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Den The Genetically Modified Little Mermaid

On a new square by one of the old warehouses in the Copenhagen Harbour, 'Dahlerups Pakhus', the Danish professor Bjørn Nørgaard has created a sculpture group called 'The Genetically Modified Paradise'...

The Fishwife

1202, København K

The address "Gammel Strand" (i.e. Old Beach) refers to the fact that the street formed part of the waterfront towards Øresund and the oldest harbour.

This was the location of the Copenhagen Fish Mar...

Christian X statue, © Jacob Poul Skoubo

Christian X statue

1260, København K

Christian X, (1870-1947) was an extremely popular monarch, especially because he served as a gathering point for the Danes during the Second World War.

This monument reminds us of his daily rides thr...

Marple Church, © simononly

Surrounding the Marble Church are 14 statues of personalities from the History of the Danish Church - one of these is Danish philosopher/poet Søren Kierkegaard....

Carl Nielsen Statue

The statue of Carl Nielsen

1270, København K

Not far from Kastellet in the neighbourhood of Østerbro you will find this monument named 'Funen Spring'.

It is a monument not only for the composer Carl Nielsen (1865-1931) but also for the many thi...

Søren Kierkegaard, © Cumulius

This memorial for the Danish poet and philosopher (1813-55) has found an adequate location in the peaceful garden of the Royal Danish Library....

The Snake Killer / Justice

1567, København V

In the courtyard of the Police Headquarters is a bronce statue of a young man stepping on a snake. He holds a scourge high above his head with which he seemingly intends to punish the worm of injustic...

Christian IV

1327, København K

King of Denmark 1588-1648 and son of Frederik 2. and queen Sophie of Mecklenburg....

H.C. Andersen statue

Hans Christian Andersen

1050, København K

Memorial of Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875) sitting with a book in his hands.

On the plinth there are various brass reliefs illustrating the Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tales 'The Ugly Ducklin...

Dragon Fountain, © Urban_Lenny

Dragon Fountain

1550, København V

The Dragon Fountain at Copenhagen City Hall Square was made from a model in 1889 and was originally intended for Amagertorv but lost to the The Stork Fountain.

In 1904 a bronze basin was erected with...

Gefion Fountain

1263, København K

The Gefion Fountain is a large fountain on the harbour front. It features a large-scale group of animal figures being driven by the legendary Norse goddess, Gefjun.

It is located in Langelinie Park ...

Two Danish poets from the second half of the 18th Century....

The Liberty Column, © Valerio Fuoglio

The Liberty Column

1620, København V

The Liberty Column in Copenhagen is a 20 meter tall Obelisque, erected in memory of the peasant reforms, 20 June 1788. These reforms led to the abolition of the adscription.

The four symbolic female ...

Caritas / 'Guldæblespringvandet' was erected by King Christian IV at the same time as the third City Hall in Copenhagen (1606-1610).

Caritas means charity and refers to the sculpture group on the top...

The Stork Fountain

The Stork Fountain

1160, København K

The Stork Fountain is located on Amagertorv in central Copenhagen and is the best-known fountain in this part of the world. The fountain was inaugurated in 1894.

Since 1950 it has been a tradition th...

The Lure Players, © Jens Rost

The Lure Players

1550, København V

The Lure Players is a monument on Copenhagen City Hall Square, which depicts two Lure Players placed on a column. The two Lure Players are made of bronze, while the column is made of brick. The overal...

Georg Brandes

1307, København K

Georg Brandes was a prominent Danish literary critic and scholar who had great influence on Scandinavian and European literature from the 1870s through the turn of the 20th century.

Brandes is seen ...

Statue of Absalon, © Jonas Smith

Staue of Absalon

1200, København K

The equestrian statue of Bishop Absalon, founder of the city of Copenhagen, was errected in 1902.

The fish and wavy lines on the base of the statue symbolise the herring fishing, which in Medieval ti...

Forsvundet i tiden, © Jeppe Carlsen

The many fortifications around Copenhagen, which together constitute Copenhagen’s Fortifications ("Københavns Befæstning"), offer lots of exciting experiences for children and adults alike.

About 20...

© Finn Christoffersen

Bernstorff Slot

2820, Gentofte

Bernstorff Castle in Gentofte was built in 1765, and was originally a summer house for the foreign minister of the time Johan Hartvig Ernst Bernstorff.

The castle has been open as a hotel and confer...

© Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

The Little Mermaid

2100, København Ø

At Langelinje Pier you will find one of Copenhagen's most famous tourist attractions: The sculpture of The Little Mermaid. 23 August 2013 she turned 100 years old.

Unveiled on 23 August 1913, The Lit...

© Lars Høgsted

Ryvangen Memorial Park

2900, Hellerup

Ryvangen Memorial Park (Mindelunden) in Hellerup on the outskirts of Copenhagen is a beautiful park commemorating the Danish freedom fighters who were executed here or elsewhere, or died in German con...

© Connie Maria Westergaard

Our Fallen statue

1263, København K

Our Fallen in Danish and allied military service 1940 - 1945 - Erected by the Danish people. That is the wording on the bronze monument at the entrance to the Citadel in Copenhagen.

The monument was ...

© Connie Maria Westergaard

The Monument for Denmark’s International Effort Since 1948 by artist Finn Reinbothe was erected by the Danish people and inaugurated on Flag Day 5 September 2011.

You will find the monument in the Ci...

