archipelago, while you enjoy a good dinner and accompan...


Showing 8651 - 8680 of 8680 entries