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Shelter - Mindeparken Rødby Fjord

Owner: Helge Rasmussen, Langelinie 8, 4970 Rødby.
Tel.: (+45) 20 45 96 94

There are some rules for camping in the wild in Danmark.
Danish version
German version ...

tent site - Fasangården on the island Femø Two options for camping overnight: 1) near a tidal meadow 2) on an idyllically located field/meadow.

Tent site - Krukholm

4900, Nakskov

Tent site - KrukholmBasic camp site. The camp site is free for all to use after the 1-2-3 rule: you may only camp for 1 night at the same location, maximum 2 tents with maximum 3...

shelter - Næs

4941, Bandholm

shelter - Næs
The camp site and the cabin at Næs are rented out at certain periods. Guests to the shelter are asked to respect this. The possibility of obtaining water from the tap outside should be a...

tent site "Løjet" close to Nørreballe Here it is possible to pitch a tent on the grassy area.  The forest runs right up to the camp site. If we are not home, you a...

Plantagen (plantation) on the island Fejø with tent site
By an East-facing shallow water coast. It is 250 m to the nearest neighbour. 50 m to the pebbled beach. 
3.5 km to the shops. 

The site is s...

Shelter close to Pederstrup Efterskole (school)
The continuation school is located near Pederstrup Castle. There is access to a museum in the buildings and to Rewentlow Park. The highest point on Loll...

shelter - Grønt Center in Holeby
with composting toilet.

Owner: Grønt Center, Maribovej 9, 4960 Holeby, Tel: (+45) 54 60 70 00

Dogs and horses are not allowed to bring allong.

There are some rules...

Tent site in Rødbyhavn
The tent site is situated just 50 meter from the beach. There are good hikinh and biking possibilities on the dikes.
The road from Rødbyhavn leads directly to the harbour, and ...

Tent site on the Island Enehøje close to Nakskov Fjord
There is one shelter at the site and the pitching of small additional tents beside the shelter is permitted.  A campfire area is available near t...

Tent site - Tårs

4912, Harpelunde

Tent site - Tårs
The site is constructed on a hill by the marina with 25 m to toilet and shower facilities. It is surrounded by water on three sides and just 25 m to the beach, which also has a bathin...

Tent site - Hannenov Skov

4863, Eskilstrup

Hannenov Skoven - with tent site
You can pitch a tent in Hannenov forest southeast of Eskilstrup on Midtfalster, according to the Danish Forest and Nature Agency’s rules for camping in nature.


Tent site - Havlykke

4872, Idestrup

Camp site close to the water.

Dogs on a leash and horses are allowed.  

There are some rules for camping in the wild in Danmark.
Danish version
German version ...

© Naturskolen V/Uffe Nielsen

Two shelters located at Bursø Hestehave for a break or basic camping. There are stunning views of Maribo Søndersø, and the shelters are just 300 meters from the Nature School, where there is toilet ac...

Karrebæk naturecamp

4736, Karrebæksminde

The site is a grass area in a former nursery that's now a "wild garden" with many rare plants and free nature. There are tables and benches at the site. Access to a kitchen and grill. A large greenhou...

Nåby Camping Æblehaven

4160, Herlufmagle

Camping ground for canoeists on the river Suså.
Prices per night: DKK 50.00/person and DKK 50.00/tent. The ground accommodates 100 tents.
Caravans are welcome.
We have ice cream, drinks and snack mach...

Wood campsite Hørhaven

4250, Fuglebjerg

A small sheltered site in a rural area at Tystrup Sø (lake). There are 200 metres to the tap and the toilet at the parking place, and there are 5 kilometres to the shop at Kongskilde gas station....

Fuglebjerg Municipality has a well-situated camp site for several tents. Immediately behind the coastline is an old gravel pit, now accommodating a couple of site-huts, camp site, fire place with wood...


Tentsite at a big lawn between fruit trees and hardwood trees. Approximately 1 km to the stream.

To get to the tentsite, follow the bike path “Skivumruten” towards the west about 2 km to Hyldal Mø...

Tentsite at St. Økssø (forest lake)

This primitive tentsite is situated in a glade in the old hardwood forest nearby St. Økssø. There is a parking lot just 500 m away from the tentsite.

Follow the a...


The primitive tentsite is situated in Bjergeskoven (forest) about 2 km north east of Rebild (town).

Vehicles are not allowed on the road that leads to the tentsite. There is no access to drinking ...

Urskoven Teltplads (pitch)

9520, Skørping

This tentsite is situated in one of our biggest forests close to the famous Rebild Bakker (national park) and not far from Rold Storkro (inn). To get to the tentsite, follow the forest road about 1 k...

The tentsite is situated nearby the bike path at the former railway of Hadsund, surrounded by hilly country and open fields. There are two shelters at the site and there is a place for a bonfire....

