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5631, Ebberup

Thurø Rev

5700, Svendborg


5683, Haarby

Vorbjerg Skov

5985, Søby Ærø

Lille Rise Skov

5970, Ærøskøbing

Voderup Klint

5970, Ærøskøbing


6092, Sønder Stenderup


9610, Nørager

Mossø Brå

8660, Skanderborg


6720, Fanø

Grønholt Hegn

3480, Fredensborg

Nødebo Holt

3480, Fredensborg

Sonnerup skov

3300, Frederiksværk

Staunings Ø

2680, Solrød Strand
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Grene Sande

7250, Hejnsvig

Gyttegård Plantation is known for its many open spaces you will find in the plantation both dry moorland with cranberries and heather as well as larger or smaller moist and marsh a...

Engsøen - Grindsted Lake

7200, Grindsted

In the Nature - Grindsted Engsø
Grindsted Engsø is an artifical lake landscaped in 1971-1972. The area around the lake is a popular recreational area for locals. There are many hiking, biking and runn...

Fromsseier Plantation

6623, Vorbasse

Fromsseier Plantation near Billund
In the late 1800s many Copenhageners struck extremely rich from trade and industry and began to invest in valuable land – plantations in Jutland. One of the first wa...

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Kvie Sø

6823, Ansager

See beautiful Lake Kvie
Enjoy a walk round the lake, take a dip in the cooling waters or explore the Corn Labyrinth. Lake Kvie gives you the feeling of being on an inland beach, where children and oth...

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"The Row Mountains"

7190, Billund

"The Row Mountains" near Billund
The row mountains is a 2 km long, 25 metre wide and up to 9 metre high sand ridge that stretches along the marsh, Simmelmose - a rarity in the otherwise flat landscape...


Showing 851 - 900 of 1821 entries

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