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Helle Thorup Spa, © Brøchner Hotels

Helle Thorup Spa

1123, København K

A team of well trained spa therapists welcomes you to a unique spa experience customised to meet your needs and wishes. Book your time and they will guide you to a unique treatment sequence.

Relax in...

Gallery Heede & Moestrup

1300, København K

Graphic art publisher. One of the largest selections of Danish and International art in the country....

© Bredgade Kunsthandel

Bredgade Kunsthandel

1260, København K

Bredgade Art Dealer is probably the oldest art dealer in Copenhagen.

The store itself is probably the oldest art dealer in Copenhagen considering the traditions run back tot he 1920s

More than 400 d...

Galerie Mikael Andersen

1260, København K

Since 1989 you will find changing exhibitions of Danish and International contemporary art.

The profile is a number of important Danish and International artists who had thei breakthrough during the...

© Hanne Bertelsen Keramik

Hanne Bertelsen Ceramics

1313, København K

Artist Hanne Bertelsen works with unique pieces and small series of ceramics and porcelain artwork. You will find her shop in the city centre of Copenhagen.

Hanne Bertelsen is a graduate of The Danis...

Faraos Cigarer, © Faraos Cigarer

Faraos Cigarer

1159, København K

Faraos Cigarer (yes, the name comes from Tintin) is Denmark's leading specialty shop for games, comics and comics related merchandise.

Faraos Cigarer is a one of a kind storehouse of comedy strips ...

Wellness, © Mirage

Ni'mat Hotel Kong Arthur

1363, København K

Ni'mat Massage & Spa is located at Hotel Kong Arthur in the centre of Copenhagen. Ni'mat is decorated in luxurious and minimalistic Asian style.

All treatments can be combined as desired. Ni'mat offe...

© Copenhagen Visitor Service

The street Nansensgade

1366, København K

Fashion tips
Innovative youth fashion and second hand clothing at Ymer Dress, 38, Nansensgade or at Kendt, 42, Nansensgade. Cool, trendy shoes, clothing and accessories at Apair, 39, Nansensgad...

Luxury Shopping

1114, København K

Begin your tour in Kronprinsensgade

This is a high fashion street featuring some of the best brand shops for clothing and shoes. But at number 5, you will also find the Perchs Thehandel, an elegant ...

Luxury Shopping Continued

1114, København K

Ny Østergade

From Store Regnegade turn right onto Ny Østergade and continue straight ahead until you reach Grønnegade that crosses Ny Østergade. This charming neighbourhood with its crooked half-timb...

Field's, © Field's


2300, København S

Field's, Scandinavia's largest shopping and entertainment centre, is located right by the Ørestad Metro Station.

"Fields of Fashion" offers leading Scandinavian and international fashion designs, sho...

© Copenhagen Mall

Fisketorvet – Copenhagen Mall

1560, København V

More than 120 shops

The shopping center features more than 120 shops and stores offering everything from fashion, shoes, accessories, home designs, and electronics to super markets and fast food outl...



1001, København K

ILLUM is Copenhagen's premium department store. A skillfully decorated shopping paradise, offering everything from fashion and beauty to home décor and design.

You will find many in store shops in IL...

© Illums Bolighus

Illums Bolighus

1160, København K

Illums Bolighus is the premier centre in Scandinavia for Danish and international design. Furniture, lamps, kitchen and bathroom articles, ceramics, porcelain, silver, and glassware.

Illums Bolighus ...

Greibe and Kumari 2hand Clothing

2100, København Ø

Greibe & Kumari were among the first in Copenhagen to start commissioning used brand name clothes for resale.

Not-so-poor sisters-in-fashion come to drop off designer outfits they no longer wear, bu...

© Morten Jerichau

Magasin du Nord

1095, København K

From draper's shop to megastore

The Magasin chain of department stores started out as a small draper's shop back in 1868. By the end of the century, Magasin had moved to considerably larger premises ...

døgnNetto (City)

1105, København K

Netto entered on the supermaket scene in the 80s when many Danes were living on a tight budget.

The stores initially started out with a very limited selection of food products, most of which were ke...

Antiques Dealers Ravnsborggade

2200, København N

At Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro there are 35 different stores, showrooms, and warehouses here, so you are almost bound to find what you came looking for.

The shops feature antique furniture pieces from ...

Rema 1000 Supermarkets

1611, København V

Rema 1000 is a great choice for easy, fast, and cheap grocery shopping. No fancy decorations to lure you into buying things you thought you never needed, just a plain well-stocked supermarket carrying...

V.I.P. Lundgren Wine & Deli

1617, København V

Apart from exquisite clothing boutiques and a few good restaurants, Bagerstræde (Baker Street) houses a unique old-fashioned deli, offering quality wines, cheeses, sausages, hams, and a wealth of imp...


Georg Jensen Damask

1101, København K

Georg Jensen Damask was founded back in 1756. The firm combines 250 years of weaving tradition with modern design in the best possible way.

Freshen up your home with these beautifully designed furnis...

Martin Asbæk Gallery, © Martin Asbæk Gallery

Galerie Asbæk

1260, København K

The renowned Galerie Asbæk, situated in Bredgade close to Nyhavn, is run by Jacob and Patricia Asbæk. The gallery has been around for more than 30 years, in various locations, but is now housed in the...

© Helene Nyborg

Helene Nyborg Contemporary

1264, København K

Helene Nyborg focuses on the kind of contemporary art that challenges your senses and that is not merely there to entertain spectators.

The showrooms provide a unique setting for the artworks created...


1105, København K

Kartell stands for international plastic designs. The Italian firm's flagship store is located in Kristen Bernikowsgade.

These are top-quality plastic products made in Italy. Designers include Ron Ar...



