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© Højbogaard

Højbogård Gårdbutik

3200, Helsinge

HøjbogårdAlong a little side road you will find a farm that has lots of sheep and a lovely farmyard shop selling all kinds of sheep produce....

Vindebæk Hovedgård

4792, Askeby

On Vindebæk Hovedgård you can experience a farm with a passion for producing quality meat. Karen and Torben Olsen are putting a lot of hard work and effort in the wellbeing of their calves. In the win...

Hvidelykkegaard Farm Shop

4583, Sjællands Odde

Since the 1940’es, Hvidelykkegaard has produced early potatoes. The farm is today run as an organic farm. The long tradition and experience at Hvidelykkegård provide the background for on-farm sales o...

Ørnberg Vineyard

4583, Sjællands Odde

Winner of the prestigious award Denmark's Best Vineyard 2014.

The largest vineyard in Odsherred is located on scenic Sjællands Odde, beautifully situated on a southern slope with a view of the Sejer...

If you are crazy about new potatoes, you should visit the farm Skelbjerggård in Stenstrup. For many years now, we have been producing some of Denmark's earliest potatoes and we sell freshly dug potato...

Gartnergården Odsherred Farm Shop

4572, Nørre Asmindrup

A small family-run market garden and farm shop in Odsherred.

We grow fruit and vegetables such as new potatoes, onions, peas, strawberries, raspberries, sweet cherries and plums. From the orchards we...

Dalsbakkegård Farm Shop

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Our Angus cows and calves graze all summer in the most scenic nature in Odsherred. Partly on the hills around the farm, partly on the meadows on Nakke. According to Denmark’s Environment Survey, it is...

Hovvig Biavl Farm Shop

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Tasty treats from bright Odsherred. Come and see our wide selection of various honey produce from our own production.

We sell: Newly extracted honey, honey mead (dessert wine 11%), honey candy and ho...

Lammefjordens Larder

4540, Fårevejle

From the family farm we sell a wide selection of vegetables. Some of the produce we grow ourselves on the grounds around the farm, the rest we collect from other farmers.

All the vegetables are culti...

Birkemosegård Farm Shop

4583, Sjællands Odde

Biodynamic and organic fruit, vegetables, berries and beef - all our own produce.

Wide selection of wine, coffee and deli.

The farm has been biodynamic since 1968....

HonningUrt Farm Shop

4583, Sjællands Odde

Visit Kolding's own microbrewery and whisky distillery and sample a selection of our fine ales (whisky not ready until 2017). See first-hand the unique craftmanship of micro brewing.

Trolden Ales are...

© Stormgården Håndbryg

Stormgården Håndbryg is a farm brewery with hand-brewed beers that follow the seasons and are inspired by local nature.

Since the farm brewery has no cold storage, the production of the beers follow ...

Nordic Distillery

9690, Fjerritslev

Nordic Distillery...

© Den Gamle Gartner

Den Gamle Gartners Have

5471, Søndersø

Smell the many different herbs, see the pelargonia flowers and find out the use of the medicinal herbs: there's lots to see in the old Gardener's Garden. The private garden is 4000 m² and filled with ...

Engvang Frugt Farmshop

4671, Strøby


Engvang Fruit Farm Shop.

Engvang Fruit is an audience-friendly orchard, where we recreate the great flavors from the original Danish orchard. It offers a wide range of seasonal apples, pears,...

NOERBYS Vegetable store

4672, Klippinge


Noerbys Farmshop.

Grown about 50 different kinds of vegetables and fruits through a season.

Therefore, there will be a large variety of products in the shop during the year. The entire farm...

Country Shop Klippingegard

4660, Store Heddinge


The Farmshop Klippingegård .

A lovely old fashion farmshop where you can select among the products, that currently are potatoes, eggs and obviously asparagus and also tomatoes and cucumbers f...

Stevns Klippinge. www. – mail – Tel: 39 64 34 98.Description of experiences/activities: Art exhibitions of imaginative, colouristic, expressionistic paintings and ...

Egesgaves Applied Arts

4700, Næstved

Egesgave’s Applied Arts is located halfway between Næstved and Karrebæksminde and offers:* Amazing gift baskets* Specialised beer from various microbreweries* Dressing, dip and mar...

Højgårds Biavl

4262, Sandved

Højgårds bee-keepingThe beehives are located with fruit growers and the like. The family has its own production of honey and sells to wholesalers as well as private persons. If you are lucky...

Brunemosens Grøntsager

4250, Fuglebjerg

Brunemosens vegetables

Farm shop in a little house on the road offering home-grown vegetables in season....

Gavnø Castle Brewery

4700, Næstved

The Castle Brewery is housed in one of the beautiful and historic farming houses from the 18th century. Gavnø Castle beer is being brewed after own recepies with high quality ingeredients. Enjoy the f...

Den lille Gårdbutik

4300, Holbæk

The more than 100 year old henhouse has been renovated into a cosy and nostalgic small farmshop. Here is a good opportunity to buy fine and different gifts or baskets filled with ecological goods.


Odden Bryg

4583, Sjællands Odde

One of Denmark’s smallest breweries and the only one in Odsherred to brew their own beer....

© Kollerødgård

Visit Kollerødgård

3230, Græsted

Welcome to Kollerødgård.

On Kollerødgård you can see where milk comes from and what some of the milk is being used for.

You can pet the calves and kittens.

See what a cow eats and how much milk it ...


Showing 151 - 188 of 188 entries

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