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Ørby Gårdbutik

3200, Helsinge

A visit to the farm shop and nursery Ørby Gaardbutik & Gartneri whisks you to a pastoral world where you can enjoy freshly picked strawberries, sample organic fruit juice, inspect the beddi...

Granholm Mohair

3200, Helsinge

Are you looking for mohair products-yarn, socks and plaids, various kinds of knitted and woven clothing for children and grown ups, then pop by Granholm Mohair farmyard shop.At the end of the long gra...

Valby BækgårdOrganic production and open farm. Production of meat from Gotland lambs, free range pigs, calves, geese and turkeys. Nature interpretation courses, other course...


3250, Gilleleje

Smidstrup FarmenOpen farm for families and groups. Take a ride in a tractor, on a pony or help feed the pigs....

Gårdbutikken "Bamse-bo"

3600, Frederikssund

Situated in small village Sigerslevöster at foot of the lovely hills, Strö Bjerge, you'll find this cosy farm house shop.Where the old cowshed used to be, the shop is located at todys farm. ...

Organic farming the informal way - The farm is privately owned by Allan and his wife Ida. The dayly work is performed collectively with the adults and children living at the farm and the nea...

Loppemarkedet "Papkassen"

3550, Slangerup

The local flea market is located close to the city centre in an old industrial building. Thousands of things to find, and when you get tired you can get served af free cup of coffée included cookies.

Øllingegaard Organic Dairy

3320, Skævinge

The organic dairy at the farm Øllingegaard was establish 1995, and today we are the main supplier of organic milk products to a large range of public institutions, cafe's, restaurants and super market...

© Orchidegartneriet


3480, Fredensborg

Orchidegartneriet in Fredensborg is a paradise for plant lovers. Since the first greenhouse was established in 1969 it has grown to include 3000m2 greenhouses with more than 3000 different orchids and...

Bryggeri Skovlyst

3500, Værløse

Brewery "Skovlyst" offers visitors a combined guided tour of the brewery including professional beer testing.The tour is also a lecture during which the different raw materials for...

© Kødsnedkeren

Lovely butcher shop that puts animal welfare and meat quality very high. Kødsnedkeren primarily sells meat from free-ranging animals from the Northsealand, where transportation time is minimal....


Kulturhavn Gilleleje

3250, Gilleleje

Kulturhavn Gilleleje is a project that will contribute to the development of a vibrant and attractive town center, ensuring that Gilleleje is still thriving and sustainable in commerce and culture. So...

© Krogerup avlsgård

Krogerup Avlsgård

3050, Humlebæk

The ecological farm Krogerup Alvsgård is located 10 Kilometers south of Helsingør in Humlebæk. The farm is owned by the Danish Ministry of Environment and the company Aarstiderne is the tenant of the ...


3200, Helsinge

Farm shop where you can buy flour, veal, beef, lamb, sausages, vegetables and jams  produced at the farm.

Strawberries (Dybdahl, Korona, Zephyr and Senga Sengana).

Large selection of organic foods, ...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Alderslyst Vineyard

9320, Hjallerup

On the south side of Jyske Ås with a view over Aalborg, you will find the northernmost vineyard Alderslyst. 

The first vine was planted in 2005 and today there is about 3000 plants growing in the sou...

© Brønderslev Erhverv & Turisme

Baksminde Apple Farm has a huge organic orchard and produces marmalade and other products made of fruits.
The farm offers fruit tasting and you will find recipes that can be made out of their product...

Lakrids by Johan Bülow

3740, Svaneke

The first and only hand-made liquorice in the world, made of the finest raw material with no additives....


3700, Rønne

Every Tuesday mornings between 8.00 - 12.00 it´s possible to visit the Smithy. The "seniors" vill show you and let you get some idea of, how the old blacksmith can change the glowing iron to things ...

Svaneke Bolcher

3740, Svaneke

Svaneke Bolcher (Svaneke sweet boiler) is a comparative young firm, situated in a old merchant's house on the market place in Svaneke. Svaneke Bolcher is making many kinds of sweets and candys....

Svaneke Chokoladeri

3740, Svaneke

In the market place in Svaneke you will find the small chocolate factory....

Svaneke Is

3740, Svaneke

In Svaneke Ismejeri (dairy) we produce 100% natural ice cream with nordic fruit and berries, cream and milk from Jersey cattle of Bornholm and honey from Ibsker (near Svaneke)....

Hallegård Gårdbutik

3751, Østermarie

Our sausages and other meat products are hand-made from good old local recipes.Hours:Wed. 10-13 Allinge harbourThu. 15-17:30 Market in NexoFri. 09-19 The farm

Den Gamle Skole (The Old School) is a family business with bee-keeping and refinement of honey as a speciality....

Svaneke Købmandshandel

3740, Svaneke

Visit the grocer's shop with foodstuffs from Bornholm....


