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Eliaskirken, © Mogens Ladegaard/Scanpix Nordfoto

Elias Church

1620, København V

The Elias Church was designed by Martin Nyrop the same architect who built the Copenhagn City Hall.

The church, centrally located at Vesterbro Torv, was opened May 17 1908 after years of hard work to...

Sankt Pauls Church

1314, København K

Consecrated 1877, restored last time in 1993. Built in Italian Romanesque style.

Situated in the middle of Nyboder, a village within the city....

Trinitatis Church, © Trinitatis Kirke

Trinitatis Church

1119, København K

The Trinity Church was inaugurated in 1656 and consegrated as a church for the professors and students of the University. Today it serves as ordinary parish church.

The name stems from the Holy Trin...

The Seventh Day Adventist Church

2400, København NV

Church for multinational English-speaking church-goers in Copenhagen. ...

Sct. Ansgars Church

1260, København K

The Roman-Catholic cathedral of Copenhagen, in use from 1842, built in classicist style at the the site of the chapel of the Austrian Embassy, erected in 1742.

Apse decoration from 1865 when the chu...

German/French Reformed Church

1123, København K

The Reformed Church in Copenhagen was erected in 1689. Today it is used for both the Dutch, French and German Calvinists in Copenhagen.

It has a beautiful baroque interior. The carved pulpit is plac...

Bethlehem Church

1635, København V

Bethlehemskirken is a church for the people of Nørrebro in Copenhagen with plenty of space for special events and activities.

Designed by the architect Kaare Klint it gives the impression of being a ...

© Thomas Roland

Built from 1830-1833 by the architect professor G.F.Hetsch in semi-oriental classic style. Friday evening services are at sundown, Saturday morning, however, at 9am.

The incription over the entrance...

Holmens Church

1060, København K

Survived the blaze
Miraculously, the Holmens Church survived the fires that devastated much of the city in earlier centuries. Not only is the Holmens Church the oldest piece of Renaissance arch...

© Tuala Hjarnø

Grundtvig's Church

2400, København NV

Grundtvigs Church was erected in commemoration of the great Danish priest, poet, and reformer N.F.S. Grundtvig (1783 - 1882).
This monumental church is referred to in modern terms as a gothic cathedr...

© Christians Kirke

Christian's Church

1401, København K

Christian's Church in Christianshavn was consecrated in 1759, and the steeple finished in 1769. It served as a church for the German congregation at Christianshavn until 1886 when it was taken out of ...

© Stine Avnbøl

The Anglican (Episcopal) church in Copenhagen was erected 1887 in British gothic style.

A fine example of Victorian church architecture.

The beautiful site of the church is due to its royal connec...

© Chelsea Graham

Aleksandr Nevskij Kirke

1260, København K

The church was built for the Russian Orthodox congregation of Copenhagen donated by the Danish Princess Dagmar - who married Czar Alexander III of Russia, where she was known by her Russian name Maria...

Bagsværd Church

2880, Bagsværd

Seen from the outside, Bagsværd Church with its smooth, white concrete facades and greyish aluminium roofs more resembles a modern industrial plant rather than a house of prayer.

Stepping inside, on...

© Christina Jensen

The Marble Church

1265, København K

The awe inspiring Marble Church with the characteristic copper green dome has to be one of the most impressive churches of the city.

The church lies beautifully in line with Amalienborg castle and Th...

© St Petri Kirke

Saint Petri Church

1453, København K

Saint Petri Church in the heart of the old Latin Quarter in Copenhagen is more than 400 years old. The church has a German-speaking congregation and is a treasure of stories about Danish-German relati...


2100, København Ø

This Baroque church was originally built in 1704. From the outside you can hardly see that it is a church. Because of its location inside a military barracks parts of the church have been used as pris...

Jesuskirken, © Mike Kollöffel, DR

The Jesus Church

2500, Valby

The building of the Jesus Church was funded by Brewer Carl Jacobsen, co-founder of the Carlsberg Breweries.

The interior and exterior architecture is strongly inspired by cathedrals and churches in t...

© Jacob Poul Skoubo

The 1660's interior of the palace chapel of Frederikborg Palace was saved from the big fire in 1859 and is therefore original. This also applyes to the Compenius organ, which can still be played today...

© Københavns Domkirke

Church of Our Lady

1165, København K

The Copenhagen Cathedral in its present shape is an unpretentious building in Neo-Classicist style designed by the architect C.F. Hansen. The foundation stone was laid by King Frederik VI in 1817, and...

Originally a Carmelite monastary church from the 1400's. The famous organ dates from 1662-3 when Dietrich Buxtehude was the organist....

Christiansborg Palace

1468, København K

Christiansborg Palace, located on the tiny island of Slotsholmen, contains the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. Parts of the palace are used by the Royal Fa...

Christiansborg Castle Church

1218, København K

The history of the Christiansborg Palace Chapel in Copenhagen dates back to the time of the original Christiansborg Palace.

King Christian VI put Nicolai Eigtved, a brilliant young architect, in cha...

Tornby Kirke (church)

9850, Hirtshals

A runic inscription in the choir gives a possible dating to about 1200. The Romanesque part of the church consists of nave, chancel and apse. The tower was probably built in the 1500s.

