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Former artificial island fortress constructed to protect the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour.

Today, Spar Shipping boats from Nyhavn will take you there during the months of June-July and August....

Trekroner, © Trekroner


1259, København K

In 1700, Copenhagen was bombarded from the sea, and in 1713 some old warship were set aground  by the straight and narrow path in the entering to Copenhagen so the city was better protected from the s...


1009, København K

One of three artificial islands guarding the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour - no longer of military significance used for recreational purposes.

During the Summer months - Spar Shipping on a reg...

© Bakken


2930, Klampenborg

Just north of Copenhagen you will find Dyrehavsbakken - in short Bakken - which is the world's oldest amusement park.

The 431-year-old amusement park is located in the lush woodlands of Jægersborg Dy...

Forsvundet i tiden, © Jeppe Carlsen

The many fortifications around Copenhagen, which together constitute Copenhagen’s Fortifications ("Københavns Befæstning"), offer lots of exciting experiences for children and adults alike.

About 20...

© Roberto Fortuna

The Hermitage

2800, Kgs.Lyngby

In 1734 the Royal architect Lauritz de Thurah built the Hermitage Palace for Denmark's King Christian VI, which is one of the greatest late Baroque works in Denmark.

After an extensive renovation in ...

© Naturstyrelsen


2100, København Ø

Furesøen is a lake situated in North Zealand with the cites of Farum/Værløse on the West bank and Holte/Virum in the Eastern direction. The area is very rich in natural beauty.

Sailing is allowed o...

© Flickr, Savic Domen

Eco-village Dyssekilde

3390, Hundested

Surrounded by beautiful nature lies the eco-village Dyssekilde. Less than 200 people live her in all kinds of special houses - some homemade, others experimental houses made of recycled materials.


Beautiful cycle and hiking route from the area around Rubjerg Knude through Lønstrup, Harrerenden and Skallerup to Nørlev Beach. See:


9800, Hjørring

Through the dunes at Lønstrup runs a ravine, created by 'The Natural Catastrophe' of 1 August 1877. Houses, sand and earth were washed away by the downpour from a tremendous cloudburst....

In this landscape, created by driving sand in the 16th century, you can admire the distinctive flora and fauna. In the cliffs you can find the parasol mushroom as well the yellow berries of the sea ha...

The Lønstrup Cliffs

9800, Hjørring

Lønstrup Cliff is a unique illustration of Denmark's geology. The 15km long cliff stretches from Løkken to Lønstrup. The 90m high Rubjerg Knude are the cliffs highest and wildest parts. The cliff is m...

Lien - Stone age cliffs

9800, Hjørring

This landscape has been shaped since the Ice Age. In the Stone Age the level af seawater was higher than today, and you can clearly see the old coastline....

Lønstrup til Rubjerg

9800, Hjørring

A marked path goes along the coastal slope through the preserved landscape from Lønstrup past Mårup Church to Rubjerg....

Rubjerg Plantage

9800, Hjørring

If you are interested in mushrooms, Rubjerg Plantation has rare, poisonous or inedible mushroom species. In the autumn, the fieldfare can be observed here. It is attracted by Denmark’s largest natural...


9800, Hjørring

Come and enjoy the very best of the North Sea's beautiful coastline on the North Sea Trail. Walk in the footprints of famous explorers, capture the view from towering cliffs and learn how the North Se...

Sindal Marina - Sindal

9870, Sindal

Just south of Sindal you will find "Sindal Marina". A brand new campsite with the option of staying overnight in the lovely meadow which has Uggerby Å as it's nearest neighbour. The marina has toilet ...

In Måstrup Mose in Mosbjerg in Sindal you will fin a gazebo, from where you may watch the varied bird life....

Baggesvogn Skov v/Sindal is one of the most northerly natural beech woods in Europe. The land to the east of the road is a very hilly area, scored by deep gorges & several small streams. There are...

The Heaths of Himmerland in North Jutland is the common name for: Vindblaes Heath, Oudrup Heath, Lundby and Ajstrup Heath and Kyø Dale - totally 925 hectares.The Heaths of Himmerland lie on the old in...

Halkær Mill Nature Centre functions partly as a nature school for students and children from day cares in Aalborg. The Nature Centre also has exhibitions concerning the history of the mill, countrysid...

The limestone quarry at Vokslev is a national geological monument. Here you can search - on your own - for geological findings. This is also an excellent place to enjoy an outdoor meal, so pack lunch,...

Nymarksminde Farmpark

9310, Vodskov

Do you want to learn more about the farm animals? At Nymarksminde Farmpark, the children will meet, touch and learn about all animals on a real, Danish farm.

Nymarksminde offers experiences for child...


9210, Aalborg SØ

Østerådalen is a nature recovery and rehabilitation project from 1992, only km from the centre of Aalborg. 100 hectars with a rich bird life at the water-meadows, low watered lakes and the winding str...