3740, Svaneke

Svanekegården is a cultural centre with activities such as seminars, theatrical performances and high quality exhibitions....

Karamel Kompagniet

3760, Gudhjem

Handmade toffees...


3700, Rønne

Visit our workshop and see the different models of our Grandfather clocks...

Kjaerstrup Chokolade

3730, Nexø

Quality assorted chocolates. Visit our shop where you can see the production....

© Davidsen Landbrug

Visit a farm

7200, Grindsted

Kent Davidson runs the company Davidsen Landbrug I/S on the farm Højvang in Grindsted, with his father Per .
The place is modern and very different from most dairy farms:
"Many people have not been t...

© Kollerødgård

Visit Kollerødgård

3230, Græsted

Welcome to Kollerødgård.

On Kollerødgård you can see where milk comes from and what some of the milk is being used for.

You can pet the calves and kittens.

See what a cow eats and how much milk it ...


Orkidegården farmshop

9850, Hirtshals

Do you know what freshly harvested vegetables taste like? At Orkidegården we harvest the season’s fresh vegetables & sell them at our farm shop – & of course we don't use pesticides. We also sell stra...

Han Herred Havbåde

9690, Fjerritslev

Living coastculture along Jammerbugten.

Visit the boatbuilding of Han herred Seaboats in the life-saving station....

Ulvelys is a factory, that is specialized  in handmade candles in a variety of colors. The factory is opened for visitors. At special events you can make your own candles. Drop by in july or august an...


9320, Hjallerup

Visit the only Lavender Farm in DenmarkWe have:-a shop with lavender-wellness-products and sale of lavender plants-a Lavender garden with 30 different sorts of lavender

© Gammel Estrup

A tour of Gammel Estrup’s magnificent halls and rooms gives unique insight into 600 years of the grand life of the Danish aristocracy. The individual rooms are furnished to show how the rooms might ha...

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

At the Danish Agricultural Museum, you can experience the ENTIRE history of the development of agriculture from the New Stone Age to 2009 - 6000 years of history. You should als...

© Holstebro Turistbureau

Staby Ismejeri - Ulfborg

6990, Ulfborg

We produce quality ice cream from the best raw materials - including milk from our own livestock....

Gammelby mill

7000, Fredericia

Listen to the history of this mill from 1783 and see the milling machinery and the living room with its frescos. Courtyard shop and café at the mill. Group visits all year round....

© Faaborg Turistbureau

Provianten, Dyreborg

5600, Faaborg

Situated in Dyreborg....

© Konnerup & Co Chokolatier

Family owned shop/manufactore with very delicious chocolates.

Guided tours of the chocolate production facility are offered every Thursday during the period: 3/7 till 7/8 2014. Price: DKK 75 per pers...

© Avernakø Geder

Avernakø Goats

5600, Faaborg

On the island Avernkø, you can see and buy meat from a goat....

Kalundborg Symbiosis Centre

4400, Kalundborg

There is no admission for tourists. Conducted tours/lectures are only granted for groups of scientists as arranged.

The Industrial Symbiosis in Kalundborg is built up as a network between five indus...

© Finn Jørgensen

Hansens Flødeis

3630, Jægerspris

Hansens Ice CreamHans Hansen started producing ice cream in Hillerød in 1922. As the business grew, Hans Hansen's son moved into the premises of the old co-operative dairy Horn Herreds ...

© Østergårdens Frugtplantage

Østergård Frugtplantage

3630, Jægerspris

Fruit Orchard since 1971 with traditions dating back to 1938. Visit our cosy applestore where we sell apples and applejuice -like our grandfather made it. In the apple season 2013, you can bring your ...

Kragerup Gods farmshop

4291, Ruds Vedby

Enjoy an overnight stay or a weekend in one of our large and charming rooms. Guests may also use the heated swimming pool and sauna. Please book in advance. Seize the opportunity to go for a walk in t...

The bakery Aurion

9800, Hjørring

A comprehensive, well-stocked health food shop in the middle of Hjørring.
The shop sells all the products from Aurion bakery.
The shop stocks biodynamic and organic flour, grain, flakes, porridge, m...

© Malene Møller- Hansen

Ceramic artist Malene Møller-Hansen workshop and shop / gallery in Egens Havhuse, which overlooks Kalø bay and close to Kalo Castle Ruins.
On display is a wide range of unique and functional ceramic...

Naval Base Korsør

4220, Korsør

Naval Operational Logistic Centre Korsoer
Naval Base Korsoer (OPLOG KOR)  is a part of Admiral Danish Fleet, a modern establishment, especially designed to deal with matters and incidents Denmarks geo...

The school "Korsør Produktionshøjskole" helps young people to mature in order to apply for a job or an education. Shop with exhibition and sale of homemade products.Visits to the s...

Korsør Purification Plant - both efficient and attractive.On January 1st 1995, the new purification plant came online for the first time. With a price tag of DKK 142 million, this was the largest...


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