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2. Gammelgård

7884, Fur

P: Fur Camping (N 56° 50.063’, E 8° 58.616’).
L: 5,8 km

Marking: White

You can start at the parking place at Fur Camping, from where there is direct access to the
beach. On the way you pass the “Hwi...

3. Rødsten

7884, Fur

P: Langstedsvej (N 56° 50.602’, E 9° 1.093’ ) / Rødstensvej (N 56° 50.395’, E 9° 0.251’)
L: 3,2 km

Marking: Yellow

On this route you get close to “Rødstenen” and “Den røde Sten” (the Red Stones). Th...

4. Engelstør Odde

7884, Fur

P: At the school Camp (N 56° 49.459’, E 9° 4.008’)
L: 2,8 km

Marking: Red

This is a scenic route, partly along the beach from where you have a wide view towards the
regions Salling and Himmerland.


5. Gammel Havn

7884, Fur

P: Gammel Havn (N 56° 48.781’, E 8° 58.715’)
L: 0,6 km

Marking: Green

The harbour was built in 1911 and closed again in 1956 by sanding up. There is a small exhibition about the harbour, the fjord a...

6. Junget Øre

7870, Roslev

P: Eskov Strandpark (N 56° 47.243’, E 9° 6.108’)
L: 2,1 km

Marking: Blue

This route takes you through the holiday house area Eskov Strandpark down on the beach
via a moler slope from where there is ...

7. Junget Gård

7870, Roslev

P: Junget Strand Camping (N 56° 45.738’, E 9° 5.986’)

L: 3,3 km

Marking: Yellow

This route takes you around the old manor, Junget Gård, and across the salt meadows. At the windmill there is a magni...

8. Grættrup

7870, Roslev

P: Fjordvej (N 56° 44.718’, E 9° 7.101’)

L: 2,2 km

Marking: Blue

Starting point of this route is the monument to Grættrup Church, which was torn down in 1552. The route continues towards the coast ...

9. Brokholm Sø

7870, Roslev

P: Brokholm Naturcenter (N 56° 43.420’, E 9° 5.558’)

L: 1,3 km

Marking: Unmarked

Brokholm Lake was recreated in 1999 and covers approx. 83 ha. The deepest point is 2 m, and large parts of the lake ...

10. Havbjerg Skov

7870, Roslev

P: Havbakkervej (N 56° 43.349’, E 9° 7.179’) or Gåsemosevej (N 56° 43.166’, E 9° 6.208’)

L: ca. 7,1 km

Marking: Red

There are several routes through the wood, which contains a mixture of conifers a...

11. Sundsøre

7870, Roslev

P: Sundsøre Odde (N 56° 42.478’, E 9° 10.522’)

L: 2,6 km

Markierung: Red

The area around Sundsøre is periodically populated by a seal colony. On the beach it is possible to find fossils, and from S...

P: Sdr. Thise (N 56° 42.063’, E 9° 8.298’)L: 2,8 kmMarking: BlueOn this route it is periodically possible to watch seals and find fossils on the beach.Find the route here!...

13. Jenle - Astrup Vig

7870, Roslev

P: Jenle (N 56° 39.935’, E 9° 5.186’)L: 1,8 kmMarking: BlackStarting point of this walking route is the farmhouse of Jenle, which was the home of the Danish poet Jeppe Aakjær. This route takes you dow...

13a. Jenle

7870, Roslev

P: Jenle (N 56° 39.935’, E 9° 5.186’)L: 1,3 kmMarking: YellowThis route also starts at Jenle and leads through the wood down to the thicket Jenle Krat, where you fi nd the graves of the Danish poet Je...

14. Grønning Øre

7870, Roslev

P: At the entrance to the holiday house area (N 56° 38.796’, E 9° 5.442’)L: 2,5 kmMarking: BlueThis route takes you through interesting nature at Grønning Øre (preserved area), where it is possible to...

P: On Furvej immediately north of Hagens Møllebæk (N 56° 36.901’, E 9° 2.319’)L: 3 kmMarking: BlueFollow the sign from Furvej to the old defence structure Ridebanen (The Riding Ground) which probably ...

Sail to the waters around the island Æbelø and enjoy the amazing view! It's a great and relaxing way to see the island. Bring food and a pair of binoculars and let the captain set the pace. 

Price: D...

16. Krabbesholm Skov

7800, Skive

P: At the kiosk on Havnevej (N 56° 34.187’, E 9° 2.919’)L: 6,6 kmMarking: UnmarkedThere are several unmarked walking routes in Krabbesholm Wood.Find the route here!...

