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Lundestenen - Jættestue

3720, Aakirkeby

Bornholm´s largerst and most well-preserved passage grave from the late Stone Age.Turn off Hovedgårdsvejen at Tornegård Farm. Parking area next to the farm where a sign points the way to the pass...

© Møn Turistbureau

Vordingborg Slots Ruiner

4760, Vordingborg

On the 3 hectar big and beautyful castle yard in the middle of Vordingborg, you can still see rests of the 710 meter long and 8 meter high ringwall.Several Kings have been living there....


4760, Vordingborg

The Goose Tower - The Goose Tower is the best preserved medieval tower in Scandinavia, built by Valdemar Atterdag in 1362-65 as part of the rebuilding and extension of the castle.Vordingborg was ...

Nykøbing F. castle ruin

4800, Nykøbing F

An old castle built in the late 11th century. It burned down in 1253 by people from Lübeck. Rebuildt, and in 1287 set on fire by Mark Stig. Later it was rebuildt once again. In the following centuries...

Broskov road

4720, Præstø

In South Zealand, a number of stone roads have survived from prehistoric times. Two such paths are located at Broskov between Snesere and Præstø. Some time in the Roman Iron Age (0-400 AD), the first ...

Grimstrup Voldsted

4930, Maribo

Ruins from Grimstrup castle, situated on tongue with cross graves, almost covered with trees....


4930, Maribo

The convert was for 60 nuns and 25 monks.The building started in 1408. Now there is only a small bit left....


4281, Gørlev

Raevehoej is Denmark's highest passage grave. The burial chamber is 7 metres long, 2 metres wide and about 2,5 metres high....

To runic stones. Openingshours: April till October, Monday-Saturday 8.a.m - 4 p.m....


4652, Hårlev



By Barup just east of the road Hellested and Karise is a Bronze with a magnificent view of Tryggevaelde Creek . The mound is known all over the Danish country as " Elverhoej " - el...

Barrow Maglehoej

4652, Hårlev


Burial mound ( Barrow )

The rich burial grounds found in Himlingeoeje, 
Varpelev and Valloeby, are evidence that this was the beginning of the first Danish royal family.

North of this is – ...

© Arne Hedegaard Andersen


4573, Højby

Syvhøje (Seven Hills) are 6 (!) burial mounds located between Højby and Nykøbing Sj. The burial mounds date back to the Early Bronze Age apprx. 500 years b.C. and have not yet been excavated.


© VisitOdsherred

Kelstrup ruinen

4560, Vig

In the small village of Kelstrup cloe to Vig, you find the very well preserved remains of a stone castle from the 14th century, the Kelstrup ruin. The ruin was protected in 1810 but was not properly r...

Ulkerup Landsby

4500, Nykøbing Sj

The village of Ulkerup was established about the year 1300. It was owned by the king and the farmers had to pay annual taxes for the right of using soil.

In the years 1750 to 1760 the terrible cattl...

© John Olsen/

The five Dutterhills by Åstofte date back to the older Bronze Age (1700 - 1000 b.C.) but have not yet been excavated. The hills located next to Maglehøj offer a fine view of Sejerø Bay and Odsherred....

© Marianne Diers

Kong Øres Grav

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Kongsøre Forrest on the Isefjord has an incredibly rich collection of ancient monuments. The long dolmen barrow of King Øres Graves lies in the heart of the soutern part of the wood and
consists of a...

Vejrhøjbuen & Vejrhøj

4540, Fårevejle

The Bronze Age burial mound Vejrhøj is situated 121 meter above sea level and is thereby Zealands third highest point. Vejrhøj gives name to the Vejrhøj Arch, which was created during the Ice Age abou...

© Marianne Diers

Maglehøj is the largest burial mound in Odsherred. The mound is 86 metres above sea level and from the mound there is a magnificent view of Odsherred
and Sejerø Bugt. The mound has a diameter of 35 m...

© Marianne Diers

Birkehøj Passage Graves

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Birkehøj Passage Graves by Nyrup contain the longest burial chamber on Sealand ( 11m - 2m - 2m), constructed 5200 years ago. Visible from the main road and easily accessible....

© Ole Friis Mikkelsen

Næsholm Borgruin

4500, Nykøbing Sj

It was built in the year 1240 and it existed in 100 years until it was destroyed in an attack on some people from Holstein who lived in the castle.

After it was destroyed King Valdemar decided not t...

© VisitOdsherred


4581, Rørvig

In 1807 fieldworks for ships, which sailed into the creek, were built. The creek has been used as a war harbour for centuries - it was also used as a war harbour before the fieldworks were built....

Esterhøj is situated on an ancient Bronze Age burial mound (89 metres above sea level). On the burial mound the Reunion Stone can be seen.

To reach Esterhøj you follow the marked path from Høvevej 5...


4591, Føllenslev

300 hectare large preserved area, which contains many small burial mounds and a fine relic of antiquity - a 16 m long barrow with border stones and a room.Dogs must be taken on a leash....

Den forsvundne landsby Torup

3220, Tisvildeleje

The hamlet Torup with its 16 farms was deserted when the sand drift in the 16th, 17th and 18th century took away the foundation for life in the neighbourhood.Excavations and the discovery of a co...