9000, Aalborg

Egholm is placed in the middle of the Limfjord between Aalborg and Nørresundby. In just a few minutes, you can sail from the western part of Aalborg over the Limfjord to the little island Egholm.The i...

Hornum Lake

9530, Støvring

Hornum Lake is located south of Aalborg about 7 km from the suburb Støvring. Here you can catch pike, perch, roach, and eels.  
The north-eastern part of the lake is owned by Rebild Municipality, and ...

Gjøl Bjerg

9440, Aabybro

Moraine Landscape.

Gjøll Hill was an island 6000 years ago back in the days of the Stone Age where the sea covered the whole of Vendsyssel. The Hill situated in an area of shallow water.

Today it is...

© Jammerbugt Kommune

Vildmosen (The Great Moor) once lived up to its name – it is a desolated area of great extent.

Vildmosen is no longer as large as it once was,  since rational people in the 1930's started draining, f...

© Visitjammerbugten

Ulvedybet is used as a resting and eating site for thousand of migratory waders and is also domicile for Denmarks nationalbird the mute swan.You can se the many kind of web-footed birds and wader...


9490, Pandrup

A visit to Sandmosen offers:
- exercise
- peace and quite
- plants well suited for making your own snaps
- Berries for home made marmalade
- a nature experience for the whole family

Everywhere you wi...

© VisitJamemrbugten

Blokhus Klitplantage is a 642 acre wooded area.

Blokhus Klitplantage was planted from 1895 to 1910. Some of the original pines are still to be found in the western part of the forest. 

When the fore...

© Anne Mette Finnerup

Lille Norge

9493, Saltum

Lille Norge (Norway) is a beautiful nature area between Saltum and Grønhøj.Here you can among other things enjoy a fantastic view of the coast.Part of the area is preserved - Gulda...

© VisitJammerbugten

Nols Sø

9493, Saltum

Nols Lake in Saltum is more than 2 acres in size.

The lake is "home" for a vast variety of fish and birds.

Take a break from the beach and enjoy a walk by the lake....

Kettrup Bjerge

9480, Løkken

In the area between Saltum and Grønhøj is Kettrup Bjerge, a hilly area with unique nature.

There is a long wide beach which is suitable for swimming, children's games, kite flying, sunbathing and rel...

© Jammerbugt Kommune


9690, Fjerritslev

Svinklovene is a part of the dramatic landscape by Svinkløv Dune Plantation, a 700 hectar large state-owned area, which is open to the general public. The shallow, southern part of the area was up unt...

Bratbjerg Søerne

9460, Brovst

Preservation of nature conservancy area. Toilets....


9460, Brovst

This landscape is very different from the landscape in south. ...

Lovely nature scenery. Small playground, benches and tables....

© Anne Mette Finnerup


9690, Fjerritslev

Hingelbjerge naturearea not far from Fjerritslev. ...

© Jammerbugt Kommune

Svinklov Dune Plantation

9690, Fjerritslev

Svinklov Dune Plantation (in Danish: Svinkløv Klitplantage) is a 700 hectar large state-owned area that is open to the general public. The shallow part towards south was up until the Middle Ages an op...

© Poul Nymark

Klim Bjerg

9690, Fjerritslev

The Municipality of Jammerbugt owns an area of approximately 80 hectares on and around the "mountain" of Klim Bjerg. Two marked walking tracks have been made on Klim Bjerg.

Landscape and Geology

Vilsted Sø

9670, Løgstør

Vilsted Sø - VesthimmerlandSince the middle of the 1980's it has been considered to reestablish a lake in the area where "Vilsted Sø" and "Sønder Sø" used to be....

The Moors of Himmerland

9670, Løgstør

De Himmerlandske Heder - VesthimmerlandIn the middle of western Himmerland the moors of Vindblæs, Oudrup, Ajstrup and Lundby are once again starting to grow toge...

Store Monshøj

9293, Kongerslev

Store Monshøj, which is between Kongerslev and Skibsted, is a long barrow from the early stone-age (3600 - 3200 BC). The barrows are a visible proof of the social development that Danish society exper...

Kongerslev Hede

9293, Kongerslev

The heath at Kongerslev represents the remains of a mich larger heath which, in the past, extended further towards the south. thrugh a protected area today, the heath is accessible by paths near the v...

The Planet track

9600, Aars

The Planer track has been made in order to illustrate the huge porportions of the solar system. The track starts with the sun at the busstation in Aars and from there on you can walk, or go by bicycle...

Hadsund Animal Garden

9560, Hadsund

A small deerpark in the middle of town.
Here you can see herds of fallow deer and the children can play with the goats.
There is entrance to the park very close to the Hadsund Egns Museum.

Take a w...

© VisitMariagerfjord

Behind the village Helberskov, which is located 7 km south of Øster Hurup, is a colossal sand mound, called The Mountain. A favorite getaway, offering a superb panorama of the area. At the food of The...

© Kærene


9940, Læsø

Kærene is one of Denmark's largest areas with barren bog - 148 hectares. Here you find sundew orchid, bog asphodel, heather and lobelia ...


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