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Hellum kirke

9740, Jerslev J

The Hellum Church is a village church built in 1200. At the alter you see a painting called Christ im Emnanus. It is painted by H. Mikkelsen. For opening hours of th...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Jerslev Church

9740, Jerslev J

Jerslev church is a village church fra 1100-1200. The church´s pulpit from the beginning of 1600 and the gallary is from 1600. The church has a crucifix of cast iron....

Built in 1880 and designed by the architect Gnutzmann, who also designed Vor Frue Kirke in Aalborg, the church in Oester Hassing is built of red smooth wire cut bricks and has 200 seats.

In the church of Skivum you find a carved figure of The Virgin Maria and Her Infant. It dates back to a Catholic altarpiece from about the year 1475. The altarpiece is a wingtablet from 1590, which ha...

The church of Gundersted had to be reconstructed after a fire in 1589. Quite a number of the original ashlars were recycled, though. The baptismal font dates back to the 12th century just like the ori...

Nibe Kirke

9240, Nibe

In 1992, a large number of beautiful mediaeval frescoes was disclosed in the aisle of Nibe Church. St. George and his tale of sufferings is one of many stories of the frescoes. The frescoes are made b...

Ejdrup Church

9240, Nibe

The bell in Ejdrup Church is made in year 1842 and carries the inscription: "Lord, let me obey, and welcome many in your house" (Direct translation). The pulpit is from about 1625 and is decorated wit...

St. Ajstrup Church

9240, Nibe

St. Ajstrup Church's choir and nave are in the Romanesque style, built of granite ashlars on a bevelled base. The tower is built of granite ashlars and mediaeval large bricks; it is not as old as the ...

Vokslev Church

9240, Nibe

The original Vokslev Church in Nibe is a Roman church, and was build over 3 phases dated back to 1100-1200. The apse was added in 1250. The church is filled with details in both roman and gothic style...

Sebber Nunnery Church is the most peculiar of the village churches, in the area, because the building was a nunnery for Benedictine nuns in 400 years, and after another 400 years it was used as a chur...

Lundby Kirke

9240, Nibe

Lundby church is a fine, small church. The nave and choir of this church is set in the Romanesque style, built of granite ashlars. The church tower is made of both granite stones and medieval large br...

Budolfi Church

9000, Aalborg

The Cathedral of St. Budolf is constructed at the end of the 14th century in Gothic style. Large yellow bricks have been used to build a nave, two aisles, an armoury, and turret rooms.History of Budol...

Nr. Tranders Church

9220, Aalborg Øst

Tordenkalven is buried on the cemetery of Nr. Tranders Kirke. He was one of Himmerland’s most famous twisted person and you can read about his personality in one of Johannes V. Jensen’s "Himmerlandshi...

Vodskov Church

9310, Vodskov

The church in Vodskov is placed on top of a hill, on what used to be called "The Hill of Thistles", in the middle of the beautiful countryside Hammer Bakker. The church is quite unique - both in terms...

Gug Church

9210, Aalborg SØ

Gug Kirke is a Parish church and besides being a parish church, the church is used for a wide range of activities, e.g. centre for clubs, theatre, art exhibitions. A description of the church in terms...

Margrethe Church

9000, Aalborg

Margrethekirken is one of Aalborg's many churches. The church is decorated by weaver Berit Hjelholt and silver and gold smith Bent Exner.In the Margrethe hall you find the painting series "Fællesskab ...

Church of Ansgar

9000, Aalborg

Ansgars Church is placed across Kildeparken, in Aalborg centre. The cruciform church in baroque style is named after Ansgar - the Apostle of the North. The ground plan is a Greek cross with "chapels" ...

St. Mary's Church

9000, Aalborg

Sct. Mariæ Kirke in Aalborg is one of the more modern churches, as the Roman Catholic Church has only existed in Aalborg since 1899, where Bishop Von Euch invited two to state in Denmark. St. Mary’s C...

Sønder Tranders Church

9260, Gistrup

Sønder Tranders Church in Gistrup consists of a Roman choir and nave, with three late gothic extensions. The tower, the sacristy on the north side and porch are late Gothic accretions. The roman grani...

Skalborg Church

9200, Aalborg SV

Skalborg Church is one of Denmark's many traditional churches. It is a modern church situated on the top of Skalborg Hill. The church is a mixture of both new and old objects. The alter, the pulpit an...

Vor Frue Kirke in Aalborg was originally a part of the Benediktiner abbey from around 1100. The only remains are the stone carvings in the west gable. The church is open every day and you are welcome ...

