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Sankt Pauls Church

1314, København K

Consecrated 1877, restored last time in 1993. Built in Italian Romanesque style.

Situated in the middle of Nyboder, a village within the city....

Sct. Ansgars Church

1260, København K

The Roman-Catholic cathedral of Copenhagen, in use from 1842, built in classicist style at the the site of the chapel of the Austrian Embassy, erected in 1742.

Apse decoration from 1865 when the chu...

Holmens Church

1060, København K

Survived the blaze
Miraculously, the Holmens Church survived the fires that devastated much of the city in earlier centuries. Not only is the Holmens Church the oldest piece of Renaissance arch...

© Christians Kirke

Christian's Church

1401, København K

Christian's Church in Christianshavn was consecrated in 1759, and the steeple finished in 1769. It served as a church for the German congregation at Christianshavn until 1886 when it was taken out of ...

Villingerød Kirke

3120, Dronningmølle

Built in 1906. Lovely light and airy church room with unusual and pretty colour coordination of the wood-work....

Vejby Church

3210, Vejby

The original church at Vejby was built for the nobility around 1100 in the Anglo-Saxon/Norman style and is thought to have been in swedish sandstone. The original tower was partially demolished early ...

Valby Kirke

3200, Helsinge

Valby Church is visible for miles around.Built in dressed sandstone, it features characteristics of english architectural styles. Around the year 1300 the western end of the church was extended. The t...

Ramløse Kirke

3200, Helsinge

The chancel and nave were built in the Romanesque style around 1150.Later extentions in the gothic style left chancel and nave equal in length,a very unusual feature. The gable of the tower fell down ...

Tibirke Church

3220, Tisvildeleje

Tibirke Church is believed to have been built around 1120-1130 as a small Romaneswue granite church comprising the second and third bays of the present building and a small chancel and apse. During th...

Helsinge church

3200, Helsinge

The oldest parts of Helsinge Church its nave and chancel, were built approximately 800 years ago in the romanesque style.The nave was extended and the tower built in about 1450 using large medieval br...

The church in Søborg

3250, Gilleleje

The Søborg Church was built in the beginning of the 13th. century as a parish church to the market town Søborg. In those days Søborg was royal property under the Søborg Castle and it is likely that th...

Gilleleje church

3250, Gilleleje

Gilleleje Church was built about 1530.During World War II many Jewish refugees were concealed in the roofspace of the church, waiting for opportunity to flee to Sweden. Local fishermen, at g...

Lynæs Church

3390, Hundested

Lynæs church was build in 1901 of hewn granite boulders.  There is a leaflet about the church at the tourist office. To see inside, ask the church-warden for the key....


3520, Farum

Architect at the church was Johann Otto von Spreckelsen. In the architecture of the church, visitors can explore Spreckelsens the caracteristic use of the square ­ but also the sphere, the cylind...

Magnificent Renaissance cathedral enlarged and rebuilt 1588 to its present appearence. The interior is very rich with a destinctive and typical Nordic light from 12 big windows, which add a rare elega...

Large medieval village church dating back to early 12th century. Fine and rare frescos in the choir. The great old tower was originally built as a fortress, which the local peasants could use as a str...

Joerlunde Village Church

3550, Slangerup

The church of Joerlunde is a nobleman's church and built year approximately year 1100. It was Lord Skjalm-Hvide, who errected the church. Most of the walls are built from chalkstones. By the middle of...

Uvelse Village Church

3550, Slangerup

Uvelse Church - an architectural treasure in red medieval brickwork from the early beginning af 12th century. Despite recent alterations it is extremely well preserved and during the winter 2000/2001 ...

Skævinge Village Church

3320, Skævinge

Beautiful and highly interesting village church dating back to late viking age. The church has been carefully restored in 2003. On the walls are some of the greatest frescos painted in 1550 and displa...

The construction of the church finished in 1559. The oldest part from 1200. Furnishings mainly from the 17th century.Baptismal font from 1579. Wood carvings from the 17th century.The ch...


The Carlelite Monastery

3000, Helsingør

The Carmelite monastery and Sanct Mary's Church is one of the best preserved medieval monasteries in northern Europe. The monastery was founded in 1430 when Eric of Pomerania invited Carmelite monks, ...

© Organist Søren Gleerup

Sct. Mariæ Church

3000, Helsingør

Very well preserved late medieval building in gothic style.
The organ was played by the famous composer Dietrich Buxtehude during the period 1660-1668 when he was the church' organ player.
The organ ...

The church was inaugurated March 27th, 1994. To connect this new and modern church to history and traditions of the two local and medieval chuches 4 stones were taken from the church in Lynge and 2 fr...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Esbønderup church

3230, Græsted

The church dates from the beginning of the 12th century and has a Romanesque stone wall in the original main section....

© Mårum Kirke

Mårum Kirke

3230, Græsted

The church stands out as a 12th century romanesque granite building.The flat beamed ceiling was pulled down in about 1500 and a vaulted ceiling put in its place.Until 1739 the tower was wooden an sto...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Græsted church

3230, Græsted

From around the year 1200 in Romanesque style with Gothic annexes. Candelier by Caspar Finke, King Christian 4´s locksmith....

