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© Svanholm Gods

Svanholm gods

4050, Skibby

Svanholm gods

Svanholm Manor is the largest agricultural commune in Europe. Conducted tours by appointment. 

Shop opening times:
Monday - Thursday 3 pm – 5.30 pm
Friday 2 pm – 6 pm
Saturday 10 am – ...

© Finn Jørgensen

Jægerspris Slot

3630, Jægerspris

Jægerspris Slot On guided tours only, the public can visit rooms which commemorate King Frederik VII with the original furnishings and the King's pipe and weapon collection.Medieval castle, ...

© Visit Kalundborg

Kalundborg Castle

4400, Kalundborg

In the 14th and 15th centuries the Castle of Kalundborg was one af the strongest fortresses in the country....

Kokkedal Slot

9460, Brovst

Manor guesthouse...

The original Bangsbo Manor dates back to 1364, but the present main building is from around 1750. The attractive, thatched, half-timbered headed barn dates from the 1580s. Today, the buildings house a...

Gram Castle

6510, Gram

The east wing of Gram Manor was built about the beginning of the 16th century. The builder is unknown, but was probably one of the Reventlow family, who owned Gram from about the middle of the 15th ce...

© Ulla Fibiger

Holsteinborg Castle

4243, Rude

Holsteinborg Castle which is located 13 km from Skælskør in the direction of Næstved was build by the Trolle family between 1598 and 1651 but has been owned by the Holstein family for 12 generations, ...

© Ulla Fibiger

Herreborgen Borreby

4230, Skælskør

Typical renaissance castle built in 1556, 3 towers against north and one against south. The castle was built as a defence castle with scald holes and loop holes and surrounded by moats. The access to ...

Falkensteen Gods

4200, Slagelse

Manor house, 5 km south of Slagelse city, built in 1775....

© Ulla Fibiger

Espe Gods

4242, Boeslunde

Espe Gods (Manor) is beautifully situated on the “Marguerite” route between Korsør and Skælskør.The Manor is not open to visitors but it is still a beautiful sight when you drive or walk past the...

Kragerup Gods attraction

4291, Ruds Vedby

In the lovely countryside of Westsealand you'll find Kragerup Gods, which history dates back to 1327, today owned by Birgitte Dinesen, 8th generation.The famous danish authoress Karen Blixen...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Hvedholm Castle Hotel

5600, Faaborg

Hotel and Restaurant, further Information:

© VisitMariagerfjord

Visborggård Manor

9560, Hadsund

One of Denmarks magnificent reinnaissance buildings built in 1575 by Jacob Seefeld.
The buildings are today psychiatric hospital and only the park is open for the public....

Havnø Estate

9560, Hadsund

Beside Havnø Mill and not far away from Mariager Fiord is Havnø Manor. If you come from Hadsund and turn directly to the right before the little town Visborg, you go down the impressive and long avenu...

© Bodil Pinholt

Østergaard Manor

7870, Roslev

Østergaard Manor:
A couple of kilometres from the present manor house, a castle mound by the name of Sallingholm or Nissum was dated by growth rings to the year 1275. The first building on the present...

© Gert Laursen


7800, Skive

The main building of Krabbesholm is a listed building. It was erected in the years 1550 to 1560, and its exterior structure is remarkably well preserved.The one metre thick double walls...

Staarup Manor

7840, Højslev

Staarup Hovedgaard is the only privately owned manor house of this region which is open to the public. The historically preserved main building was built in 1554 and constructed over medieval cellars ...

© Højriis Slot

Creaking doors, fluttering curtains and dripping blood in the basement. You have arrived at an old castle where a crime has been committed.

Fingerprints on the old gramophone and lipstick on the aban...

The manor Hindsels - Thyholm

In the northeastern corner of Thyholm, with an open view of the Limfjord, you find the estate Hindsels.

The manor house was built around 1760 During the Middle Ages the...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Glorup is one of the most interesting manors in Denmark. It was built about 1590 as a four winged renaissance mano. In 1765 however converted into a typical little elegant baroque manor.

Ulriksholm Castle

5300, Kerteminde

King Christian IV bought Skinnerup, an estate by the innermost shore of Kertinge Bay, in 1616. In 1632, the king decided to build impressive new buildings on the site, which would become the residence...


5464, Brenderup Fyn

The manor Kærsgaard is beautifully situated between Baaring and Ore, close to Brenderup town.

The history of Kærsgaard goes back to the 13th century, but the present manor house is built in 1815 - 1...


4891, Toreby L

The main building is made of red bricks with till roof. Moats surround Fuglsang. A path leads to 'Skejten', an area of natural beauty at Guldborgsund with rare flora and fauna. The Park is open to the...

Aalholm Castle

4880, Nysted

Style: Medieval and neo-gothic.Aalholm is one of Denmark´s few preserved medieval fortified castles. For almost 1000 years, it has stand on its islet within Nysted fjord, close to the Baltic...

Krenkerup Estate

4990, Sakskøbing

Style: Gothic and renaissance
Access to the adjacent woodland of Haveskov. No public access to park or castle....

