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The beautiful half-timbered main building was built in 1681 by admiral Jens Rodsteen. The estate is situated on the south eastern outskirts of the town, and its presence and the succesfull families he...

© Vinderup Egnshistoriske Arkiv

Landting Hovedgaard

7830, Vinderup

Landting Hovedgård lies close to Vinderup in western Jutland. It's a really spooky place at night. There are said to be numerous ghosts. For instance a little girl, a very old lady, and a middle-aged ...

© Sonnerupgaard Gods

Experience the pleasant ambience of a manor at Sonnerupgaard Gods. The manor is situated in the middle of Zealand close to pre-historic places and dates back to 1341 with its own rampart.

Apart from ...

© Ledreborg Slot

Ledreborg Palace situated at the end of a beautiful 7 km long avenue has been the home of the Holstein Ledreborg family since 1739 and is today one of the most impressive examples of the 18th century’...

© Hvedholm Slot

Hvedholm Castle Hotel

5600, Faaborg

Hotel and Restaurant, further Information:

© Ledreborg slot

Fly High at Ledreborg

4320, Lejre

LEDREBORG "FLY HIGH!" Visit Denmark’s longest and highest zipline course in Ledreborg Palace’s beautiful historical park with 27 zip lines covering 4 km, close to the Land of Legends.

Booking recomm...

On June 13th 2014 Gammel Estrup the Manor Museum opened a new permanent exhibition on the second floor of the manor. The exhibition, 'Science and Passion room' shows living culture in the early 1800s,...

Geopark Odsherred

4573, Højby

Geopark Odsherred has been admitted as Denmark’s very first Geopark to the International and UNESCO subsidized Global Geoparks Network.

Denmark’s kitchen garden
Odsherred has been a rich agricultura...


5471, Søndersø

Margård is a beautiful estate building. The name dates back to 1310 when Margård was only a small farm. However, the owners were able to buy some of the king's land and today it is a fairly large esta...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

The castle in Dronninglund

9330, Dronninglund

Dronninglund Castle serves as a modern hotel and conference center.

The castle is located right at the edge of Dronninglund Castle and close to the golf course and Dronninglund Art Center....

Bratskov Manor

9460, Brovst

The cellar is from 1550. Main building and 2 later added wings.
Closed on sundays and resilious days. We can arrange a guided tour, call for prises.
We have arrangement for tourists in july and august...


5474, Veflinge

The Rugård estate is very old. It was first mentioned in 1398 when the queen Margrethe I gave the farm as mortgage to the landowner Berneke Skinkel. Back then, the estate was called Rugaard. Later, th...


5450, Otterup

Egebjerggård was just a small farm under the Kørup estate until the 17th century when the owner of Kørup bought more land and let it become a manor under the name Einsidelsborg and gave it to his youn...

Ravnholt Castle, © VisitNyborg

Ravnholt Castle

5853, Ørbæk

Ravnholt main building occupied by the family Sehestedt Juul and consists of 3 wings and a chapel. The east wing was built in renaissance style and is from 1660. The north wing is from 1701 and the we...

Hindemae Castle in Ullerslev near Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Hindemae Castle

5540, Ullerslev

Hindemae is an old manor, the first time you hear about it is in 1480. Hindemae located in Skellerup Sogn og Vindinge Herred in Nyborg Municipality main building was built about 1787-1790.

The estate...


5450, Otterup

Kørup was first mentioned in the 15th century as village head farm. The name is derived from Ko-torp which means the cow hamlet. There was also a village and a church back then, but the other farms we...

Ryegaard and Trudsholm Manors

4060, Kirke Såby

Ryegaard and Trudsholm Manors are located between Holbæk and Roskilde. Agriculture and forestry are the businesses of the manors. The 2 estates have approximately 200 hectares of natural areas that ar...

Aastrup Manor and Abbey

4340, Tølløse

The oldest wing of the current Aastrup Manor and Abbey is from 1588.

From 1842-1888 the manor was home to the son of King Frederik VI, count Frederik Wilhelm Dannemand, and his 3 wifes.

From 1928-19...

Krabbesholm Manor

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Krabbesholm Manor was part of Eghom Castle until 1673. It was the then owner of Egholm, Baron Oluf Rosenkrantz, who received a royal permission to built a manor house on the land of the destroyed vill...

