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© Hygum Kirke, Harboöre

Hygum Kirke, Harboöre

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Hygum was built in 1100

The Church consist of a Romanesque choir and ship with 3 extension. A Tower in the western side, a sacristy North from the Choir....

© Lemvig Kirke, Lemvig

Lemvig Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Lemvig

Romanesque church was built of rough granite stone during th years 1200 to 1250. Stones in the base of the church and in the font - with carved rope ornament - date back to this ...

© Valgmenighedskirke, Lemvig

The free church of Lemvig called " Johanneschurch"

The church was built in 1883 by constructer A. Bentsen, Vallekilde. The church consist of a octagonal aisle, of which there is 4 short cross arms wi...

© Moborg Kirke, Lemvig

Møborg Kirke, Lemvig

7660, Bækmarksbro

The Church of Möborg

In the porch is a old chest from 1621, there were used for the churces preciousness. In the altarpiece is a alabaster picture from the year 1400....

© Nees Kirke, Lemvig

Nees Kirke, Vemb

7570, Vemb

The Church of Nees

The church is built of fieldstone. The altarpiece is in Renaissance style and the pulpit in baroque style....

© Norlem Kirke, Lemvig

Nørlem Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

Nørlem Church is located on the eastern ridge above Lemvig

From the church tower you can look out over the Lim Fiord all the way to the North Sea. The tower was built in the late Gothic period (from...

© Nr. Nissum Kirke, Lemvig

The Church of Nörre Nissum

The church's choir and ship is built in the year 1100. The tower and porch is from about the year 1500. Romanesque church....

© Ramme Kirke, Lemvig

Ramme Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Ramme

The leadroofing Church of Ramme, lay in the South end of the city Ramme. In the church is a Romanesque choir and ship and a sengotisk west - tower....

© Rom Kirke, Lemvig

Rom Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Rom

The Church was originally a district church, that's why its that small. The churc's inside wall is made of plane ashlar....

© Lemvig Turistbureau

Thyborøn Kirke

7680, Thyborøn

The church of Thyborøn

The original church was constructed in 1908 expanded in 1936-37 with capacity of 350 visitors. In 2009 the church was teared down due to the fact that wind and weather had made...

© Trans Kirke, Lemvig

The Church of Trans - The Church on the edge of the Northsea

The Church was placed in the middel of the parish, but the sea did its charge and took the half of the parish. But today the sea is quiet....

© Torring Kirke, Lemvig

Tørring Kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Tørring

The Church was built in 1100, on a 44 m. high hill. The 20 m. high tower was used as seamark for the inlet and the sea....

© Vandborg Kirke, Lemvig

Vandborg kirke, Lemvig

7620, Lemvig

The Church of Vandborg

The Church has a Romanesque Choir and ship with vault....

Ny Sogn Kirke

6950, Ringkøbing

One of Denmarks largest village churches.

The church was built in 1225 and is both romanesque and early gothic. It is the fourth or fifth largest village in Denmark and also the most peculiar. Was or...

Norman church from the 10th. century.

This large Romanesque Church in granite ashlar form the 1100s has an unusually picturesque position on the hill island with a view over most of Ringkoebing Fjord...

Each church has its own story to tell. This can be because a particular church is closely associated with certain persons whose impertance for the area has been very significant, or because it has a s...

Gudum Church

9280, Storvorde

Gudum Church...

Mou Kirke

9280, Storvorde

Each church in Lille Vildmose has its own story to tell. This can be because a particular church is closely associated with certain persons whose importance for the area size or location that makes it...

© knud mortensen

Svendborg Pinsekirke

5700, Svendborg

The Pentecostal congregation in Svendborg was founded in 1926. The first many years the congregation met in different places in town. About 1975 the congregation bought some land in the middle of town...

© Allerslev Kirke

Allerslev Church

4320, Lejre

Small beautiful village church with high vaults and an unusually strong tower. Completely restored in 1996-97. Small, fine Frederik Nielsen organ. Please see the we...

Osted Church

4000, Roskilde

The Osted Church is a large village church the construction of which mirrors  redecorations and extensions through generations.In 1986-87 the medieval gravesto...

© Dorte Hartig

Karlslunde Strandchurch

2690, Karlslunde

Modern church, seating for about 375 persons

Font and alter silver drawn by Jorgen Dahlerup. Dish made by Kosta Boda.

The base is blue Ronnegranite.


© Produktejer

Greve Kirke

2670, Greve

The oldest part of the church dates from the end of the 11th century

Has undoubtedly replaced a mouldered wooden church from the time just after the introduction of christianity

The church was orig...

© Produktejer

The interior is characteriesed by a classic, ideally balanced design.

Classic church interior with white walls and a high ceiling.

The tapestries were created by weaveress Vibeke Gregers and

© Produktejer

Mosede Church

2670, Greve

The Church has a sweeping roof and upside down dome.

Seperate bell tower and central church designed on athe pattern of the Last Supper Room in Jerusalem.

The stained glass paintings decorating the ...

Olstrup Kirke

4895, Errindlev

The church is consecrated to St. Laurentius.In its architectural respect just a little gem.There are chalk paintings on the eastern wall.Altar pillars from 1500th centur...

Annisse church

3200, Helsinge

Graces a hill near Arresø Lake, and is stonebuilt in the Romanesque style with granite quoins.The nave and chancel date back to about 1080. A gothic extension to the chancel was added between 1400-145...

Aarø Kirke

6100, Haderslev

Small red brick church with red tiled roof. Altar of mulberry wood and granite font. Beautiful stained glass east window showing a victorious Christ. The church has 50 seats....


Showing 1151 - 1179 of 1179 entries

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