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4400, Kalundborg

Look at www.faergen.dk for more information.

Time for the passage:
· 1 hour 50 min....

Sails to Orø, "Pearl of the Isefjord".

The ferry takes 98 passangers and 16 cars.

Check schedule on www.visitholbaek.dk/holbaek-oroe...

Østre Ferry - Orø

4300, Holbæk

Check schedule on www.oestrefaerge.dk/sejltider.html...

Havnsoe Sejeroe

4591, Føllenslev

The Sejeroe ferry takes 245 passengers and 36 cars. If you want to bring your car you must be there at the latest 15 minutes before the ferry leaves. Cancellation must be done at the la...

Havnsoe Nekseloe

4591, Føllenslev

The ship "M.F. Nexeloe" takes 73 passengers. You must be there at the latest 5 minutes before the ferry leaves. Cancellation must be done at the latest 24 hours before the ferry leaves....

© FjordLine

Fjord Line sails Hirtshals-Stavanger-Bergen all year.
Fjord Line offers various car packages and mini cruises to Norway.
Book your ticket at Hirtshals Tourist Office or look for more information.

Agersø Ferry

4230, Skælskør

Take the ferry and visit the beautiful island Agersø - duration of crossing 15 min.
information and Booking:
phone: +45 58 19 53 11
Monday - Friday: 8.15-11.00 and 14-15

Omø Ferry

4230, Skælskør

Take the ferry and visit the beautiful island Omø - duration of crossing 50 min.information and Booking: phone: +45 58 19 53 11Monday - Friday: 8.15-11.00 and 14-15

© FjordLine

Fjord Line sails Hirtshals-Langesund.
Fjord Line offers various car packages and mini cruises to Norway.
Book your ticket at Hirtshals Tourist Office or look for more information....

© Villy Svindt

Branden Fur

7870, Roslev

Sails every 15 minutes days, every full hour nightsMore information on:http://www.fursund.dk...

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

When sailing directly to Drejoe, the time of crossing is 55 min.Click here for timetable...

Color Line

9850, Hirtshals

From Norway to Denmark in less than 4 hours with Color Line! SuperSpeed brings you to Denmark in under 4 hours. A comfortable and efficient journey.
The ships have comfortable airline seats in voya...

Mors (Næssund) - Thy

7960, Karby

Timetable:From Mors first crossing 6.30am, weekends 8.10am, and thereafter every 20 minutes.Last crossing in low season 6.10pm, during the high season 10pm.Capacity:There...

Udbyhøj Cable ferry

8970, Havndal

In the summer of 2006, a new fast and comfortable cable ferry took over the route between the two halves of Udbyhøj.

The ferry transports people and cars across the Fjord, and is a beautiful and his...


8300, Odder

The ferry sails between Hou and the car-free island Tunø. Timetable can be seen on the website for the ferry.

The ferry has room for vans, but as cars normally are not allowed on Tunø, a special per...


8300, Odder

The ferry between Hou in Jutland and Sælvig on Samsø is chartered by M/F Kanhave from Samsø Færgen. The beautiful crossing only takes 1 hour. ...


7760, Hurup Thy

Ferry service between Thy and West Jutland.

Find the timetable here....

Snaptun-endelave ferry

Endelave Ferry

8700, Horsens

The Endelave ferry is registered on the island of Endelave.
It sails daily between Endelave and Snaptun ferry port. The sail is a big experience with the possibility to see porpoises and seals. It is ...

© VJ

Sail with the Ferry across Horsens Fjord and bring your bike  
This year you sail via the island Hjarnø

The bicycle ferry carries both foot passengers and bicycles between Snaptun - Hjarnø - Alrø all...

© Ærø Færgerne


6440, Augustenborg

Ærø has it all - including a “door-to-door” ferry... The lovely island in the South of Funen Archipelago offers the best preserved borough in Denmark, maritime environments, picturesque...

© Conni Ernst

Ferry Ballebro-Hardeshøj

6430, Nordborg

Take a break on the Ferry Bittenbetween Ballebro and Hardeshøj

Make the journey an adventure – take the ferry between Ballebro and Hardeshøj.

Take a break from traffic enjoy a quiet moment and buil...


5970, Ærøskøbing

Ærøfærgerne (the ferry company) serves 3 routes between Ærø and Fyn/Langeland/Als. Sailing from Faaborg - Søby - Fynshav with M/F Skjoldnæs, Ærøskøbing - Svendborg with both M/F Ærøskøbing and M/F Mar...

Langelands Færgen

5900, Rudkøbing

Departure every hour - almost around the clock...


5900, Rudkøbing

An outing to the island of Strynø, a half hour ferry trip from Rudkøbing, can easily be managed in one day, but you can also choose to stay overnight on the island. Strynø covers about 10 sq.km. and h...

© Ove Jensen

Assens - Baagø Færgen Aps/Assens–Baagø Ferry Company Ltd.

Crossing time: 29 minutes - Reservation for cars and groups nessesary
Ferry - Plan

Operates the ferry service between Assens and the ...


8930, Randers NØ

One of Denmark's smallest ferries can carry you over the fjord between Mellerup-Voer.
Cars are ferried across upon arrival, no waiting time.

Doesn't sail in March and April 2008

From 01/06/14-31/08...


9640, Farsø

Car ferry between Hvalpsund and Sundsøre Phone: 20 60 95 00...


9681, Ranum

MiniLine - Rønbjerg - Livø...

© Andreas


5700, Svendborg

Departures with reduced rates - ask shipping companyClick here for timetable...

© visitsvendborg


5700, Svendborg

Little ship from Svendborg to HjortøClick here for ...

Egholm ferry

9000, Aalborg

Visit and enjoy Egholm - the small island in the middel of the Limfjord, close to Aalborg. Beside the rich wild life and flora, the island has a child friendly beach which is perfect for fishing crabs...

© Kåre Thor Olsen

Stige Ferry

5000, Odense C

Stige Ferry is Denmark's smallest ferry owned by Odense and consists of two ferries: Ferry Hans and Stige II. The ferries sail between Stige and Bogø north of Odense. The channel is almost 80 feet wid...

Rømø-Sylt Linie

6792, Rømø

Make a trip with the Rømø-Sylt ferry. Cozy restaurant. Travel Value Shop. Faborably prices. Transport of lorries. Please notice that the prices only apply to a certain length of vehicles, contact appr...


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