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© Christian Alsing

The Kastrup Sea Baths, situated off-shore in the Øresund Sound, has great views of the Saltholm Island and Sweden. This is an architectural pearl and a truly magical place that offers good swimming op...

Solrød Strand

2680, Solrød Strand

Solrød Strandpark
The four miles long coastline is made up mainly of a wide sandy beaches with dunes perfectly suited for children.The coast area is of great natural value and offers the best c...

© Adrian Saly

Amager Beach Park

2300, København S

Copenhagen's beach area, Amager Beach Park is busy all day long in the summer, and there is no doubt that it is one of the best spots to spend the long Copenhagen summer days and bright evenings.


Beach by Helsingør Camping....


The Island of Møn offers some of Denmark's most dramatic scenery mixed with age-old churches with frescoes, quaint villages and handicraft shops - definitely worth a visit. The Island and its stunning...

© copenhagen media center

Bellevue Beach

2930, Klampenborg

In Klampenborg, about 10 kilometers from downtown Copenhagen, is Bellevue Beach.  The beach is very popular with locals during the summer months.

The beach is five minutes' walk from both Klampenborg...

© Københavns Kommune

Svanemølle beach

2100, København Ø

In June 2010 Østerbro got the new beach Svanemøllestranden.

Svanemølle beach is a 4,000 sqm. new sandy beach with a 130 meter long pier into the water.

The beach itself is located in the angle betw...

Lønstrup Strand

9800, Hjørring

Sandy beach at Lønstrup. Breakwaters create peaceful, shallow lagoons in several places. Good opportunities for beach fishing. Blue flag....

Nørlev Strand

9800, Hjørring

Very popular sandy beach at Nørlev. The beach has a blue flag and is a hive of activity in the summer. Good opportunities for beach fishing, horseriding and walks in the scenic area surrounding the be...

Sandy beach at Skallerup Klit. The beach has a Blue Flag and invites activities and walks. Good opportunities for beach fishing...

Saltum Strand

9493, Saltum

In the area around Blokhus you will find 21 km beach.Our beach is on of the very best in Europe with miles of white beach with very fine sand and cozy dunes.The beach is very wide ...

© VisitJammerbugten

Blokhus Beach

9492, Blokhus

The unique holiday paradise Blokhus offers one the best beaches in Northern Europe. Delicate, white sand, warm sand dunes, and the brisk blue sea are just some of its qualities. Naturally, the beach i...

Rødhus Strand

9490, Pandrup

In the area around Blokhus you will find 21 km beach.Our beach is on of the very best in Europe with miles of white beach with very fine sand and cozy dunes.The beach is very wide ...

© VisitJammerbugten

Grønhøj Strand

9492, Blokhus

In the area around Blokhus you will find 21 km beach.

Our beach is on of the very best in Europe with miles of white beach with very fine sand and cozy dunes.

The beach is very wide and you are allo...

© VisitJammerbugten

Tranum Strand

9460, Brovst

Beach ...

Lerup Strand, Brovst

9460, Brovst

Ejstrup Strand

9460, Brovst

Kollerup Strand

9690, Fjerritslev

Kollerup Strand is situated in the Jammerbugt....


9690, Fjerritslev

Grønnestrand is situated in Jammerbugten....

Klim Strand

9690, Fjerritslev

Klim Strand, Jammerbugten...

Svinkløv Strand

9690, Fjerritslev

Beach near the famous seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel....

© VisitJammerbugten


9690, Fjerritslev

Slettestrand ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Færgehagen Beach

9550, Mariager

Quiet beach at the Mariager Fjord in Mariager....

Store Økssø

9520, Skørping

Lake St. Økssø nestles beatifully in Rold Skov (Rold Forest), surrounded by the trees of the forest. Swimming in the lake is allowed, and even though the water is brownish it is perfe...

© VisitMariagerfjord

The beach at Kattegat Strand Camping in Øster Hurup is especially good for kids with no cars, lots of dunes and a good sandy beach....

© VisitMariagerfjord

The beach by Als Odde

9560, Hadsund

The beach by the church in Als to the sea Kattegat with the bathing jetty is an undesturbed beach with some local fishermen too. If you go via the paths to the old temperance hotel or the church, you ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Public beach, Novolund in Øster Hurup....


Øster Hurup Beach

9560, Hadsund

Childfriendly sandy beach in the mittle of Ø. Hurup, situated on the northside of the harbour and close to the holiday cottages of Danland. Parking space and toilets close to the beach....

© Hvidebakker strand


9940, Læsø

Car-free, family beach. Dunes,lovely sand, deep, sandy bottom. Facilities: Parking area, toilet....

