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Præstø Beach

4760, Vordingborg

Præstø beach is a bathing beach, placed close to Præstø city.

Here you can find table/bench, grill/fire ring, wooden pier and a handicap

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Ulvshale Beach

4780, Stege

Beautiful nature and a wide and childfriendly sand beach...


Klinteparken beach

4760, Vordingborg

Klinteparken beach is placed by the water on Ore, west for Vordingborg....

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Svinø Beach

4750, Lundby

Svinoe beach is and with child-oriented low water. Svinoe camping ground is situated next to the beach. ...

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Harbolle beach

4780, Stege

Hårbølle beach is a very nice family beach, placed a bit away from the parking space at Hårbølle.

The beach is nice and wide, and good for children to build sandcastles on....

Kalvehave beach

4771, Kalvehave

Bathing jetty with steps. ...

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Klintholm Havn beach

4791, Borre

Nice child-friendly beach...

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Ore beach

4760, Vordingborg

Beach with a big lawn and bathing jetty - only 2 km from Vordingborg....

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Råbylille beach

4780, Stege


Grønning Øre Strand

7870, Roslev

From the parking ground you can walk through the scrub to the tongue of Grønning Øre....

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Mogenstrup Strand

7870, Roslev

There is access to the small beach where the small boats belonging to local
fishermen are pulled up on the beach.

Mogenstrup Strand,
Mogenstrupvej, 7870 Roslev...

© Michael Hedegaard

Nordstrand Fur

7884, Fur

This beach is situated on the northern side of the island of Fur. The beach is composed mostly of sand with small deposits of pebbles and gravel.
Facilities: Jetty, toilet and parking
Address: Nordstr...

© Fuglsøcentret

Beautiful nature - not far from the hills of Mols. View, morning sun and cliffs. A fantastic beach that you reach through a small road just north of Fuglsøcentret. The beach is a sandy beach - bounded...

Halk Strand

6100, Haderslev

Dronningmølle Beach

3250, Gilleleje

Dronningmølle Strand

Beautiful Dronningmølle beach invites you to spend lon, relaxing days sunbathing, playing on the beach or enjoying the clear blue sea....

Gilleleje Veststrand

3250, Gilleleje

Gilleleje Veststrand

Lovely beach...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Rågeleje beach

3210, Vejby

Rågeleje StrandStretch of sand with small beach huts....


Smidstrup Strand

3250, Gilleleje

Smidstrup StrandChild friendly beach....


3250, Gilleleje

StrandbakkerneChild-friendly beach close to the town centre to the east of Gilleleje Harbour.Lifeguard service and blue flag....


3210, Vejby

Unspoiled stony beach situated in the scenic area Heatherhill. 300 m from the beach in direction of Vejby, is an ice-cream booth. Here are also the public toilets....


Stængehus Strand

3220, Tisvildeleje

Beach with a few stone and good dunes. Lifeguard in the summer....

Tinkerup Strand

3250, Gilleleje

A little local beach....

Tisvildeleje Beach

3220, Tisvildeleje

Lovely child friendly sandy beach with clean water and lifeguard in high season. You can park near the beach and the train station is only approx. 1 kilometer away.

There is a building with kiosk and...

Vejby Strand

3210, Vejby

 Cliffs at the shore with stairs to a narrow beach and the ocean....

Hyldtofte Østersøbad

4970, Rødby

Hyldtofte Østersøbad

The Blue Flag 2014 - A delightful, wide and child-friendly sandy beach with dunes....

Kragenæs Marina beach

4943, Torrig L

Bathing is possible from the bathing jetty with stairs leading from the pier at Kragenæs Harbour. The sea floor has a sandy bottom without stones and the water is shallow in the bathing area,...

Maribo Søbadeanstalt

4930, Maribo

Maribo SøbadeanstaltThe beach is situated beside a large grassy area at Maribo Kayak Club, where there are excellent possibilities for playing, sunbathing and picnics. The beach ...

