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Tirsbæk Castle, © Jens Ritzlau

Tirsbæk Castle

7120, Vejle Øst

Tirsbæk Castle is beautifully situated on the north-side of Vejle Bay between tall forested hills in a valley neighbouring the bay. The name Tirsbæk – previously Thyrsbæk – originates from Tyr, s...

Haraldskær Manor, © VisitVejle

Haraldskær Manor

7100, Vejle

Haraldskær is situated on a castle mounds south of Skibet. Close to Vejle River and in the middle of the beautiful Vejle River Valley, where the hilly terrain was created by melting water from the ice...

Engelsholm Castle, © Cees van Roeden

Engelsholm Castle

7182, Bredsten

The renaissance castle Engelsholm is beautifully situated on the shores of Engelsholm lake, surrounded by forest and park. The castle was built by Knud Brahe – Tycho Brahe’s brother – in 159...

© Koldinghus

The Castle of Koldinghus

6000, Kolding

Above the centre of Kolding stands the castle of Koldinghus.

It was on this site in 1268 that the Danish King built a fortress for the purpose of guarding the border between the Kingdom of Denmark a...

Boller Castle and the surrounding woods are a favourite local outing. A good way to go is via the Planet Path from the centre of Horsens to the castle (approx. 3 km), where you'll gain a new appreciat...

© bramming hovedgård

Bramming Hovedgård

6740, Bramming

The manor house is now a school....

© Riber Kjærgård

Medieval manor house - now an agricultural school....

Schackenborg Castle

6270, Tønder

There is only acces to the garden op guided tours.
Tickets can be bought at Toender Turistbureau or at the entrance - groups must always book in advance. It is possibel to view the garden in groups b...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Gråsten Palace

6300, Gråsten

Gråsten Castle:The castle is best known for the fact that the right of use in 1935 was given to the late King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. In the summer time, as the castle is occupied in about three we...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Sønderborg Castle

6400, Sønderborg

The castle was founded before 1200 and was from 1550-70 rebuilt into a four wing Renaissance castle.
The museum tells about the history of North Slesvig from the Middle Ages to the present with the ...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Augustenborg Palace

6440, Augustenborg

Augustenborg Palace is one of Denmark´s most beautifull and historic castles.

Sit in the lovely park under Hans Chistian Andersen´s favourite linden tree and enjoy the view over the water. It may hav...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Nordborg Castle

6430, Nordborg

The first castle was built in 1151. The present castle was built as a German School in 1911. Nordborg Continuation School was founded in 1921 by wholesaler Johan Hansen, Copenhagen - born in...

Skrøbelev Gods

5900, Rudkøbing

Skrøbelev Gods Manor House is magnificent. When those impressive wrought iron gates close behind you it's time to start enjoying being the “Lord of the Manor”. The stunning Manor House has been c...

Tranekær Slot

5953, Tranekær

Tranekær Castle is sited higt on a hill surrounded by water and clear for all to see. Parts of Tranekær Castle were erected as a defensive fortress already in the 13th. century. The 3 m thick walls we...

© Langeland Kommune

Herregården Egeløkke

5953, Tranekær

The present buildings of Egeløkke as well as the surrounding landscape are almost exclusively typical of the 1800s, and the main building from 1845 is Classical style. N.F.S. Grundtvig was a private t...


5900, Rudkøbing

Shortly before her death in 1979, Ellen Fuglede, Skovgaards previous owner, willed the manor to a trust belonging to the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature. It was a thank you to the Societ...

© Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland


5932, Humble

Discreet luxury and a tasteful relaxing atmosphere On Broløkke you sleep in a magnificent historical setting. The manor was built in the Baroque style in the 1700s and was later modernized with a sens...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Glorup is one of the most interesting manors in Denmark. It was built about 1590 as a four winged renaissance mano. In 1765 however converted into a typical little elegant baroque manor.

Hverringe Gods

5300, Kerteminde

Hverringe became an entailed estate in 1768. The current manor buildings, with their lovely tree-winged formation, were built in about 1790 by Hans Rudolf Iuel. He is well-known for his efforts during...


5350, Rynkeby

Skovsbo was built in the 1570's by Erik Hardenberg, one of the richest men of his time. However, unhappy circumstances created a heavy burden for him and his wife, Anne Rønnow, to bear. She was orphan...

Ulriksholm Castle

5300, Kerteminde

King Christian IV bought Skinnerup, an estate by the innermost shore of Kertinge Bay, in 1616. In 1632, the king decided to build impressive new buildings on the site, which would become the residence...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Holstenshuus Castle

5600, Faaborg

The park is open for the public....

© Egeskov


5772, Kværndrup

Egeskov - The Living Castle in Funen 

Egeskov is no ordinary castle – it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, spires, a knight’s hall and ghastly creatures in its m...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Arreskov Castle

5600, Faaborg

Only admittance to castle and park in connexion with arranged sight-seeing....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Brahetrolleborg Castle

5600, Faaborg

No public admission to the castle, but admission to the Rhododendron park, entrance from the Street Spanget in Korinth....

© Brahesborg gods

Brahesborg Gods

5610, Assens

Brahesborg Gods

The listed main building was built in 1638–1656 with fortifications in Renaissance style, as well as a moat and three towers. Buildings, drawbridge and manor buildings are visible fro...

