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Grønbjerggård Beach

7130, Juelsminde

The beach is located on the south side of Juelsminde...

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On the map, you will find all our beaches in Middelfart and surrounding area.
Apart from the 4 Blue Flag beaches, there are 11 other official bathing beaches.
Please note: the webpages are in danish l...

Dalby bugten

5380, Dalby

Text coming soon...


4640, Faxe

Faxe community has 30 kilometers of beautiful and versatile coastline to offer. Numerous exciting experiences await the whole family in this paradise for water lovers.One of them is the...

Fed beach

4640, Faxe

The beach at the peninsular Feddet is a treat for the hole family. The area around the beach offers a wide range of activities.For the children you find Bungy Trampoline, a covered play coun...

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Thorup Strand

9690, Fjerritslev

Thorup Strand is situated in the Jammerbugt....

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Hyby Beach

7000, Fredericia

Blue Flag beach at "Hyby Strand" in Fredericia.
The beach has a public toilet, picnic tables, life saving equiptment and a jetty.


Løgstør Strand

9670, Løgstør

Løgstør Strand...

Trend Strand

9670, Løgstør

Trend Strand...

Voerså Strand

9300, Sæby

Shallow, sandy seabed. Beach located as an extension of Voerså Harbour along the southern breakwater. Beachcombing for razor clams, common pelican’s foot, red whelk, crabs and conches.

Lyngså Strand

9300, Sæby

Dune landscape.
Good opportunities for finding amber after a south east wind.
Interesting things wash up on the beach, like razor shells, pelicans-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches.
Suitable for w...

The beach is located between Sæby and Lyngså.Good opportunities for finding amber after a south-easterly wind. Razor shells, pelican's-foot, red whelk, crabs and conches wash up on...

Sæby Nordstrand

9300, Sæby

The beach is suitable for the handicapped. A tiled beach parade of 2000 metres going from the harbour to the north along the dunes.

You find a toilet at Sæby Søbad and at the harbour.

It is excitin...

Sulbæk Strand - Sæby

9900, Frederikshavn

Very child-friendly sandy beach just af few kilometers north of Sæby. ...

Uggerby beach

9881, Bindslev

Enjoy the white, child-friendly beach near Uggerby. East of the ramp is an area where the seeping groundwater forms a lake on the beach and small wetlands, which make up gre...

Tversted Strand (beach)

9881, Bindslev

Enjoy the white-sand beaches at Tversted and Skiveren.
Family friendly.

The beach invites to walks in the glorious fresh air, all year round.
Good parking and toilet facilities. Cars permitted on ...

Hald Sø, Dollerup

8800, Viborg

Lovely small beach by the lake "Hald Sø", deep water, jetty available....

Nørresøbadet, Viborg

8800, Viborg

Public beach at the lake "Nørresø", changing rooms, toilets, green areas with playground and jetty....

© Louise Stendorf

A nice sandy beach with a few stones. The beach is wide, making it ideal for all kinds of activities. The nature in the area are also worth enjoying. Southwest continues the beach directly into a...

Former fishing village...


7700, Thisted

Here you find a very clean sea and lots of fresh air. Swimming from the sandy beach, fishing or windsurfing....

Lild Strand

7741, Frøstrup

It is still possible to see fishermen here pulling their boats up onto the beach. Lildstrand is a small, picturesque fishing village. There was no fishing from the village from 1970 to 1981, but today...


7730, Hanstholm

Good and kindly beach for children.The battery at Vigsoe was part of the fortifications built dureing Second World War. Today some of the battery's bunkers lie desolate on the beach, while o...

One of the characteristics of Danish coastal fishing was that the boats were hauled up onto the beach, often by means of a winching system. For more than 300 years this was the case in Stenbjerg, unti...

Vorupør is the largest and liveliest of the resort beaches in Thy. The beach is visited by thousands of people each summer. It is also the landing place for fishing boats. Here, you can stil...

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Gyldendal Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Hostrup Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Hostrup Beach
Hostrup Shelter.

Facilities: Slipway at the southern end. Jetty. Ramp for wheelchairs. Shelter. Tent site. Toilets. Tables and benches at the parking space and at the slipway.

Dogs on...


7884, Fur
© Jimmy Lind

Ålbæk Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Lyby Strand

7870, Roslev

Lyby Beach
Facilities: Kiosk and Reataurant near the parking space. Tables and benches. Jetty during the summer. Toilets. Slipway for smaller boats near the kiosk.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be o...

Vile Vestergård Strand have Shallow water....

Junget strand (beach)

7870, Roslev

Close to Junget Strand Camping....

Harre Vig Strand

7870, Roslev

Harre Vig Beach is a lovely beach a short distance from the bridge at Sallingsund.

Facilities: Jetty. Tables and benches. Toilets. Playground. Soccerfield....

© Jimmi Lind

Glyngøre strand (beach) is a typical beach in the Limfjord area, with plenty of sand hills and covering area of 50000 m2.

The flora consists mainly of lime grass and dog rose. Free access to the are...

Kybehuse Strand

7870, Roslev

Shallow water....

Knud Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Knud Strand
Facilities: Jetty in the summer. Toilets.

Café and gallery at The Old Pavillion” – open during the summer.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be on leash on the beach from April 1st – Septembe...

Marienlyst Beach
Near the camp ground Skive Fjord Camping.

Facilities: Lawn with tables and benches. Slipway for smaller boats. Outdoor fitness equipment.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be on leash o...

© Jimmi Lind

Lundø Nordspids

7800, Skive

Lundø Beach
Facilities: Jetty. Information about hiking routes in the area.

Campground. Kiosk and café not far from the beach.

Dogs on the beach: Dogs must be on leash on the beach from April 1st –...

© Jimmi Lind

Ny Mølle Strand

7860, Spøttrup
© Jimmi Lind

Vadum Strand

7860, Spøttrup

Nymindegab Strand

6830, Nørre Nebel

Nymindegab Strand is a nice beach at the west coast awarded a blue flag.A Blue Flag flying over a Danish beach indicates that a number of environmental criteria has been met, tha...


Showing 501 - 550 of 743 entries