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Former artificial island fortress constructed to protect the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour.

Today, Spar Shipping boats from Nyhavn will take you there during the months of June-July and August....

Trekroner, © Trekroner


1259, København K

In 1700, Copenhagen was bombarded from the sea, and in 1713 some old warship were set aground  by the straight and narrow path in the entering to Copenhagen so the city was better protected from the s...


1009, København K

One of three artificial islands guarding the entrance to the Copenhagen Harbour - no longer of military significance used for recreational purposes.

During the Summer months - Spar Shipping on a reg...

© Bakken


2930, Klampenborg

Just north of Copenhagen you will find Dyrehavsbakken - in short Bakken - which is the world's oldest amusement park.

The 431-year-old amusement park is located in the lush woodlands of Jægersborg Dy...

Forsvundet i tiden, © Jeppe Carlsen

The many fortifications around Copenhagen, which together constitute Copenhagen’s Fortifications ("Københavns Befæstning"), offer lots of exciting experiences for children and adults alike.

About 20...

© Roberto Fortuna

The Hermitage

2800, Kgs.Lyngby

In 1734 the Royal architect Lauritz de Thurah built the Hermitage Palace for Denmark's King Christian VI, which is one of the greatest late Baroque works in Denmark.

After an extensive renovation in ...

© Naturstyrelsen


2100, København Ø

Furesøen is a lake situated in North Zealand with the cites of Farum/Værløse on the West bank and Holte/Virum in the Eastern direction. The area is very rich in natural beauty.

Sailing is allowed o...

© Flickr, Savic Domen

Eco-village Dyssekilde

3390, Hundested

Surrounded by beautiful nature lies the eco-village Dyssekilde. Less than 200 people live her in all kinds of special houses - some homemade, others experimental houses made of recycled materials.


© Herlev Kommune


2730, Herlev

Kildegården is a small farm located in Herlev just 12 kilometers outside Copenhagen. Here children - and adults - have the opportunity to experience nature and the environment up close.

Kildegården i...

The Viking Village, © Vikingelandsbyen

The Viking Village in Albertslund, just outside Copenhagen, is a historical place located with a beautiful view of Store Vejleådalen.

In the village, you will find three small houses and a unique far...

Hornbæk Plantage

3100, Hornbæk

Hornbæk Plantage vas planted around 1793 as a protection against the encroaching sand dunes. Robust pine trees grow on the side nearest the coast whereas on the other side of Nordre Strandvej typical ...

© vino

Alsønderup Enge

3200, Helsinge

Alsønderup EngeAlsonderup Enge covers an area of 55 hectares. The area is one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Denmark. The area has a lot to offer nature love...

Hike: Melby

3370, Melby

4 km of beautiful hiking in the open country, where there is 5 bronze age mounds. A folder can be bought at Halsnæs Tourist Office in Frederiksværk and also in Liseleje  durin...

Valdemar Poulsens Hill

3390, Hundested

As you can read on the sign by the hillock af Valdemar Poulsen it was in the year of 1898 he invented the first magnetic sound recorder ad later in 1903 the electric arc transmitter for the radio tele...

Riverside Aabrinken

3600, Frederikssund

Right at the cross road between route 53/207 and the local road to village Sundbylille at Hoerup Bridge you will find the remote and romantic river valley, Aabrinken. The sparkling water of river Grae...

Græse Å

3600, Frederikssund

To experience the small local river, Græse Å, a very good starting point will be a few km west of Slangerup at Hørupbro and Åbrinken. Here you will find a unique opportunity of seeing the typical open...


3550, Slangerup

Location:The forests 'Uggelöse Skov', 'Ganlöse Eged' and 'Slagskunde Skov' as well as the ridge 'Slangerup Aas', surround Buresö. Enjoy your holiday here with all of your senses,...

Slagslunde Skov Forest

3550, Slangerup

Slagslunde Forest is a tradtional Saealand forest dominated by the Danish beech trees. At shore of the remote lake, Gulbjerg Mose, there are good and family friendly places for open air fire.

Bastrup Sø

3540, Lynge

North Sealand 20 km North of Copenhagen is quite often called the "Danish Lake District". Lake Bastrup Sö is one of the more remote lakes.Located in a great nature preserve the lake invites ...

Lake Sct. George

3550, Slangerup

Small remote lake in a great landscape just outside Market-Town Slangerup. During the Medieaval the Leprosy Hospital was located here. Today the area is a nature preserve primarly for birds and frogs....

Believe it or not - but once upon the time a lot of trolls were living in the area around Slangerup. One of them, an old ugly female troll lived in a small hill near to the village Uvelse. When man be...

Strø Bjerge is a great glacial structure in the landscape The north-western part between Lake Arresø and Lystrup Forest near Slangerup is quite hilly - the longest of the hills are 8 km long and by th...

Swamp Gulbjerg Mose

3550, Slangerup

In the remote forest, Slagslunde Skov, at the local road connecting the market-town Slangerup and the village Slagslunde, the lake and swamp, Gulbjergmose, is to be found. The old beechtrees is mirror...

Church Meadow Slangerup

3550, Slangerup

During time of the Medieval Kirkeengen belonged to the great Cistercienser monastery in Slangerup.Recently a nature preservation project has been carried out for the area and today a rich bi...


3550, Slangerup

Typical Zealand meadow and swamp area in the outskirts of market-town Slangerup. The area has been in use for hay harvest and pasture for cattle since time of the Medieval.After a great natu...


