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Midtjyllands Kunst Center is situated in the Mid-Jutland lake district, in a town called Bryrup, which is 17 km. south of Silkeborg. A beautiful place between hills, forest and lakes. The trip is a gr...

Atelier Lars Bollerslev, © Lars Bollerslev

Visit the studio in the village Øster Vedsted and gain an insight into the making of the paintings. See a selection of paintings from the different series.

The studio is oppen when previously arrange...

© Billedgalleriet


5900, Rudkøbing

This gallery Shows Photos in a class by itself. Someone would say art photography, art photos, art. This gallery is owned by a nature photographer Carsten Friager....

© Turist- og Erhvervsforeningen Langeland

Bagenkop Kunsthal

5935, Bagenkop

Bagenkop Kunsthal has 14 new exhibitions over the summer
Come and see a wide variety of artists and arts: painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, drawings. ...

© De Gyldne Gemakker

De Gyldne Gemakker

5953, Tranekær

Inspiring jewelery from Janne E. Design
Janne E. Design is a charming shop in beautiful surroundings, where there is room for creative expression. Here the customer is absolutely in the center and the...


Showing 951 - 958 of 958 entries

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