Maglehøj beach

4983, Dannemare

Maglehøj Beach
The Blue Flag 2013 & 2014 – with a view to the Baltic Sea

The beach is situated by a small holiday home area.  A bathing jetty, toilets, car parking and benches are available at the lo...

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Køge Marina Harbour Pool is located at Køge Marina. From the car park, follow asphalt and gravel paths down to the harbour pool and the beach. The harbour bath is equipped with a platform from which t...

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Bjerghuse Strand

7500, Holstebro

The beach at Bjerghuse is a lovely North Sea beach with playground, fine sand, dunes and deep water. Drive to the beach via Bjerghusevej, where you find parking place and toilets (ordinary and disable...

© Holstebro Kommune

Ejsingholm Strand

7830, Vinderup

Ejsingholm Strand is situated on the eastside of Venø bugt, a little north of Vinderup. The beach is very good for children. 50 m from the parking area, there is a summerhouse area and public toilets....

Handbjerg Strand

7830, Vinderup

Handbjerg Strand is situated in the bottom of the Limfjord between Vinderup and Struer. The beach is good for children an near holiday house area. Parking area with public toilets. 50 m from the parki...

The North Sea by Vester Husby
You can get to the North Sea at Husby three ways:
- Græmvej: Drive to the church and follow the road.

- Gaffelbjergvej: Drive by Bækbyvej from Husby to Vedersø Klit. Fo...

© Skavemosen

Skavemosen, Ulfborg

6990, Ulfborg

Skavemosen is clear water and very nive for bathing. The Lake is particularly good for families with children. Barbecues and tables with seating are to be found by the lake....

© Holstebro Kommune

Spidsbjerg Beach

6990, Ulfborg

Spidsbjerg Beach is a very fine beach with good parking. Current, wind and weather change the water from time to time. Because of that please follow some simple bathing rules:

- Check the position of...

© Holstebro Kommune

Thorsminde Beach

6990, Ulfborg

Thorsminde Beach offers good parking place behind the sluice.
Current and wind change the water condition, so please follow these simple rules: Find out where the life saving post is and read the ins...

Valloe Strand

4600, Køge


Valloe beach.

Nice sandy beach on Stevns in Valloe/Stroeby Egede, suitable for small children.
Rent your holiday home through us on -

Stroeby Ladeplads Beach

4671, Strøby


Nice small sandy beach, child friendly, and with a beautiful view over Koege bay....

Roedvig Sand Beach

4673, Rødvig Stevns


Roedvig Sand Beach.

Nice sand beach on Stevns in Roedvig, suitable for small children. Stretching over 1 km.

For a holiday home to rent, find it via:

Roedvig Stone Beach(Krostranden)

4673, Rødvig Stevns


Roedvig Beach

The beach is approx. 1 km long. There is sand and rocks on the beach and sand /rock bottom.
Dogs on a leash are allowed.
Winter Swimming is good from this beach.
Jetty will be s...

Magleby Skovstrand

4672, Klippinge


Magleby Forest Beach.

To get down to Magleby Forest Beach, run from Magleby out of Skovmarksvej.

The forest has a car park, from where you can walk down to the water.
The beach is very rock...


4660, Store Heddinge


Beech forest beach 

Forrest beach - the beach is right in front of the restaurant Boegeskoven (Beech forest), and the beach is a mix of sand and stone....

Bjørnebæk Strand

4262, Sandved

Bjørnebæk beach is a small gem appearing at the end of the gravel road "Strandbakken" when you approach it from Næstved. A lovely recreational area with beach, coastal region and forest. The beach is ...


4736, Karrebæksminde

Karrebæksminde and Enø are known for the exquisite sandy beach. The blue flag that wave above the beach indicates that the water is among the purest in Denmark....

The Beach at Faxe Ladeplads

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Enjoy one of the beautiful beaches at Faxekysten, which are among the best in all of Denmark.One of them is the beach at Faxe Ladeplads.Access via Øster Søvej, where there i...


Showing 701 - 750 of 752 entries