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© Biblioteket Kulturværftet

Go on a guided tour or a do-it-yourself tour of one of Europe’s best libraries

The Culture Yard’s tourist season has now begun. The reason is that this year we were ranked as one of the best librarie...

Join the bike ride through time as the nature guide leads you along the beautiful countryside with fields, old villages, burial mounds and of course Dallund Castle.
The guided bike ride is about 16 km...

© Colourbox

Enjoy a 45-minute concert played on the organ in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful churches, when Holmens’ Church invites you to its international organ festival in July, August and September.


Skanderborg Museum invites you to take part in a citywalk of the old parts of Skanderborg. 

Hear the stories of Skanderborg's "Birth certificate" and Frederik the 2nd. Visit the last parts of the old...

A trip with the Museumunion

8660, Skanderborg

Skanderborg Museum Union invites you to Copenhagen to hear about the construction of the Metro
We leave at 8 o' clock in the morning and will be back at 20 o' clock in the night.

Price (members): 400...

A trip with the Museumunion

8270, Højbjerg

Skanderborg Museumunion invites you to a trip to Moesgård Museum to see the  Terrakottawarriors. 

The 30th of September at 18.30 or 19.30 o' clock.

It is important to sign up, as there is a limit of...

© Danmarks Tekniske Museum

During the school holidays from 27 June to 9 August fun activities for children and young at heart are going on at The Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

The special exhibition ROBOT is still o...

free concert at Fredericia C

7000, Fredericia

Free concert with the danish band "Folkeklubben" at the harbour in Fredericia...

I Modgang og Medgang

9000, Aalborg

Enjoy a guided tour with two actors from Det Hem'lige Teater in Aalborg. The tour is in danish....

Fredericia Rock

7000, Fredericia

Fredericia Rock
Free live concert at "Landsoldatpladsen" in Fredericia...

Concert with Outlandish

7000, Fredericia

Open Air concert with the danish band "Outlandish"

150,- DKK...

© ProVarde

Vejers Strand Oplevelser

6853, Vejers Strand

Vejers Strand Oplevelser....

© Freerslev Kotel

Open Farm summer 2015

3330, Gørløse

During the summerbreak you are welcome to visit us on our open days on July 12, 19 and 26

There will be opportunity to
…watch the milking of the cows
…you can choose to go along on one of the guide...

Come see race in world-class from the first parquet Tuesday, August 4, 2015.

The country's biggest sporting event celebrates the 25th year. 1st stage of this year's edition of Post Danmark Rundt star...

Bang & Olufsen and Struer revolutionize the running-genre with this new run for the first time in Denmark. Run to The Beat is already a known and well-established run in Britain which has atrtracted n...

Seafood Festival

5000, Odense C

Three days with plenty of sun, delicious food, live music, champagne and ice cold draft beer galore.

A big tent with room for 400 guests is put up on the lawn next to the North Atlantic House only a ...

Fashion Event

9000, Aalborg

Fashion Event 2015 is held during the AALBORG I RØDT (AALBORG IN RED) – a part of Aalborg Festivals, in Jomfru Ane Gade, which is transformed into Denmark’s longest catwalk for a day.

You have the op...

© Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

25 June – 25 October 2015

With a comprehensive presentation of architecture projects, contemporary art, and cultural history, a story of Africa on the rise is told. Th...

© Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Peter Doig

3050, Humlebæk

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 

17 April – 16 August 2015

Doig creates visual spaces, which one gets fascinated by and wants to delve into. The exhibition presents a selection of the artist's painti...

© Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

25 June – 30 August 2015

This year’s second exhibition in the ‘Louisiana on Paper’ series – after David Hockney – is a large selection of graphic work by the American ...

© Nordatlantens Brygge

Nordatlantens Brygge

27 June – 23 August 2015

Originally trained as a theater-decoration painter and later employed as a marine painter at the Royal Porcelain Factory of Denmark, it was hard to imag...

© Visitmiddelfart

Whale Watching on Lillebælt, Middelfart

Whale Watching tours in July and August looking for one of the smallest whales in the world – the porpoise

The popular Whale Watching tours depart from Gl. Ha...

© Henrik Traugott-Olsen

Around Fænø

5500, Middelfart

Exciting sailing trip, where you will participating actively in the sailing adventure...

© Ursula Bach

Copenhagen Cathedral

25 May – 19 December 2015-07-10

In 2015, Copenhagen Cathedral reveals two exhibitions, which highlight the role of the church through the ages and Christianity’s influence on ou...

© Museum of Copenhagen

Every Thursday all summer, you can join a guided historical summer-walk with The Museum of Copenhagen, and learn about the city’s famous places and the secret ones. The museum guide will guide you thr...

© Ordrupgaard

Snøhetta. Himmelhaven

2920, Charlottenlund


22 May – 9 August 2015

Within the coming years, Ordrupgaard wishes to expand with an underground extension designed by top Norwegian architects Snøhetta. The plans for the building, Himm...

© Ordrupgaard

Passion for Impressionism

2920, Charlottenlund


22 May – 9 August 2015

Ordrupgaard was built up upon the foundation of the collecting fervour and love of art of a visionary gentleman who fell in love with Impressionism. With the exhib...

© Ordrupgaard

Art Park Ordrupgaard 2015

2920, Charlottenlund


11. June 215 – 15. May 2016

For the third year in a row, Ordrupgaard presents international artists and contemporary art in Art Park Ordrupgaard, with works by Simon Starling, Henry Krok...

© Danish Architecture Centre

Snøhetta - World Architecture

1401, København K

Danish Architecture Centre

18 June – 27 September 2015

Snøhetta is a mountain in Norway – and it is Scandinavia's most renowned architecture firm. Now, Snøhetta has opened an office at the Danish Ar...

Yahya Hassan's poems

9000, Aalborg

Theatre play about Yahya Hassan's poems. The play is in Danish. Read more about Yahya Hassan's poems in Aalborg Theatre......

Richard III

9000, Aalborg

William Spakespeare’s cynical tragedy ’Richard the Third” performed in Danish.

Read more about Richard the Third at Aalborg Theatre…...

Gintberg Live 2015

9000, Aalborg

Comedy show with the Danish stand-up comedian Jan Gintberg.

The show is in Danish.

Read more about Jan Gintberg in Aalborg…...

© Hotel Fredericia

Danish Singing Duo

7000, Fredericia

2 danish Men singing Danish Lyrics and other songs...

Lars Hjortshøj Omvendt

9000, Aalborg

Comedy show with the Danish stand-up comedian Lars Hjortshøj.

The show is in Danish.

Read more about Lars Hjortshøj in Aalborg…...

Søren Ulrik Thomsen

9000, Aalborg

Experience the Danish poet Søren Ulrik Thomsen in cooperation with the musicians of Den Glemte Kvartet. This night, Søren Ulrik Thomsen’s poems come alive with music by Den Glemte Kvartet.

The poems ...

Herman Vedel Exhibition

3200, Helsinge

Exhibition of works by portrait painter Herman Vedel (1875 - 1948)Please call on telephone  0045 4871 3524 before visiting....

© Vrå Højskole/ Sebastian Dorset

Story-IN at Vrå Højskole from 18.-20. July is a 48 hours non-stop Storyteller-Festival, with storytelling from different storytellers. Acommodation at Vrå Højskole only in tents.Sign up: info@vraahojs...


Showing 1551 - 1600 of 1623 entries

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