Krengerup Gods

5620, Glamsbjerg

Krengerup Gods

The manor is located about two kilometres from the town of Glamsbjerg and is surrounded by Krengerup Woods. Admission to the park is free, but visitors are kindly requested to stay on ...

© Hagenskov Gods

Hagenskov Gods/Hagenskov Manor

The existing Hagenskov Manor was built in neo-classicist style in 1775 by owner Niels Ryberg under the leadership of municipal architect G. E. Rosenberg.

The manor wa...

© Erholm Gods

Erholm Gods

5560, Aarup

Erholm Manor 

In 1850, the original timber-framed farm was torn town and the existing Erholm Manor was built in neo-Gothic style according to drawings by architect J. D. Herholdt, who is also renowne...


4891, Toreby L

The main building is made of red bricks with till roof. Moats surround Fuglsang. A path leads to 'Skejten', an area of natural beauty at Guldborgsund with rare flora and fauna. The Park is open to the...

Aalholm Castle

4880, Nysted

Style: Medieval and neo-gothic.Aalholm is one of Denmark´s few preserved medieval fortified castles. For almost 1000 years, it has stand on its islet within Nysted fjord, close to the Baltic...

Krenkerup Estate

4990, Sakskøbing

Style: Gothic and renaissance
Access to the adjacent woodland of Haveskov. No public access to park or castle....


4970, Rødby

Højbygård was originaly a minor Estate in the farmertown Højby. Højbygård is first mentioned in 1397.Can only be seen from public road....


4983, Dannemare

The first certain appearance of Rudbjerggård in history is in the year 1397.

The main building, which is beautiful placed in the park north east of the farm buildings and surrounded by graves made of...

Knuthenborg Castle

4941, Bandholm

Style: Historicist

The Knuth family has owned the property since 1681.

Admission charge for Knuthenborg Park during the summer months. No access to the main building....

© Mette Munch

Halsted Abbey

4900, Nakskov

Style: Historicist
Halsted Abbey lies in the idyllic village of Halsted, just a few kilometres from Nakskov. Here Vldemar Atterdag founded a medieval Benedictine abbey in the 1300 s that was acctive u...

Lungholm Castle

4970, Rødby

Lungholm Castle is one of Denmark's unique Castles, that can be experienced at a very close range.

The old preserved manor house with its 16-acre park, landscaped in old English style, makes out the ...


4943, Torrig L

Style: Classicist. Main building erected: 1813-22. Use: Museum. Access to the park all year round....

Engestofte Estate

4930, Maribo

Style: Classicist
For centuries, Engestofte was Crownland and mortgaged crown land.
This Main building 1805-1807.
Free access to the church. No access to the main building and park.

For further info...

The Estate of Lerchenborg

4400, Kalundborg

Is not open for tourists.Preserved 1918, 1954, 1971 og 1986.The Estate of Lerchenborg was built in 1743-53 by the general Christian Lerche.The main building, the farm bui...

Løvenborg Castle

4420, Regstrup

Drop by this old castle, which is very beautiful in the winter too....

Dragsholm Castle

4534, Hørve

TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice 2016.

Dragsholm is one of Denmark’s oldest castles. The name Dragsholm means “the islet by the drag”, where the “drag” refers to the isthmus that connected Odsherred wi...

Sørup Herregaard - seen from the air, © Sørup Herregaard

Sørup Herregaard

4100, Ringsted

Welcome to Sørup Herregaard.Sørup Herregaard is a charming and exciting hotel with conference facilities, situated in luxurious surroundings and its history dates back to the thirteenth century. ...

Selsø Castle

4050, Skibby

Selsø Slot The history of the castle goes back to 1100.The present castle complex is from the Renaissance, 1576 to be exact, but the castle was rebuilt in the Baroque period in 1734. Uninhab...

© Svanholm Gods

Svanholm gods

4050, Skibby

Svanholm gods

Svanholm Manor is the largest agricultural commune in Europe. Conducted tours by appointment. 

Shop opening times:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 5 pm...

© Finn Jørgensen

Jægerspris Slot

3630, Jægerspris

Jægerspris Slot On guided tours only, the public can visit rooms which commemorate King Frederik VII with the original furnishings and the King's pipe and weapon collection.Medieval castle, ...


2765, Smørum

In the North-Western outskirts of Copenhagen this typical North Sealand estate is located.Since the early beginning as a Medieval fortress built by end of 11th century, the estate ...

Lystrupgaard Manorhouse

3550, Slangerup

Lystrupgaard has a long history back to time of the early Medieval. Unfortunately a fire distroied most of the buildings in 1906, but by the architecht B. G. Hagen a new manor house was errected in ne...

© VisitDenmark

Marienlyst Palace

3000, Helsingør

Marienlyst Castle is an architectural gem, located just north of Helsingør with a unique view of the Sound. The castle was built in 1588 by Frederik II, who also built the Kronborg Castle. As the buil...

© Thorkild Jensen

Kronborg Castle

3000, Helsingør

Kronborg - Hamlet’s castle

Kronborg is a must-see! There are few sites in the world where so much drama and history are gathered in one place. The castle is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, just li...


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