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Kirsten Anreasen - SindalFor more information call + 45 98 93 65 91...

Anne Fonnesbech

9870, Sindal

Anne Fonnesbech i Sindal makes sculptures in clay and plaster after a model. I seek simplicity in my sculptures. Open by appointment. ...

Gladglas w/Tina Koch

9870, Sindal

GladGlas w/Tina Koch.Glass designer with an eye for the unique, fun and beautiful. Glad Glass is a universe of colors and shapes. By Glad Glass find houses, images, characters, etc.. As some...

Linda E. Christensen- SindalShe makes paintings and sculpturesFor more information call + 45 98 93 53 75...

Galleri Horne - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Galleri Horne - Sindal. For more information call + 45 98 93 40 10...

© Anni Kristine og Flemming Holm

Anni Kristine and Flemming Holm, Hjørring

North of Hjørring live the internationally renowned artists and married couple Anni Kristine & Flemming Holm.

Granite blocks are fashioned into elegant scu...

Det Grafiske Værksted, Hjørring

Lithographs and beautiful pictures, often in limited numbers. Hjørring Grafisk Værksted has a great range of lithographs in all price classes by artists from at home a...

Gyllegaard Galleri

9982, Ålbæk

The gallery focuses primarily on Norwegian artists.

The gallery is fitted out in the restored barn at Klitlundgård, a special, rustic venue where as much as possible has been preserved. The stable f...

© Art Leighton

Art Leighton

9430, Vadum

The inspiration for my works comes from children, nature, feelings, music and  books

You can see more at my homepage:



Glassblower Anne Flohr

9280, Storvorde

On the edge of the small village, Lillevorde lies the Glass House, Anne Flohr. Work shop and store is decorated arranged as an extension to the old school. This is where the glass, which is sold from ...

Enjoy art in its abstract and free form at the gallery Kunst uden Rammer (Frameless Art), which hosts both local artists and has guests exhibits. The gallery displays paintings, collages, reliefs of g...

Annette Wie

9240, Nibe

Annette Wie has worked with the art of glass for several years. She makes dishes, candlesticks, ornaments and reliefs. Wie Glaskunst exhibits in Nibe on the gallery 'Kunst Uden Rammer'. Annette Wie wo...

Hanne Behrens works with jewelery in metal, textile and amber mosaic, and exhibits her creations around the country, and latest in Massachusetts, USA.The workshop is open by appointment. You can read ...

Glassworks Helle E

9000, Aalborg

At Glassworks Helle E (Danish), you can find unique glass art from the artist's own workshop. Helle E produces cold glass and focus on small details thereby always creating unique artworks.In addition...

Galleri Lisbeth L

9240, Nibe

Lisbeth Larsen is a jewellery designer. She designs and handmakes unique glass beads, using them in her jewellery designs together with other natural materials.

Not two beads are alike, and you will ...

Gallery Rubani

9240, Nibe

Come and see John Rubani's paintings which are inspired by everything from impressionism to modern art, when the artist opens his gallery in Valsted (close to Nibe) on October 1st to May 1st.

Call i...

Thorvald Odgaard

9240, Nibe

Thorvald Odgaard is one of the most famous artists in Nibe, and his work often portrays angels in different shapes and sizes.

Thorvald Odgaard is mostly famous for his sculptures, which are placed v...

Weldingh Glas

9000, Aalborg

Visit the small glass workshop Weldingh Glas. Here you will find a great deal of different glass figurines all made by cold glass. See brooches, glass reliefs and lively birds like fairytale birds, pa...

Lange Handicrafts

9000, Aalborg

Lange Kunsthåndværk (arts craft) offers several experiences and consists of a ceramics workshop, a glass workshop, a shop, a gallery and a sculpture garden. Ester and Benny Lange founded the shop in 1...

Galerie Wolfsen

9000, Aalborg

Since its opening in 1992, Galerie Wolfsen has become one of the leading galleries in both Danish and international contemporary art. All year, Galerie Wolfsen has changing exhibitions varying from pa...

Galerie Provence

9430, Vadum

Galerie Provence has distinguished itself as one of the most progressive art galleries in North Jutland. Galerie Provence arranges special exhibitions eight times a year with significant artists from ...


9240, Nibe

In the workshop there is always a wide, fun and varied selection of reliefs, houses, sculptures, dishes and seasonal glass art. It is possible to have a personal gift made with name, date of baptismal...

Atelier Olsson

9000, Aalborg

Atelier Olsson is a working atelier with works of naturalistic and figurative art. The paintings are made in own atelier from sketches and daily impressions from the scenery in Northern Jutland.

The ...

At Glaspusteriet (the glassworks) you can experience the liquid glass being transformed into beautiful wine glasses, candlesticks, bowls, vases, etc. Lene Højlund creates her beautiful glass works in ...

Artbreak Hotel

9000, Aalborg

Exhibition of Nils Sloth's own works including paintings, drawings, graphics, etc. Furthermore, Artbreak Hotel is an active workshop gallery, and occasionally it is possible to follow the creation of ...

