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The trail runs through the city, building and along the lake. There is abundant bird life and the opportunity to sit down on various benches along the way. The path can be used all year round since cl...


The path goes through the forest, town houses and along the lake. There is a playground, rich in bird life and the opportunity to sit down on various benches, etc. along the way.
The path is particul...


The path runs past the playground, campfire, etc. Here is access to toilets along the way and benches for a rest.

Start and end point: parking lot at the supermarket Fakta

See map: www.hjertestier.d...

Nyborg, Lillemølle from the garden, © Lillemølle

Lillemølle mill is situated by Ørbæk Å river in a deep, wooded gorge.
The thatched, half-timbered builing was built after a fire in 1827, and is one of Denmark's most beautiful, and best preserved, l...

Ravnholt avenue, © Nyborg Kommune

With just under 7000 acres of land, Ravnholt, which is surrounded by large deciduous woods, is the second largest estate on the island of Funen. Ravnholt's history begins in around 1365, when the esta...

Join a hike in Thy National Park... with huge skies, wonderful silence and roaring sea...

Thy Tourist Office has four organized walks, in Thy National Park.

For more info, check here... ...

The Natural Lolland - your guide to new experiences

On Lolland, we are proud of our beautiful nature spread between sky and sea: Exciting stretches of coastline, beaches, islands, nature reserves, wo...

© John Jensen

Active riding holiday with your own horse on Lolland and Falster with the option of riding in a unique landscape through deep forests and open plains, without having to think about the practical plann...

, © Kristian Lilholt

Nyborg castle has been a favourite residence of the Danish Kings. After the Swedish Wars in the 1650s, it was extended into a fortress with a system of embankments and large bastions, the remnants of ...

Teglværksskoven and Strandvænget, © Kristian Lilholt

Teglværksskoven is a beautifully situated wood leading down to the waters of the Great Belt north of Nyborg. The woods is 1.5 km long and about 600 m wide. It is not know how old the wood is, but King...

In the Footsteps of the Soldiers 
1864 tour with guide to Germany

The tour starts in Sønderborg, from where we head south. On our trip we visit Myssunde Town, Danevirke Museum, the entrenchment ’Skan...

Walk in the footsteps of the people who pulled the old barges along the Gudenaa in the 1800's. The walking path along the Gudenaa is known as the Træksti and was originally accessible from Silkeborg t...

Lodsstien is a path, which stretches over 31 km. beginning at the inpass at Randers Fjord at Udbyhøj South all the way to Randers Harbor. The 18 km between Mellerup and Randers Harbor is a great natur...

In the summertime sailling is a popular activity on the Gudenaa, and it is possible to use smaller boats, kayaks and canoes on the Gudenaa. 

There are multiple gangways in Randers and its surrounding...


8660, Skanderborg

Cycling holidays!

Are you looking for a holiday that offers both relaxation and activity? Bikevents can arrange a cycling holiday for you. During the day there will be casual rides in the beautiful D...

The manor of Glorup, © Kristian Lilholt

Glorup is one of the most interesting manors in Denmark. When built in the 1590s, it was a four-winged renaissance manor. In 1765 , however, it was converted into a typically elegang little baroque ma...

Holckenhavn Fjord and Vindinge Å near Nyborg., © Kristian Lilholt

Holckenhavn Fjord and the Ørbæk Å river valley were formed during the Ice Age when a glacial tongue filled the entire Great Belt and the land surrounding it. Meltwater rivers flowed through tunnes und...

Bulbjerg Horse Hotel

7741, Frøstrup

Horse Hotel...

Riding holidays in Thy...
- with wonderful tours in Thy National Park and on the North Sea coast.

Riding holidays on the coast:

Hanstholm Camping offers 3 and 4 day riding vacations with beautiful h...

The tracks in Lyngbygaard river valley is situated between Herskind and Sjelle North and Galten and Skovby South, which is about 17 km West of Aarhus. You can choose between two marked routes. The one...

© Ulrik Westphal & Søren Larsen

Life at shallow waters

5500, Middelfart

Life at shallow waters

Book here: Life at shallow waters

Dressed in waders we go out into the shallow water, and by using nets we catch animals living in the water. The catch goes into trays, where ...

© Visitmiddelfart

Beach crabs - free activity

Book here: Beach Crabs and see times and locations.

A fun children's activity where we catch crabs and learn how to tickle them on the stomach.
Give yourself and the s...

© Niels Martner

The trees in Hindsgavl forest
The story of the trees in Hindsgavl forest is a unique nature experience

Book and see times here: Hindsgavl forest

The activity is free!

The story is about the fores...

