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Åtte Bjerge

6683, Føvling

The hills of Åtte Bjerge, rising steeply from Kongeådalen (stream valley), used to be covered with heather. The changing cultural influences, however, have changed the area quite a lot. Large sections...

© charlotte hammer

A 5,5 km walk which begins in the Town Gesten, about 15 km west of Kolding. On Vejen Touristinformation or you can get a free folder with a description of the route....


The lake Kvie Soe

6823, Ansager

Kvie Lake is situated just north of Ansager in beautiful surroundings. There are 2,5 and 3,5 km hiking paths. Kvie Lake functions in summer as the ares´s swimming beach. 
The lake has a sandy bottom a...

The tower "Bjergetårnet " is placed in the Bjergeskov in Rold forest. It is a platform 83 meter above the sea level. The tower is 7 meter high and build by the forest worker....

The forest tower is placed on Høje Odde and the platform is 100 meter above sea level.
The tower is 10 meter high and is build in 1970.
You find the tower in the forest Rold Skov....

The forets tower is situated at the lake Lille Økssø in the forest Rold Skov.
In this area you find marked walking tracks....

The Primeval Forest in Rold Skov (the Rold forest)  was previously a coppice forest and in this way it has been systematically used  by the population - for instance for logging.
The former status ...

© Ole F. Gudmundsen


6800, Varde

Nysø - lake just outside Varde....


The North Sea natur park covers a 22,500 hectare area lying like a belt alonge the coast from Blåvandshuk to Nymindegab with a width of up to nine kilometres....

A 5,5 km walk which begins in the Town Gesten, about 15 km west of Kolding. On Vejen Touristinformation or you can get a free folder with a description of the route....

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5290, Marslev

contact Selleberg for access to lake 

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Hans Tausens garden

5550, Langeskov

Garden located in Kerteminde to honour the former priest Hans Tausen...

Rønninge moserne

5550, Langeskov

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Gyldensteen Strand

5400, Bogense

The coastal area Gyldensteen Strand is the largest nature restoration on Funen. It used to be a reclaimed area with fiels and farms, but now the dikes have been removed and the sea has been let in aga...

Vemmetofte Forrest

4654, Faxe Ladeplads

There are 3 marked hiking routes in Vemmetofte forest.

- Red route: 3,5 km - 60 min.
- Yellow route: From the restaurant "Skovfogedstedet" 4,5 km. - 75 min.
- Blue route: 5 km. - 90 min. also startin...

The Faxe Limestone Quarry lies east of Faxe. Those who go down into the quarry, find themselves on a 63 million year old seabed, where sharks, crocodiles and squids swam among lovely corals.

These, a...

Magelund Voldsted, © Kristian Lilholt

The Lykkesholm Estate nestles in beautiful scenery at the far end of a valley, by a lake surrounded by woodland. In another branch of the valley lies Lykkesholm's predecessor, Magelund Voldsted, which...


4654, Faxe Ladeplads

Entrenchment trail. Go south from Faxe Ladeplads until you reach the the sign towards "St. Elmue". Turn to the left towards "Feddet". After about 1,5 km. you see the sign "Skansestien to the right".

© Bjørg Kiær

Easter holiday on Ærø

5970, Ærøskøbing

Easter at Ærø is the time and place to enjoy nature and each other - time to see the sunlight returning in spring, to feel the warm sun on your skin.
Easter on Ærø is time to be active - taking a wal...

Skjern River

7330, Brande

The Skjern River System is well-known for its fine fishing waters. Chances of catching trout, grayling, seatrout, pike, perch, bream, dace and roach are very good and if you are lucky - even an occasi...

Bavnehøj Leisure area

4840, Nørre Alslev

Bavnehøj Leisure area includes the outer perimeter of an active gravel pit.

The area is owned by Guldborghsund Municipality.


There is an exciting geological history to explore and the area has a ...

Gyldenløves Høj - Hillock

4174, Jystrup Midtsj

Gyldensløves Høj (121,3 meters) the second highest altitude in Zealand.The hill is named after the half brother to King Christian V, Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, the owner of Skjoldenæsholm Ma...

Did you know that the world’s smallest kingdom lies out in the middle of Roskilde Fjord? It’s called Elleore and it seems inhabited only by birds when you sail close by it. But make no mistake – the ...

© Gordon Kennedy

Fishing in Bramsnæs Vig

4070, Kirke Hyllinge

Bramsnæs Cove is one of the most well-known fishing spitts in Isefjord. It is located just north of the Munkholm Bridge and here you can experience some truely great fishing of Seatrouts....

© Gordon Kennedy

Fishing by "Munkholmbroen"

4060, Kirke Såby

The waters aound the bridge invites fishers to catch mackerel, herring and garfish - as well as the occasional sea trout....

© Gordon Kennedy

Fishing in Herslev

4000, Roskilde

West of Herslev Harbour on the streech towards Lejre Cove you will find the deepest part of Roskilde Fjord. The hole is 31 meters deep and filled with numerous different fish; Herring, Garfish, Macker...

© Dreamstime

Haarby - Kærlighedsstien
Map over the route (description only in dansih)

The Heart Association’s local committee of Assens in collaboration with Assens Municipality have established four heart paths ...

© Dreamstime

Glamsbjerg - Søholmstien

5620, Glamsbjerg

Glamsbjerg - Søholmstien
Map of the route (Describtion only in danish)

The Heart Association’s local committee of Assens in collaboration with Assens Municipality have established heart paths in Asse...

© Louisiana

Olafur Eliasson

3050, Humlebæk

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art opens its doors for the first solo exhibition of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson 20 August 2014.

Eliasson is famous throughout the world for his sculptures ...


Bordrup Klitplantage

6857, Blåvand

Bordrup Klitplantage....

© Esben Brage


5610, Assens

Torø is a small peninsula of about 125 acres of land. It is located beyond the charming fishing hamlet of Torø Huse, itself a few kilometres south of Assens.  

Torø is only accessible on foot. You ca...

© Destination Sydvestjylland

Sort Safari

6270, Tønder

Nature and culture trips of high quality with a guide: The black sun (as many as 1 million starlings ), the white sun (10.000 swans), Jules Verne safari (sail on the Ejder) Hallig Safari (sail in the ...

© Mikael Andersen


7860, Spøttrup

Geopark Odsherred

4573, Højby

Geopark Odsherred has been admitted as Denmark’s very first Geopark to the International and UNESCO subsidized Global Geoparks Network.

Denmark’s kitchen garden
Odsherred has been a rich agricultura...


Showing 1751 - 1800 of 1814 entries

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