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Egelunds Camping is an attractive modern three star family camping ground with a friendly atmosphere.
The surrounding areas are nice and green, and the site is attractively situated close to ...

Nibe Camping - Sølyst is a quiet family camping site located in beautiful scenery, placed directly at the Limfjord, 1 km to Nibe and 15 km to Aalborg. The camping area has modern toilet facilities and...

DSU hytten Aalborg

9000, Aalborg

Size of the cabin: 195 m2, Size of the site: 4530 m2 The cabin holds a new kitchen, living room and two meeting rooms. In addition there are: 1 x dormitory: 12 beds, 1 x dormitory: 4 beds, 1 x leader ...

© Løkken Klitcamping

Løkken Klit Camping

9480, Løkken

Løkken Klit Camping is for families with children one of the most attractive camp-sites in Denmark. 2 brand new playgrounds with a great variety of activitites, big, heated, outdoor waterpark with 2 v...

© Løkken Bycamping

Løkken By Camping

9480, Løkken

With its 125 sites and 35 cabins, Løkken By Camping is one of the most comfortable and friendly caravan parks in Denmark. Our location is close to the city centre, which means that we are situated clo...

Fårup Lejrskole

9492, Blokhus

The Camp School is a modernized farm. The Camp is well suited for not only camping but also for seminars and weekend breaks.The shared living room is equipped with furniture, a fireplace and...

Lejrskolen Lille Norge

9493, Saltum

The camp school ’Lille Norge’ is located in a scenic landscape.Lille Norge is owned by Jammerbugt council and part of the department of children and culture, Kultur og Fritid. Lille Norge is an o...


9460, Brovst

Lynggården has an exclusive location in a chain of dunes, only 2-300 meters of the North Sea, near Tranum beach in Jammerbugten.The house is suitable for schools, workshops and weekend stays...

© Per Bach

Lyngbjerggaaard offers you Bed & Breakfast and holiday apartment....

Hytter på Trend Camping

9670, Løgstør

Hytter - Trend Camping - Vesthimmerland...

© Kølhøjhus


9510, Arden

“Kølhøjhus” is an obvious choice for weekends, courses, meetings, and school camps as the house has large rooms, conference rooms and several sleeping quarters.

It has modern shower and toilet facili...

Mariager Camping

9550, Mariager

Mariager Camping is a quiet and friendly family site, situated in the heart of Mariager on the shores of Mariager Fjord. It offers fine bathing, surfing, sailing and angling. The site is an excellent ...

Næsgården Scout Cabin

9520, Skørping

Scout cabin at Madum sø (forest lake) and Rold Skov (forest)

“Næsgården” is a lovely renovated cabin situated right at Madum Sø. The cabin takes up to 50 people and there is room for all of them to s...

© Morten Bach

The scout cabin nearby Skørping (town)

Hanebakkehytten (scout cabin) is situated in an area of natural beauty in the northern part of Skørping. The area is at 5,5 hectares and borders in Lindenborg S...

Fishing Cabins

9620, Aalestrup

Aalestrup Angling Society has four cabins that are rentable throughout the year  The cabins are situated on the outskirts of the town of Aalestrup and approximately 300 metres from Simested Creek.


Åsted Hytten

9900, Frederikshavn

Åsted Hytten.

If you have questions that are not answered on the website, please feel free to give a call at 25 67 40 99 or send an e-mail to

Hiring of cottages where there is access to a kitchen and bathroom in a building nearby. The cottages are located in beautiful scenery, close to the stadium with a newly built playground.  By the...

Hals Camping

9370, Hals

Hals Camping is situated near the city of Hals. All places for caravans are well sheltered with hedges. There are also 15 cottages for rent, and a new playground for children.Facilities:&nbs...

Lille Strandgård

9370, Hals

Lille Strandgård is a thatched house from 1877. The house was renovated in 1993. You can also rent two modern camping cottages alongside the house. Close to the house you will find a playground with a...


9370, Hals

The holiday camp Strandgården is located on the east coast with a child- friendly beach. There is an easy access to Hou town, with shopping facilities and good public transport options. Easy acce...


9500, Hobro

”Knolden” is a FDF cottage

Overnight stay: The cottage has room for 45 people and is placed on 2 acres of land. For more information contact landlord by telephone: +459852 1123 or email:
mail to: tbe...

Blokhuset is a lovely scout cabin roughly 12 km from Viborg. Lovely location overlooking Lake Hald Sø with direct access to the lake. The nature in the area is also fantastic and lends itself to a mul...


7741, Frøstrup

Bulbjerghjemmet is situated in an old school in "Kæret" in the small land area between the "limfjord" and the North Sea - in an unusual, varied and beautiful natured district. There is about 4 km to t...

