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5: The Four Seasons

6920, Videbæk

5) The Four Seasons of Jens Lund. Placed in Anlægget in Videbæk....

7: The Soldier

6920, Videbæk

7) Soldaten (‘The Soldier’) by Jens Lund; stands at the plaza by  Bethania....

8: The Norwegian

6920, Videbæk

8) Nordmanden (‘The Man from the North’) by Jens Lund; stands at the plaza by Bethania....

9: The Heathgirl

6920, Videbæk

9) Hedepigen (‘The Heath Girl’) by Jens Lund; stands at the plaza by Bethania.– designed in 1929 and set up in 2003....

10: Harmony

6920, Videbæk

10) Harmoni by Ole Mynster Herold; stands at Videbæk Farmacy, Bredgade 32. Ordered by the citizens’ union in 2004....

11: Kappebavianen

6920, Videbæk

11) Kappebavianen (‘The Hamadryas Baboon’) by Henrik Voldmester; stands at Herning Folkeblad’s offices at Bredgade 26....

12) Forår ‘Spring’ ( Vølund Smede ); stands at the bus station....

15) Rislestenen (‘The Purling Stone’) by Ole Mynster Herold; stands at the entrance to Stjernetorvet and was made and set up in 2003....

Knopskud (‘Bud Shoot’) by Søren Wullum; made in 1992. Placed between Bredgades Kiosk and Viftrup Jespersen....

1: Genius

6880, Tarm

The Sculpture 'Genius' is placed in the circle north at Åbouldevarden

The sculpture ‘Genius’ by Peter Heinze is a landmark in the middle of a roundabout; it pictures seven owls in a tree, symbolizing...

The artpiece is placed at Stationsvej near the Reunion Stone.
‘Mor og barn’ (‘Mother and Child’) or ‘Venter på Far’ (‘Waiting for Dad’) from 1980 was designed by Hanne Varming, who had her debut at Ch...

‘Englekvinde ridder på havmandens ryg’ (‘Female Angle Riding the Back of a Merman’) from 2013 by Hans Krull which stands in Kunstpark on the corner of Svinget and Storegade in Tarm was moved there fro...

The artpiece is placed at Stationsvej.
‘Genforeningsstenen’ (‘The Reunion Stone’) from 1920 by Alois Max Kroupa – The plaque was missing for a while, but an intensive search showed that one of the sta...

8: Memorial Stone

6880, Tarm

This is a pillar or memorial stone from 1939; which was sculptured because of the initiative of old students. Was decided at the 50th anniversary in 1937 and consists of fifty stones; one for every ye...

Bølgerne (‘The Waves’) by Steen Bek; stands at Anlægget....

© Charlotte Trampedach

Charlotte Trampedach

4100, Ringsted

Charlotte Trampedach is a visual artist
Charlotte paints with acrylics, oil and draws  with charcoal and pencil. She paints expressive - raw and soft at the same time and she says that she makes aesth...

6: Theater Mask

6880, Tarm

The Mask is placed by Apoteker Rasmussens Plads near the pharmacy.
Theatre mask made by the artist Jens Galschiøt....


6920, Videbæk

V by Per Arnoldi; stands in the roundabout....

17: V

6920, Videbæk

17) V by Per Arnoldi; stands in the roundabout....

© Karinna Damgård

Karinna Damgård

3200, Helsinge

Karinna Damgård works for a living as a professional artist and spiritual advisor. Draws, paints, writes, takes photographs, creates workshops and private sessions - with great empathy and spiritual i...

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Else Korn

4792, Askeby

Member of the International Association of Art. Oil and acrylics on canvas. Multiple censored, separate and group exhibitions.

Changing exhibitions in the museum and gallery. See the working workshop...

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Gallery Jane Solby

4780, Stege

Jane Solby paints non figurative paintings with poetic expression in acrylic on canvas, where she already in the priming uses different materials, which gives the paintings a special depth. Layer on l...

© Niels Linneberg

Kunsthal vARTe

6800, Varde

Kunsthal vARTe....

© VisitMøn-Sydsjælland

Niels Peter Andreasen

4780, Stege

Mostly themes from nature, birds, and landscapes. Niels Peter likes to give his imagination free rein in different techniques using ink, watercolour, charcoal, tempera and oil. 

Open by appointment. ...

© Kähler Design


8000, Aarhus C

Visit the galleries, see the working crafts workers and find unique design items in Aarhus. 

See the list of Craft, Gallery and Design here....

Art and retro at Storskovhuset in Hvalsø

At sculptor Olaf Manske Andersen's studio you can view art projects for the National Park, Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and Land of Legends Lejre.

There is a sculpture...

My pictures are primarily decorative in style, but at the same time are positive and unmistakeably modern and Scandinavian.

My work grows out of my interest for design and the natural surroundings ou...

Galleri A

9800, Hjørring
© VisitEsbjerg

Holmberg Glas - glass art in Esbjerg...

© Bente Rotzler


6440, Augustenborg


Showing 951 - 983 of 983 entries

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