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© Søren Wesseltoft

Marbæk Lystbådehavn

3600, Frederikssund

Marbæk Lystbådehavn

The Marbæk Marina has a Club House, a shop and several barbeque sites available to visitors. During the summer the marina is open from early morning till late in the evening. In ...

© Søren Wesseltoft

Kulhuse havn

3630, Jægerspris

Kulhuse havnThere is a fine sandy beach right next to the harbour at Kulhuse. ...

© Søren Wesseltoft

Frederikssund Lystbådehavn

3600, Frederikssund

Frederikssund Lystbådehavn A.m.b.a. The Frederikssund Marina is situated just beside the outdoor site of the annual Frederikssund viking play and the Frederikssund Viking Settlement with its...

© Finn Jørgensen

Skuldelev Havn

4050, Skibby

 Skuldelev Havn Skuldelev harbour is a free harbour. There are ideal sailing conditions for beginners due to the protection provided by the high ridge of land at Skuldelev. Distance to ...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Smooth harbour with many facilities.
Payment: Length 0-9 m/100 dkk., over 9 m/130 dkk....

© Avernakø Bådehavn

Avernakø Bådehavn

5600, Faaborg

Beautiful situated on the smal island Avernakø....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Dyreborg Harbour

5600, Faaborg

Idyllic little harbour....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Faldsled Harbour

5642, Millinge

Little idyllic harbour in the village Faldsled, about 10 km NV from Faaborg....

© Lyø Lystbådehavn

Lyø Harbour

5600, Faaborg

Lyø is situated 7 km south west of Faaborg. The island is 605 hectare and 4 km wide and it has 150 residents. In the middle of the island you find Lyø city and the village church with the round c...

© Korshavn Avernakø

Korshavn Bro, Avernakø

5600, Faaborg

Beautiful little harbour on the island Avernakø in the south funen Archipelago....

© faaborg havn

Faaborg Harbour

5600, Faaborg

Faaborg Harbour is very popular. A fact stated by 13.000 visiting yachts every year. No wonder, considering that we are situated right in the middle of the probably most attractive waters in Denmark.

© VisitHaderslev

Aarøsund Yacht harbour

6100, Haderslev

Årøsund Yacht harbour has room for 151 boats.In Årøsund you find a grocery, Grillbar, Restaurant, WC and Wash salon....

© VisitHaderslev

Aarø Havn

6100, Haderslev

Aarø harbour is a nice little harbour. Here is bath, wc, playground, water, electricity and harbouroffice.Room for 70 boats....

Haderslev Havn

6100, Haderslev

Haderslev Yacht harbour lies in the end of the beautiful Haderslev Fjord. You can walk to the center of Haderslev, with the old part of town, in 5-10 Minutes....


Hirtshals Marina (marina)

9850, Hirtshals

It is rare to find such an attractive and centrally located marina as the one in Hirtshals, directly adjacent to the town centre, and the shopping streets that offers a view of the harbour and the sea...

Holbæk Gl. Havn

4300, Holbæk

HOLBÆK HARBOUR near the town centre is worth a visit. See the old harbour with its exciting atmosphere and some good restaurants. Further east you will see moder...

Hørby Harbour

4300, Holbæk

Visit Hoerby Harbour at Tuse Naes....

Thorsminde Fiskerihavn

6990, Ulfborg

Thorsminde Harbour is situated by the drainage sluice from Nissum Fjord. Earlier on, all vessels had to be sluiced through the small lock connecting the sea and the fiord/The Old Harbour on the east s...

© Colourbox

The dinghy harbour is on the east-side of the sluice, and has continously been modernized. The latest expansion was in 2006, where the basin east of the old auction house was expanded with a bridge, w...

© Panoramio

Helmklink Harbour

6990, Ulfborg

Helmklink Harbour was founded in 1910.

In recent years the harbour has been expanded, so it now has docks for up to 99 boats. This makes Helmklink Harbour the largest harbour in Nissum Fjord.

In the...

© Handbjerg Marina

Handbjerg Marina

7830, Vinderup

Handbjerg Marina is placed between Vinderup and Struer, and it was opened on may 17th 2014. The cozy Handbjerg Marina is located in Venø bay in the beautifull Limfjord.

At the Marina you can dine at ...

Rungsted Harbour

2960, Rungsted Kyst

Rungsted Harbour, which faces the Øresund Strait, has a visitors' jetty, a tourist information office, several shops and various restaurants and cafés. Situated next to the very child-friendly ...

Hou Harbour

9370, Hals

Hou Harbour is situated directly at the Kattegat. It is an old, cosy fishing village where fishing with small dinghies took plads on the beach. In 1946, the building of the harbor started. In the begi...

Hals Harbour

9370, Hals

Hals is situated at the mouth of the Limfjord in Aalborg Bay. It is the first port in the Limfjord from the east. The pleasant harbor is directly next to Hals and therefore has a number of stores, res...

Egense Marina

9280, Storvorde

Egense Marina is a charming little marina with very good facilities for yachting enthusiasts. You will find a newly renovated clubhouse with excellent common facilities. For children you will find a n...