17. Termø

7840, Højslev

P: Lundø Church (N 56° 37.375’’, E 9° 8.249’)L: 4 kmMarking: BlueFrom the church the route leads westwards or southwards towards the coast and continues to the reef Termø and along the cove of Bådsgår...

18. Jelse Odde

7840, Højslev

P: Lundø Camping (N 56° 38.259’, E 9° 8.907’)L: 4,9 kmMarking: YellowThis roundtrip on the spit Jelse Odde offers an impressive view of Salling and Himmerland.At Jelse Odde you may walk 1 km out into ...

19. Virksund

7840, Højslev

P: North of the marina (N 56° 36.604’, E 9° 17.455’)L: 6,9 kmMarking: BlueThe route follows the coast up to the canal and the pump station, then along old roads and a dried-up lake, across recently di...

20. Ørslev Kloster

7840, Højslev

P: At the Convent (N 56° 35.889’, E 9° 13.081’)L: ca. 1,5 kmMarking: YellowThis is a beautiful nature trail through the woods and the old convent garden down to the former gardener’s house where you f...

21. Salling Natursti

7800, Skive

P: The railway station in Skive (N 56° 33.717’, E 9° 1.562’) or on Durupvej in Glyngøre (N 56° 45.792’, E 8° 52.042’)L: 29,4 kmMarking: UnmarkedTake a walk or a bike ride on the former railway line be...

P: Parking places in townL: 9,2 kmMarking: UnmarkedStarting point is the Tourist office. The route follows the stream Skive-Karup Å.Find the route here!...

23. Skive Plantage

7800, Skive

P: Bjørnevej (N 56° 32.100’, E 9° 0.939’)L: 2,8 kmMarking: RedP: Bjørnevej (N 56° 32.106’, E 9° 1.352’)L: 7 kmMarking: YellowP: Svansøvej (N 56° 31.822’, E ° 0.463’)L: 4,5 kmMarking: BlueSkive Plantat...

24. Flyndersø

7800, Skive

P: At the entrance from Herningvej (N 56° 31.114’, E 8° 57.335’ )L: 4,8 kmMarking: RedP: At the entrance from Herningvej (N 56° 31.270’, E 8° 57.434’ )L:1,4 kmMarking: YellowFlyndersø Lake, which is D...

P: Snævringen (N 56° 30.073’, E 8° 54.026’)L: 1,6 kmMarking: YellowSnævringen is the narrowest place at the lake Flyndersø. You reach the parking place via quite a long unpaved road. At Snævringen the...

P: Rettrup Kærvej (N 56° 33.681’, E 8° 53.447’) or Rønbjergvej (N 56° 33.496’, E 8° 55.455’)L: 7 kmMarking: YellowThis route goes through the 43 ha large Hvidbjerg Plantation with a rich birds life. I...

27. Håsum Enge

7860, Spøttrup

P: At Håsum Church (N 56° 34.792’, E 8° 50.867’) or Lægårdvej (N 56° 34.380’, E 8° 50.046’)L: 10,3 kmMarking: YellowThere are information boards at several places along this route, and at the outskirt...

28. Hostrup Hovedgaard

7860, Spøttrup

P: Hostrup Hovedgaard (N 56° 33.875’, E 8° 45.761’)L: 6,2 kmMarking: UnmarkedFrom the park of the manor Hostrup Hovedgaard the unmarked trail runs across the meadows on a field lane over the dike down...

29. Gyldendal, Vendal, Kås

7860, Spøttrup

P: At Gyldendal Harbour (N 56° 34.884’, E 8° 42.673’)L: 8,4 kmMarking: RedA walk along the inlet Limfjorden through the Vendal holiday house area, up across the mound Vendal Høj (37 m above sea level)...

30. Sønderhøje - Kås

7860, Spøttrup

P: Sildedrættet (N 56°36.46’, E 8° 41.38’)L: 1,4 kmMarking: YellowSildedrættet (Danish for herring haul) is a public beach from where the locals used to catch herrings – hence the name. The route cont...

31. Ålbæk Strand - Kås

7860, Spøttrup

P: Limfjords Camping (N 56° 37.368’, E 8° 43.807’)L: 10,8 kmMarking: BlueA scenic tour round Kås Hoved with untouched nature, burial mounds and a view of the islands of Venø, Jegindø and Mors.Find the...

