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4943, Torrig L

On a hill overlooking the sea, we are creating a singing monument on the island of Lolland.  It will be a monument that will give everyone from near and far an experience of greatness, closeness and b...

Jørgen Olufsens House

9000, Aalborg

Jørgen Olufsens Gård is the best preserved merchant's house from the Renaissance to be found in Denmark. The three-storeyed warehouse is equipped with hoists and the doors to the grain lofts can be se...

Jomfru Ane Gade

9000, Aalborg

In ’Jomfru Ane Gade’, you will find great places to eat, fancy clubs and cozy bars. Situated in the centre of Aalborg, connected with the shopping areas, ‘Jomfru Ane Gade’ is the longest street in Den...

Utzon Center

9000, Aalborg

The impressive Utzon Center, by the waterfront in Aalborg, is a vibrant cultural centre. This is not only an exhibition centre, but a direct presentation of art, architecture and design, completely in...

Øster Sundby Mill

9220, Aalborg Øst

Øster Sundby Mill is a Dutch mill and was built in 1910 in the village Øster Sundby. It was built as a grain mill and has been used since 1967. Today the mill belongs to Aalborg Municipality. The mill...

The Royal Taxhouse in Aalborg was designed by architect Hack Kampmann and built in 1902. Among other buildings, Hack Kampmann was also the architect behind Marselisborg castle, the theatre in Århus an...

Aalborg Town Hall

9000, Aalborg

The dates 1759 on the north side and 1762 on the front indicate the period in which it was built.Until 1912 the borough of Aalborg's administration was assembled in the town hall, where the tasks were...


9000, Aalborg

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Aalborg and the North Jutland landscape. Take the elevator 55 meters up and enjoy the fantastic view, an incredible panorama. Today, Aalborgtårnet stands as a symbol for t...

Vester Mariendal Mill

9000, Aalborg

The mill was built on Skovbakken in 1757-60 and moved to Vester Mariendal around 1893. The mill contains millwork, gears etc. The mill belongs to Aalborg municipality and is only used as a landmark. T...

Jens Bang's House

9000, Aalborg

With its five floors, Jens Bang’s House, with all of its decorations meant to challenge the bourgeoisie, was a giant in the cityscape of the past. The house was built during the Renaissance in 1624, a...

The Aggersund Bridge

9670, Løgstør

Bridge between Han Herred and Vesthimmerland.

The bridge is 220 meters long and approximately 1.3 million vehicles pass each year.

The bridge was opened on June 18, 1942...

The Mill of Vindblæs

9670, Løgstør

The Mill of Vindblæs was built from 1875 to 1879. It is a so-called Dutch mill with wood chips.The mill was in use until 1962 after which it was left to dilapitate. In 1975 ...

Aarhus Cathedral School

8000, Aarhus C

Aarhus Katedralskole built 1904 by architect Hack Kampmann. The school building follows a main concept of the architect: it's closing itself from the sorrounding world but is open thanks to its out-tu...

© VisitAarhus

Aarhus Universitet

8000, Aarhus C

Designed by the Danish architect C.F. Møller, the University of Aarhus is recognised internationally for its stylish and attractive architecture and how it blends in with the contours of the surroundi...

Tarskov Mølle

8462, Harlev J

Tarskov mølle is a half-timbered farm from the 18th century with watermill from the 14th century and preserved buildings. The farm is still functioning with gra...

Aarhus Købmandsskole (school of business) was built 1905 by architect Hack Kampmann. The high gable end of the commercial school looks like a dutch business house containing a hoisting apparatus at th...

© Aarhus Kommune

Aarhus City Hall

8000, Aarhus C

Aarhus City Hall - although over 70 years old, Aarhus City Hall is still a modern, functionalistic building.
Built by Arne Jacobsen and clad with Norwegian marble, it represents Danish design and ar...

Aarhus Central Station

8000, Aarhus C

Aarhus Central Station: a overhead railway station with stairs down to the platforms. It was built in 1927 under the management of the architects K. T. Seest and A. Hoeeg-Hansen....

© Erhvervsarkivet

The Danish National Business Archives was erected 1898-1902 by Royal surveyor, architect Hack Kampmann. The minute ornamentation was partly executed in co-operation with the artist K. Hansen Reistrup....


8900, Randers C

Kulturhuset (the House of Culture) holds the main library of the neighbourhood of Randers in the ground floor, the Museum of Culture History on the first floor and the Art Gallery of Randers on the se...


8900, Randers C

The Concert Hall & Theatre Værket is housed by the town's old heat and power station which has now been renovated. Værket holds five stages with different opportunities that offers cultural activities...

Vejle Town Hall, © VisitVejle

Vejle Town Hall

7100, Vejle

Vejle Town Hall - Vejle Rådhus - was built in 1878–79. The current building is the town's fourth town  hall and is located on a piece of land, which was originally the location of an an...

The Sculpture Town Give - "Vækst og Vilje" by Christian Svendsen, ©


7323, Give

Give is known as a town of sculptures – 49 sculptures adorn the townscape. The unique natural surroundings of Give can be experienced by bicycle or on hiking tours along the Ancient Road, a historic J...

The Jelling Monuments, © VisitVejle

A quaint little town visited by more than 150,000 tourists annually, and not without reason. Jelling boasts some of Europe’s most prominent Viking Age monuments, which in 1994 were included in the UNE...