Blistrup church

3230, Græsted

The Church Blistrup is a Romancesque granite boulder building. Consecrated in 1140 to Maria the Virgin. Altarpiece of Eckersberg....

Humlebæk Kirke

3050, Humlebæk

Frederiksborg chapel

3400, Hillerød

The palace chapel is part of the Museum, but funktions also as a parish church. It is therefore closed to visitors during church services.The Chapel was the absolute monarch´s coronation chapel. ...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Kronborg Castlechurch

3000, Helsingør

Kronborg Castle Church was consecrated in 1582 and it was not affected by the big fire in 1629, so the richly carved and painted inventory is well preserved. During a period the church was used as a p...

Galten Church

8464, Galten

Galten Church is inspired by a German mountain church and was consecrated in 1884. Shortly before the new church was built, the original Romanesque church from mid-1100 was demolished. Among other thi...

Skivholme Church

8464, Galten

Skivholme Church is situated on the hill between Herskind and Skivholme. The nave and choir are from Roman times, erected between 1050 and 1250 in granite boulders and travertines. The tower and the p...

Dover Church

8660, Skanderborg

Dover church is consecrated to Saint Andrew and consists of a roman choir and nave. The tower and the porch have been added later. 

The altarpiece consists of two elements of interest: Columns in Tus...

Veng Monastery Church

8660, Skanderborg

Veng Church is probably the oldest monastery church in Denmark. It was built by the Benediktines around 1100. The church remains in its original construction, as it avoided all the church re...

Ousted Church

8660, Skanderborg

Ousted church is among the highest situated churches in Jutland and can be seen from a great distance. It is placed in the immediate vicinity of Ejer Baunehøj.
Roman choir and nave with westward late ...

Skanderup Church

8660, Skanderborg

Today, the lovely Skanderup Church lies practically surrounded by the town of Skanderborg. More than 100 years ago the church stood alone on a slope near the lake, visible from far away and surrounded...

Fruering Church

8660, Skanderborg

The name Fruering (Lady’s Ring) indicates with great probability that the church was consecrated to Our Lady the Virgin Mary. 

The church consists of a roman nave with a choir part and a heavy tower ...

Stilling Church

8660, Skanderborg

Beautifully situated little church beside Lake Stilling.

Choir and nave built around 1200 in granite stone. The porch to the south and the "roof riden" are from 1886.

Chalkpainting dating from abou...

Blegind Church

8362, Hørning

Beautiful white-washed roman church with a tower raised on stilts and porch from about the year 1200.
Inside the church epitaphs and gravestones for former vicars can be seen. You will also find a cru...

Hylke Church

8660, Skanderborg

Impressive white-washed church consisting of roman choir and nave with two late gothic extensions: a westward tower and a southward porch. The roman part is constructed in granite ashlars. 

Epitaph i...

Mesing Church

8660, Skanderborg

Exceptionally picturesque church with a roman choir and nave in carved granite ashlars with a very fine play of colours.
Porch and tower have been added during the Late Middle Ages. The tower is a so-...

Tåning Church

8660, Skanderborg

The church in Tåning is built at the highest point in the middle of the village.

From the cemetery is a beautiful view to the east beyond Tåning meadows, on to Skanderborg and to the north of Mossø ...

Vitved Church

8660, Skanderborg

Beautiful white chalked church with Roman choir and nave with late Cothic Western front wing and a small half-timbered "roof rider".Open all year from sunrise ringing to sunset ringing....

Hørning Church

8362, Hørning

Hørning church was built in the late 1100-century.

In 2004/2005 the church completed a major restoration, where the tower room was involved in the church.

Today it stands simple, light and friendl...

Adslev Church

8362, Hørning

Roman choir and nave in granite stone (around 1175). The porch has been added later. The tower is a replacement for an older tower which collapsed around 1800.
Beautiful altarpiece with late Gothic fi...

Sct. Nicolai kirke

3700, Rønne

Originally from 1275 and it was dedicated to the seamens saint Sct. Nicolai.Roenne church is thought to be the only church in the world with a granit stone floor in the entire church....

Sct. Povls Kirke

3730, Nexø

Lovely frescos are to be found in the church. A description of the church is to be found inside, in German and Danish.Photo Finn Hansen...

Østerlars Rundkirke

3760, Gudhjem

Bornholms largest and oldest round church. Built in 1150. Original underroof. The roof built in 1744, also the pillars are built later. 3 runic stones from 1050. Gravestones (made of limestones from G...

Sct. Peders Kirke

3720, Aakirkeby

Bornholms oldest parish church, which is still in use. ...

Allinge Kirke

3770, Allinge

Allinge church was erected about 1500, and extended in 1896. In 1962 a new frobenius organ was installed. In and around the church are placed several grave stones to commemorate generals who served at...


Showing 1 - 50 of 1127 entries

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