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Axel Void

9000, Aalborg


9000, Aalborg
© Middelfart Museum

The pedestrianized town centre in Middelfart runs parallel with the harbour and seafront. The town has many interesting shops and boutiques catering for all tastes and requirements: for him or her, gi...

© Holstebro Kommune

Stubber Kloster

7830, Vinderup

Convent of the Benedictine Order. Mentioned first time in year 1268. A vaulted cellar is preserved. It has since 1910 been covered by a small thatched building. The cellar was not built until the fift...

© Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Tvis Monastery

7500, Holstebro

The monastery was founded in 1163. The founder was Buris Henriksen - the very Prince Buris who according to the legend is burried at Vestervig Church next to Liden Kirsten. In 1693 the monastery was d...

Midtjyllands Kunst Center is situated in the Mid-Jutland lake district, in a town called Bryrup, which is 17 km. south of Silkeborg. A beautiful place between hills, forest and lakes. The trip is a gr...

Søskov Glas, © Søskov Glas

Søskov Glas

7182, Bredsten

Søskov Glas...

"Bænken"  Per Kirkeby - Aars - Vesthimmerland...

Astronomisk observatorium, Per Kirkeby - Aars - Vesthimmerland...

Murstensskulptur 1995, Per Kirkeby - Kimbrertorvet - Aars - Vesthimmerland...


Showing 8701 - 8712 of 8712 entries