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Before the start of the season many sailors become impatient to launch their ships which rises the spirits to incredible heights.

It is a festive day when the big ships at the Viking Ship Museum are ...

© Henriette Engom Larsen

Græsted Revyen

3230, Græsted

Summer Revue in Danish language....

Vintage cars - Tuesdays

7000, Fredericia

Vintage Car show every tuesday evening at the old harbour in Fredericia....

© Spektrum

Welcome to a big pool with touch, slides and dive boards at 1 and 3 meters. We can also provide lanes. Cosy down in the hot water area with massagepool and an area for the youngest with buckets, rubbe...

© Aarhus Kommune

Aarhus - a European city

With its 311,000 inhabitants, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and a part of the Central Denmark Region, where 1,250,000 people live.

Aarhus becomes the Danish h...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

The Blue Flag is an eco-label that works towards the sustainable development of beaches and marinas.

Blue Flag beaches and marinas must be kept clean and well maintained. They must also  have lifesav...

Sprogø, ©

Go on a guided tour with a danish guide to Sprogø, contact Nyborg Turistbureau, phone +45 6375 9460...

© visitnyborg

The battle of Nyborg

5800, Nyborg

The 14th. november 1659 there was a battle against the swedish army in and around Nyborg....

© Nyborg Fæstnings Saluteringslaug

18-pound cannon salute from the Queen's Bastion gunners clad in the iniform af Nyborg Garrison from 1792....

Music in Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Solscenen in Nyborg

5800, Nyborg

Song, music etc....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

2½ hour sailing trip to the natural habitat of the Great Belt porpoises, with a marine biologist.Tickets and further informations at Nyborg Tourist Office....

© Helsingør Bymuseum

Guided city-walks in Danish language
No other Danish town can show a town center as unique and old as that in Helsingør. Here all the styles of architecture are on display, from the gothic citizen’s h...

1000 years of Aarhus

8000, Aarhus C

1000 years of Aarhus
Walk through the old streets and listen to stories about life in Aarhus since the Viking Age. The tour will include a visit to the Cathedral with its exciting murals and the uniqu...

In the footsteps of the Vikings
Hear stories about the Viking ancestors and see the footprints from Viking times which are still clearly visible in the centre of present day Aarhus. The walk includes ...

© Fotograf Thomas Nørremark

Tour of Aarhus City Hall

8000, Aarhus C

Tour of Aarhus City Hall
Visit Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller's famous functionalistic Aarhus City Hall. Learn about the history and architecture of the famous building. 
Entrance fee:
Adults: 80 DKK...

Torup Market

3390, Hundested

Torup market. Local vegetables, cereals and flour, honey, must and jams from local fruit, Arrow and crafts....

Anne Linnet

9530, Støvring
© messe c

Car exhibition

7000, Fredericia

Large exhibition of special cars...

© messe c

Creative Days 2015

7000, Fredericia

Large exhebition of fashion, needlework, art, hobby materials and other....

© Fredericia Oktoberfest

Fredericia Octoberfest

7000, Fredericia

Experience the Danish version of a German beer party called "Oktoberfest"

The Tent:
1000 m2 - room for 850 people

DKK 295,-, Fredericia Tourist Office, Det Bruunske Pakhus...

The harbour festival is being held in a large party tent on the cosy Tunø Harbour.

Hopefully the harbour will that day be filled with sailors from the mainland, and people will take the ferry across ...

Day of Apple

9520, Skørping

Come and enjoy nature. There are tables / benches, where the picnic / coffee can be enjoyed. During the day there is a possibility for a walk with traktorplukketog around the plantation of "children"...

© Frugthaven

Big Apple Juice Day

9520, Skørping

Come and enjoy nature. Make juice from apples. 
There are tables / benches, where the picnic / coffee can be enjoyed. During the day there is a possibility for a walk with traktorplukketog around the...

Stackable Square is the southern gateway to Rold Skov (forest). Experience the autumn woods and try many exciting activities for the whole family.

Roleplay Year 1200 in Rold Forest takes you to the...

Horse Day in Woods

9520, Skørping

Rebild in the pasture behind the parking lot at Fiddler's, Hunting and Forestry Museum.
Himmerlands drive-ride and  Association,
Arden sport, Nature Isafolds Committee, Fac...

We review the piste and make it ready for snow season with easy cleanup, the signposting and marking sticks.MEETING POINTparking lot at Himmerlandsvej between Rebild and Skørping.ORGANIZERSNature Agen...

