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© Arla

Arla Økodag

8260, Viby J

See the cows' reaction when they are let outside fir a new season.

See the cows when the dairy Arla lets their cows graze for the first time after a long winter season in the stables. It happens Sund...

© Herslev Kirke

An evening in the church

7000, Fredericia

Stories in danish from 2. world war...

© Lyng Kirke

Musical of Tommerup School

7000, Fredericia

Musical on danish...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

The Copper Mill Tour

6200, Aabenraa

We learn about the Gendarmpath, the Kruså Valley, Skomagerhus, Wassersleben and Kupfermühle and a lot of interesting stories about everyday life for the people living here. The view at Flensburg Fjord...


9000, Aalborg

This night you have the opportunity to listen to folk music at its best! Afenginn mixes violin tunes and Balkan instruments into a beautiful, touching and unique sound, which surpasses musical boundar...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Hear the story about Bov Church, the vicarage, the fire station and the volunteer fire brigades and the Army Road, Bov during the middelages, the border demarcation and we enjoy nature through the Kru...

© Fredericia Kommune

Music by Pede B & DJ Noize

7000, Fredericia

”Liveshows are everything for us.”

Pede B is the first and only, who has won the RapBattle competition 3 times.


© Fishermans Restaurant Nr. Lyngby

Easter opening and live music at Fisherman's Rest. New band every night at 21 o'clock and afternoon entertainment on the cosy pub in Nr. Lyngby, the place where adults meet. 

Cosy English Pub in Nr. ...

© Højskolen Snoghøj

Maria Carmen Koppel Koncert

7000, Fredericia

Koncert by the danish artist Maria Carmen Koppel - soul...

© Vrå Højskole

Lecture by Erik Clausen, actor, instructor, writer, painter, artist - and much more - at 19:30 o'clock on April 22nd 2015 in Vrå Højskole. 

The famous actor Erik Clausen will give his audience an fan...

© Løkken Turistbureau

Flea Market at "Børnenes Jord" in Vrå on April 4. 2015. Indoor flea market with all kinds of goods. If the weather allows, the flea market will spread to the open areas of "Børnenes Jord"....

© Løkken Turistbureau - Per Wilhelmsen

Easter Art in Vrå

9760, Vrå

Easter exhibition on April 2. and 3. 2015 from 10-16 o'clock in Vrå in the former grocery building in Vrå  - Uhrenholdtsgaard. Oilpaintings, sculptures from iron and stone and glass art....

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Hear the history of the Army Road, Bommerlund Tavern and schnapps and the history of the beautiful Gejlå Bridge.

Meting point: Gejlåbroen i Gejlå...

© Bike & Run

Bike & Run

7000, Fredericia

Bike & Run 2015 - see more on

© Aabenraa turistbureau

Visit the Big OX Island in Flensburg Fjord, where we will hear about the history of the islands....

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

An exciting and educational trip on the Gendarmpath from Kruså to Sønderhav and back to Kruså via Østerskov. With challenging rises and a fabulous view...

Comedy show with the two Danish comedians Brian Mørk and Lasse Rimmer. The show is called “Rimmer og Mørk redder verden” (Rimmer and Mørk save the world).

The show is in Danish.

Read more about Bria...

© Det Bruunske Pakhus

BluesMusic by Ron Hacker

7000, Fredericia

Ron Hacker is the blues.............

© Vino

In week 28 from the 6th to the 9th of July you have the opportunity to be a part of a greatly unique and exclusive natural and cultural adventure for only 40 persons by participating in a four days pi...

© Den Kreative Skole

Art exhibition

7000, Fredericia

Art exhibition off :

19 vestfynske artists :
Annie Benjaminsen, Betty Nielsen, Birgit Mau, Preben Beck, Birthe Petersen,
Dorthe Andersson, Emma Høj, Gitte Irene Andersen, Peter Chris,
Hildigunn Ta...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Lear about the hidden relics in Hjelm  forest and hear the story of Kongehøjen and the Bodenhoff Kilde....

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

The Frøslevlejrens Camp

6330, Padborg

Hear the interesting and dramatic history an learn about life in the camp in 1944-45...

The guide tells about the project "Kruså Tunneldal" nature and the history....

Caroline Henderson

9000, Aalborg

To celebrate the 20th anniversary for her first album “Cinemataztic”, Caroline Henderson is going on tour through Denmark with four exclusive concerts. One of these will be in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg...

A dandelion standing under the work of Rembrandt. What's going on?

Urban gardening or guerilla gardening are relatively new conceptions insisting on the right of nature to a place even in the continu...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Maritime City Walk

6200, Aabenraa

Hear  the maritime history of Aabenraa and see the port district...


9000, Aalborg

Ankerstjerne is the Danish equivalent to Pharrell Williams, and now, you have the opportunity to experience him on stage at Skråen in Aalborg.

The concert is in Danish.

Read more about Ankerstjerne ...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

You are taken on a tour around the ship yard and are hearing about the life as a working man at one of the largest ship yards in Denmark in the 1800 century....

Østkyst Hustlers

9000, Aalborg

Concert with the Danish hiphop-legends Østkyst Hustlers on the occasion of the 20th anniversary the debut album “Verdens længste rap”.

The concert is in Danish.

Read more about Østkyst Hustlers at S...

© Aabenraa Turistbureau

Follow the watch man on his walking through the streets of Aabenraa and hear the dramatic history of the city....


9000, Aalborg

The Danish orchestra Backseat became popular in 1992 with the single “Hey Good Looking”. More than 20 years later, they are still popular, and in 2013 their latest album was released.

Read more about...


9000, Aalborg

Aalborg Theatre invites you to experience a drama performance written specifically for Aalborg Theatre. Power, revenge and desire are the central themes of the play.

The play is in Danish.


Band Battle finale

9000, Aalborg

It’s time for the Band Battle finals at Skråen, and the winner of last year, Caved Crow, will be there to do a concert.

Read more about the Band Battle finals at Skråen in Aalborg…...

Street Art in Brande

7330, Brande

In the weekend 4-5 Juli 2015, Brande city will be the center of a huge Street Art event with participation of a large number of foreign artists.

The spectacular artworks and 3D paintings will be made...

BIF-CUP 2015, Brande

7330, Brande

Each year in July, Brande Stadium is the center for a large youth football tournament with teams from several countries.

The tournament will be held on 2-5 July 2015, and city will be filled with chi...

© Miklos Szabo


1630, København V
© Hotel Fredericia

Musical and accommodation

7000, Fredericia

This event will only be in Danish.

If you need further information call +45 8832 5959...

Galleri A

9800, Hjørring

DIY - Glass Art

Glasstuen is definitely well worth a visit and in the picturesque area of Fjeldstedvej in Sindal, Karen has converted the old barn into a shop and workshop. Do you want to try out you...

More than 100 Danish windmills open their doors to the public on the third Sunday in June each year. Head along to any of these Danish landmarks to experience first-hand this unique slice of cultural ...


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