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Galleri Art'O Deco

9460, Brovst

Galleri Art 'O Deco.
All year changing Accomodations....

Galleri Højmark

9460, Brovst

Gallery Højmark.
Open in weekend....

Art exhibition of paintings....


9460, Brovst

Different exhibitions...

Galleri Lien, Slettestrand

9690, Fjerritslev

In the Lien gallery there is different exhibitions round the year.
Beautifull antique Furnitures and art....

Galleri KC, Fjerritslev

9690, Fjerritslev

Different exhibition of Painting, Sculptures, Unika Glassware, arts and crafts and jewellery.

Open saturday and sunday 11:00 - 17:00 or by appointment....

Galleri Fiskehuset

9670, Løgstør

 is Denmarks smallest art studio and named after its location - a building formerly used to sell fish.

The studio opened in 1997 and in 2002 it was included in the Guinnes book of record...


9670, Løgstør

The harbour studio has existed on its current address for several years. There are two working artists here with a combined total of more than 500 pieces of art in painting, glass and stone.

The two ...

Sonja Hansen, Havneatelier

9670, Løgstør

Sonja Hansen, Havneatelier...

Galleri Jørn Bjerge

9670, Løgstør

Galleri Jørn Bjerge...


9670, Løgstør

By the harbour in Løgstør a new artistic part of town is appearing since several local artists have opened galleries and studios around the square.

On a warm Summer evening the atmosphere...

Den Gamle Smedje

9550, Mariager

In The Old Smithy in the middle of Mariager, Mette Bay Velling exhibits and sells arts and crafts, her own paintings, other kinds of handcrafts and many different gift items.

Local artists exhibits ...

Mariagerfjord Kunstrute

9550, Mariager

”Mariagerfjord Kunstrute”

Many of the artists in the Mariagerfjord area have joined together and created the group “Mariagerfjord Kunstrute”. A brochure has been made and here you find the names and ...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Galleri Halmtorvet

9550, Mariager

Galleri-Halmtorvet udstiller maleri, keramik og skulptur. Og skiftende udstillinger inden for kunsthåndværk.

Ring og aftal tid for besøg. Du er altid velkommen.

Ingen faste åbningstider....

Gallery Peninna

9550, Mariager


© Galleri Zeidler

Galleri Zeidler

9560, Hadsund

Lizzie Zeidler is an Øster Hurup born artist who lives and works in her Gallery in central Øster Hurup (on the way to the harbour)....

Galleri Laila Coulthard

9560, Hadsund

Acrylic painting on canvas and paper

Laila Coulthard works with nature abstractions, which are inspired by her journeys to Provence and by the nature which surrounds Mariager Fjord and the East Coast...

© visitMariagerfjord

Galleri Fruer

9560, Hadsund

Workshop - paintings - ironsculptures

Only by appointment.

Painting-courses with the artist Charlotte Breinholm - please ask at the Gallery/ phone.


Stoneware and unique pottery in her own design....

Zimmerart by Susanne Zimmer

9520, Skørping

The gallery has focus on the contemporary art with paintings, photography, ceramics and stone. The permanent exhibition is replaced 3 to 4 times a year by special exhibitions where we introduce artist...

Tine Lilholt

9520, Skørping


- Musician and artist
I have my own occupation, where I work with music and paintings. Both individually and in combination.

I've been so lucky to have always worked with my musical side. Ever sin...

Kjeld Thomsen

9520, Skørping

I've always been fascinated by the black and white image.Finding the opening in the individual images.In the classical interpretation a photograph is truth proof, but with digital techn...

Since 1996 I've worked with creating/ molding and expressing things in clay with my hands.Visualizing human communication,  till a new angle is created, that is the angle I like.

Nordic Studio

9520, Skørping

Gallery Nordic Studio

For the past twenty years "Nordic Studio" has worked with the production of pictures, paintings, illustrations, posters, brochures, etc.


© Marianne Have


A picture is a story without words ...

To many, being photographed is loaded with difficulties.
I place great emphasis on humor and a relaxed atmosphere during shooting.

Many of my photo shoots ...

Ole Skovsmose

9520, Skørping

"Currently the images I paint are about the gaze. The gaze that frames life's horizon.Perhaps when you step out of a bus, leaning back on a bench, watching a train pass.Maybe when you are wa...


It is mainly graphics and painting, I work with.
Usually, the point of origin is nature, but it is not always obvious....