Asserbo Castle Ruin

3200, Helsinge

Asserbo SlotsruinFounded by Bishop Absalon in the 1100s as a monastery for monks of the Carthusian Order, the castle was taken over first by the King around 1560 and in...

Holbo Herreds Vej

3200, Helsinge

Holbo Herreds VejOld road near Nejlinge...

The dolmens in Valby Hegn

3200, Helsinge

Stendysserne i Valby HegnValby Hegn is close to Helsinge town. Valby Hegn contains North Zealand`s best preserved collection of stone age graves....

Søborg SlotsruinIn the 12th century, Bishop Eskil erected the first fortification - a closed fort with a ring wall and moat. Søborg Castle has played a role in Danish histor...

Hvedshøj Burial Mound

4000, Roskilde

The Hvedshøj burial mound is among the largest of its kind in the region of Roskilde. It was built about 1.400 BC and is the burial place of a squire from the Bronze Age.

During excavations in 1862 a...

The Skt. Ibs Kirke is a travertine church from around 1100. In 1808 it was transformed into a field hospital for Spanish soldiers. 

In 1816 the church and the graveyard were sold to a local merchant ...

The Vildtbane Stone

4040, Jyllinge

The single-stone monument from 1775 is in its original place at the border of the king's hunting grounds.
The damm used to cross Værebro Creek and dates from approx. 730....

The medieval Saint Lawrence church, with its famous tiled floor, lies beneath the market square, Stændertorvet, where a small museum has been set up with finds from the archaeological excavation carr...

Five bronze age mounds situated in a beautiful danish farmer landscape near the village Melby....


3390, Hundested

In Grønnese forest is a beautiful monument of antiquity.One can only inspect the stone by walking. Park your car at the main car park in the forest, located just off the main road, which runs from Fre...


4100, Ringsted

The castle mounds of Gørrildsborg is constructed on the west side of a point, which from the east goes as far as the low meadows by tke lake of Gørlev.The history of the castle is unknown, b...

The ruins of Knud Lavard's chapel.
Pilgrimage chapel erected by Valdemar the Great in memory of his father Knud Lavard, who was murdered in 1131 by his cousin Magnus because of a dispute over the crow...


4100, Ringsted

Old estate, which was partly burned down when the owner Anne Meinstrup was killed in Ringsted under the Feud of the Count.King Frederik II took over the estate and made it a hunting estate, but i...


4100, Ringsted

Humleore was originally situated on a tongue of land in a lake. It was probably a castle of refuge with the tile buildings constructed in the Middle Ages. This mound was excavated by the Danish N...

Hagbard's Hillock, © Susanne Reiff

The Mound of Hagbard

4100, Ringsted

Hagbardshøj (the mound of Hagbard) originates from the bronze age (1800 - 500 B.C.)
The mound is bound to the sad love tale about Hagbard and Signe, mentioned in Gesta Danorum "the Cronicle of Denmark...

Ridebanen is a half-circle rampart sealed towards the lake. It dates back to the time before the Middle Ages and is considered to be a castle of refuge for the population of the area ...

Eskildstrup Dolmen, © Susanne Reiff

The Dolmen of Eskildstrup

4100, Ringsted

Stone circle, called Loddenhøj, from the Early Peasant Stone Age, about 20 meters in diameter.The mound contains a double passage grave with a chamber made by 15 interior construction stones...


3650, Ølstykke

Impressive 5.500 years old Megalithic burial moud carefully restored by the Danish National Museum 2006. The great barrow inside the burial moud is open to the public....

© Finn Jørgensen


3630, Jægerspris

Ancient burial mound, now a memorial to Queen Juliane-Marie. ...

© Poul Mortensen

Eskilsø Klosterruin

4050, Skibby

(The Eskilsø Monastery Ruins)The folder 'The path on Eskilsø' is available at the Frederikssund Tourist Information Centre, tel. 47 31 06 85. Visitors are welcome to Eskilsø throughout ...

© Finn Jørgensen

Jættestuen Møllehøj

3600, Frederikssund

Large and well-preserved burial mound dating back to 3,500 BC.  ...


3550, Slangerup

Remarkable burrial mound dating back to the Bronze Age. One out of two chambers are very well preserved.Entrance to the tomb directly from the parking lot at the west side of Frederiksborgve...

Impressive ruins from an early Medieval Royal fortress dating back to the beginning of 12th century. The impressive ruins are located on a hill at the shore of the remote Lake Bastrup Sø. The fortress...

Island of fantacy

3400, Hillerød

Fantasiens Ø (The Fantasy Island) is located in the northwestern corner of St. Dyrehave, in the part called Præstevangen.

In Præstevang forest lies Breddam lake where Frederik 7. build a small pavil...

Dronningholm Castle Ruin

3300, Frederiksværk

Started by Valdemar the Great (dead 1182) accomplished ca. 1200 by Valdemar Victory.

A solid castleconstruction with moats and drawbridge near Arresø.
The castle was one of the largest in the count...

Visit North Funen's Viking past! The Glavendrup Stone is a Runic stone containing the longest runic inscription (210 runic letters) ever found on a stone in Denmark. The Glavendrup stone was erected a...


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