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3480, Fredensborg

As a part of the castle grounds of Fredensborg Palace, located north of Copenhagen, Nordmandsdalen sculpture park displays baroque statues commissioned by the king in the 1700s.

Today, the statues st...

Sculptures in Svendborg

5700, Svendborg

All Sculptures in Svendborg listed!


The Murals in Brande

7330, Brande

In 1968, Brande became world-famous in Denmark due to a couple of innovative residents, who initiated the painting of 23 giant, colourful murals all over the town. Several artists were invited to deco...

Kaj Munk's cross

7442, Engesvang
Equestrian statue of Frederik V, © Connie Maria Westergaard

Equestrian statue of Frederik V

1257, København K

At Amalienborg courtyard (Danish: Amalienborg Slotsplads), the old equestrian statue of Frederik V is situated.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Frenchman Jacques-François-Joseph Saly and was u...

The statue of HC Andersen, © Wonderful Copenhagen

Author Hans Christian Andersen is a very important part of Danish culture, and his fairytales are known worldwide.

Around Copenhagen, you will find many statues of the world-famous author and poet.


Maren Spliid - Ribe, © VisitRibe

Maren Spliid is possibly the best-known “witch” in Denmark as a result of an unusually well-documented court case.

She lived at Sønderportsgade 3 in Ribe. Following a dramatic trial, she was burned a...

Rued Langgaard Festival , © Rued Langgaard Festival

Rued Langgaard

Is born in Copenhagen July 28th 1893. As a child he was given plenty of opportunities to develop his musical abilities, he received  lessons from his father Siegfried Langgaard, who wa...

The Yeast Girl, Ribe, © VisitRibe

Emil Christian Hansen was one of Denmark's greatest scientists, Emil Christian Hansen, was born in 1842 in a house on Nederdammen 35 in Ribe. He became world-famous when, as a 40-year old, he discover...

© Gilleleje Kirke

7 plaques in Gilleleje

3250, Gilleleje

In the commeration of Gilleleje October 1943, the sculptor Gerda Thune Andersen has created 7 tablets to Gilleleje in memory of how the Gilleleje citiziens helped the Danish Jews in October 1943

The ...

Døden og moderen

6600, Vejen

In front of Vejen Art Museum stands Niels Hansen Jacobsen sculpture from 1892. When the sculpture was presented in Copenhagen, Niels Hansen Jacobsen accompanied it with a slightly rewo...

© ms arkiv

Troll, who scents christian flesh. A fountain-figure in the square in front of Vejen Art Museum...

© ms arkiv


6600, Vejen

Local granite stone found in the neighbourhood of Vejen. The Magnus Stone was erected in memory of the battle of Lyrskov Heath in 1043, when King Magnus the Good defeated the Wend army. On the stone t...

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6600, Vejen

Militarism symbolizes the horror of warfare. The sculpture is done in 1898-99...

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6600, Vejen

The granite monument, The Mother Tongue, is a work by the local Vejen sculptor N. Hansen Jacobsen. It represents a beautiful young woman, flanked by the poet Edvard Lembcke and the historian A.D. Joer...

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6600, Vejen

The sculpture in front of Vejen Art Museum is made by Niels Hansen Jacobsen in 1897 - 98

In this figure, Niels Hansen Jacobsen depicts something fleeting and intangible: a shadow. The shadow creeps ...

© MS arkiv

At a local initiative there are set up a memorial Stone of the English bomber,
which was shot down by the Germans in Second World-War.

The stone was set up May 5th 1947.

The Shooting down happened o...

The German Stone in Rebild National Park.

"Ein Denkmal" (a memorial). The lokals call it the German Stone. It was condemned to eternal oblivion and flung from a steep hillside in the Rebild hills, w...

Thingbæk Limestone Mines

9520, Skørping

Thingbæk Limestone Mines is a part of Rebildcentret
Wherever you go you wil almost surely find a museum or an art gallery, but perhaps none so unusual as this one at Thingbæk.
Here some unique sculptu...

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Troldeparken in Vejen

6600, Vejen

In the park in Vejen there is a nice playground and an enclosure with goats and deer. A nice place for a cosy walk with the family....

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6600, Vejen

Historic place....

© Steen Olsson

Memorial Stone for Carl Theodor Zahle made by Adam Fischer in 1954. The stone was unveiled on 14 November 1954 in the presence of many members of the Parliament as well as local politicians.

C. Th. Z...

© Susanne Reiff

Mayor H. K. Hækkerup

4100, Ringsted

Memorial Stone for Member of the Parliament (Folketing) H. K. Hækkerup. The Stone was raised where Ringsted Monastery's yard was until approx. 1920, now Hækkerupsvej.

The stone and relief was made by...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial Stone for Ole Hansen born 17 December 1855 in Høm, Ringsted (died 26 June 1928).

Ole Hansen was “the first farmer in the King’s Council” and the stone is placed here in Sct. Bendtsgade. This...

© Steen Olsson

Memorial stone for the Editor and local historian J. V. Christensen set up on 8 July 1936 by his friends.

He became the Editor to Ringsted Folketidende (newspaper) in 1903. He was very popular amongs...

Amanda statuen

5300, Kerteminde

Text coming soon...

Riv dette tempel ned

7430, Ikast

In front of Ikast Church, you find a new and very impressive art installation by the renowned Danish artist, Bjørn Nørgaard. The sculpture was unveiled in November 2012, and caused great debate in the...

A. Holck

4930, Maribo

A bust made of granite on a granite plinth.

A. Holck was predecessor for 'Lolland-Falster's Stiftsmuseum'....


4970, Rødby

The girl flute player. - Sculpture made of black stone. The sculpture was given to Rødby by the festcommittee in connection to the opening of the new administrationbuilding....

Frederik d.VII

4930, Maribo

A bronze bust on a granite plinth....


4970, Rødby

The Bird Migration Pond was given to Rødby town when it had it's 750 years anniversary in 1981. Made of black stone....

Kaj Munk

4930, Maribo

A sculpture made of bronze on a granite plinth, - priest and writer Kaj Munk....

The memorial tablet is erected by master cabinetmaker J. Linhartsen and is made of reddish brown Mainzthaler sandstone. Translated the Danish inscription goes: In this place the poet and vicar Kaj Mun...

The memorial tablet was unveiled in August 1946 in connection with the 75th anniversary of Maribo private high school.Translated the Danish inscription goes: In this house Kaj Munk, the vica...

Knælende pige

4970, Rødby

Sculpture of a girl kneeling, planting a lifegiving tree. A 250 kilo sculpture made out of bronze, placed on a 1,8 t granitestone....


4930, Maribo

Lolland-girl, bronze sculpture on a granite plinth....

A monument for the minister of education professor Hartwig Frisch. He was member of the Danish parliament in Maribo district....

A monument for the king's daughter Leonora Christian Ulfeldt. She lived in Maribo from 1685-1698....


4970, Rødby

Stone plinth with water level mark from the storm surge 1872....

A monument that weighs 23 ton. The monument was erected in memory of the hard work it was to dry-up the land.Where the monument stands today, were there before the dry-up 87 cm of water this is m...

Concrete sculpture at Ringsted Radio Museum. The building earlier housed Ringsted Music School.

On 10 November 1991 the sculpture was unveiled by mayor G. Møller Rasmussen and the leader of the Music...


Showing 901 - 950 of 991 entries