1110, København K

CasaShop in Copenhagen is a cornucupia for design-freaks. There are no two ways about it.

400 square metres packed with designer goods. Furniture and lighting from Italy and Spain take up much of the...

© Morten Bjarnhof

Designer Zoo

1620, København V

A unique concept underlies this stunning design store in Copenhagen. Danish design and crafts united under one roof. The Designer Zoo boasts two vast floors of changing exhibits and a total of seven a...

© Stilleben


1153, København K

Stilleben sells interior design, ceramics, glass ware, textiles, accessories and jewellery by leading Danish and foreign designers.

Stilleben is a designer shop located in the centre of Copenhagen. ...

Føtex Supermarkets

1620, København V

Føtex stocks groceries, hardware items, electronic equipment, clothing, stationary and toys. This large selection of goods makes Føtex different from most of the other supermarkets in town.

Føtex is ...

© Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

1160, København K

Royal Copenhagen was originally named The Royal Porcelain Factory and was founded in 1775. In all the years they have produced products with deep respect for the history and traditions of craftsmanshi...

Dansk Møbelkunst

2100, København Ø

Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery in Copenhagen knows all worth knowing about Scandinavian furniture design from 1920 to 1970.

Established by Ole Høstbo in 1992, Dansk Møbelkunst takes its name from the Danis...

© Bent Næsby

Georg Jensen Silver

1160, København K

More than 60 shops around the world bear the inconspicuous Danish name Georg Jensen. Georg Jensen himself (1866 - 1935), his co-workers and successors, have created jewellery and flatware so fantastic...

A. C. Perch's Tea Merchants

1114, København K

A. C. Perch's is situated on one of Copenhagen's very best shopping streets. The Royal Family are among the firm's loyal customers - the Queen even has her own blend, which you might like bringing hom...

Discover Danish quality chocolate at Peter Beier Chocolate 

Peter Beier chocolate may be just the thing you are looking for, if you want to buy a sweet gift for someone you love.

Since opening in 19...

Summerbird Chocolaterie

1114, København K

Top-quality hand-made chocolate

Summerbird Chocolaterie is situated in one of Copenhagen's best city-centre shopping streets. Here, young dedicated people have been creating top-quality hand-...


1363, København K

Knitting is back!

Danish women knit and crochet as never before. Young women create trendy caps, shawls, and ponchos, and more mature women have once again seized their knitting needles after ...

SuperBrugsen Supermarkets

1700, København V

For more than a century, SuperBrugsenhas set standards for product labelling, animal welfare, and organic food production.

In 1993, SuperBrugsen decided to lower prices on organic foods. This caused ...


0000, dummy

Although subject to certain regulations, opening hours are generally at the discretion of proprietors.

General opening hours
Monday-Friday from 09.30 or 10am to 5.30/6/7pm/8pm/9pm
Saturday fro...

SuperBest Supermarkets

2100, København Ø

SuperBest offers a wide range of discount convenience goods as well as choice products. Professionally staffed superior delis for meat and poultry, fish, cheese, and top quality in-house bakeries!


Latin Quarter, © Morten Jerichau

Latin Quarter

1454, København K

Streetwear and stockings

The Latin Quarter, comprising the Studiestræde, Larsbjørnsstræde, Teglgårdsstræde, and Skt. Pedersstræde streets, is a fabulous place with lots of funky shops and small relax...

Store Kongensgade

1264, København K

From hand-crafted hats to Oriental carpets and rugs

Below, you can get an idea of what Store Kongensgade has to offer. We suggest you start your shopping tour at the Kongens Nytorv Square:


The street Bredgade

1260, København K

In Bredgade, you will also find some of the city’s premier auction houses frequented by an international clientele of art and antiques collectors in search for world-class paintings, antiques, vintage...

For four generations, the Rud. Rasmussen Joineries have epitomized excellent craftsmanship and uncompromised quality in the manufacture of furniture designs by Kaare Klint, Mogens Koch, and Mogens Las...

Green Square

2300, København S

Green Square is home to an amazing collection of antiques, antique arts and crafts.

Visiting the nine huge showrooms covering an area of 10.000sq.metres will feel like being on a history tour throug...

Treat yourself to a luxury massage and a hot aromatic bath on a cold winter’s day.

Avalon Spa

Vendersgade 27, phone 3312 4200. The Avalon Spa, part of the Hotel Kong Arthur, is a luxurious ...

© Kresten Roesdahl

Galleri Unicorn

1352, København K

Lene Stevns Jensen carves jewellery out of narwhal and mammoth tusks, and she creates unique works in stoneware and bronze, many of them adorned with tusks.

Lene Stevns Jensen's works can be purcha...

Art and Craftsmanship

1119, København K

Are you looking for a very special souvenir to bring back home, do you want to spoil yourself, or do you need to find a unique gift? Then stop in for a visit at KUNST & HÅNDVÆRK ("Art and Craftsmanshi...


2300, København S

Islands Brygge houses a top-choice organic food store specializing in tasty, top-quality products. Environmentally conscious consumers can purchase all their daily staple type items and be sure that a...



2100, København Ø

Purebaby carries a wide range of natural quality products for babies and children. Practical concern goes hand in hand with timeless design, beautiful details, and ecology in Purebaby's selection.


Pure Shop, © Pure Shop

Pure Shop

1107, København K

In Grønnegade, you will find Pure Shop. It is one of Denmark's largest organic perfume shop specializing in organic skin care, hair care, and make-up.

The flagship store in Grønnegade carries a wide ...

Emmerys, © Finn Frandsen


1612, København V

This chain of small delightful shops characterizes itself as a modern grocery store with its own bakery and coffee roasting house. The shops are scattered all over town.

Emmerys is especially known ...


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