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© Kirsten Semberg

The Dystrup-Ramten Lakes and Huldremosen
The 2 lakes date from the Ice Age and were former coherent. Now they are connected by a channel.Between the lakes you find peat banks and moors. 
Dystrup LakeI...

© Destination Djursland

Lake area after earlier turf digging....

© Jan Grundtvig Højland

Area at Følle Bottom is restored in the period from 2005 to 2006. Vegetation and water level is to find a natural bed, with plenty of water. And the view from the tower is perfect....

© Jan Gruntvig

How to get there
The route to the lake goes via Stubbe Søvej. You drive off immediately east of the bridge over Havmølle Å. There is a sign saying “Stubbe Sø”. From the car park, the trip continues on...

Tower in Måstrup Mose

9870, Sindal

In Måstrup Mose in Mosbjerg in Sindal you will find a gazebo, from where you may watch the varied bird life....

Lille Vildmose Visitor Center introduces exciting, interactive exhibits for kids and adults about the nature and culture of the bog. Watch a movie about the bog in the cinema, take a flight in the eag...

Raptor Tower

9280, Storvorde

During the winter time the birds of prey are feeded with offal from a platform outside the tower of the birds of prey. You can get quite close to the biggest visitors, the eagles. Also ravens, common ...

© Morsø Turistbureau


7960, Karby

South of Karby and Hvidbjerg one finds a beautiful view of the Agerø penninsula with the little church which was opened in 1908. Agerø is a paradise for bird enthusiasts. Bird life can be ob...

© Ole Malling

Maribosøerne, a unique conservation area, is situated in the middle of Lolland. From a national viewpoint, Maribosøerne is among our most outstanding natural areas, and because of the rich bird life, ...

The covered bird tower provides a view of the shallows and the jetty out into Kattegat. To the north is Stensnæs Wildlife Reserve, where waders, ducks, snow buntings, common eiders, dark/pal...

© Kurt Thomsen

Baagø Fyr/Baagø Lighthouse

Exhibition on three floors of the lighthouse.

Baagø Lighthouse:
Baagø Lighthouse is open from June to September from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by special arrangement by phoning...



6854, Henne

Filsø - 2,320 ha lake, meadows, dune heath, dunes, scrub and wood. Previously the largest lake in Jutland, but from 1852 and onwards most of the lake was reclaimed for cultivation. The remnants of the...


Showing 101 - 121 of 121 entries