© Ole Grost


5474, Veflinge

Elvedgård near Veflinge was first mentioned in 1436. Back then the owner was the esquire Hartvig Hesten.

In 1475 another owner, Frederik Barsebek, had a papal letter allowing him to transform the cou...

© visitnyborg

Follow Hans Christian Andersen Trail on a tour of the castles and manor houses of Fyn.
Download the Hans Christian Andersen Trail app and see Fyn through the poet’s eyes

To download the app, go to th...

Aalborghus Castle

9000, Aalborg

Aalborghus Slot (Aalborg Castle) is placed in green surroundings down to the new harbour front and with Toldbod Plads as their closest neighbour. All year around between 8-21 you can enjoy a walk thro...

Valloe Castle

4600, Køge

Vallø Castle

The beautiful and majestic castle is in a big forest belonging to the estate. This historical monument is still a great and pompous castle, where noble women with roots in the old noble ...

Gjorslev castle

4660, Store Heddinge



The first known owner of Gjorslev is Rane Jonssen, who was one of those who was convicted of the murder of King Eric Klipping in Finderup let 1287th

Rane Jonssen was beheaded for ...

The independent art and cultural centre Rønnebæksholm Kunst- og Kulturcenter is housed in the main building of the manor Rønnebæksholm Gods, one of the most impressive buildings in the Næsted area. Th...

Rønnebæksholm Gods

4700, Næstved

In 1321 Rønnebæksholm was mentioned for the first time where it was in the possession of the Moltke family. In 1840 it was bought by Harald Toft who was married to Ane Marie Carlsen. After his untimel...


4250, Fuglebjerg

The oldest description of the buildings of Fuglebjerggård dates back to 1755. At that time the manor consisted of three old, tiled, half-timbered wings and a farm building. The main wing faced the sou...

Gavnø Convent Church

4700, Næstved

The Convent Church is known as the most colourful church in Scandinavia. In the 15th century, Queen Margrethe the 1st founded a convent on the island, and Gavnø Castle was built up around the original...

Gavnø Castle

4700, Næstved

Gavnø - the Island of Flowers - where historical memories, art, nature and flowers are united in one place. Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle at the island. In 1398, however, it ...

Næsbyholm Castle

4171, Glumsø

Naesbyholm is first mentioned in 1388. The original creator of Naesbyholm, however, was Sten Brahe who built a magnificent rennaissance castle. This burnt down, unfortunately, in 1932. A new main buil...


4700, Næstved

The boarding school was established in 1565 by Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Goeye for 'the sons of noble and other honest men'. They were themselves childless. Herlufsholm was originally founde...

Bavelse Gods

4171, Glumsø

Jacob Ulfeldt built a magnificent rennaissance castle in 1588. However it was torn down in the 1700's, for what reason is not known. The present main building was built in 1845 by Christian Roennenkam...

Holmegaard Estate

4684, Holmegaard

Holmegaard Manor is one of Denmark's few remaining timbered manor houses. It was the building's owner Claus Daa who assembled the manor after it had been split for most of the 1500's. In 1801 the mano...


4160, Herlufmagle

Tybjerggaard is a very old estate and was owned in 1291 by Jens Sjaellandsfar, (meaning Jens 'Zealand's father'!). The list of owners is long, but the one who built the main building in 1763 was Tyge ...

Broksø Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

In 1657, Broksoe was two farms. However it was turned over to the crown in 1661, because the then owner, Kai Lykke, had been sentenced for insulting His Majesty. The main building looks old, but it wa...

Gunderslevholm Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

The High Court Judge for Zealand, Johannes Mogensen Grubbe, had a fortress built around 1335, Gunderslevsholm. However it was torn to the ground after the judge had quarrelled with the king, Valdemar ...


4690, Haslev

Zealand's largest estate.

Owned by the noble Moltke family since 1746.

The north wing dates from 1650-1735.
The east and south wing dates from 1891 as one of the last spectacularly built manor house...

Gisselfeld Abbey

4690, Haslev

One of Denmark`s largest estates, noted for its carp ponds. Visitors to the estate through the ages were Bache, Thorvaldsen, Hans Christian Andersen and others.

Renaissance castle built 1547-1575 by ...

© Valdemars Slot

Valdemars Castle

5700, Svendborg

An attraction with first class aesthetic experiences

Valdemars Castle, owned by the same family for 12 generations, has opened the doors to its private residence in order to share the history of the ...


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