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© Thomas Valbo

The square Kultorvet

1175, København K

Kultorvet is a square situated in the center of Copenhagen close to Nørreport St. and the shopping street Strøget.

Kultorvet has a central location in the middle of Copenhagen, and one can not avoid ...

© Karch

Meldahls Smedie

1435, København K

Exhibition Hall: Various international exhibibitions on architecture and diploma work exhibitions from the school.
Exhibition Gallery: Various small scale international exhibitions on architecture, a...


1450, København K

Nytorv (the new square) is seperated from Gammeltorv (the old square) by Strøget, the main shopping street. It was founded in 1606 thus only being 'new' compared to the other half of the square. This ...


1169, København K

Located opposite the Round Tower, the 'Regensen' was built as a student residence in 1618-28 by King Christian IV. Students from the Copenhagen University still reside in the building.

Restricted adm...


1214, København K

Provianthuset is part of the Arsenal Museum building complex - originally built during the reign of Christian IV.

Legend has it that the house was built using bricks from demolished catholic churches...

Baron Boltens Court

1264, København K

An exterior city milieu amidst some of the oldest preserved buildings near Kongens Nytorv.

Back in the 1700s Boltens Gaard was the center for International trade in Copenhagen. It was also a popular...

© Danmarks Nationalbank

Danmarks Nationalbank

1093, København K

Danmarks Nationalbank (The central bank of Denmark) is another architechural gem by Arne Jacobsen.
The building's stone and glass facade exudes an air of solemnity and restraint matching its trusted f...

© Christian Olesen arch maa, nordmak, 2012

Arne Jacobsen's Petrol Station

2920, Charlottenlund

Danish architect Arne Jacobsen's old petrol station from 1938 is still operating, and the sea view you get when filling up your car is just as good as back then.

The petrol station was nicknamed Padd...

© Christina Jensen

The Marble Church

1265, København K

The awe inspiring Marble Church with the characteristic copper green dome has to be one of the most impressive churches of the city.

The church lies beautifully in line with Amalienborg castle and Th...

© Jacob Poul Skoubo

The 1660's interior of the palace chapel of Frederikborg Palace was saved from the big fire in 1859 and is therefore original. This also applyes to the Compenius organ, which can still be played today...


1160, København K

Side building to the Church of the Holy Ghost (Helligåndskirken) on Strøget, the main pedestrian street. One of Copenhagen's oldest buildlings used for exhibitions and secondhand book auctions...

Statue of Absalon, © Jonas Smith

Staue of Absalon

1200, København K

The equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon, founder of the city of Copenhagen, was errected in 1902.

The fish and wavy lines on the base of the statue symbolise the herring fishing, which in Medieval ti...

Christiansborg Castle Church

1218, København K

The history of the Christiansborg Palace Chapel in Copenhagen dates back to the time of the original Christiansborg Palace.

King Christian VI put Nicolai Eigtved, a brilliant young architect, in cha...

© P. Wessel

Cultural centre Assistens

2200, København N

Take a walk with Søren Kierkegaard, Hans Christian Andersen and other famous Danes in the Danish graveyard of Assistens, part of the cultural venue Kulturcentret Assistens in Nørrebro.

The cultural ...

Forsvundet i tiden, © Jeppe Carlsen

The many fortifications around Copenhagen, which together constitute Copenhagen’s Fortifications ("Københavns Befæstning"), offer lots of exciting experiences for children and adults alike.

About 20...

Toldboden, © Toldboden


1259, København K

In beautiful surroundings near the old Copenhagen citadel, Toldboden offers rooms for all kinds of events and meetings as well as catering.

Toldboden is a remarkable building with an inspiring 360 de...

© Kim Wyon


1051, København K

Especially during summer Nyhavn is the perfect place to end a long day. Have dinner at one of the cosy restaurants or do like the locals and buy a beer from a nearby store and rest your feet at the qu...

Amalienborg Palace

1257, København K

Amalienborg is considered one of the greatest works of Danish Rococco architecture and was constructed in the 1700's.

Amalienborg is made up of four identical buildings - Christian VII’s Palace (also...

© Finn Christoffersen

Bernstorff Castle

2820, Gentofte

Bernstorff Castle in Gentofte was built in 1765, and was originally a summer house for the foreign minister of the time Johan Hartvig Ernst Bernstorff.

The castle has been open as a hotel and confer...

© Connie Maria Westergaard

Finn Juhl's House

2920, Charlottenlund

Experience the true spirit of Finn Juhl (1912-1989) in his private home in Charlottenlund, North of Copenhagen. His house is a textbook example of his project as an architect and as a furniture design...

© Tina Harden

The Danish Parliament

1240, København K

Folketinget is the name of Denmark's parliament, which is located in a historical setting at Christiansborg Palace, often just called Borgen (the castle in Danish), on the island of Slotsholmen in Cop...

Asdal Voldanlæg’s (castle mound) history dates back to the 1300s. The original manor on the rampart burned, and in 1895, the current main building were built southeast of the mound. The castle mound i...

Hirtshals Fyr (Lighthouse)

9850, Hirtshals

The history

Hirtshals' lighthouse on top of Stenbjerg is the town's beautiful landmark. The lighthouse was opened in 1863 and was constructed in King Frederik VII's time. The king's monogram adorns t...


Tornby Gl. Købmandsgaard

9850, Hirtshals

200-year-old maritime and general store with furnishings from 1860. The shop smells of freshly ground coffee, salted fish, salami, rope and camomile soap. Purchase specialities of ...