Mou Marina & Mou Bridge

9280, Storvorde

Mou Marina is a cosy little marina that is situated a few kilometers into the East of Limfjorden. Even though Mou does not have a lot of attractions, it is one of the harbors that is kept up by local ...

© Ishøj kommune

Ishøj Marina

2635, Ishøj

Type: Yacht harbour, marina & jetty.
Position: 55o36, 596'N 12o24, 127'E S-pierhead.

Ishøj Harbour lies in the middle of the Beach Park (Strandparken) only about 200 metres from a wonderful sandy bea...

Gjøl Havn, Aabybro

9440, Aabybro

An old fishing village in which today is converted into a modern marina for yacht- and competitive sailors.The Habour on Gjøl was originally build in the 1930's and was home to 22 fishing bo...

Attrup Havn

9460, Brovst

Left basin 2 meters deep, eastern basin 1 meter deep....

Haverslev Havn

9690, Fjerritslev

Haverslev Havn is situated beautifull by the Limfjord....

Snaptun Marina a.m.b.a.

7130, Juelsminde

Snaptun is a delightful little ferry harbour and fishing hamlet at the entrance to Horsens Fjord.

The harbour features a new clubhouse with a bistro and a small shop. 

The harbour master: 0045 2026...

Rosenvold Harbour

7140, Stouby

There is not any harbour master's office at Rosenvold yachting harbour. The harbour master is present two times per day.Otherwise the payment has to be made in the mail box&nb...

Harbour of the Year 2012!

The harbour which was certified with the blue flag 2012 is navigable night and day.

Price: smaller than 12 metre Dkk 140,- per day.Between 12 and 15 metre Dkk 150,- per day...

The Harbour area in Juelsminde offers you a lot of exiting stories and tales that will automatically come alive, when you visit the place.
Here you will experience the authentic atmosphere that takes...

Mullerup Havn

4200, Slagelse


Kalundborg Marina

4400, Kalundborg

The harbour-office at Baltic Plads is open Monday-Thursday at 7-15,30, Friday at 7-15....

The Harbour of Røsnæs

4400, Kalundborg

The Harbour of Røsnæs is called The Harbour of Nyby too.The owner is the municipality of Kalundborg, but 'The Harbour of Kalundborg is the manager. ...

Reersø Havn

4281, Gørlev

Public house - Grocery...

Havnsø Havn

4591, Føllenslev

The harbour has facilities for regular as well as visiting boats. There are 250 berths for yachts and a similar number of winter berths. For further information contact theharbour ...

Nekseloe Jetty

4591, Føllenslev

Nekselø harbour is beautifully situated in the middle of Nekseloe Bay. Small, with just a few berths. It has no facilities....

© Ulla Fibiger

Skælskør Marina

4230, Skælskør

Skaelskoer yacht harbour is beatifull situated in Skaelskoer Fjord - the harbour is connected to the free harbour arranging with free stay, all facilities lies few minutes from the yachtharbour.

© vsvs

Omø Marina

4230, Skælskør

55° 10,3’ N · 11° 09,7’ E
A small island located in The Great Belt 45 minutes by ferry boat from Stignæs harbour. Omø is 4.5 square kilometres with a 12 km coastline. The harbour has a ferry boat bert...

© vsvs

Korsør Marina

4220, Korsør

Welcome to Korsør Marina – one of the most centrally located harbours in Denmark. In the harbour, there are berths for 450 boats along six landing stages, which mean ...

© Ulla Fibiger

Agersø Marina

4230, Skælskør

On the Eastern side of Agersø, just south of the ferryterminal, is the attractive yachtharbour with ca. 100 places and good facilities for the sailers in the harbour.  Harbour master:&n...

© vsvs

Skælskør Marina

4230, Skælskør

Skaelskoer Harbour is litterally right in the centre of town. Close to the charm,bustle and shopping facilities of this old market town. There are several jetties and a total of 110 berths, making it ...

© Ulla Fibiger

Bisserup Marina

4243, Rude

Small, beautiful fishing- and yacht harbour close to the beach - clubhouse containing kitchen with water, el-cooker and refregirator can be used by the guests - the key can be held at the harbour- mas...

The harbour has facilities for visiting boats.
175 berths for yachts.
A modern building with bathrooms was built in 1996. 

The harbour master is a busy man, but almost always to be found....

Kerteminde's marina is one of Funens largest with approximately 700 berths. Even the most fussiest sailors will find all their needs satisfied. Because of its location in the middle of Kerte...

Korshavn, Fyns Hoved

5390, Martofte

Korshavn is a nature-harbour situated in beautiful surroundings.Read more about Korshavn and Kerteminde at

Boels bro

5330, Munkebo

Boels Bro Bådehavn ligger på "bagsiden" af Munkebo i Odense Fjord, op og ned af et af verdens største skibsværfter, Odense Staalskibsværft, Lindø.
Havnen er udlejet til Bådeejerforeningen Boels Bro so...


Showing 51 - 100 of 278 entries

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