© Østerby Strand

Østerby Beach

9940, Læsø

Østerby Beach lies west of the harbour. It is best for adults and older children, as the water quickly gets deep. Here you are close to the harbour facilities, with shops, eating places, toilet...

© Danzigmann Strand


9940, Læsø

The beach east of Østerby to Jegens, Danzigmann and Bløden Hale is a great natural landscape in itself. Here you can find shells, stones and seaweed and there is a good chance of finding "the i...

© Storedal strand


9940, Læsø

Storedal has a fine sandy beach, wich towards the east turns into a stony beach at Lilledal. The seabed falls relatively sharply. After a heavy storm you can be lucky and find amber here. The Forest a...

© Vesterø Strand

Vesterø Strand

9940, Læsø

Vesterø Strand which stretches south from Vesterø Harbour, is very suitable for families with children. The water is shallow and warm, so small children can freely bathe and play without being knocked...

Stokken, Sdr. Nyland

9940, Læsø

You can wade out to Stokken & Sdr. Nyland, where you can collect mussels. Stokken's western end is a reserve between 15/4 - 15/7. Car-free, family beach. Shallow, nice sand, sandy bottom. Faciliti...

Voerså Strand

9300, Sæby

Shallow, sandy seabed. Beach located as an extension of Voerså Harbour along the southern breakwater. Beachcombing for razor clams, common pelican’s foot, red whelk, crabs and conches.

Lyngså Strand

9300, Sæby

Dune landscape.
Good opportunities for finding amber after a south east wind.
Interesting things wash up on the beach, like razor shells, pelicans-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches.
Suitable for w...

The beach is located between Sæby and Lyngså.Good opportunities for finding amber after a south-easterly wind. Razor shells, pelican's-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches wash up on...


Sæby Nordstrand

9300, Sæby

The beach is suitable for the handicapped. A tiled beach parade of 2000 metres going from the harbour to the north along the dunes.

You find a toilet at Sæby Søbad and at the harbour.

It is excitin...

Sulbæk Strand - Sæby

9900, Frederikshavn

Very child-friendly sandy beach just af few kilometers north of Sæby. ...

Uggerby beach

9881, Bindslev

Enjoy the white, child-friendly beach near Uggerby. East of the ramp is an area where the seeping groundwater forms a lake on the beach and small wetlands, which make up gre...

Tversted Strand (beach)

9881, Bindslev

Enjoy the white-sand beaches at Tversted and Skiveren.
Family friendly.

The beach invites to walks in the glorious fresh air, all year round.
Good parking and toilet facilities. Cars permitted on ...

Præstebugten, Hirsholmene

9900, Frederikshavn

Præstebugten.A small sandy beach on the island Hirsholmene.With a little luck you can spot seals there.The postboat brings you to Hirsholmene.More information a...

Strandby Strand

9970, Strandby

This charming peacefull beach is situated right next to the small Fishingtown Strandby, a few meters from the fishing harbour. It is a beautifull piece of nature. Sandy beach with dunes.The ...

Jerup Strand

9981, Jerup

Take a walk along the beach, feel the fresh sea air, watch the birds, collect shells/amber. Spend a night in the bivouac (10-15 pers.). Campfire area, toilet and drinking water. Part of "The green tou...

Vangen Strand

9900, Frederikshavn

Enjoy the view of the sea or examine the system of slopes at "Pikkerbakkerne". This spot forms part of "The green Tour" - available at Frederikshavn Tourist Office. Stones at the beach. ...


9900, Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn´s famous palm beach is just one of the deligthtful beaches that stretch from Frederikshavn to the north. The many imported Italian palms are out at the beach from mid May to end Septembe...

Bratten Strand

9981, Jerup

Child-friendly sandy beach with fine sand and dunes, which also invites visitors to take a brisk walk. Blue Flag. 9 Kms north of Frederikshavn. Very popular area for holidays in summerhouses. ...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Asaa Beach

9340, Asaa

The beach in Asaa is very friendly towards children and handicapped. The Blue Flag is waving here as an evidence that the water is clean and are controlled regularly. It is characteristic small bathin...

Møllestenen Beach

9370, Hals

Millstone Beach is an accessible area in the middle of the large holiday area between Hou and Bisnap. The beach between Hou and Bisnap is approx. 6 kilometer long. It is child-friendly "Blue Flag" bea...

Bisnap Beach

9370, Hals

The beach between Hou and Bisnap is approx. 6 kilometer long. It is a child-friendly "Blue Flag" beach with white sand and a slightly sloping beach edge.
There is a handicapped accessible path direc...


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