Lillebælt Nature Park

Outdoors activities in the Nature Park

Lillebælt Nature Park provides a base for a wide range of outdoor/open air activities that appeal to all the family. It offers more hardcore outdoor activities like diving, sea kayaking, rowing and orienteering, as well as gentler activities like swimming, horse riding, hiking and angling.


Nature reserves

Both in Zealand and Lolland you will find nature reserves with breathtaking landscapes and an interesting fauna, flora and wildlife.

Field of poppies

Top 10 nature experiences

Even though it's difficult to restrict yourself we have chosen 10 great nature experiences in Zealand, Møn and Lolland-Falster.


Five well kept secret nature experiences

Five suggestions for less known but not less interesting nature experiences.

Gedser Odde - The South Point of Scandinavia

Gedser Odde – the southernmost point of Denmark – is sea, wind, views and an ultra-flat landscape. From here there’s a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea towards mainland Europe.

Møn's Cliff

Walking around on Møns Cliff means walking around on 70 million years of history. A history that tells tales of times with varm seas and unusual animals and seaweed that is unknown to us today. As a spectator you will catch a glimpse of this world if you’re lucky enough to find some of the beautiful fossils at the foot of the cliff.

Stevns' Cliff

The kingdom of the King of the Cliffs at Stevns

Fejø - the island of fruits

From early morning till midnight the small ferry m/s Christine sails almost every hour from the village of Kragenæs in North Lolland to the island of Fejø. The crossing takes 15 minutes - just enough time to stretch your legs and relax.

Femø – beautiful nature and wonderful jazz

To get to Femø you take the Femøsund ferry from Kragenæs on Lolland. If you want to bring your car you should remember to make a reservation. During the 50 minutes crossing you can enjoy the wonderful sights of the small islands of Fejø, Askø and Lilleø along with a magnificent bird life.

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