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4941, Bandholm

The scout hut called Næs, which is property of The Boys´ and The Girls´ Brigade, Maribo Section, is situated in the middle of the best nature in North Lolland, where there is a view of the sea called ...

Fejø is the island with many possibilities. On the road called Skovvej (Forest Road) Fejø Kayak Club is situated with its own path to the sea, a nature camp ground, a 10 metres high outdoor climbing w...

Welcome to Ugerløse Motel and Holiday Centre - school camp

If you want to hold your school camp in beautiful countryside far from the bustle of urban life, you should choose Ug...

Bedstedhave camping huts, © Susanne Reiff

Bedstedhave Camping Huuts

4100, Ringsted

Bedstehave has 4 camping huts placed in a beautiful scenery around Bedsted surrounded by forests on both sides. Free access to the garden's facilities: a 300 m2 greenhouse that includes a café/self-se...

The old forest supervisor residence, which was built in 1865, is situated in the middle of Knuthenborg Safari Park. Since 2006 we are hiring the historical building out to schools and private parties,...

Kabyssen i Thyborøn

7680, Thyborøn

Kabyssen – suitable for camp school, private parties, holidayhouse. 

Gaaser Naturcamping

9362, Gandrup

Goose Naturcamping is situated close to the Limfjord in the idyllic small town Gaaser.Gaaser Naturcamping is a part of the farm "Nygård", which is a paradise for horse riding and fishing.

Hals Beach Camp

9370, Hals

Hals Beach Camping is situated directly at Kattegat with "Blue Flag" beach. Very good facilities such as new sanitary buildings and playing grounds....

© Gitte Strandridder

Pillemark Gl. Skole

8305, Samsø

Charming bed & breakfast – the place for groups / family reunions and hostel in the center of Samsø.
Bed & Breakfast 
Samsø Natty is a cozy bed and breakfast with an informal atmosphere and cheap pri...

Yduns Have

8305, Samsø

6 cabins next to an organic farm on Samsø.

In connection with the farm you will find 6 cabins. The cabins are located close to a soccer field, playground and campfire. There are 2 km. to the beach an...

DCU - Vesterhavs Camping in Langerhuse

Rent a camping cabin only 100 meter from the North Sea.

At DCU- Vesterhavs Camping you can rent cabins for 6 persons. There are cabins with and without toilet...

Forest Cottage

4220, Korsør

Cabin at 65m2, built in 1953, situated 300m from the beach and only 100m from the forrest. The cabin is good for smaller groups indoor or outdoor activities for larger groups....

Close to the beach and woodland. Convenience store. Mini-golf course and bowling.Price per day excl. camping pass and other charges: Adults DKK 60, children DKK 30. The cabins cost DKK 275 p...

New camping site embraced by the Great Belt and with the Great Belt Bridge as nearest neighbour.

Renting of new, 5-star cabins all year round.

Price per day excl. camping pass and other charges: DKK...

Campinggården Cottages

4242, Boeslunde

Children friendly campingsite. Many acitivies for children: tempered swimmingpools, roofed pool for the children, ponies and bouncy cushion. New cabins with bath and wc....

Tangsoe Holiday cottage in Baekmarksbro

Luxury cabins for 6 persons, constructed in a contemporary design, with fine kitchen equipment.

The cabins are located next to Tansø Centret, where you wil...

© Refsvindinge Bryggeri

Beer, Bed & Breakfast

5853, Ørbæk

Beer, bed and breakfast.

Please book in advance....

Skovlyst, Geelsskov

5300, Kerteminde

Hytten i GeelsOdensevej 867, Hundslev5300 KertemindeContact:Inger LundKildegårdsvej 2515240 Odense NPh. +45 6610 3823CapacitySleeping rooms: 2

Vedersø Klit Camping

6990, Ulfborg

Just 500 m from the North Sea, nestled amid beautiful natural surroundings, lies Vedersø Klit Camping.

The site is surrounded by pine trees, thus providing particularly well sheltered conditions.


Shelter, © Allan Fledelius

Bedstedhave Shelter

4100, Ringsted

Bedstedhave has now a Shelter for 6 persons free of charge. You have to pay a small fee for using toiletfacilities and kitchen.

Bedstedhave Shelter is in a wooded area and there is a fireplace nearby...

© Tobias Christensen

Svaneborg (school camp)

7830, Vinderup

This school camp is not just for schools and other intstitutions. If you are looking for a place to hold e.g. a family reunion, then Svaneborg is an inexpensive and good solution. Apart from hosting t...

This school camp is not just for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold your family reunion, then Trævældcentret is an inexpensive and good solution. Besides hosting th...

The Nature School

4930, Maribo

The Nature School - 'Naturskolen'

The Nature School's unique location right on the shore of Maribo Søndersø opens many opportunities for exciting countryside experiences. With over 8 hectares of publ...

Pension Stenvang

8305, Samsø

Stenvang is open for accommodation throughout the year, and the place offer bright rooms with private bathroom or smaller cabins. Stenvang also offer cheap short breaks throughout the ye...