© Niels Martner

Hiking on the Heart Path

5500, Middelfart

Hiking on the Heart Path
Get out in the open air on a hike – it is free 

Book and see times here: Hike 

In connection with the Heart Day we will take a hike on the Heart Path on the Hindsgavl penins...

See and read the brochure about events in Thy National Park by clicking here.
Here you will find events for both adults and children!

The brochure can also be picked up at the tourist office....

Riding Icelandic horses in Denmark, the country of bonfires, sagas and fairytales.

Now children and adults alike can experience the naturepearls of Møn (Moen) and South Sealand on the back of the sma...

Fjord and Fossils

4640, Faxe

Panorama route: Feddet - Fakse (36 Km)
On the Fjord and Fossils route you cycle close to large and small wonders of nature. High in the sky over Præstø Fjord you see breeding water birds. At your feet...

© Jørgen Stoltz

Was it the troll or the ice?

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Bring your family along to collect stones on the beach.

Was it a troll who created the landscape or was it the ice? Enjoy an active afternoon with sand, stones and a skilled nature guide.

The outing...

Seal safari

4581, Rørvig

The seal is cute and beautiful when it lies sunbathing on the reef or on  the rocks, enjoying the lovely weather.  We sail around the island of Hesselø with the cutter Marianne F. Join us  and learn a...

Santiago pilgrimage route's path through Denmark is currently about to be marked by the Association of Danish Santiago pilgrims. The North Zealand has a leg of the route leading from Elsinore via Esru...

The Bjergbanestien (Hill Lane Route) get you from Svenstrup to Nibe without accessing larger roads with a lot of traffic. There are good bike connections to Svenstrup and Aalborg.

The name comes fro...

Walk a long Binderup Stream and experience the beautiful nature and wildlife. See Vokslev limestone graves where it is possible to find remains from a dinosaur.

By bike from Aalborg to Vokslev
To ...

The Vokslev route is 24 kilometres long and goes from Nibe through Vokslev and ends south of the town Ellidshøj. The route takes you by Vokslev Limestone graves, Huul Mill and Frendrup Nihøje.


M/S Skjold - Fishing trips

4913, Horslunde

Departure port:

all year

cod and flatfish

Boat phone +45 30 50 82 60.Minimum 6 and maximum 12 people. Gear and drinks can be bought and rented on board.


M/S Hanne - Fishing trips

4913, Horslunde

Departure port:

Erik Johansen

1st of March – 31st of July 7 am – 2 pm, and from 1st of August – 30th of Nov. 8 am – 3 pm

Cod,  and flatfish during the months of...

M/S Kirsten - Fishing trips

4913, Horslunde

Departs from:
Onsevig and Spodsbjerg.

Henrik Agner

All year

Cod during the first half of the year and flatfish the rest of the year

Phone +45 20 20 04 8...

The Vilsted Route

9681, Ranum

The Vilsted Route is a 36 km. long cycle path from St. Ajstrup in the East through Vesthimmerland to Rønbjerg in the West. It passes through scenic nature with a varied landscape of forest, heath, and...

Enjoy a guided tour of the largest nature restoration project on Funen: Gyldensteen Strand. Nature Guide Daniel G. Sørensen will show you the impressive sights on this unique tour....

Go on a 8 km guided tour along the Langesø Forests and learn about the history of the beautiful sites along the way. Nature guide Daniel G. Sørensen will tell you some good stories along the way.


4780, Stege

On her farm Kirsten found her place among apples and bees. The plantation contains around 2500 apple trees and 20-25 beehives. Both bees and apples are part of her organic and handmade production of j...

© Destination Djursland

Pedal to the metal!

8961, Allingåbro

Rent a cycle-trolley at Djursland for fuld Damp. They have at their own disposal a stretch of 17 kilometers where they pass the beautiful inlet of Ground. Take the trip from the old station in Allingå...

© Djursland for fuld damp

A canoe trip on Alling Å or Grund Fjord is a great way to experience nature. Alling Å is a good place for those who are seeking a peaceful sailing. You can go on journeys up to 17 kilometers to Gammel...

Bounce on the waves

8500, Grenaa

During summer of 2015, you can get on a wild adventure trip in RIB boat at Kattegatcentret.

You can play in the ocean just outside Kattegatcentret – without getting yor feet wet, in Funballz and on a...

© Destination Djursland

Welcome on the Cloverpaths( Kløverstierne)
The Kløverstierne is for you, who prefer to be outside enjoying the fresh air combined with experience and exersice.
The routes have different length and col...

© Kirsten Semberg

Shortcuts and good stories/ Smutveje og gode historier
The centrum of Grenaa is like an exhibition over the golden years from 1870 – 1920. Start at the Skt. Gertruds Church, which appearance is from ...


Showing 601 - 650 of 790 entries

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