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Former artificial island fortress constructed to protect the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour.

Today, Spar Shipping boats from Nyhavn will take you there during the months of June-July and August....

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1259, København K

In 1700, Copenhagen was bombarded from the sea, and in 1713 some old warship were set aground  by the straight and narrow path in the entering to Copenhagen so the city was better protected from the s...


1009, København K

One of three artificial islands guarding the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour - no longer of military significance used for recreational purposes.

During the Summer months - Spar Shipping on a reg...

Isenbjerg Hill Island

7430, Ikast

Isenbjerg Hill Island was created during the iceage approximately 100.000 years ago. The landscape has been beautifully shaped through the time. The sill island raises 30 metres above the heath. The a...


5960, Marstal

The island Birkholm is situated in the middle of the archipelago south of Funen. The island is just 96 hectares and is extremely flat.The highest elevation on Birkholm is a mere 1.8 metre above s...

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Tunø is less than one hours sailing from Hou.

The weather on Tunø is, on average, better than other places in the country due to the geographical position of the island. Thus you can find mulberry a...

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8300, Odder

The island of Alrø in Horsens fiord can be reached by car over a 1 km long dam which was constructed in 1929. The island is 7 km long and 5 km wide.

It has been inhabited since the stoneage and alon...

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6857, Blåvand

Langli - an Island in Ho Bugt. It is allowed to walk to Langli from 16 Juli to 15 September.

Watch the tides!

Dogs are not allowed on Langli....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

The island Lyø

5600, Faaborg

Lyø is situated 7 km south west of Faaborg. The island is 605 hectare and 4 km wide and it has 150 residents. In the middle of the island you find Lyø city and the village church with the round church...

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The island Avernakø

5600, Faaborg

Avernakø is situated in the South Funen Archipelago and is reachable by ferry from Faaborg. the sail lasts 30 min. and 70 min. if the route passes by Lyø. The island is about 8 km. long and accommodat...

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The island Bjørnø

5600, Faaborg

Bjørnø is situated in the South Funen Archipelago, 3.5 km south of Faaborg with about 40 residents. The island is roughly 3 km long. the trip from Faaborg, with a small ferry, lasts about 20 min. bjør...

Iholm Ø i Svendborgsund

5700, Svendborg

Iholm is a rather small island in Svendborgsund. No admittance to the public as the island is privately owned....

© knud mortensen


5700, Svendborg

In the middle of the South Funen archipelago
lies Drejø with its 75 odd inhabitants. You can
reach Drejø by ferry from Svendborg, an impressive
trip through Svendborgsund and past Skarø and Hjortø....

© visitsvendborg


5700, Svendborg

 Hjortø is one of the smallest and most untouched islands in the
South Funen archipelago with only 8 inhabitants. The island is reached
by the little ferry. Hjortø is carless and has no grocer, pub ...

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Skarø lies at the mouth of Svendborgsund and is serviced by the same ferry as the one serving Drejø. Thanks to the frequent ferry connection Skarø has many day trippers who profit from the fact t...

© Odense Kommune

A few years ago Stige Island was in use as a landfill, but now it has been cleaned up and turned into a nature/activity area. Among other things there is a dirt track for mountainbikes, a playground a...

Aarø was once Germany's northern most island and in the years between 1864 and 1920 there was quite a bit of smuggling between Aarø and Denmark.

However, today everything is idyllic on the small isl...

© VisitMariagerfjord


9560, Hadsund

Als Reef "Malolorca"

"Malolorca" is the unofficial, local name for the 1400 meter long beach-island of the coast off Als. The little island is a nice sandy beach, which is perfect for bathing in Katt...

© Bjørg Kiær

Easter holiday on Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

Easter at Ærø is the time and place to enjoy nature and each other - time to see the sunlight returning in spring, to feel the warm sun on your skin.
Easter on Ærø is time to be active - taking a wal...


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