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© Kunstrunden Nordsjælland

Kunstrunden 2015

3400, Hillerød

KUNSTRUNDEN North Sealand 2015

Get an exciting and different art experience in the beautiful North Sealand late summer landscape: Embark on art round to the artists and artisans who will open their w...


Kulturkraft Halsnæs

3300, Frederiksværk

The festival KULTURKRAFT.NU is a cultural festival for children and their adults.
Due to tradition, there will be plenty of culture for children of all ages - and Gjethusets gallery wing is converted ...

© Kulturnat Hornbæk

Hornbæk Culture Night takes place 19 September 2015 

Again this year Hornbæk celebrates its own Culture Night with lots of entertainment and activities for kids and grown-ups.

Programme will follow ...


Exhibition at Tegners Museum

3120, Dronningmølle

Artfoto exhibition.

It is possible to buy at ticket to the three museums Rudolph Tegners museum og Statuepark, Esrum Kloster og Møllegård og Munkeruphus. you can book the ticket here...

Food Fair- Food from Halsnæs

3300, Frederiksværk

Food Fair-The taste of Halsnæs in front of Gjethuset in Frederiksværk.


Fredensborg Palace Market

3480, Fredensborg

Palace Market in Fredensborg
In the walking street on September 13 from 10 o'clock you will meet a variety of food producers presenting their herbs from Greenland, sausages made of pork, lamb, horse a...

© Danmarks Tekniske Museum

With the exhibition ROBOT the Danish Museum of Science and Technology focuses on a very topical theme: What are robots, how should we relate to them and in which direction are we going with robotics? ...

© Linda Duus

Jul I Den Gamle Skurby - a very special Christmas market with a touch of salt water in marine environments

The authentic harbour environment at Hornbæk Harbour consists among other things of 23 small...

Terry Winters (born 1949 in Brooklyn, New York) is also a painter but in his graphic work he expresses his full potential. Few have explored every corner of this medium's possibilities as he has done....

© Kulturværftet

29 January 2015 one of Denmark’s most beloved poets, Halfdan Rasmussen, would have turned 100 years old.

Halfdan Rasmussen lived much of his life in Elsinore Municipality - therefore Elsinore celebra...

Corpo Squisito is Italian for Exquisite Body – a reference to the main theme of the exhibition - the body. Jacob Stangerup is a man with a mission and an artist with a pencil.

The exhibition is par...

Jakob Dinesen Quartet

3100, Hornbæk

Jakob Dinesen (s), Heine Hansen (p), Anders Christensen (b), Jacob Høyer (d)  

Jazz koncert.

Admission DKK 150. Ticket sale at the intrance....

© Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg Slot

Exhibition of HM the Queen's dresses in the Great Hall tells history

The dresses from the great celebrations and anniversaries along with other creations and pictures will retell the Queen's life, as...

David Hockney

3050, Humlebæk

David Hockney - Drawings (born 1937) - with the artist's striking drawings of the landscape of Yorkshire, where he was born. They are completely classical in style, sometimes drawn in the open air, ot...


Bring your sweethart or family on a trip in the strawberry fields, where you can taste and pick the various varieties.

Price: kr. 25, - for adults and kr. 15, - for children + payment for picked berr...

© Vino

What variety of strawberry is the best this year? We invite to a fun blind tasting of all our different strawberry varieties. The event takes about 2 hours and ends with coffee and cake.

Price. perso...

© Vino

In week 28 from the 6th to the 9th of July you have the opportunity to be a part of a greatly unique and exclusive natural and cultural adventure for only 40 persons by participating in a four days pi...

Peter Doig

3050, Humlebæk

With the exhibition of paintings by Peter Doig (born 1959 in Edinburgh) a long-cherished wish will be fulfilled. Years ago Louisiana acquired Doig's wonderful painting Music for the Future and this pa...

© Henriette Engom Larsen /VNS

Humans - Foto exhibition

3250, Gilleleje

Munkeruphus is opening season in 2015 with the exhibition Humans, which is presenting both new and older photographic works by a number of prominent Danish and foreign artists.

The artists are:
Olaf ...

© Industri Museet Frederiksværk

Take a boat trip at the biggest lake in Denmark; Arresø.

Prices 2015:

Adult DKR 75.-
Children 4-11 years DKR 30.-

1 hour trips at 2 pm. You can buy the tickets a the boat. We do not accept creditca...

© Sigrun Gudbrandsdottir

"The Visual Embrace" is an exhibition of Sigrún Gudbrandsdóttirs portraits and artwork from her longstanding and award-winning work on cover design for books and albums.

See the exhibition in the Gre...

© Vino

Pilgrimage Guide tour

3230, Græsted

28 May and 20 August invites Esrum for a guided pilgrimage in beautiful surroundings. Guided tour in Danish...


Showing 1651 - 1680 of 1680 entries

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