Oscar Vela, artist

9000, Aalborg

Oscar Vela has through 25 years worked with art where colours and the passion for life are the distinctive features in his works. In his atelier in Aalborg you will experience the artistic diversity a...

Kunsthal NORD

9000, Aalborg

Kunsthal NORD is a professional art hall for experimental contemporary art located in the centre of Aalborg. The unique exhibition rooms in the town’s iconic power house have a raw, industrial look, w...

Galleri KIRK

9000, Aalborg

Galleri KIRK is located in the centre of Aalborg and has 8-10 exhibitions a year by both Danish and foreign artists. The gallery holds two individual showrooms, and you will often find two separate ex...

Galleri Inuit

9000, Aalborg

Galleri Inuit was founded in Greenland back in 1968 on strong request from the prominent artist Hans Lynge. The hope was to exhibit art from Greenland only - unfortunately this was not possible to rea...

Glashuset Aalborg

9000, Aalborg

Visit Glashuset Aalborg and be inspired by the many beautiful creations or make your own art of glass.

If you wish to make jewellery, you choose pearls and other materials yourself and assemble them...


Edward Hundevad is residing in the scenic area, Estrup near Støvring.
He grew up in Nørre Tranders and had an early interest in nature, drawing, painting and ceramics.
Later he worked with carving,...

HK Glass

9530, Støvring

HK Glass is an exciting gallery, where you can see changing exhibitions.
We have a wide range of paintings and pictures, decorative art and glass-art from our own workshop. This can also be made by pe...

Gerda Dalsgård

9530, Støvring

Painting and watercoulor...

Hanne Hjortnæs

9530, Støvring

Hanne Hjortnæs is a painter. She loves to play with colours and shapes. ...

Karsten Hallberg

9530, Støvring

Throughout my life I have been encouraged to draw and paint. When I look back, the piece of paper, I have not drawn on does not excist.My paintings are sensuous landscapes with textured brus...

Center for Jewelry Design

9530, Støvring

Center for Jewelry Design by Karen Hørman

I work with jewelry as a form of expression, and uses different materials, with emphasis on precious metals, where I am particularly concerned by the spaciou...

Nihøje Pottery & Glass

9530, Støvring

Nihøje Glass and Ceramics was established in 1997 by Lena Gade Christensen.

The workshop produces unique glass and ceramic art with a wide selection of glass and ceramics for the home / business / o...

Glass Art

9530, Støvring

Britta Madsen and Søren Gørup
are welknown glass-artists and they have had many excibitions in Denmark as well as in other countries.
They have made decorations for among others:
Hjørring Kunstmus...

© Stenhuggergården/Klaus Unger

German stone mason.
Open workshop with sculptures, fountains and decorative pieces. Everything made in natural stone.

Stone mason courses, activities for children. Brochures in Danish and German....

© Galleri Pondcottage Art

PondCottage Art

9480, Løkken

PondCottage Art is an idyllically situated studio and gallery which is
to be found on the tourist route between Børglum Kloster and Vrensted.

Bodil Dam works here making sculptures, busts, reliefs ...

© Ole Stonor

Saltum Jewelry Workshop. A large selection of unique jewelry inspired by the fantastic nature of Northern Jutland.

The jewelry is made from material such as gold, sterling silver, gem stones and pear...

Galleri Unique

9480, Løkken

Gallery Unique is placed in Ingstrup only 7 km south from Løkken.

Open by appointment....

© Bingen medlemmer


9492, Blokhus

At Gallery Bingen we both show and sell arts and crafts made by the members of the association Bingen....


9493, Saltum

Handmade Ceramics from own workshop.

- Teapots
- Mugs
- Bows
- Dishes
- Unique Lamps...

Galleri 37

9493, Saltum

Galleri 37 has:

Catherina Collart works with her ceramics in a world of adventure and fabulous monsters.

The balance between contrasts and time with a twist of humor is important for Catherine.

Give me a call, if y...

© Inge Bakmann


9690, Fjerritslev

Inge Nepper Backmann is a self-taught artist. She has attended courses at Kunstakadamiet in Aarhus and at the International Ceramic Center, Skælskør.
The inspiration comes from traveling abroad and ...

© Ruth Berg

Ruth Berg

9690, Fjerritslev

Painting Landscapes, the Ocean and Horses has always been of great importance to me.My style varies from very naturalistic to more expressionistic and abstract. My paintings of Horses can al...

© Bent Pristed

Unika Kunst

9480, Løkken

Unika schulptures in bronze.

Bent Pristed style is best described as abstract,
but strongly influenced by the human anatomy and all other of natures creations and shapes.

His most influential inspi...

© Ejlif Kristensen


9493, Saltum


300 m2 modern art: paintings, ceramics, glass art, sculptures and artifacts. 2 exhibitions in 2015.

Also open on Holidays and when the Danish Flag is placed by the entrance.

Open house on ...


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