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9520, Skørping


9610, Nørager
© Vikingsskibsmuseet

Touch, feel, smell and try: Get close to Vikings’ life, craftwork and impressive ships. There are plenty of experiences and activities to try when you visit the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde this lat...

© Martin Håkan /

Opdagelsen (Discovery)Opdagelsen is a live workshop and hangout on the South Harbour (Søndre Havn).Opdagelsen includes a covered outdoor kitchen, benches, a hop wall, harbour bees, a stone hill, a pol...

Rasmus Bjerg Solo

9000, Aalborg

Following his big success and Nørrebro Theatre in Copenhagen, Rasmus Bjerg is ready to go on a solo tour though Denmark with his new comedy show.The show is in Danish.Read more about Rasmus Bjerg at A...

Experience a number of Danish artists at this concert – all profit goes to the battle against cancer.The concert is in Danish.Read more about the concert at Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre…...

© Aarhus Festuge

This year’s Night Cabaret will be a show specifically produced for Aarhus Festival performed in culture and theatre house Hermans in Tivoli Friheden. ‘La Soirée Extraordinaire’ includes comedians and ...

© Aarhus Festuge

We are not real

8000, Aarhus C

Bodies of boat refugees have washed up on shore and the reality and human misery that happens far from Danish coasts enter our conscience. Dolls in 1:1 size placed in various places in Aarhus form a m...

© Adam Mørk

More light at Dokk1

8000, Aarhus C

More lightImages of dancers and geometrical figures appear on Dook1’s aluminum surface courtesy of 10 projectors and invites the spectator on a journey through light, sound and architecture when Danie...

© Aarhus Festuge

The Blue Bridge

8000, Aarhus C

‘The Blue Bridge’ is the waterway that connects Brabrand and Aarhus Centre and the new Aarhus Ø. Solar-powered boats transport citizens to work or on a scenic ride to experience the city from a whole ...

© Hej KBH

Hej Copenhagen! (Hej KBH) is a special series of pop-up events, where live music and worldclass streetfood is the center of attention in various public spaces in Copenhagen. Come, eat, and enjoy the l...

© Trinity Hotel og Konferencecenter

Beaujolais Nouveau

7000, Fredericia

At this speciel Beaujolais Nouveau night at Trinity Hotel and Conferencecenter there is served a luxurious chees buffet.Come and join us.Please book at phone: +45 82 27 17 17, and call us for further ...


4300, Holbæk


9700, Brønderslev

Jazz at lunch

9700, Brønderslev

Odense JBK Horse Festival

5000, Odense C

JBK Horse Festival is the entire Danish equine world rallying point in May. With Dyrskuepladsen Odense provides a great setting for the large outdoor event, which accommodates both impressive jumps an...

17                        Monday


18                        Tuesday


Old-timers in Bogense Harbour

18.00 – 22.00. Cosy atmosphere and interesting vintage cars of all kinds on the western pier i...

Rainy Days and Mondays

9000, Aalborg

This October, Jette Torp goes on tour with a big choir and orchestra to tell the story of Richard and Karen Carpenter – both musically and with small anecdotes from their lives.The show is in Danish.R...

Gintberg Live 2015

9000, Aalborg

Comedy show with the Danish stand-up comedian Jan Gintberg.

The show is in Danish.

Read more about Jan Gintberg in Aalborg…...

Joe Satriani

9000, Aalborg

Experience Joe Satriani at Skråen in Aalborg. With his amazing technique, Satriani is simply the king of the guitar, and he is the guitarist who has sold the most instrumental albums ever.Satriani has...

Fandens Oldemor

9000, Aalborg

Who was Poul Henningsen, known just by his initials PH? Who formed his perception of life? Who inspired him to become the debater that he was? Those and other questions will be treated carefully in th...

Anne Linnet

9000, Aalborg

This year, Anne Linnet is back with a new album, filled with lovely pop music of the kind typical of Anne Linnet. At the concert she will perform both new and old hits. The concert is in Danish. Read ...

© Verdensspejl Festival

World Mirror Festival

8000, Aarhus C

The World Mirror Festival Brings the Whole World To the Citywide Aarhus FestivalThe World Mirror Festival brings global bright spots into focus and casts its lights down the road towards a better worl...

© Godsbanen

Mega Bargain

8000, Aarhus C

Luxury Fashion Event for Women of All AgesIs your closet overflowing with clothes, shoes, accessories and much more? At Mega Bargain! everyone can rent their own stand and sell whatever is hiding in t...

© Steve Ullathorne

Aarhus Festival is happy to bring back the always popular Diane Spencer and also welcome new appearance at Aarhus Festival Bec Hill as part of this year's comedy program. This will be Diane Spencer's ...

© Olle Balle Lions Ganløse

The Falling Leaves Race is the big exercise bicycle race of The Autumn in North Sealand, and one of the last opportunities for long distance exercise bicycle racing on Zealand this year.

The routes a...

Night at the museum

6100, Haderslev
© Jannie Schou Pedersen

The FINDERSKEEPERS design market is a recurring indoor clothes and design market where innovation meet with creativity.With more than 100 stalls in the Godsbanen culture production centre this is a gr...

© VisitAarhus

An awesome marathon
The Marselis Marathon is an awesome marathon race in glorious natural surroundings. The route winds through the Marselisborg woods just south of the Aarhus city centre in an absolu...


MTB Haderslev Tunneldal

6100, Haderslev

Haderslev tunneldal a beautiful landscape and a breathtaking setting. Visit the wonderful lakes, Pamhule forest and Haderslev deer park, not to mention the cultural sites Christiansdal Watercraft faci...

Jul - Herregaarden Hessel, Hvalpsund...

The Triangle Regional Festival WeekEvery year the six municipalities in the Triangle Region host a festival week. From the 21st to the 30th of August the whole region will be bustling with cultural ac...


9230, Svenstrup J

Grindsted Festival Week

7200, Grindsted

Grindsted Festival Week - 25th-30th AugustGrindsted Festival Week is part of the Triangle Festival Week where the whole Triangle Region is buzzing with cultural actitvities. This year Grindsted Festiv...

© Pierre Soisson

18 international and Danish performances and installations – 18 unique locations in the city.All of Copenhagen is a stage for the Metropolis Festival 12 – 30 August 2015, where artists will take you t...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Lecture at Dorf Møllegård

9330, Dronninglund

Lecture about the family of Dorf Møllegård in the last 200 years....


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