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Ballen Havn

5700, Svendborg

Grocery-shopping at Syltemae Camping - distance 1.5 Km. Emergency telephone is available....

© Knud mortensen

Gambøt lystbådehavn

5700, Svendborg

Small harbour on Thurø....

© knud mortensen

Lundeborg habour has 20 permanent places and 80 guest places. Lundeborg new marina has 45 permanent places and 45 guest places...

© knud mortensen

Rantzausminde Lystbådehavn

5700, Svendborg

Small harbour in Rantzausminde near Maersk training Centre...

© visit svendborg

Svendborg Lystbådehavn

5700, Svendborg

Stationary berth: ca. 230visitors: see after the green sign....

© visit svendborg

Svendborg Trafik Havn

5700, Svendborg

look after green signs....

Svendborgsund Marina

5700, Svendborg

Residentplaces: 65Visitors: 5-15...

© knud mortensen

Troense Havn

5700, Svendborg

2 km to the gasstation for oil and gas....

Vesterrøn Havn

5700, Svendborg

Small cosy harbour by private houses. Close by forrest and baech. Shopping: grocer 1,7 km away....

© knud mortensen

Vindeby Havn, Tåsinge

5700, Svendborg

Vindeby Habour has 150 permanent places and 50 guest places...

Egense Marina

9280, Storvorde

Egense Marina is a charming little marina with very good facilities for yachting enthusiasts. You will find a newly renovated clubhouse with excellent common facilities. For children you will find a n...

Mou Marina & Mou Bridge

9280, Storvorde

Mou Marina is a cosy little marina that is situated a few kilometers into the East of Limfjorden. Even though Mou does not have a lot of attractions, it is one of the harbors that is kept up by local ...

© knud mortensen

Drejø Gl. Havn

5700, Svendborg

Drejøs old harbour....

© knud mortensen

Drejø Havn

5700, Svendborg

Petrol only in the summer...

Hjortø Havn

5700, Svendborg

Hjortø harbour...

Skarø Havn

5700, Svendborg

Visitors: ca. 50...

Ejby Harbour

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Ejby Harbour is a small fishing harbour with 50 berths. You can call into the harbour day and night, but only when the visibility is good.

South of the harbour the small island and popular vantage p...

© Helle Serup

Gershøj Harbour

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

The Gershøj Harbour is a small idyllic harbour in Roskilde Fjord with approx. 60 berths. Slipway for small boats - crane available on request.

It might be difficult to call into the port at north-ea...

© Lars Plejdrup

Herslev Harbour

4000, Roskilde

Herslev Harbour is a quiet harbour surrounded by open areas. A different kind of harbour, very attractive and full of charm and well worth a visit.

With its beach the harbour is ideal for families w...

© Colourbox

The dinghy harbour is on the east-side of the sluice, and has continously been modernized. The latest expansion was in 2006, where the basin east of the old auction house was expanded with a bridge, w...

© Panoramio

Helmklink Harbour

6990, Ulfborg

Helmklink Harbour was founded in 1910.

In recent years the harbour has been expanded, so it now has docks for up to 99 boats. This makes Helmklink Harbour the largest harbour in Nissum Fjord.

In the...

© morsø turistbureau

SundbyHarbour has been completely renovated in 2013. The Harbour at Sundby on the western part of the island was constructed at the old ferry berth, which was superseded by the making of Vildsundbroen...

© Fotograf Mauro Barbacci´

Assens business port

5610, Assens

Assens business port improves facilities for pleasure boats over 14 meters/ 20 ton, which cannot engage in Assens Marina.
On the southern side of the middle pier, by the red warehouse, larger pleasure...

© Handbjerg Marina

Handbjerg Marina

7830, Vinderup

Handbjerg Marina is placed between Vinderup and Struer, and it was opened on may 17th 2014. The cozy Handbjerg Marina is located in Venø bay in the beautifull Limfjord.

At the Marina you can dine at ...

© Bjørg Kiær

Sourrounded by some of the loveliest countryside on Ærø, the town of Søby is the focal point of the north-western part of the island.

Søby is most renowned for the islands largest and most progressiv...

© Bjørg Kiær

Marstal is the largest town on Ærø - and its long maritime history is reflected everywhere.

For centuries, Marstal vessels have sailed the seven seas - and even today the Marstal coasters show the fl...

© Greve Kommune

Hundige Havn

2670, Greve

The Harbour Office is open all year.

Visiting boats can report to the Harbour Office or pay at the slot maschine on arrival.

Hundige Harbour is a modern marina with one of Denmark's best bathing bea...

© Greve Kommune

Member of the Free Port Arrangement.

The kiosk is open from 1 May-31 August.

Payment required for electricity, water and bath with a special card, on sale by the harbour master, or at the kiosk whe...

Hesnæs Yachtharbour

4850, Stubbekøbing

Hesnæs is a small fishing village. It is unique with its distinctive reed covered houses that are not to be found anywhere else in Denmark. The  7 thatched houses are also covered with an insulating l...

Klintebjerg Harbour

5450, Otterup

Klintebjerg harbour is a small private harbour on the North Funen side of Odense Fjord. From here you have a great view of the fjord. Vigelsø, the largest island in Odense Fjord, is located nearby, an...

Kragenæs Marina

4943, Torrig L

Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp offers superb modern facilities to suit all ages.

The inlet to Kragenæs Marina is again 3 meter deep

The campsite has a playground with mini cycles and a bouncy cushion, a b...

The Harbour area in Juelsminde offers you a lot of exiting stories and tales that will automatically come alive, when you visit the place.
Here you will experience the authentic atmosphere that takes...


Showing 251 - 282 of 282 entries

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