Casino Munkebjerg, © Lasse Hyldager

Casino Munkebjerg

7100, Vejle

Enjoy an unparalleled evening spiced with entertainment at Vejle’s international casino. At Casino Munkebjerg you are guaranteed an exceptional evening. Try your luck at one of the slot machines or at...

Vejle Music Theatre, © Vejle Musikteater

Vejle Music Theatre

7100, Vejle

Vejle Music Theatre (Vejle Musikteater) is located in the heart of Vejle and offers a wide choice of cultural experiences, including stand-up comedy, concerts, musicals, drama, opera and open-air conc...

Vejle Town Hall, © VisitVejle


7100, Vejle

Vejle brims with cultural events and urban living. The town has a thriving pedestrian street with boutique shopping, magnificent historic townhouses and quaint side streets. The city’s concert hall, M...

Vejle Ådal, © VisitVejle

Vejle Ådal

6040, Egtved

Egtved lies in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in the rolling downs of Vejle Ådal. Located in the deepest of the valleys of the area, Egtved offers pristine natural settings as well as cultural...


6200, Aabenraa

Postmestergården was build in 1758 for Postmaster Herman Daniel Linde and functioned as the mail contractor`s house until 1850. The house, one of Aabenraa's loveliest rococo-style houses, be...

Skjoldnæs Lighthouse

5985, Søby Ærø

The lighthouse was built in 1881 by Swedish stone-masons - some of whose decendants still live on the island. The Lighthouse is built of very finely cut granite stones and stands 32 metres above sea l...

Kramboden, © VisitOdense

Kramboden (The old Store)

5000, Odense C

Kramboden is situated in a listed merchants house from the 16th century. Now as before this museum shop is a real shop with a good range of antiques, NOS (new old stock) or good museum copies....

© VisitOdsherred

Lumsås Mill

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Working mill museum. Experience the old craft, the impressive
constructions and the beautifully decorated interior. The mill is open as stated and when the white mill arms are turning.

Sale of flour...

The Smokehouse Sjællands Odde

4583, Sjællands Odde

The Smokehouse in Havnebyen at Sjaellands Odde was designed by the world famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and is located high above the town with a superb view of the ocean.

Can only be viewed f...

© VisitRoskilde

The old city hall of Roskilde was built in 1884 in Gothic style. The building and the interior was designed by the architect O. Momme.
The tower dates back to around yr. 1500 and was originally the t...

© Patrick Holbek

Roskilde Station

4000, Roskilde

Built in 1847 in connection with construction of the first railway in Denmark from Copenhagen to Roskilde the Roskilde Station is the oldest in Denmark. The beautiful old building was renovated in 199...

© Patrick Holbek

Roskilde Palace

4000, Roskilde

Roskilde Palace is a four wing yellow baroque building built in 1733 - 1736 on the place where the vicarage used to be. The Absalon Arch connects the Palace with the Roskilde Cathedral.
The Palace w...

Nørre Jyllands Tøihuus

8930, Randers NØ

Exhibit house for art and culture. Open for the public during exhibitions and by appointment. Tøjhuset (the Arsenal Museum) was built in the years 1801-1803. In order to counteract the results of a se...

Hvidbjerg Beach, © VisitVejle

The area around Børkop features several interesting museums. There are two local heritage museums, the Smidstrup & Omegns Museum and Farbror Svends Samling, the latter of which is housed in t...

© Den Gamle By

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum 
is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as...

Hans Christian Andersen's House, © Odense Bys Museer

The fairy tale writer's birthplace is situated in the old precinct. The Hans Christian Andersen Museum opened in 1908 as a museum of the poet's life and work, making it one of the oldest poet museums....

The place where Hans Christian Andersen's mother washed clothes for the gentry., © VisitOdense

The Washing Site

5000, Odense C

This is the washing site where Hans Christian Andersens mother - and indeed many others - did the washing for the upper class citizens. You can still see the stone slab they stood on....

© Historisk Atlas

The Old Trainstation

5000, Odense C

The old trainstation functioned as such from 1914 until the end of the 1990s.

On the building you can see many of the hallmarks of neo-baroque architecture. Notice for instance the gutters and garre...

© ARoS

Your rainbow panorama

8000, Aarhus C

Your rainbow panorama
Your rainbow panorama on the roof of ARoS is a spectacular artwork made  of the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. Here you have access to the rooftop project's circular, l...

The Post and Telegraph building building is constructed in Hack Kampmann´s prefered materials - granite boulders and tiles.
The Post Building was built in 1904 with front balconies of amazing flowers...

Aarhus got its first bank in 1837, when the Nationalbank placed its branch here. About 90 years later, when the building got too small, the architect Axel Berg designed a new Nationalbank building in ...

© VisitAarhus

The Latin Quarter

8000, Aarhus C

The ‘Latin Quarter’
The ‘Latin Quarter’ is the oldest quarter in Aarhus. It grew up between the late 14th centery after the city had been given permission to demolish the old Viking fortifications. Th...

© Poul Erik Østergaard


8000, Aarhus C

Royal Customs House (Toldboden)
The Royal Customs House building was built for the government in the period between  1895 and 1897. The building is the work of the Royal Architect Hack Kampmann.


Vestergade district

8000, Aarhus C

Shopping in Vestergade
Shopping in Vestergade is for the style-conscious, determined shopper. Here you can find almost all your heart could desire. With its beautifully maintained shop fronts, this sp...


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