Nørre Uttrup Church

9400, Nørresundby

This red bricked church is relatively new: it was build over a period of two years (starting in 1975) based on the design of the architect, Johannes Exner and can hold up to 200 people. The design com...

Nørresundby Church

9400, Nørresundby

Nørresundby Church is placed in the centre of Nørresundby and is originally a 12th-century village church. Of the old parts, only the chancel and tower has survived. The nave and the large transepts a...

Frejlev Church

9200, Aalborg SV

The church is decorated with art by Per Kirkeby, there is among others a new altar from September 1999 made from golden patinated bronze, as most of the other works in the church.Per KirkebyA three me...

Vedsted Church

9440, Aabybro

Vedsted Church is the Community lastest and was built in 1899. 

The architect Ahlmann, Århus headed the work, in which was excuted by local craftsmen. The church is shaped as a crusiform ground plan ...

Gjøl Church

9440, Aabybro

A paridise church in Romanesque style, inwhich is dated back to 1130, It is a "paradisechurch" and one of the few churches in Denmark, where the name of the builder is known Mester Göti.The ...

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Biersted Church

9440, Aabybro

A church from the Middel Ages situated on the between Biersted and Nørhalne. In the Church their are beautifull murals dated back to the year 1400....

Aaby Church

9440, Aabybro

Aaby Church was built in 1150.

The wing altar has an unique carving, showing the 12 Apostles and Jesus' baptism and date back to the middel ages. 

The font is made from red - blue granite and is the...

© Sejlstrup Kirke

Sejlstrup Church

9480, Løkken

Roman church. Belongs to the owners of Sejlstrupgård....

© Lyngby Kirke

Lyngby Church

9480, Løkken

A beautifully decorated village church
The nave is made of concrete and the altarpiece is a fresco painting by Joakim Skovgaard, who was a student of Ernestine Nyrup. Parts of the old church was moved...

© Vrested Kirek

Vrensted Church

9480, Løkken

The Roman church built in granite
The church was built in the 12th century. However, the tower and porch were built in stone in the 16th century. On the northern wall of the nave is a beautiful and ra...

© Jelstrup Kirke

Jelstrup Church

9480, Løkken

Roman village church from 1600

The church is open to the public and the entrance is free. See more  - and

© Rubjerg Kirke

Rubjerg Church

9480, Løkken

The Roman church was built in 1904.
The old church yard is beautifully situated in a landscape of dunes.
The church bell from 1793 was transferred from Sejlstrup Church.

See more or www....

© Furreby Kirke

Furreby Church

9480, Løkken

Norman Style village church
Furreby church was built about 1200 A.D. in a typical Norman style (Romanesque style) of granite ashlars on a profiled plinth.
The bell, which hangs in a small wooden tower...

Jetsmark Kirke

9490, Pandrup

Jetsmark Church is located south west of Pandrup.
The church was built in 1100 in roman church style. In 1450 the church was extended and was a major restoration took place in 1961 to 1963 both intern...

© Saltum Kirke

Saltum Kirke

9493, Saltum

Saltum Church is the biggest of the churches in the area.The church was originally built in 1150 but was rebuilt to its present state in 1450.The church has many murals as well as ...

Rødhus Church

9490, Pandrup

Rødhus Church is known as "The Church at the end of the world". It is the newest and the smallest church in the area.The church was built in 1913 and the cost was dkr. 12,767.The n...

Ingstrup Kirke

9480, Løkken

The church in Ingstrup is located just east of Ingstrup on one of the highest point in the area.

The church is build according to roman architecture and was originally dedicated to Virgin Mary....

The Church in Hune was build around year 1100.

The history of the church includes the sand drift in year 1500 which also left the inhabitants in Hune in poverty for years to come.

In the church you ...

At the cemetery you will find a memorial to 13 sailors who died at sea...

Øster Svenstrup Kirke

9460, Brovst

This church was build around year 1300....

Torslev Church

9460, Brovst

Torslev Church...

Vust Kirke

9690, Fjerritslev

Vust church was built in the 1100s. The altarpiece is from 1600 and the pulpit is from approx. 1700th. The church was used for filming the tv serie "The Fisherman" from 1977....

Kettrup Kirke

9690, Fjerritslev
© Lerup Kirke

Lerup Church

9460, Brovst

Open on Sundays connected with a service ...

© Erik Schmidt

Brovst Church

9460, Brovst

The church ist open from sunset to undown. Sunday after service the church is closed....

Tranum kirke, Brovst

9460, Brovst

This church was build about year 1200....

Bejstrup Kirke

9690, Fjerritslev


Showing 51 - 100 of 1745 entries

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