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Kæmpe Rødspætten

9900, Frederikshavn

The large plaice.

The sculpture dates from 1987 and is made of the deceased, local artist Erik Skjoldborg in collaboration with the education department at the then large yard Danyard.

Plaice is mad...

© Brønderslev erhverv og turisme

Ekko in Hjallerup

9320, Hjallerup

Ekko is a work of art made of wood

Tree trunks forming inside a roomy shape that seems in constant rotation for as long as the viewer moves. If you stop moving the room's quirky form will challenges ...

© Kronborg Slot

Holger Danske

3000, Helsingør

Every child and grown-up in Denmark knows Holger the Dane who sits asleep in the casemates of Kronborg Castle - until the day when Denmark is in real trouble and he will wake up and defend the mother ...

© Olav Berntsen

Livets Kilde

3100, Hornbæk

The water sculpture "Livets Kilde" (The source of life) at Hornbæk Square by the Library is created by the Japanese / Danish sculptor Jun-Ichi Inoue. The sculpture is made of granite from Bornholm and...

© Karen Folker VN

The Elsinore History painted - the Middle Ages and the Sound Dues

In the old part of Elsinore you can see two fascinating murals descibing the town history in an alternative way.

The two Italian art...

The Goose Girl

9000, Aalborg

Close to the center of Aalborg, you will find ‘Gåsepigen’ at Vesterbro – one of the most famous and beloved sculptures in Aalborg. ​The two main figures of the sculpture - the girl and the goose that ...

The roundabouts in Skive are not just rundabouts, they are works of art. They are the 11 Stars of Skive made by Jacob Jensen Design. All works have been placed in a granite compass ring.
The 11 Stars...

© Kunst og Byrum Helsingør

On the gable of Allégade 7, you can see scenes from the maritime history, conducted by Spanish Oriol Caminal Martinez and Italian Piercarlo Carella. They've made their sketches on the spot, and the mu...

© Simon Lautrop


3480, Fredensborg

As a part of the castle grounds of Fredensborg Palace, located north of Copenhagen, Nordmandsdalen sculpture park displays baroque statues commissioned by the king in the 1700s.

Today, the statues st...

Sculptures in Svendborg

5700, Svendborg

All Sculptures in Svendborg listed!


The Murals in Brande

7330, Brande

In 1968, Brande became world-famous in Denmark due to a couple of innovative residents, who initiated the painting of 23 giant, colourful murals all over the town. Several artists were invited to deco...

Over Jerstal Passage Graves

Along the country road, only 1 km north of Over Jerstal you find an excellent collection of passage graves from the Bronze Age, approx. 3.300 b.C. The small area that is a...

Equestrian statue of Frederik V, © Connie Maria Westergaard

Equestrian statue of Frederik V

1257, København K

At Amalienborg courtyard (Danish: Amalienborg Slotsplads), the old equestrian statue of Frederik V is situated.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Frenchman Jacques-François-Joseph Saly and was u...

The statue of HC Andersen, © Wonderful Copenhagen

Author Hans Christian Andersen is a very important part of Danish culture, and his fairytales are known worldwide.

Around Copenhagen, you will find many statues of the world-famous author and poet.


Maren Spliid - Ribe, © VisitRibe

Maren Spliid is possibly the best-known “witch” in Denmark as a result of an unusually well-documented court case.

She lived at Sønderportsgade 3 in Ribe. Following a dramatic trial, she was burned a...

Rued Langgaard Festival , © Rued Langgaard Festival

Rued Langgaard

Is born in Copenhagen July 28th 1893. As a child he was given plenty of opportunities to develop his musical abilities, he received  lessons from his father Siegfried Langgaard, who wa...

The Yeast Girl, Ribe, © VisitRibe

Emil Christian Hansen was one of Denmark's greatest scientists, Emil Christian Hansen, was born in 1842 in a house on Nederdammen 35 in Ribe. He became world-famous when, as a 40-year old, he discover...

© Gilleleje Kirke

7 plaques in Gilleleje

3250, Gilleleje

In the commeration of Gilleleje October 1943, the sculptor Gerda Thune Andersen has created 7 tablets to Gilleleje in memory of how the Gilleleje citiziens helped the Danish Jews in October 1943

The ...

Death and mother

6600, Vejen

 In front of the entrance to the Vejen Art Museum you find Niels Hansen Jacobsen's sculpture from 1892, "Døden og Moderen” (Death and the Mother). A serious and eternally valid topic – but notice how ...

© ms arkiv

In front of Vejen Art Museum is a major fountain with a sculpture called "En Trold, der vejrer Kristenkød”(A troll who senses the flesh of a Christian). The sculpture is from 1896, when Niels Hansen J...

© ms arkiv

“Magnusstenen” (The Magnus Stone) is considered “The finest artwork in granite in the Nordic region.” The monument located at Skibelund Krat is one of the most influential works of art at this locatio...

© ms arkiv


6600, Vejen

Niels Hansen Jacobsen's sculpture “Militarismen” (Militarism) is featured on the central square in Vejen.

The sculpture offers an interpretation of the horrors and inhumanity of war in the form of a ...

© ms arkiv

“Modersmålet” (The Mother Tongue) is a striking monument in Skibelund Krat.

Sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen’s monument to the Danish language was carved in 1903 using granite from the island of Bornho...

© cha


6600, Vejen

The sculpture “Skyggen” (The Shadow) is featured at Vejen Art Museum.

“Skyggen” is a sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen's absolute masterpiece, modelled in Paris in 1897-98. The horizontally floating scu...

© MS arkiv

At a local initiative there are set up a memorial Stone of the English bomber,
which was shot down by the Germans in Second World-War.

The stone was set up May 5th 1947.

The Shooting down happened o...

The German Stone in Rebild National Park.

"Ein Denkmal" (a memorial). The lokals call it the German Stone. It was condemned to eternal oblivion and flung from a steep hillside in the Rebild hills, w...

Thingbæk Limestone Mines

9520, Skørping

Thingbæk Limestone Mines is a part of Rebildcentret
Wherever you go you wil almost surely find a museum or an art gallery, but perhaps none so unusual as this one at Thingbæk.
Here some unique sculptu...

© Vejen Kommune

Troldeparken in Vejen

6600, Vejen

In the park in Vejen there is a nice playground and an enclosure with goats and deer. A nice place for a cosy walk with the family....

© ms arkiv


6600, Vejen

Skodborghus was once a castle located by a low-lying riverbank in the valley of Kongeådalen. It was an important border fortress in the Middle Ages, and in the 1500s it was used as a tax collection po...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial Stone for the miller Vilhelm Hansen, Englerup, placed on 9 December 1944 by Ringsted Cement Factory. The Factory started in a nearby gravel pit, where the stone was found.

Vilhelm Hansen, bo...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial Stone for Carl Theodor Zahle made by Adam Fischer in 1954. The stone was unveiled on 14 November 1954 in the presence of many members of the Parliament as well as local politicians.

C. Th. Z...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial stone for the editor and politician Niels Bransager, erected on 24 September 1916 by his friends and political party colleagues in district Køge.

Niels Bransager started his career at Politi...

© Susanne Reiff

Mayor H. K. Hækkerup

4100, Ringsted

Memorial Stone for Member of the Parliament (Folketing) H. K. Hækkerup. The Stone was raised where Ringsted Monastery's yard was until approx. 1920, now Hækkerupsvej.

The stone and relief was made by...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial Stone for Ole Hansen born 17 December 1855 in Høm, Ringsted (died 26 June 1928).

Ole Hansen was “the first farmer in the King’s Council” and the stone is placed here in Sct. Bendtsgade. This...

© Steen Olsson

On 18 September 1903 Niels Jørgen Nielsen Klodskov opened Kærehave agricultural school for young boys and girls. He was of the opinion that boys and girls needed to learn, if they should have a chance...

© Steen Olsson

Henri Bruun de Neergaard

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

Henri Bruun de Neergaard was born on 20 August 1876 and he took over Skjoldenæsholm Manor in 1914.

During the economically good years after World War I he improved the main building and the houses fo...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial stone for the Editor and local historian J. V. Christensen set up on 8 July 1936 by his friends.

He became the Editor to Ringsted Folketidende (newspaper) in 1903. He was very popular amongs...

Amanda statuen

5300, Kerteminde

Text coming soon...

Riv dette tempel ned

7430, Ikast

In front of Ikast Church, you find a new and very impressive art installation by the renowned Danish artist, Bjørn Nørgaard. The sculpture was unveiled in November 2012, and caused great debate in the...

Sculptures in Brande

7330, Brande

The Ikast-Brande area is well-known for its spectacular art displayed in the public space, which can be enjoyed 24 hours a day - for free. Well-known artists are represented in our area, just like les...

© Steen Olsson

Hans Sophus Wilhelm Barner was born on Eskildstrup Manor on 31 January 1839. He was the owner of the Manor from 18887 to 1921.

He was, of course, very interested in agriculture and in particular the ...

© Steen Olsson

Peter Motzfeldt was born in 1728 and was not only bell ringer but also parish clerk and school keeper at St. Bendt’s Church from 1751, where he takes over his father’s office. He keeps his position ti...

© Steen Olsson

In the village Ørslev Underskov under the lime tree you can find 32 stones in a circle.  Each stone is carved with the land registration number of each owner.

On 6 June 1945 the old village was resto...

© Steen Olsson

When Have Mill water tank was extended in 1963 Emil Hansen offered to carve a wooden model of the old Town Arms, which was from earlier than 1300 A.C.

From this model 4 samples were made, one of whic...

© Steen Olsson

Kaj Fogh Hansen

4100, Ringsted

Kaj Fogh Hansen was employed by Ringsted Træskofabrik (Clog Factory) in Benløse and also served as a civil police agent (civil protection officer). During an air raid on the night between 29 and 30 Au...

© Susanne Reiff

The little square was changed in 1993-1994 and in this connection a water sculpture was placed. The sculpture is made by Ullrich Rössing and is named "The Timewave". ...

© Susanne Reiff

Wings in Tinggade

4100, Ringsted

The artist, Erik Heide is known for using wings in his sculptures and keeping the wings in a fascinating movement.

The Sculpture was sponsored by the Post Office and Ringsted Municipality after the r...


Showing 851 - 900 of 986 entries