Scout "Græshytten"

7730, Hanstholm

"Græshytten" lies in wonderfull nature suroundings, there is some hills in one side and on another side there is trees. "Græshytten" lies a bit from the road, so the trafic don´t disturb óne while you...


7752, Snedsted

Welcome to Bjergbo in SkyumA large a cozy vacationhome with lots of beds and space to have fun - both inside and outside.Bjergbo is surrounded by beautiful preserv...


7700, Thisted

Cottage near Vorupør - suitable for weekend tours, summer camp, etc.Price:Pr. day DKK 2,000.-Pr. weekend DKK 3,500.-Please call after 16:00...

356 m2 cottage in the forest near Thorsted. Suitable for Weekend tours/summer camp, etc.Price: Please contact Mr. Kristian Damsgaard Sørensen....


7752, Snedsted

Price & period:Langbjerggaard is with its 80 beds, open for weekendvisitors only from the 15 March - 15 November. The price for the weekend rental of the school camp during this period is DKK...


7700, Thisted

in Vorupør close to the sea...

40 m2 cottage in beautiful nature surroundings. Suitable for week-end tours/summer camp, etc.Prices:Per day: DKK 125,-Per week-end: DKK 225,-Per short week: DKK 425,-Per...

© bakkegaarden

Bakkegaarden i Vesløs

7742, Vesløs

In the beautiful North Jutland between the North Sea and fjord you will find this stunning 1000 m 2 4-winged property in monastic style, whose rich history dates back to 1604th

Today the property is...

© Karen Margrethe Kristensen

This school camp is not just for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold your family reunion, the school camp is a good solution at a reasonable price. We also offer acc...

© Kaj Jensen


7870, Roslev

Sundsørehus offers you Cottages with electricity and heating, 4 beds and access to bathroom. Plenty of natural shelter around the cottages. 200 m to the beach with a bathing jetty, bistro, handicraft ...

© Betin Bugge

A school camp has been set up in part of the main building.

There are five dormitories with a total of 30 beds. Facilities include kitchen, dining room/lounge, bathroom and toilets.

There are also...

FDF Hagensborg

7800, Skive

This school camp is not only for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold e.g. a family reunion or a wedding, then this is an inexpensive and good solution. Apart from ho...

© Karen margrethe Søndergård

Lejrskolen i Durup

7870, Roslev

Lejrskolen i Durup

The Camp School at Durup The 200 sq.m. large camp school building is situated on the outskirts of Durup in a 4000 sq.m. closed garden with a large lawn and trees. Calm surroundings...

© Jens Chr. Eriksen

Kildeborg School Camp

7870, Roslev

Kildeborg (School Camp)

Week days: DKK 2,075.- for the 1st floor with 39 sleeping places.

In addition: DKK 300 per 24 hours for each extra sleeping room with seven beds. DKK 160.- per 24 hours for ...

© Skive Fjord Camping

Skive Fjord Camping

7800, Skive

Situated on the south side of a hill with a wonderful view of the fjord. Only 3 km away from the town of Skive, 250 metres from the water and surrounded by fantastic countryside. Swimmingpool.

Estvad school camp is not only for school and other institutions. If you need a place for your family gathering the school camp is an affordable alternative.

Here you can have your party and your gue...


8722, Hedensted

2 dormitories with 12/13 beds + 2 separate rooms - a total of 31 beds.Rental: Weekend (Friday-Sunday), Weekdays and entire weeks.On our homepage ...

Tinhøjgård Lejrskole

6830, Nørre Nebel

Tinhøjgård Camp school is situated in Nymindegab, at the west coast nearby forest and beach.Name on the house: Vestborg....

© Dayz - Seawest

Dayz SeaWest

6830, Nørre Nebel

Located in the middle of the wonderful nature of western Jutland between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab - not far from the North Sea - you will find Dayz SeaWest Nymindegab, a unique holiday resort that ele...


7480, Vildbjerg

Røddinglund is situated 15 km from Herning in a flatten forrest area.The area is very handicapped friendly....

Ølstoft Lejren - school camp

6950, Ringkøbing

School camp for hire - room for 30 persons....

Klitreden cottage

6950, Ringkøbing

Cottage for hire....


6900, Skjern

Scout camp for hire. Room for 50 persons.Placed in a forrest. ...

Skjern Å Spejdercenter (Scoutcenter) is situated in the West Jutland nature.The centre can be used both summer and winter. There are beds for 30 persons....

VGT Hytten

6960, Hvide Sande

Cottage for hire by the west coast....

Holmsborglejren school camp

6950, Ringkøbing

School camp for hire....

Bjærgeborg school camp

6960, Hvide Sande

School camp for 50 persons....


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