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© Sønderborg Turistbureau


6400, Sønderborg

Free access 24 hours....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Sønderborg Slotspark

6400, Sønderborg

Open park at Sønderborg Castle, beside the water. Direct to the beach promenade leading to yacht harbour and forest....

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Gråsten Palace Garden

6300, Gråsten

Winding Paths, vast lawns, woods, lakes and flower beds blending uniquely with the South Jutlanmd landscape - that is Gråsten Palace Gardens in a nutshell.The profusion of flowers is also ma...

© Sønderborg Turistbureau

Nordborg Slotspark

6430, Nordborg

Old linden allé from the 1700's. Lawns, flower beds and bushes, also an open-air theater....

Sculpturepark Billund

7190, Billund

A walk through Sculpturepark Billund take about 30 minutes. The walkingarea is wide and firm, good for both walking, jogging, biking and wheelchaires, all year around. Bring lunch or coffee, ther...

Vorbasse Naval Dockyard

6623, Vorbasse

There are no harbours or marinas in Billund, but we do have a naval dockyard. Vorbasse Naval Dockyard The first battleship visited the town briefly way back in 1924. It...

Haderslev Dampark

6100, Haderslev

Beutiful park which is situated in the City of Haderslev sourrounding Haderslev Dam.Possiblity of renting pedal boats at the kiosk.Serveral arrangements take place here during the ...

Apotekergårdens Have

5900, Rudkøbing

A beautiful garden with rare trees and plants. Guided tours. Larger groups upon agreement....

In former times the Counts of Tranekær created interaction between the man-made and organic by planting and shaping the landscape. Today the owner has passed the initiatives on to a small gr...

The Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature owns Skovsgaard - so it is the Society's 180.000 members who bid you welcome. Skovsgaard, which is open to the public, has a great deal for you to see...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Herrested Kirke, church

5853, Ørbæk

 The church in Herrested....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Aunslev Kirke, church

5800, Nyborg

The church is with tile roof with a belfry to the west and porch. Baroque altarpiece, from about 1650. Please contact the church for further information....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Queen Margrethe I. had Vor Frue Church built as a monument to the Kalmar-union. The church was inaugurated in 1428 and has been expanded and restored several times. Today it stands as a classical goth...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Tårup Kirke, church

5871, Frørup

The church is from the year 1883. The architect was J. Eckersberg, and the altarpiece ist a painting by F. C. Lund and is called "Easter morning".Please contact Ove Hjorth f...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Vindinge Kirke, church

5800, Nyborg

The 3. largest village church in Denmark. The owners of Holckenhavn castle have their own chapel, and before that it was the chapel of the family Ulfelt. Please co...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Øksendrup Kirke, church

5871, Frørup

 Built in 1200....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Juelsberg Gods, garden

5800, Nyborg

The garden is open for the public.A short note on Juelsberg’s historyJuelsberg’s history started with the estate Raschenberg, the manor and farm of whi...

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Skellerup Kirke, church

5540, Ullerslev

Skellerup church is built in 1150. The alterpiece in Gothic style is from 1560. The pulpit is from 1597.Please contact the church for further information....

© VisitNyborg Kristian Lilholt

Ullerslev Kirke, church

5540, Ullerslev

The chorus and the nave is from 1200, in roman esque style. Please contact Karsten bak for informations about openinghours....

Langeskov Planteskole

5550, Langeskov

Langeskov Planteskole's Flower and Garden Centre covers an area of 9000 m2. This includes a large hothouse with houseplants, flower bindery, café, tools, bulbs/tubers, seed, pots, dried flowers and ma...

© Faaborg Turistbureau

At the end of spring, you can experience the rhododendron in full bloom, in the park of Brahetrolleborg Castle in Korinth (the way - Spanget). A beautiful sight surrounding the area of the manor.


© Egeskov


5772, Kværndrup

Egeskov - The Living Castle in Funen 

Egeskov is no ordinary castle – it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, spires, a knight’s hall and ghastly creatures in its m...

© Brahesborg gods

Brahesborg Gods

5610, Assens

Brahesborg Gods

The listed main building was built in 1638–1656 with fortifications in Renaissance style, as well as a moat and three towers. Buildings, drawbridge and manor buildings are visible fro...

© Udvikling Fyn / VisitAssens

Krengerup Gods

5620, Glamsbjerg

Krengerup Gods

The manor is located about two kilometres from the town of Glamsbjerg and is surrounded by Krengerup Woods. Admission to the park is free, but visitors are kindly requested to stay on ...

© Damgårds Have

Damgårds Have

5620, Glamsbjerg

A traditional rural garden comprising several different gardens.

For further details please phone tel. +45 6472 3266.

You are welcome to eat your packet lunch in our garden.
Children under 14 years:...