© Simon Lautrop


3480, Fredensborg

As a part of the castle grounds of Fredensborg Palace, located north of Copenhagen, Nordmandsdalen sculpture park displays baroque statues commissioned by the king in the 1700s.

Today, the statues st...

Equestrian statue of Frederik V, © Connie Maria Westergaard

Equestrian statue of Frederik V

1257, København K

At Amalienborg courtyard (Danish: Amalienborg Slotsplads), the old equestrian statue of Frederik V is situated.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Frenchman Jacques-François-Joseph Saly and was u...

The statue of HC Andersen, © Wonderful Copenhagen

Author Hans Christian Andersen is a very important part of Danish culture, and his fairytales are known worldwide.

Around Copenhagen, you will find many statues of the world-famous author and poet.


The Lapidarium of Kings

1220, København K

Experience royal sculptures in a unique, atmospheric setting at The Lapidarium of Kings in Christian IV’s Brewhouse on Slotsholmen island.

Have you ever wondered what happens to old sculptures and st...

Helene Grave

3220, Tisvildeleje

According to the legend, Helene was a devout Swedish girl who was attacked and killed by robbers. When they had thrown her body in the water at the Swedish coast, a big cliff rose up from the oceans d...

The Desertification Monument

3220, Tisvildeleje

In the centuries leading up to 1730, the area currently known as Tisvilde Hegn nature reserve turned into a sandy wasteland. By dint of hard work and a programme of forestation, the encroaching desert...

On display in Helsinge church is the first Danish translation of the Bible (1550), by Bible translator and editor of Saxon texts, Christiern Pedersen. The great language reformer died in 1554 in Helsi...

Helene Spring

3220, Tisvildeleje

Helene Spring is one of Denmark's most famous springs, and legend has it that anyone whose illness has not responded successfully to other forms of treatment must come to the spring on 23 June, Sankt ...


3250, Gilleleje

Bronze sculpture with the title "Fiord Foal" made by the artist Gudrun Lauesen 1987. The sculpture is placed at the entrance of Gillelejehuset, the former town hall....


3250, Gilleleje

The statue has been donated to the Community of Græsted-Gilleleje by Yuli Ofer, Israeli shipowner. Teka Bashofar is hebrew and means "Let the great Shofar proclaim our liberation". The sentence can be...

Søren Kierkegaard Stone

3250, Gilleleje

Stroll along the Gilbjergsti - the path along the sea against west. Here you will a stone. This is the Søren Kierkegaard Stone, a monument to Denmark´s world-renowned philosopher, who as long ago as 1...

Børn på vippe

3250, Gilleleje

2 Children are sitting on a seesaw....


3250, Gilleleje

"Vandkunsten" is a big water sculpture made of granite by the artist Bjørn Brammer, Gilleleje 1995. The sculpture is placed at the institution Bakkebo in the eastern part of Gilleleje....

The Søborg Sea Serpent

3250, Gilleleje

The name of the sculpture is "Søborg-slangen" which means the sea serpent from Søborg. Søborg Lake was once a great lake in the area, but was reclaimed about 130 years ago. The sculpture is situated b...

A cairn in memory of Knud Rasmussen was unveiled at a delightful spot beneath Spodsbjerg lighthouse in 1936. The stones for the cairn come from various locations in Greenland....

King Erik 1st "the Good" was born on the Royal estate in Slangerup in 1056. He ruled Denmark from 1095 until 1103. In his short reign King Erik succeeded in making peace with the enemies of the countr...

The main part of the fountain is a sculpture, which is an elegy for The Garden of Eden based on an old local medieval gotic tale. The sculptur was designed by Kaj Skjøtt and set up at the Town Hall Sq...

Metalskolen i Jørlunde

3550, Slangerup

Borge Jorgensen (1926-1998) was Denmark's Steel King. "All that we can say is that innovation, renewal and more expertise are his personal aims. He is not interested in laurels and success. What count...

Hanne Salamon's Tower

3540, Lynge

Modern minor tower with staircase located in the middle of small-town Lynge's shopping area. The decorations are done by the Danish artist Mrs. Hanne Salamon. It was inaugaurated by the local Lord May...

Statue of Frederik VII

3400, Hillerød

The Statue of Frederik VII.The inital work was carried out by the renowned sculptor Hermann Wilhelm Bissen and was completed by his son Vilhelm Bissen. In order to re-present the details accurat...

Sveasøjlen, © Karen Folker/VisitNordsjælland


3000, Helsingør

The column commemorates Sweden's help to refugees from Denmark during the Second World War, and also Liberation Day, May 5th 1945, when the Danish Brigade came to Helsingør from Sweden.
Artist: Mathil...

© Karen Folker VN

Hamlet's Grave

3000, Helsingør

In the park behind Marienlyst Castle lies the monument Hamlet's Grave. A large granite stone is shaped like a sarcophagus. The monument is a memorial grave for Shakespeare's Prince Hamlet, erected in ...

Danske Krigergrave

3000, Helsingør



3070, Snekkersten

Monument to the Danish resistance fighter H. C. Thomsen....

© Karen Folker VN

Erik af Pommerns Mindebrønd

3000, Helsingør

"Erik of Pomerania memorial" is situated at the central square Axeltorv in Helsingør. A bronze statue of the king is placed high upon a monumental plinth of limestone, surrounded by a shallow ornament...


3000, Helsingør



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