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8660, Skanderborg
The manor of Glorup, © Kristian Lilholt

Glorup is one of the most interesting manors in Denmark. When built in the 1590s, it was a four-winged renaissance manor. In 1765 , however, it was converted into a typically elegang little baroque ma...

Holckenhavn Fjord and Vindinge Å near Nyborg., © Kristian Lilholt

Holckenhavn Fjord and the Ørbæk Å river valley were formed during the Ice Age when a glacial tongue filled the entire Great Belt and the land surrounding it. Meltwater rivers flowed through tunnes und...

Horses Hotel in Bulbjerg

7741, Frøstrup

Horses Hotel...

Guidet tour in Schackenborg Palace Garden. Guides tell obout the carstle and the garden ( no admittage to the castle). Photography is allowed.
2014: 19. and 26 of june, at july every Tuesdag, thursday...

© Ulrik Westphal & Søren Larsen

Life at shallow waters

5500, Middelfart

Life at shallow waters

Book here: Life at shallow waters

Dressed in waders we go out into the shallow water, and by using nets we catch animals living in the water. The catch goes into trays, where ...

© Niels Martner

Day of wild flowers

5500, Middelfart

Day of wild flowers - a free activity and super nature experience

Book and see times here: Nature Experience - flowers

Creative activities and wild flowers. Try to colour with flower petals, makin...

© Rikke Vesterlund

Hunting in the pond

5500, Middelfart

Hunting in the pond - free activity

Book here and see times: Nature experience in pond

Come and explore the wildlife in the pond. Do you know what you have caught?
Bring wellingtons/rubber boots ...

© Ulrik Westphal & Søren Larsen

Beach crabs - free activity

Book here: Beach Crabs and see times and locations.

A fun children's activity where we catch crabs and learn how to tickle them on the stomach.
Give yourself and the s...

© Niels Martner

The trees in Hindsgavl forest
The story of the trees in Hindsgavl forest is a unique nature experience
Book and see times here: Hindsgavl forest
The activity is free!
The story is about the forest, ...

© Niels Martner

Full moon tour - come and see the animals in the Nature Reserve Hindsgavl Dyrepark

The activity is free.

Book here: Full moon tour

The animals in the Nature Reserve are very active, even after th...

© Niels Martner

Hiking on the Heart Path

5500, Middelfart

Hiking on the Heart Path
Get out in the open air on a hike – it is free 

Book and see times here: Hike 

In connection with the Heart Day we will take a hike on the Heart Path on the Hindsgavl penins...

© Gertie Sass

Nordic walking with Gertie Sass

4500, Nykøbing Sj

Join us and see Odsherred at a good moderate speed, Wednesdays from 10am to 12noon. Each tour is about 6-7,5km and is free of charge.

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In the sum...

Riding Icelandic horses in Denmark, the country of bonfires, sagas and fairytales.

Now children and adults alike can experience the naturepearls of Møn (Moen) and South Sealand on the back of the sma...

Fjord and Fossils

4640, Faxe

Panoram route: Feddet - Fakse (36 Km)
On the Fjord and Fossils route you cycle close to large and small wonders of nature. High in the sky over Præstø Fjord you see breeding water birds. At your feet,...


Showing 701 - 727 of 727 entries

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