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Bike trail around Lønstrup.Digital map...

© VisitJammerbugten

Folder of the planetpath you can get in the Touristinformation....

This guidebook will help you find all the sculptures in Sæby. Take your time & admire the range of artistic expression. See how the artist uses the town’s space to highlight and juxtapose.

6 different new 1-day cycle tours plotted on the map.  The tours all start in Sæby and the routes use secondary, but generally asphalted, roads....

The Hirtshals- Tversted - Skagen stretch is about 51 km. The cycleroute runs along gravel tracks across forest and fields and some tarmac roads with light traffic ...

Tversted Klitplantage - Råbjerg Mile. Large forest area appears surrounded by wide stretches of heather and meadowland with bogs and peat banks – this is Tversted Rimme...

Get the cycling map with 5 cycling routes in Tversted and surrounding country at

Åsted Ådal - Red Trail

9900, Frederikshavn

Åsted Ådal is a private area with public access.There is a rich flora and fauna.The red route is 4,2 kms and starts at Faurholtvej....

Red Jogging Route 2,7 Kms in the Deerpark....

Dronningestien Nature Trail

9900, Frederikshavn

Dronningestien.Nature trail that stretches some 2 km from Pikkerbakken in the south along the edge of the Bangsbo Fort area. Along the route there is a fantastic view of the c...

Åsted Ådal - Blue trail

9900, Frederikshavn

Åsted Ådal is a private area with public access.There is a rich flora and fauna.The blue route is 6,5 Km. ...

In the Deerpark there is a jogging route of 2,3 km. ...

Åsted Ådal - Yellow Trail

9900, Frederikshavn

Åsted Ådal is a private area with public access.There is a rich flora and fauna.The yellow route is 3,3 Kms and start at Åsted. ...

Kongestien 8 Km trail

9900, Frederikshavn

Bangbo area in southern Frederikshavn is a popular destination for both tourists and local citizens. Throughout the years, the recreational trails in the Deer Park and Droningstien over Pikkerbak...

In the Deerpark there are also Fittness Routes. The blue route is 4,5 Km long. ...

The local tourist office offers a leaflet (cost: 10kr) describing three walking tours around Thisted. These tours give excellent and interesting background knowledge about the town....

The Marguerite Route is a signposted tourist route that leads past some of the most exciting attractions and beautiful landscapes. Although it is for motor vehicles, it can also be enjoyed from the sa...

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Northern Mors in 3 days

7900, Nykøbing M

Northern Mors is offers perfect surroundings for your cycling holiday. In this area you will experience “mountain routes” as well as flat stretches, but common for all the routes ist the impressive an...

© morsø turistbureau

4 Days on the Schnapps Route

7900, Nykøbing M

"The Schnapps Route" is a route that winds through the Limfjord country’s beautiful varied landscape, filled with fragrant herbs and berries, suitable for schnapps each with its own distinctive featur...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Discovering the Limfjords Land

7900, Nykøbing M

The Limfjords land is a paradise for cyclists. Here are fantastic possibilities toward an outstanding, rich nature variations and where you'll meet many lovely people on track. Some can be very diffic...

© morsø turistbureau

From Mors to Skagen

7900, Nykøbing M

From Mors towards Skagen - is a bicycle tour beyond the sea and the fjord. The Limfjord - the North Sea - the Kattegat, you get it all and you will have time to live and experience.

The Limfjord, th...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Mini cycling on Mors

7900, Nykøbing M


Day lap: 30 - 50 km.
4 day/3 nights accommodation at the Inn incl. half board, map, tour description and bicycle hire for 2 days.

4 days/3 nights € 299,- pr. person in DB.

© morsø turistbureau

Big Limfjord Tour (6 days)

7900, Nykøbing M

With a view of the Limfjord and the sea, the route takes you past many of the historic landmarks, natural experiences and family-friendly attractions that the Limfjord area can offer. It is always pos...

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Small Limfjord Tour (4 days)

7900, Nykøbing M

With a view of the Limfjord and the sea, the route takes you past many of the historic landmarks, natural experiences and family-friendly attractions that the Limfjord area can offer. It is always pos...

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Cycling tour with charm

7900, Nykøbing M

The Limfjord area is excellent for cycling and in this tour you’ll get 8 days with a little of everything. A silent bay and a foaming sea. A unique and varied scenery, high sky, clean air and Western ...

© Morsø Turistbureau

Touring the island of Mors

7900, Nykøbing M

Mors - "Island beyound the sea" lies amid the beaming Limfjord that measures the whole of Jutland because of its exquisite and varying nature. The island has all the elements that gives your whole fam...

© morsø turistbureau

6 days on the Schnapps Route

7900, Nykøbing M

This tour includes:
- 3 optimal stopovers
- 5 nights with half board  1 aromatic schnapps
- 1 Schnapps Tour Guide with recipes and inspiration for aromatic schnapps
- Map material and tour description...