Guidet tour in the winter twilight - only in danish.
We end the tour with bonfire and a hot drink.

parking lot at Rebild Kirkevej .

Witch Dannie Druehyld, photographer ...

For programme and prices, of our summer concerts, please visit:

Every Sunday, all year round, there's traditional dancing to music of the Rebild fiddlers.

Join even if you may not be as experienced. Traditional dance, as expressed in Himmerland through many gene...

© Esrum Kloster

A night full of horror and gruesome stories, ghosts, mysterious sounds, blood and creepy! We start with a ghoulish family buffet, and during the meal things happens and with warranty gives you goose b...

Can fungus/mushrooms be eaten?
Take a nice hike in Autumns falling leaves. We traverse the woods with basket in hand to pick mushrooms in this scenic area. We will try to identify some of the differen...

Small cozy gallery at the harbour in Hundested. See website for information about exhibitions 2015:


Exhibitions in X-Porten

3390, Hundested


Again this year X-Porten offers a lot of exhibitions and arrangements. See more at


Cozy Gallery at Hundsted Harbour. For exhibitions see website


© Klassiske Dage, Holstebro

Danish super flute player, Janne Thomsen, who was born and raised in Holstebro, leads concerts of the very highes level, when musicians from all over the world get together every year four days in Oct...

Tour de Gudenå

8600, Silkeborg

Tour de Gudenå is a one-day, 73-kilometer or 42 kilometer race for all classes. The 73 kilometer race is kicked off in Silkeborg on the lake in the heart of the city and the finish line is Randers Bri...

© Esrum kloster

Esrum is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark, and this made French monks move in 800 years ago – not just for the loveliness, but very much for the large array of lakes, brooks, woo...

Music on the Harbor

9370, Hals

Each summer you have the chance to experience many different local musicalevents. Hals is a musical town. In the town and at the harbour you can listen to very different kinds of music all summer. A p...

Vejle Valley Half Marathon, © Vejle Ådal Halvmarathon

Vejle Valley Half Marathon will take place in the scenic river valley of Vejle Ådal – on an almost flat stretch surrounded by steep cliffs. Thousands will take part in the popular autumn race. In addi...

© Kulturværftet

Knejpe Festival

3000, Helsingør

Helsingør has maritime history and sea spray in its historical DNA, so it is only right to highlight this in the best sailor style and celebrate the traditions, stories and - not least - the music, wh...

Spotlight, © Spotlight


7100, Vejle

The “Spotlight” cultural festival will be held in September and will throughout the festival week feature a host of activities for children and the young, primarily at the many municipal schools and c...

© Dronning Dorothea Teatret

Dronning Dorothea Teatret, which is situated in a cozy old theater in Zahnsgade nr. 53 i Kolding, is driven by an association by the very same name. The association produces 3-5 shows a year at the th...

Children Guided tours and local stories.

Do you like to hear stories? At Kystmuseet Skagen, we take you around the museum, where every day we tell a new and exciting story. How was it being a child i...

Guided walking at the cemetery - only in danish - But please contact Skagen Tourist Office for ordering a guided tour in english-

A guided tour will take you along the harbour, which is the largest f...

The Christmas brew is first sold on the first Friday in November and its arrival is celebrated all over the country.

They say the first snowflake has fallen over Denmark when the Christmas brew is l...

The history of childhood

8000, Aarhus C

The exhibition about Girls’ and Boys’ Stories 
The exhibition is built on a number of actual children’s lives – and deals with subjects such as family, health and disease, school, child labour, games,...

Outdoor will millennia of hunting traditions with birds of prey being revived, and training of falcons, hawks and eagles takes place in an area which 700 years ago was Waldemar Atterdag hunting ground...

© Hornbæk Havneforening

Day of the Herring at Hornbæk Harbour 17 October

On the Day of the Heering at Hornbæk Harbour, arranged by Hornbæk Harbour Association, you can try different heering specialities, prepared outdoor by...

Christmas market in Nyborg, © VisitNyborg

Christmas in Nyborg

5800, Nyborg

Christmas marked in the old royal town of Nyborg

Nyborg Christimas Market offers lots of special sensory experiences. Everything from Christmas treats, home brewed beer, mulled wine "gløgg", live wor...


Showing 201 - 250 of 1133 entries

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