Bymiljø Hjørring. Walk through the area around Nørregade, the oldest part of Hjørring with 3 mediaeval churches. Continue to Merchant Riis’ villa from 1790, it has housed a school and a hospital, and ...

Jørgen Olufsens House

9000, Aalborg

Jørgen Olufsens Gård is the best preserved merchant's house from the Renaissance to be found in Denmark. The three-storeyed warehouse is equipped with hoists and the doors to the grain lofts can be se...

Jomfru Ane Gade

9000, Aalborg

In ’Jomfru Ane Gade’, you will find great places to eat, fancy clubs and cozy bars. Situated in the centre of Aalborg, connected with the shopping areas, ‘Jomfru Ane Gade’ is the longest street in Den...

Utzon Center

9000, Aalborg

The impressive Utzon Center, by the waterfront in Aalborg, is a vibrant cultural centre. This is not only an exhibition centre, but a direct presentation of art, architecture and design, completely in...

Øster Sundby Mill

9220, Aalborg Øst

Øster Sundby Mill is a Dutch mill and was built in 1910 in the village Øster Sundby. It was built as a grain mill and has been used since 1967. Today the mill belongs to Aalborg Municipality. The mill...

The Royal Duty Chamber in Aalborg was designed by architect Hack Kampmann and built in 1902. Among other buildings, Hack Kampmann was also the architect behind Marselisborg castle, the theatre in Århu...

Aalborg Town Hall

9000, Aalborg

The dates 1759 on the north side and 1762 on the front indicate the period in which it was built. Until 1912 the borough of Aalborg's administration was assembled in the town hall, where the tasks wer...


9000, Aalborg

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Aalborg and the North Jutland landscape. Take the elevator 55 metres up and enjoy the fantastic view -  an incredible panorama. Today, Aalborgtårnet stands as a symbol for...

Vester Mariendal Mill

9000, Aalborg

The mill was built on Skovbakken in 1757-60 and moved to Vester Mariendal around 1893. The mill contains millwork, gears etc. The mill belongs to Aalborg municipality and is only used as a landmark. T...

Jens Bang's House

9000, Aalborg

With its five floors, Jens Bang’s House, with all of its decorations meant to challenge the bourgeoisie, was a giant in the cityscape of the past. The house was built during the Renaissance in 1624, a...

© Jammerbugt Kommune

Oxholm Mill

9460, Brovst

The Mill, a so-called Dutch windmill, was built in 1857, placed on top of a hill in open landscape, and sailors often used the mills of landmarks. It originally had a reed/heather-tatched roof and the...

Kaas Briketfabrik

9490, Pandrup

Kaas Briketfabrik (patent fuel) was builded in 1925 in the moor of Lundergaard.Ib Nyboe got the idea to make hard pressed briquettes, which was more profitable to carry across bigger areas. Durin...

Lyngmøllen, Grønnestrand

9690, Fjerritslev

Lyngmøllen at Grønnestrand is Denmark's only heathercovered mill. It was built in 1876 and was in use for half a century. The mill was restored in 1990 and is now a characteristic reminder o...

New exhibition featuring Rubjerg Knude's cultural & natural history: Travel back in time and experience the area around Rubjerg Knude some 13,000 years ago. Read about sand migration. Experiment with ...

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

9480, Løkken

The light in Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse was first turned on on 27th of December 1900. The lighthouse was built on the cliff's highest point 60 m above the sea and the lighthouse itself is 23 m high. In ...

The Aggersund Bridge

9670, Løgstør

Bridge between Han Herred and Vesthimmerland.

The bridge is 220 meters long and approximately 1.3 million vehicles pass each year.

The bridge was opened on June 18, 1942...

The Mill of Vindblæs

9670, Løgstør

The Mill of Vindblæs was built from 1875 to 1879. It is a so-called Dutch mill with wood chips.The mill was in use until 1962 after which it was left to dilapitate. In 1975 ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Experience the presence of history in the vaulted cellar dating back to the 16th. century when the city of Mariager became an official trading city with civic rights. You will find it in Mariager unde...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Mariager centrum

9550, Mariager

Mariager is one of the smallest boroughs in Denmark. Population is about 2000. It is a charming old town dated from about 1400. It was granted borough charter in 1592. The town has attractive old...

© Læsø Tårnet

Læsø Tårnet

9940, Læsø

On the island Laesoe in the maintown Byrum situated on a hill you will find a 17 m high, red tower built of homemade, semicircular bricks.
The tower was erected in 1927 by clogmaker, bicyclerepairer ...

The old main street, Algade & its continuation behind the Klosterkirken, Strandgade, constitute a unique area, preserved in its entirety & linking the creek to the harbour. The old t...

Sæby Vandmølle

9300, Sæby

Sæby Vandmølle on Sæby Å. The old half-timbered water-mill dates from 1710. The original mill is much older & belonged to Sæbygård Slot for many years. Today a private residence.

Kattegat Silo

9900, Frederikshavn

The Kattegat Silo was originally a grain silo.In 2004 the silo was renovated and today it is a 13 stories high office building with a fitness center at the top....

Nordre Skanse

9900, Frederikshavn

Nordre SkanseThe first defensive works at Fladstrand, built by German troops 1627-29.Located by a natural harbour and still today there is a harbour for small boats, which can be used b...

Frederikshavn Rådhus

9900, Frederikshavn

Town hall of Frederikshavn
A 3 storey rectangular building with a Council Hall in a separate building.

The structure is a concrete post-and-beam system fitted out with standard concrete elements.



9900, Frederikshavn

North Jutland’s highest vantage point, 160 metres above sea level. Ice-cream kiosk and playground for the children. Paths to the forest of Vandværksskoven and the Bangsbo area.   ...


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