© Niels Martner

Hindsgavl Manor Park

5500, Middelfart

Hindsgavl Slot

This charming manor is situated close to the water at Middelfart and offers a view of beautiful Fænøsund and Lillebælt.

The manor and park is worth a visit. The manor was built in 178...

© Humlemagasinet

Humlemagasinets Gardens

5463, Harndrup

Humlemagasinets Gardens

There are a total of 7 different exciting gardens at Humlemagasinet in Harndrup.

Hop Garden
The Hop Garden is the largest on Funen, with lavender, dahlias and roses. The Hop...

Inge & Eriks åbne have

Packed lunches and beverages welcome. Call us in order to make an arrangement.

For further details please phone tel. +4523807266...

© Marie-Louise Veber Paustian

Den Frodige Have

5560, Aarup

The gardens are open on a few datesEveryone is welcome by arrangementFor further details please phone tel. +45 3121 1001...

Fuglesang Haveparadis

3740, Svaneke

Situated two kilometres outside Svaneke overlooking the Baltic Sea and ChristiansØ Island you find Fuglesang an 11,000 square meter English/Japanese inspired garden. Fuglesang is a former small...

Historisk-botanisk Have

4760, Vordingborg

This first Danish historic-botanical garten was, at the request of the tourist association and with assistance from the municipal gartner G.N.Brandt from Gentofte, established in 1921.The ga...

Liselund Castle park

4791, Borre

The castlepark of Lislund is aulture-historical sight. The park offers exotic plants and buildings: the Chinise Tea Pavilion, the Norwegian House and the Swiss Cottage.The museum is closed monday...

Marienborg Slotspark

4780, Stege

Old Exotic trees...

Klintholm Slotspark

4791, Borre

The park is open from 08.00 o´clock until sundown...

Exciting and funny experiences - for the whole family                                      

In Guldborgsund Zoo and Botanical Garden you get close to animals and plants. The 80 years old garden is a...

Nysø Slotspark

4720, Præstø

The estate and manor house of Nysø outside the town of Præstø was built in 1671-73 for the merchant Laurits Nielsen. The architect is unknown, but the red brick building decorated with sandstone ornam...


4900, Nakskov

Købelev Garden is laying on North West Lolland close to a forest and to the beach, and the fields around the garden are planted with black currant and cherry.Because of the ...

© Mette Munch

Halsted Kloster Park

4900, Nakskov

Originally an old covent garden. ( Entrance from Maribovej ).Close to Nakskov....

Eden Garden

4913, Horslunde

We have a huge garden. It is open for a visit and with its 13.500 square meters it contains thousands of flowers, bushes and trees.Among other things about 800 fuchsias, 800 dahlias, about 450 roses, ...

Peter Hansen's Garden

4900, Nakskov

One of Northern Europe’s biggest collections of plants in private property.The grounds are laying on 30.000 square metres. The garden’s many different grounds are marked by an inspiration, which mainl...

Maribosøerne, a unique conservation area, is situated in the middle of Lolland. From a national viewpoint, Maribosøerne is among our most outstanding natural areas, and because of the rich bird life, ...


4913, Horslunde

The Reventlow Park is the park belonging to the estate of Pederstrup. The park is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, and laid out in an english style. Contains many rare and old tree...

Gjorslev Park

4660, Store Heddinge


Gjorselv Park.

Gjorslev Castle is 600 years old, this is Denmark´s only inhabited medieval castle.
It is built of limestone from Stevns Klint and of large bricks. Gjorslev Estate covered t...

Førslevgård åben have

4250, Fuglebjerg

A beautiful park with large old trees, small lakes and two avenues. Originally the garden was landscaped in rococo style by landscape architect Glæsel and later landscape architect Torben Michelsen la...

© Alstedgaard

Alstedgaardhaven (Garden)

4173, Fjenneslev

A private garden (1½ hectare) on a farm. Here you find many of the original wellknown Danish trees, a lovely rosegarden and lots of flowers.

Bring your lunch/coffee and enjoy in the garden.

There i...

The Sct Olai Cemetery

4400, Kalundborg

Parklike cemetery for the two evangelical churches in Kalundborg, the Church of Our Lady and the Nyvang Church....

The garden of Kalundborg Museum...

Birkegårdens Haver

4291, Ruds Vedby

An exciting day out for all the family - for your comfort and for inspiration - 30.000 m2 of gardens - The Danish/English Garden - 7.000 m2 - a floral splendour: It starts at the beginning of April wi...


4690, Haslev

Paradehuset is built in 1876 by architect Herholdt and is listed. It is a part of the Gisselfeld Park and inside you find a shop, where you can buy flowers, garden tools, herbs and much more.


Showing 101 - 150 of 358 entries