Bavelse Gods

4171, Glumsø

Jacob Ulfeldt built a magnificent rennaissance castle in 1588. However it was torn down in the 1700's, for what reason is not known. The present main building was built in 1845 by Christian Roennenkam...

Gunderslevholm Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

The High Court Judge for Zealand, Johannes Mogensen Grubbe, had a fortress built around 1335, Gunderslevsholm. However it was torn to the ground after the judge had quarrelled with the king, Valdemar ...


4700, Næstved

The boarding school was established in 1565 by Herluf Trolle and his wife Birgitte Goeye for 'the sons of noble and other honest men'. They were themselves childless. Herlufsholm was originally founde...


4160, Herlufmagle

Tybjerggaard is a very old estate and was owned in 1291 by Jens Sjaellandsfar, (meaning Jens 'Zealand's father'!). The list of owners is long, but the one who built the main building in 1763 was Tyge ...

Gavnø Castle

4700, Næstved

Gavnø - the Island of Flowers - where historical memories, art, nature and flowers are united in one place. Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle at the island. In 1398, however, it ...

Broksø Gods

4160, Herlufmagle

In 1657, Broksoe was two farms. However it was turned over to the crown in 1661, because the then owner, Kai Lykke, had been sentenced for insulting His Majesty. The main building looks old, but it wa...


4970, Rødby

Højbygård was originaly a minor Estate in the farmertown Højby. Højbygård is first mentioned in 1397.Can only be seen from public road....


4970, Rødby

Can only be seen from public road.
Even to king Valdemars time (1231) is Sædingegård-Sæthyng-mentionéd as belonging to the crown....


4983, Dannemare

The first certain appearance of Rudbjerggård in history is in the year 1397.

The main building, which is beautiful placed in the park north east of the farm buildings and surrounded by graves made of...


4900, Nakskov

Style: Neo-classicistPublic access to the castle mound from 8am to sunset. No access to the main boulding. ...

Knuthenborg Castle

4941, Bandholm

Style: Historicist

The Knuth family has owned the property since 1681.

Admission charge for Knuthenborg Park during the summer months. No access to the main building....

Frederiksdal Castel

4912, Harpelunde

Style: Late-baroque rococo style.
The history of Frederiksdal can be traced back to the time of Margrethe 1 (15th century).
Free public access to the Frederiksdal Nature Centre, with public pavillon, ...

© Mette Munch

Halsted Abbey

4900, Nakskov

Style: Historicist
Halsted Abbey lies in the idyllic village of Halsted, just a few kilometres from Nakskov. Here Vldemar Atterdag founded a medieval Benedictine abbey in the 1300 s that was acctive u...

© Nicolas Baron de Bertoush-Lehn

Lungholm Castle

4970, Rødby

Lungholm Castle is one of Denmark's unique Castles, that can be experienced at a very close range.

The old preserved manor house with its 16-acre park, landscaped in old English style, makes out the ...


4943, Torrig L

Style: Classicist. Main building erected: 1813-22. Use: Museum. Access to the park all year round....

Engestofte Estate

4930, Maribo

Style: Classicist
For centuries, Engestofte was Crownland and mortgaged crown land.
This Main building 1805-1807.
Free access to the church. No access to the main building and park.

For further info...

Gjorslev Estate

4660, Store Heddinge



The first known owner of Gjorslev is Rane Jonssen, who was one of those who was convicted of the murder of King Eric Klipping in Finderup let 1287th

Rane Jonssen was beheaded for ...


4250, Fuglebjerg

Castrupgaard was established when the farms of the village Skov-Kastrup were abolished. The main building is situated on a very important and well preserved, rectangular castle mound with a ...


4250, Fuglebjerg

The oldest description of the buildings of Fuglebjerggård dates back to 1755. At that time the manor consisted of three old, tiled, half-timbered wings and a farm building. The main wing faced the sou...

Holmegaard Estate

4684, Holmegaard

Holmegaard Manor is one of Denmark's few remaining timbered manor houses. It was the building's owner Claus Daa who assembled the manor after it had been split for most of the 1500's. In 1801 the mano...

Sørup Herregaard - seen from the air, © Sørup Herregaard

Sørup Herregaard

4100, Ringsted

Welcome to Sørup Herregaard.Sørup Herregaard is a charming and exciting hotel with conference facilities, situated in luxurious surroundings and its history dates back to the thirteenth century. ...

Harridslevgaard Castle

5400, Bogense

As the only manor house in North Funen, Harridslevgaard castle near Bogense is open to visitors during the season. The castle was first mentioned in 1231 and at that time the water went righ...

© Ole Thrane

Langesø Castle

5462, Morud

The beautiful manor house, Langesø castle, situated next to the long and narrow lake - which has given name to the place - was in its present form built in 1774-78. However Langesø castle dates b...

© Ole Thrane

Jerstrup, Bogense

5400, Bogense

The beautiful small Tudor style manor Jerstrup with a moat and an interesting medieval bridge of granite across the moat has been renovated and turned into a conference hotel. It is only possible...


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