Hans P. Skovsen - Rock Art

9520, Skørping

Rock Art

I primarily work in field stones or stones from gravel pits, as I find it more exciting than working with a granite block.
Field Stones reveal only what they contain, when you start workin...

Goldsmith Dorte Lausten

9520, Skørping

Dorte Lausten creates ornaments and altar silver in the field of tension between the rustic and the sophisticated.

She is educated by goldsmith Bent Exner, who shared his inspiration and skills of ar...

Michael Sasserson

9520, Skørping

Michael is a trained blacksmith, educator, and has attended art school for 6 years.Michael has throughout his life, used painting and drawing, as his way of communicating his view of life and the...

Gunilla Rosenberg

9520, Skørping

My paintings are a combination of watercolor and drawing.

I often find a dramatic approach - whether it comes to scenes with carcasses of humans and animals - or landscape - motifs, where Swedish roc...

Gravlev Art and Gallery

9520, Skørping

Lone and Jørn run an art gallery with, first of all, their own work, but they also show the works of different guest artist.
Open by appointment.


Gitte Klarup works with cold glass. 
She colours her own glass with her own colourblends.

The wild birds have in recent years become the primary product.
The products are sold all over Scandinavia an...

Baskets to order and baskets from stock are offered.
Courses in basket-weaving will be arranged.
Willows are also for sale.

Open: When we are home - call before visit on phonenumber
+45 23 90 19 61 o...

Author Helge V. Qvistorff

9575, Terndrup

Storyteller- Author - Lecturer - Illustrator....

Peter Vilhelm Nielsen

9520, Skørping

Watercolour and collage. It fascinates me to work with watercolor because the media demands that you work in the moment.Quickly and accurately you must underst...

Gallery Sunde

9520, Skørping

Vibeke Sunde makes large, unique sculptures of stoneware.


Gudrun Heyn-Johnsen

9293, Kongerslev

I paint oil on canvas and my paintings are abstract figurative.

My inspiration is the color and my ambition to provide the color with accurate form.

I inflict colors to the canvas - adds and reduce...

Niels Fabæk

9520, Skørping

Sometimes I wonder whether the world really need more pictures?

But although thousands of square kilometers are painted daily and several terabytes are photographed, there will always be stories to...

Lise Møller Design

9600, Aars

Lise Møller DesignLise Møller has been an independent designer and artist for the past 20 years. She does not make to jackets (windbreakers) that look the same.As an ow...

© Galleri Aalestrup

Galleri Aalestrup

9620, Aalestrup

Galleri Aalestrup...

Galleri Kvisten

9600, Aars

Galleri Kvisten...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9560, Hadsund

Hvirvelkærgård is a place where different artists have open workshops. You can stroll around and spend time seing the artist work and you can buy their finished products.

You can buy ladies clothes, ...

© Storhaven


9940, Læsø

Workshop with hand made candles in all shapes and colours..
Newly milled flour
Handmade soaps
Make your own candles
Mill flour for homebaking
Fun experience for the whole family....

© Læsø Uldstue

Læsø Uldstue

9940, Læsø

Læsø Uldstue is a unique and atmospheric shop. The premises are the old stable and barn buildings of the idyllic seaweed-thatched farm "Uldgaarden".
Læsø Uldstue is the place where the wool is grown....

© Luddes Hus

Luddes Hus

9940, Læsø

It is a good idea keep an eye open for the flags in front of Luddes Hus - the flags greet the public throughout the season, when Læsø Kunstforening opens the traditional house for temporary exhibition...

© Læsø Mohair

Læsø Mohair

9940, Læsø

Stocking, wool & rug...

© Læsø Glaspusteri

Læsø Glaspusteri

9940, Læsø

Læsø Glass Studio is located in the centre of the island in quiert and peaceful surroundings.
Here you can follow the creation of the beautiful glass up close.
The shop is in a light, high-ceilinged...


Here you can find beautiful, unique glass souvenirs & glass art at prices that will suit all pockets.
Items include small, quirky figures, pictures and nameplates. all these items are handmade and in...

© Galleri Nürnberg

Artist Lene Nürnberg Larsen uses different methods to highlight the many expressions of the clay, with ordinary clay oven, raku-firing and charcoal stack being used.

Many good gift ideas in the shop...


Showing 101 - 150 of 830 entries

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