Nibe Camping - Sølyst is a quiet family camping site located in beautiful scenery, placed directly at the Limfjord, 1 km to Nibe and 15 km to Aalborg. The camping area has modern toilet facilities and...

DSU hytten Aalborg

9000, Aalborg

Size of the cabin: 195 m2, Size of the site: 4530 m2 The cabin holds a new kitchen, living room and two meeting rooms. In addition there are: 1 x dormitory: 12 beds, 1 x dormitory: 4 beds, 1 x leader ...

Hytter på Trend Camping

9670, Løgstør

Hytter - Trend Camping - Vesthimmerland...

Fishing Cabins

9620, Aalestrup

Aalestrup Angling Society has four cabins that are rentable throughout the year  The cabins are situated on the outskirts of the town of Aalestrup and approximately 300 metres from Simested Creek.


Hiring of cottages where there is access to a kitchen and bathroom in a building nearby. The cottages are located in beautiful scenery, close to the stadium with a newly built playground.  By the...


7741, Frøstrup

Bulbjerghjemmet (Bulbjerg Home) is situated in an old school in "Kæret" in the area between the Limfjord and the North Sea - in an unusual, varied and beautiful natured district. There is about 4 km t...

Scout "Græshytten"

7730, Hanstholm

"Græshytten" lies in wonderfull nature suroundings, there is some hills in one side and on another side there is trees. "Græshytten" lies a bit from the road, so the trafic don´t disturb óne while you...


7752, Snedsted

Welcome to Bjergbo in Skyum
A large and cozy vacation home with lots of beds and space to have fun - both inside and outside.

Bjergbo is surrounded by beautiful preserved areas with forrests and fior...


7700, Thisted

Cottage near Vorupør - suitable for weekend tours, summer camp, etc.Price:Pr. day DKK 2,000.-Pr. weekend DKK 3,500.-Please call after 16:00...

356 m2 cottage in the forest near Thorsted. Suitable for Weekend tours/summer camp, etc.Price: Please contact Mr. Kristian Damsgaard Sørensen....


7752, Snedsted

Price & period:Langbjerggaard is with its 80 beds, open for weekendvisitors only from the 15 March - 15 November. The price for the weekend rental of the school camp during this period is DKK...


7700, Thisted

in Vorupør close to the sea...

40 m2 cottage in beautiful nature surroundings. Suitable for week-end tours/summer camp, etc.Prices:Per day: DKK 125,-Per week-end: DKK 225,-Per short week: DKK 425,-Per...

© bakkegaarden

Bakkegaarden in Vesløs

7742, Vesløs

In the beautiful North Jutland countryside, between the North Sea and fjord, you will find this stunning and big 1000 m2 4-winged property in monastic style, with a rich history dateing back to 1604.

© Karen Margrethe Kristensen

This school camp is not just for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold your family reunion, the school camp is a good solution at a reasonable price. We also offer acc...

© Kaj Jensen


7870, Roslev

Sundsørehus offers you Cottages with electricity and heating, 4 beds and access to bathroom. Plenty of natural shelter around the cottages. 200 m to the beach with a bathing jetty, bistro, handicraft ...

© Betin Bugge

A school camp has been set up in part of the main building.

There are five dormitories with a total of 30 beds. Facilities include kitchen, dining room/lounge, bathroom and toilets.

There are also...

FDF Hagensborg

7800, Skive

This school camp is not only for schools and other institutions. If you are looking for a place to hold e.g. a family reunion or a wedding, then this is an inexpensive and good solution. Apart from ho...

© Karen margrethe Søndergård

Lejrskolen i Durup

7870, Roslev

Lejrskolen i Durup: The Camp School at Durup The 200 sq.m. large camp school building is situated on the outskirts of Durup in a 4000 sq.m. closed garden with a large lawn and trees. Calm surroundings...

© Jens Chr. Eriksen

Kildeborg School Camp

7870, Roslev

Kildeborg (School Camp): Week days: DKK 2,075.- for the 1st floor with 39 sleeping places. In addition: DKK 300 per 24 hours for each extra sleeping room with seven beds. DKK 160.- per 24 hours for ea...

© Skive Fjord Camping

Skive Fjord Camping

7800, Skive

Situated on the south side of a hill with a wonderful view of the fjord. Only 3 km away from the town of Skive, 250 metres from the water and surrounded by fantastic countryside. Swimmingpool.

Estvad school camp is not only for school and other institutions. If you need a place for your family gathering the school camp is an affordable alternative. Here you can have your party and your gues...

Tinhøjgård Lejrskole

6830, Nørre Nebel

Tinhøjgård Camp school is situated in Nymindegab, at the west coast nearby forest and beach.Name on the house: Vestborg....

© Dayz - Seawest

Dayz SeaWest

6830, Nørre Nebel

Located in the middle of the wonderful nature of western Jutland between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab - not far from the North Sea - you will find Dayz SeaWest Nymindegab, a unique holiday resort that ele...


Showing 101 - 150 of 235 entries