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Christianshavn Library

1420, København K

Christianshavn Library is located in a special yellow building, the so-called 'Lagkagehuset', built by professor Edvard Thomsen in 1931. The site where the building is located was once a house of corr...

Copenhagen Main Library

1172, København K

At the library you can find the following services:

Various newspapers, also foreign ones
Book sale
Library Café
Computer facilities
Consumer INFO point
Internet access
Copy and fax mashines

Lyngby Library

2800, Kgs.Lyngby

The Library hall, the study café, and the Exibition gallery make up an area which can be isolated from the rest of the library during exhibitions, concerts, film presentations, readings ect.

In the ...

The library in Hirtshals offers books, music and other media for the family as well as free internet, copying and fax. We also have changing exhibitions with local art and handicraft....

© Hjørring Bibliotek

Hjørring Bibliotek (Library) and

Trekanten both contains a library and a culture house with many functions and offers. Throughout the year concerts, presentations and theatre performances are arranged.

Besides, rooms can be loaned ...

© Skagen Turistforening

Skagens Bibliotek

9990, Skagen

The Library is situated in Kulturhus Kappelborg.

The library is an open library which means it is a self-service solution most of the time where you lock yourself into the library and where you are n...

© VisitHerning

Herning Centralbibliotek

7400, Herning

We hope that you will enjoy using your local library, and please know that we look forward to helping you when you visit!  There is no charge to borrow from the library’s extensive collections of book...

© Visit Kolding

Kolding Library

6000, Kolding

When you visit Kolding Library, you will meet a dynamic house with information, learning and culture. The Library is an exciting place to visit for the whole family. We offer playing, games, cafe and ...

Fredericia Bibliotek

7000, Fredericia

The Library of Fredericia offers a wide range of books in English, German, French, and Italian.

Free Wifi...

© visit svendborg

Svendborg Bibliotek

5700, Svendborg

At the library in Svendborg there will be many activities.
The library are also experts in Bertolt Brecht and the Brecht House.

At the library yopu can also find a guide to all the sculptures in Sven...

© Udvikling Fyn / VisitAssens

Industrien Aarup

5560, Aarup

INDUSTRIEN has a library, cinema, music venue, gallery and Local History Archives....

Næstved Library

4700, Næstved

There are pc’s on all the libraries in Næstved municipality. Some are for the use of the library search engine, and others have access to the internet. The internet is primarily for information search...

The Culture Yard

3000, Helsingør

The Culture Yard is the new community center in Elsinore. It is an exiting building containing a ship yard museum, library, concert hall and changing exhibitions. With respect for the old buildings th...

Skørping Library

9520, Skørping

Skorping Library is situated in KulturStationen opposite Skorping station.
The library is located in a very vibrant house with many activities.
Here is one of many exciting exhibitions, cozy toddlers ...

Støvring Library

9530, Støvring

Støvring Library is the municipality's main library and is centrally located on the main street. Here you will find among many other new material collection, open magazine, cozy read-floor cafe and Pl...

Nørager Library

9610, Nørager

Nørager Bibliothek ist Teil des Kulturzentrums Look Into.
Die Bibliothek ist die Gemeinde die erste Self-Service-Bibliothek, der betyder bei Mellom Stunden. 09.00 zwei 21:00, alle 16 Jahre sogar sperr...

Terndrup Library

9575, Terndrup

Terndrup library is situated in the middle of the city's commercial center next to the bus station and SuperBrugsen. The library is large and spacious with an open magazine. There is also a very fine ...

© Marianne Diers

Rørvig Library

4581, Rørvig

Rørvig Library is a self-service library open from 6am to midnight daily. You need a social securitycard/usercard and a pin-code to enter. And you need to be registered as user. 

At the library you c...

© Marianne Diers

At Nykøbing Sjælland Library you can: Borrow magasines, books, games, films and music. Read todays papers. Make copies and print in black/white or colours. Send or receive fax. Use the internet on the...

© Marianne Diers

Asnæs Library

4550, Asnæs

At Asnæs Library you can: Borrow magasines, books, games, films and music. Read todays papers. Make copies and print in black/white or colours. Send or receive fax. Use the internet on the library com...

© Marianne Diers

Vig Library

4560, Vig

Vig Library is a self-service library. At the library you can: Borrow magasines, books, games, films and music. Make copies and print in black/white. Use the internet on the library computers or on ow...

© Marianne Diers

Odden Library

4583, Sjællands Odde

At Odden Library you can: Borrow magasines, books, games, films and music. Read todays papers. Make copies and print in black/white. Use the internet on the library computers or on own laptops.

The l...

© Marianne Diers

Hørve Library

4534, Hørve

At Hørve Library you can: Borrow magasines, books, games, films and music. Read todays paper: BTor Nordvestnyt. Make copies and print in black/white. Use the internet on the library computers or on ow...

© Middelfart Bibliotek


5500, Middelfart

The library
Childrens theater, concerts and much more. The library has many arrangements through the year.
We also have several books in other languages than danish.

Internet Cafe
We have several p...

© Morsø Folkebibliotek


7900, Nykøbing M

The library occupies part of the old Morso iron foundry which was closed down in the early 1990s - the 1st of January 2001 the new library stood ready.
As you walk around the library you’ll se the wal...

Ribe Bibliotek, © Ribe Bibliotek

Ribe Library

6760, Ribe

Visit the library in Ribe - Internet, music, movies, books.

Self-service opening hours: monday - Sunday 07.00-22.00...

© Kulturværftet

The Culture Yard Library is Helsingør municipality's largest library with more than 1000 visitors daily. It is located in the vibrant and architecturally interesting the Culture Yard overlooking the h...

© Hornbæk Bibliotek

Hornbæk Bibliotek

3100, Hornbæk

Library and tourist informationand in one with good long opening hours! Welcome to Hornbæk Library....

Farsø Bibliotek

9640, Farsø

Vesthimmerlands Bibliotek Farsø...

Løgstør Bibliotek

9670, Løgstør

Løgstør Bibliotek...

Aars Bibliotek

9600, Aars

Vesthimmerlands Bibliotek Aars...

Aalestrup Bibliotek

9620, Aalestrup

Aalestrup Bibliotek...


Showing 1 - 41 of 41 entries