3550, Slangerup

Originally a narrow road dating back to the Viking age and early Medieaval. Today it is a remote path through the forest, Slagslunde Skov, connecting the Lake Buresø in markettown Slangerup (Sperrestr...

Forest Lystrup Skov

3550, Slangerup

Lystrup forest is one of the last remains from the great forest, which covered all North Zealand in previous times. Lystrup forest is rather hilly with deep slopes. In the midle of the forest a large ...

Green and blue in Denmark's oldest and greatest nature preserve!What do you care for the most? - The abundant landscape, the villages, wet meadows and rushing streams, large forest and shru...

Brand new forest inaugurated by the Queen Mother Ingrid 1994. Regardless it is a young forest, todays forest is lovely to experience and it is really a beautiful site for an outdoor picnic-lunch....

Slangerup Kante

3550, Slangerup

A remote and hilly landscape close to market town Slangerup. The landscape is dominated by green quickset hedges and open fields. Great views to the forest in the distance. Rare birds of prey like com...

Farum Sø

3520, Farum

This lake is located in the River Mölleaa Valley near to the two Copenhagen suburbs, Farum and Värlöse.Out in the lake there are two small island out of which one is inhabited....


3400, Hillerød

Gribskov (forest) is one of the largest forests in Denmark. The forest is the remaining of the great tangle which covered the prehistoric North Zealand. For a hundred years ago the lumber from Gribsko...


Egebæksvang Woods

3070, Snekkersten

Egebæksvang forest is a small, coastal hardwood forest just south of Elsinore.The forest constitutes an area of 118.8 hectares and contains respectively. beech and maple, small areas of oak and ash. T...

© Mette Schjønning VNS

Teglstrup Hedge and Hellebæk Forest  together with Hellebæk Kohave forms an approximately 1000 hectares of forest area with 500 year old oak trees, an intact raised bog, a grassland with grazing cows ...

Tokkekøb Hegn

3450, Allerød

Tokkekøb Hegn near to suburban town Allerød is quite large covering 607 hectare. Since 1391 the forest belonged to Hørsholm Castle and by that the Danish crown.By 18th century most of Danish...


3450, Allerød

Swamp with a rare and specially protected flora. Today most of the original open lake is covered by a layer of thick moss but, be careful waking around in the swamp, because underneath the moss there ...

Søndersø & Præstesø

3500, Værløse

The two lakes, "Lake Söndersö" and "Lake Prästesö" are located as the West limit for the Copenhagen Forest "Store Hareskov". At the same time, the two beautiful lakes are the Southern most part o...


3500, Værløse

Furesö is a great and unspolied lake in North Sealand only 15 km North of Metropolis Copenhagen. The locals are calling the great lake for the "Sealand Inland Sea". It defined ...

Sailing on the canal through Frederiksværk into the biggest lake in Denmark, Arresø.

Canoes can be rented on Frederiksværk Camping & Youth Hostel....

© Naturstyrelsen

Gurre Sø

3000, Helsingør

The lake is very shallow - only about 4 metres deep. Gurre Lake is associated with Gurre Castle-ruin and the Danish king Valdemar, who lived at the castle in the 1300. 

Angling licence: Jan & Bo´s Ly...

© Olav Berntsen

Hornbæk Lake

3100, Hornbæk

Hornbæk Lake is a scenic gem located right in the middle of Hornbæk. A recreational area that offers a walking trail with nature-fitness posts around the lake, and the possibility of angling if you bu...

© Henriette Engom Larsen


3200, Helsinge

Arresø is Denmark's largest lake, based on area. The lake runs into Roskilde Fjord through the Arresø Canal in Frederiksværk.There are a number of rivers and streams running into the Arresø ...

© Henriette Engom Larsen /VNS


3220, Tisvildeleje

In the 1940s, a 150 metre long and about 4800 years old post-built bridge and a paved road from the Iron Age were discovered in the Ellemose marsh at the foot of Tibirke Hills. The posts of the bridge...

© Tommy Seier

Esrum Kanal

3230, Græsted

 Here we see the remnants of the (now dryed) channel, which at the beginning of the 1800s was dug from Lake Esrum to Dronningmølle the Kattegat to lead the transportation of firewood from Gribsko...

© Tommy Seier

Lake Esrum

3230, Græsted

The lake of Esrum is Denmarks second largest lake, but it is the lake with most water of 1736ha. The lake is 9 km long and 2-3 km wide. There is a depth up to 22m. It is allowed to go bathing.

Map 69...


3250, Gilleleje

Gilbjerghoved near Gilleleje is not far from being the northernmost point of Zealand.  The area is situated as a green oasis between the residential Neighbourhood in Gilleleje and the holiday hou...


3250, Gilleleje

Gilbjerghoved is not far from being Zealand's northernmost point, in fact only one kilometer.Gilbjergstien is a protected walking and bike path that stretches 2.5 kilometers from Vesterbrogade in Gill...

© Henriette Engom Larsen

Heatherhill is an open, undulating nature reserve with broad heather-covered hills rolling right down to the Kattegat Sea near Rågeleje. The larger part of Heatherhill is swathed in heathland flora an...

© Henriette Engom Larsen VNS

Holløse Bredning

3200, Helsinge

Holløse BredningThe recreation of an 83 hectare wetland area in Holløse Broad is a nature recovery project carried out by the National Forest and Nature Agency in collaborat...


3120, Dronningmølle

"Rusland" is a landscape of beautiful undulating heathland near Dronningmølle. In the midst of the heather-covered hills stands the Rudolph Tegner Museum and Sculpture Park where 14 of Rudolph Tegner'...


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