To the left of...


Hirtshals Kirke

9850, Hirtshals

Hirtshals Church by architect Carl Valdemark Harrild from Copenhagen.

The foundation was laid on August 16th in 1907 and on August 16th 1908 the Church was inaugurated by Bishop Christian Møller from...

Uggerby Kirke (church)

9800, Hjørring

Romanesque church built in the 13th. century. Under restoration in 1920-1926 the altar was moved forward in the chancel arch....

Asdal Kirke (church)

9850, Hirtshals

Asdal Church was built in 1475 in Late Gothic style as the chapel at Asdal Manor. The porch is probably built by Ingeborg Skeel. The Communion cup is from 1700 and the bell from 16...


Emmersbæk Kirke (church)

9850, Hirtshals

Emmersbæk church was built in 1982/83.The first church was a church for the tavelling people. Built in 1972.The new building was designed by the architectfirm Friis & Moltke, Å...

Horne Kirke

9850, Hirtshals

Romanesque stone church from the 12th century with tower from 1960. Pulpit from 1589 with an inscription in Latin quoting Luther....

Vennebjerg Church

9800, Hjørring

The highest located church in Vendsyssel, a landmark that is seen from far away at sea. Built approx. 1150 w. later Gothic extensions. The altarpiece from 1984 created by the painter Svend Egelund. By...

Skallerup Kirke

9800, Hjørring

The church was built in the beginning of the 12th century. The tower 3 centuries later....

Rubjerg gl. Kirke

9800, Hjørring

The church was removed in 1904, due to sand drifting.On the location you can still see a small part of the church.The old churchyard is still there, partly under sand!At the "Strandfoge...

Loenstrup church

9800, Hjørring

Consecrated in 1928 with a lot of older furniture
 from Maarup Church. Romanesque font. Paintings from the 16 - 1700 centuries. Wood carved work from about 1520....

Maarup Church

9800, Hjørring

An old middleage church which is nearly falling down into the see. Build about 2 km from the coast - now there is only 8 m. to the very steep coast slope. Parish church until 1928 - now it is preserva...

This church is located to the northwest of town, where the old town of Sindal was located. It is a Roman church from the thirteenth century with choir, nave and porch, beautifully situated with the ol...

Tolne Kirke (Church)

9870, Sindal

The church consists of a choir and nave with the porch to the north. It is a steepleless, whitewashed brick building. Internally, the western part has the beginnings of a vault, possibly intended to c...

Mosbjerg Church

9870, Sindal

Mosbjerg Church consists of a choir (quire), nave and a porch (weapon deposit). The choir and nave to the west are an original structure constructed in Roman times. Over the entrance, the original nor...

Lendum Church

9870, Sindal

The first stone church on the site was presumably a Roman ashlar building built around 1200. In the end of the sixteenth century, it was so dilapidated that a thorough reconstruction was needed. This ...

Hørmested Church

9870, Sindal

The church, built in the middle of the twelfth century, is a Roman ashlar church without a tower. Originally there were six windows like the one that is still preserved in the choir´s north side. Abov...

Astrup Kirke (Church)

9800, Hjørring

Late norman Church built in the 12th Century....

St Hans's Church, is the largest and best preserved of the group of late-romanesque brick-stone churches in Vendsyssel.

The church was built from 1150-1170

The church houses a well preserved chalk m...

St. Catharine's Church is from around 1240.
The orginal Middle Ages church is now the nave of the current church.
On the wall over the old chancel hangs an Early Gothic crucifix from the end of the ...

St Olai's Church is the oldest Middle Ages church in Hjørring.
A Roman granite-stone building with nave and choir.
The porch is Late Gothic, but from a later períod and largely rebuilt extension....

Bjergby Church

9800, Hjørring

The church Bjergby Kirke has belonged to the manor house Odden. The church was built in 12th  century.  ...

Bistrup Church, Hjørring

9800, Hjørring

Queen Margrethe the II made the first spade cut for Bistrup Church in August 1976. The new church was built on the site of Lindevejskirken ( an early wooden church)

Bistrup Church was designed by ar...

Mygdal Church

9800, Hjørring

Mygdal Church is from the 12th century.
Built in the Romanesque style with round arched windows and lintels....

Hjørring Baptist Church

9800, Hjørring

We are a Christian "Free Church". Free Church is a term used in Denmark for all Christian churches which exist outside the state-supported Lutheran Church. We share all of the main content of the Chri...

Aalbæk Kirke

9982, Ålbæk

In the outer Aalbæk Kirke (church) appears as when it was built in 1897. There are missing a chimney and a door in the choir's east end is bricked up.

The church was extensively restored up to the 10...

Raabjerg Kirke

9982, Ålbæk

The church is from 1300.

In approx. 1620 it was extended westwards, the east gable and south wall is rebuilt in 1913.

Anker Lund painted the altarpiece in 1897, remains of the original altarpiece ...

Mylund Kirke

9740, Jerslev J

The Mylund Church is a village church built in 1926.  At the alter there is a very distinctive cross in yellow and blue. The Mylund Church was inaugurated on November 14th, 1926.It...


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