This primitive campsite consists of 10 shelters and is situated close to Mosskov Pavillonen (parking lot). There is only 700 m to St. Økssø (forest lake) where you can go for a swim.

One shelter can...


Tentsite at a small forest nearby Hornum Sø (lake). There are shelters, benches, toilet and a place for a bonfire.

To get to the tentsite, follow the road from Sørup (town) towards Nibe (town), tu...

Tentsite beautifully situated between apple trees at a small farm with lots of animals. There is a place for a bonfire and toilet facilities at the tentsite.

Follow Vestre Primærvej (road) from Støv...

The tentsite is situated at the common area of Smidie (town). There is electricity, hot water, a place for a bonfire and toilet facilities at the tentsite. Overnight stay is free.

There is also a gr...

The Jamboree

A Jamboree is an international scout camp where groups of scouts from all over the world participate. The Jamboree spot was created by former forester Jens Hvass, who himself was an ent...

Shelters på Katbakken

9530, Støvring

At the outdoore center ”Katbakken” you can sleep out in the open in shelters with room for up to 30 people. The place is well-attended, so a reservation for an overnight stay is required.

The place a...

Shelters Boldrup Museum

9610, Nørager

At Boldrup Museum there are opportunities for accommodation in 5 good
Each shelter can accommodate 4 people. There are kitchen toilet and bath available.

Price: 25 DKK For one night each p...

Velling ved Venner Å

6950, Ringkøbing

3 shelters, grillplace, water and toilet.
Situated by Venner Å south of the Town Velling. Grocery shop in Velling. Place providing overnight accomodation: UTM Zone 32 0457112 E 621078 N. Habour Entran...

Ringkøbing Vonå

6950, Ringkøbing

3 shelters, grillplace, water and toilet. Situated by Ringkøbing Row and Kajak Club, close to the old market town Ringkøbing. 
Many old houses, plenty of shopping possibilities and you can visit the m...

Lyngvig Havn

6960, Hvide Sande

3 shelters with barbecue area, water and toilet. Situated west of the habour. Lyngvig Lighthouse only 2,5 km from the camp site.

Follow Lyngvig Havnevej to the mainroad and turn left after aprox. 900...

Hvide Sande ved Mamrelund

6960, Hvide Sande

3 shelters, barbecue area, water and toilet. Situated next to the fjord by Mamrelund Harbor south of the sluice. Shopping possibilities in Hvide Sande. 


3 shelters, barbecue area, water and WC. Located a little way up the River Falen South of Bork. 
Grocerystore in Bork. Possible to visit Bork Viking Habour. It is NOT allowed sailing to dock in the Bo...

Teltplads Hemmet

6893, Hemmet

Tent Pitch, water and closet. Located at Hemmet Beach.

Accommodation Location: UTM Zone 32 0458393 E 6192400 N. Landing Location: UTM Zone 32 0458313 E 6192529 N....

2 large shelters, barbecue area and toilet. No water. Located approx. 3 km up the Skjern River by the rope ferry. The rope ferry is open year-round throughout the day.
The site is owned and managed b...

Alrum Strand

6980, Tim

Shelter, tentsite, water and closet. Located at the north side of Stadil Fjord. Shelters can not be booked. 

Accommodation Location: UTM Zone 32 0452844 E 6225598. Entry: UTM Zone 32 0452797 E 622536...

Røjklit Havn

6950, Ringkøbing

Shelters Bjerregaard

6960, Hvide Sande

3 shelters with barbecue area, water and toilet....

Tentsite Vrangeskov

4100, Ringsted

A lovely site situated about 60 m North of the road between Haraldsted and Valsømagle at the former gravel pit. Take a small path right after the first house in  the wood coming from Haraldsted. There...

Camping site in a corner of the school's property. Scenic surroundings adjacent to the site. Horses and dogs on leash may be admitted. Telephone 5760 0298 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). ...

Shelter, © Allan Fledelius

Bedstedhave Shelter

4100, Ringsted

Bedstedhave has now a Shelter for 6 persons free of charge. You have to pay a small fee for using toiletfacilities and kitchen.

Bedstedhave Shelter is in a wooded area and there is a fireplace nearby...

© Christel Friedl

Havreholm Farmhouse Camping in Ringsted is the perfect camp site for excursions in Zealand for both campers and for biker, hikers and riders.

The farm is a 4-wing farm dating back to 1863 in the coun...


8600, Silkeborg

Nature camp...


8600, Silkeborg

Directly at the Hærvej tracking route. Facilities: Shelter, toilet, water....

Located at the cyckling path between Funder and Ejstrupholm and The Hærvejen-hiking route.

Shelter, earth closet, fireplace, wood shed and running water (old-fashioned hand pump)


Primitive camping area on the "Hærvej" tracking route. The site is on the edge of a municipal-owned forest area.
The site is provided with shelter, fireplace, drinking water and primitive toiletry.


Showing 351 - 400 of 621 entries