© Morsø turistbureau

Let yourself be seduced by “The Snaps Route's” good own recipe and delightful seasoned snaps, with your bicycle as a mean of transportation round along the Limfiord’s beautiful nature.

The country of...

© morsø turistbureau

In no less than 4 times you will cross the Limfiord on your way around Jutland’s landscape where it is most beautiful.

You will start and finish at the Limfjord island of Mors and bike through Sallin...


8766, Nørre Snede

Hærvejen is an ancient road through Central Jutland that once was used to drive cattles from Jutland to the German region of Schleswig-Holstein. Today, large parts of Hærvejen are unpaved, but you can...


8000, Aarhus C

CoastZone is a company working with teambuilding, team training and corporate events and activities. The primary goal is to create succesful experiences for the customers.
From the main office in Aa...

The trail at Vestermølle

8660, Skanderborg

The path at Vestermølle is 4.4 kilometers and the path is marked with yellow triangles and dots on small poles. Black poles stand in municipal areas and brown poles on private land. The trail starts a...

Enjoy the beautiful and varied landscape on the bicycle tour of Ravnsø. It is not an easy trip but it is worth it!

The trip does not pass by the lake so if you wish to get a closer look at it, you c...

© Destination Djursland

M/S "SIGNE" is sailing from Grenaa Harbour, and you can book as an individual or as a group for the arrangements listed below.

• 8 hours trip - codfishing (individuals and groups)
• 8 hours trip - c...

© Destination Djursland

Deepsea fishing with M/S Nana. Departure from the lock at Øer Maritime Ferieby.Information: 45 21 49 89 45, Departure every Wednesday from: Last Wednesday in May until last Wednesday ...

© Jørgen Laugesen

Go on a trip with the guides on tuesdays at 10 am from the touristoffice. Fee - DKK 40/person

Every Tuesday at 10am from the tourist office in EbeltoftIf you like the wind in your hair and fresh air ...

The Marguerite Route in South Thy leads you to Thy on two different routes:

From the south you take the Agger-Thyborøn ferry, from the port of Thyborøn to the spit of land at Agger Tange.

From the e...

Struer on your mobile

7600, Struer

Struer on your mobile- find attractions on your mobileWith your mobile you can find information about places in Struer.It only requires that your mob...

The Crooked Railway

7330, Brande

The Crooked Railway runs on the old railway path - from Grindsted to Funder, via Brande and Ejstrupholm. In total, the route is 76 kilometres long and runs through moors and woods with a view to beaut...

The Ancient Road, © VisitVejle

Thousands of years ago, before cars filled the roads and before railways linked the major cities, the largest thoroughfare through Jutland followed the rivers. Wandering here were people from all walk...

The Bindeballestien Route, © VisitVejle

Bindeballestien is an inspiring cycling and hiking route through the scenic Vejle Ådal valley. The 36-kilometer route is almost car-free and runs across flat countryside from Vejle to Bindeballe and o...

Mandøbussen, © Mandøbussen

The Mandø bus

6760, Ribe


Daily departures to the island Mandø in the Wadden Sea Nationalpark.
All other times by arrangement. Parties, schools, ect. are kindly asked to book in advance.

The bus leaves from the ...

© Equifree


6300, Gråsten

Equifree offers guests carriage tours in the woods and town of Gråsten. The tours are filled with exciting histories of the surroundings. There is a different tour especially for children where we wil...

Hiking route - A trek around Hasselø 3.5 km
See the route on Google Maps
Hasselø (2) is situated just south of Nykøbing Falster. Travel south along the Guldborg Sound and further along Hasseløvej, thr...

Cycle route near Nysted 26 km
Starting from the harbour in Nysted ride along the coast on the cycle route "Paradisruten" (marked with a red apple) in an easterly direction.
Past the old redoubt that ...

A forest tour in Nykøbing F. - Sønder Kohave 3.8 km
See the route on Google Maps
Sønder Kohave (1) the nearest forest to Nykøbing Falster is located one short kilometre from the Town Hall. In the old ...

Cycle route near Sakskøbing 30 km
Start from the Town Square in Sakskøbing with its statue of "The Beet Girls" from 1940.
Ride along Tværvej opposite the former Town Hall, to the right along Apotekerv...

Sønder See route

4930, Maribo


The Maribo lakes are located in a slightly hilly landscape of dead-ice. Spanning 852 hectares, Sønder Lake is Denmark’s eighth-largest lake. The Maribo Lakes Natu...

© Dyrehøj Vingaard

Dyrehøj Vineyard

4400, Kalundborg

Welcome to Dyrehøj Vineyard
Dyrehøj Vineyard was established in 2008, when the 4,000 vines were planted on the south-facing slopes of the Røsnæs peninsula.
Today, the vineyard's approximately 23,000 v...

Afternoon tour via the remote landscapes between market town Slangerup and the great hills, Strö Bjerge at your own bike incl. guide/storyteller.Prices: Adult 10 Euro & children free.


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