32. Vestsallingstien

7800, Skive

P: Several placesL: 24 kmMarking: UnmarkedThe trail follows the former railway track between Skive and Spøttrup with a few changes on short stretches. The railway line was only in operation for 41 yea...

33. Spøttrup Borg og Sø

7860, Spøttrup

P: Vadum Strand (N 56° 38.618’, E 8° 45.669’)

L: 6,8 km

Marking: Yellow

This route at Spøttrup Castle and Lake runs in scenery that is very typical for the area: the inlet, the lake, the stream val...

P: Ginderup Plantage (N 56° 40.367’, E 8° 49.790’)L: 1 kmMarking: YellowA walk through the woods to the burial mounds and to the only open gallery grave in Salling. Through other woodland roads there ...

P: Nymølle (N 56° 40.785’, E 8° 47.520’)L: 8,8 kmMarking: BlueA walk on the beach with the possibility of watching rare birds, fi nding fossils and experiencing the very exciting Limfjord scenery.Find...

P: Krejbjerg (N 56° 39.354’, E 8° 51.737’) or Lysen (N 56° 41.556’, E 8° 52.237’)L: 16,9 kmMarking: BlueThe route may be a combined cycling and walking tour. The landscapes at the inlet Hjerk Nor and ...

P: Harre Vig (N 56° 41.775’, E 8° 52.988’L: 8,3 kmMarking: YellowThis walking tour offers high cliffs, birds, viewing points and a unique scenery. At low tide it is possible to walk to Hjortholm where...

38. Harre Bjerg

7870, Roslev

P: Harre Vig (N 56° 41.775’, E 8° 52.988’)L: 4,8 kmMarking: BlueThis route takes you along the beach, through small woods, along remnants of the oxen road, past church ruins and past one of Denmark’s ...

39. Sesterodde

7870, Roslev

P: Vile Church (N 56° 43.169’, E 8° 51.635’)L: 5,2 kmMarking: BlueThis route has a number of fi ne views of the surrounding landscape. In the black cliffs at Følvig it is possible to fi nd 60 million ...

40. Langerodde

7870, Roslev

P: Vile Church (N 56° 43.169’, E 8° 51.635’)L: 6,8 kmMarking: BlueThe route crosses fi elds, small woods, and salt meadows with a rich birdlife. There are several places with a brilliant view, and it ...

41. Pinen - Harre Vig

7870, Roslev

P: Pinen (N 56° 44.587’, E 8° 51.325’) or Harre Vig (N 56° 41.775’, E 8° 52.988’)L: 10,6 kmMarking: YellowThis route runs through some of the prettiest Limfjord sceneries. The route follows the coast ...

P: Pinen (N 56° 44.587’, E 8° 51.325’)L: 3,5 kmMarking: BlueBjørnshøje is a group of distinctive burial mounds from the early Bronze Age. The mounds have been reused for burials in later periods of pr...

43. Nautrup

7870, Roslev

Riding Route:P: Several placesL: 13,3 kmMarking: YellowWalking Route:P: Several placesL: 17,6 kmMarking: BlueThis is a noteworthy route in the northern part of the Skive region with very special morai...

44. Halkhoved

7870, Roslev

P: Durupvej (N 56° 44.587’, E 8° 51.325’)L: 4,7 kmMarking: BlueRoute through woods and bog. From the northside of the woods there is a magnificent view of Limfjorden towards the islands of Mors and Fu...

45. Grynderup Sø

7870, Roslev

P: Grynderupvej (N 56° 47.587’, E 8° 56.944’)L: Total 14,8 km - Can be divided into two shorter walks of 4.8 or 12.5 kmMarking: YellowLike many other lakes Grynderup Sø was drained in the middle of th...

46. Østergaard

7870, Roslev

P: At the Medieval Castle (N 56° 45.804’, E 8° 59.279’)L: 5,1 kmMarking: BlueFrom the Medieval Castle Østergaard you can follow the nature trail through the park and along the stream Hinnerup Å past G...

© Fotograf Lars Johannesen

S/S Bjørn - the history
The vintage steam-icebreaker S/S Bjørn in Elsinore port is a unique marine historic project under Danish Veteran Ship Club. S/S Bjørn was built in Bremerhaven in 1908 for Rande...

© VisitAarhus

Yet another exciting initiative in the new Aarhus Ø city quarter on the water front. Go see the new observation tower designed by Danish architect firm Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter.

You can climb the tow...


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